A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 47-48

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The following chapter is part of a single novel length story relating a journey of awakenings, discovery and growth involving a small group of people.

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Many of these chapters could go into many different categories. For example, in Chapter 1 there’s a small amount of male-male sex. A number of ladies have said it turns them on to picture two guys, just like the idea of girl-girl sex is arousing to many males. Yet Chapter 1’s purpose is to supply important background regarding the heterosexual development of 2 young men, so I’d hope a totally hetero or gay reader could to relate to and enjoy this chapter.

Fan mail, well-intentioned questions, and constructive criticism are welcome; I do my best to respond when an e-mail address is supplied. Hate mail is deleted without being read – life is too short.

Thank you. W_S

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Chapter 47: To She or Not To She, That Is The Question

My mind raced. Could I handle this? Could WE handle a sexual relationship? Then I thought about how well Jim and his sisters were doing. Hell, if they could handle it, Carly and I surely could!

Pushing my hips forward a tiny bit, I felt myself ease into Carly another half inch. Carly reached behind my neck, together we leaned in for a fabulous kiss. Her tongue thrust into my mouth as I pushed my penis yet another half inch into her soft, taut, virginal vagina. We were moaning or sighing into our partner’s mouth repeatedly, at last sure what we both desperately wanted was going to happen.

Carly began to rotate her hips slightly; I made gentle in and out thrusts. Her body was amazingly tight, yet I felt her muscles gradually relaxing, accepting more of my erection as we worked together to complete our union. Soon I was well inside her.

Carly signaled me with body language to roll on top of her. Moving together while being careful to maintain my penetration thus far, I rose up on my forearms guessing I could control my thrusting better in the missionary position. Her hands grabbed my butt, I suspected she liked the feel of my cheeks as they clenched and relaxed with each push.

Her hymen was finally blocking me from going deeper into her body, but I could move almost freely up to that barrier. Carly looked deep into my eyes. “I am so ready to feel you all the way inside me. Let’s do this now.”

Slowly I withdrew until only my glans was still in her. Carly was pulling her hips back as well, so I was careful not to slip out of her entirely. Her fingers pulled very hard against me, I drove into her vulnerable body. Carly thrust her hips upward to meet me; she cried out, tensed, then collapsed.

Finally! Finally I was buried to the hilt in my beautiful, sexy sister. From the way she was hugging me, I knew she was happy. Neither of us could speak; we groaned, sighed, moaned, and kissed all around each other’s face and lips. Because of her robe, almost the only place our bodies were touching was where our genitals were joined, but that junction was fiery hot.

Until Carly could recover, I held almost still. My penis was throbbing inside her dark, mysterious depths. Being inside Carly was like being in a dream. Everything I felt was warm, moist, and softer than soft. Time had no meaning, there were no problems, nothing beyond my bed was real. I’d just been given the greatest gift a man can receive. Life felt so exquisite I was reluctant to make a ripple on this perfect pond. But Carly’s body knew, my body knew, it was time to make love.

It was time to give Carly MY gift. Gradually she began to writhe beneath me; Carly was stirring her insides with my shaft. I began with little strokes, but each stroke was a little longer than the one before it. Each thrust was a shade more forceful. I loved the liquid sounds our bodies made, I loved knowing fluids from my body were mixing with hers. Her vagina was still oh so tight, my enlarged glans was constantly being fondled and caressed by Carly’s most tender flesh. She was causing tingles to spread throughout my body.

My shaft was being squeezed time and again as it received Nature’s most important message: ‘Your penis is inside a wonderful female, deposit your sperm here. Feel how sweet her vagina is; empty your seed inside this safe, warm receptacle. Her body is ready for your body. This is a perfect moment, enjoy it, feel the bliss of release.’

I made the mistake of looking at Carly’s face. She was so beautiful. The full realization that I was making love to sweet, adorable, sexy Carly hit me like a güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri bolt of lightning. Holy Hannah, MY penis was pumping in and out of her gorgeous body. Immediately my hips shifted into a frantic pace, repeatedly I drove as hard and deep as humanly possible.

My penis began its final swelling, I got thicker, longer, faster. My sac drew tight against me. I felt thick seminal fluid move through me. I felt pulse after pulse of liquid pleasure as stream after stream of semen left my body to bathe Carly’s warm, waiting interior.

Carly squeezed me hard with her vaginal muscles, her fingers dug into my checks, she pulled me into her on every lunge. My thrusts had become single powerful plunges as I instinctively sought to reach her farthest depths, I grunted like an animal as each thrust and each spurt hit it’s mark. Even when my flow dried up, my spaced hard thrusts continued. My expanded glans became so sensitive that it became exquisite torture each time I slid my penis through her vagina.

Too soon, I had to quit; Carly was so tight I couldn’t push through her strong vaginal grip once I softened.

“That was a dream come true for me Munchkin.” I managed to pant as my lungs worked overtime from my exertion.

“Feeling your sperm shooting into me was even more sensational than I thought it would be.” Carly whispered.

When I looked at her face, her eyes were closed, but her face didn’t seem right. “Munchkin, are you OK? Did I hurt you? You don’t look happy.” I asked.

“You didn’t hurt me, there was a moment of bad pain, but your wonderful penis soon made me forget it. Everything was amazingly good, but…”

I had to know, “But…?”

Carly opened her eyes, when she looked at me there was a tension. She ran her fingers through my hair. “I was so close big brother. Could you kiss me and use your hand on me? I’d really like to finish.”

“Oh, God. You poor baby! It was so good for me, I thought you’d come with me.” Feeling guilty, I kissed all over her face and lips.

“I’ll do better than use my hand. If you’ll allow it, I’ll eat your sweet pussy until you come. I’m dying to taste you. That is if it’s OK for me to open your robe. Are you still feeling shy?”

Giggling pretty hard, Carly said, “I was a little shy. But after spending a couple nights with your girlfriends, I’m pretty much over shyness!” Laughing, she clearly enjoyed my puzzled expression.

“Lynn was right, keeping my body covered drove you nuts. Didn’t it?”

“Still is! Wanting to see your breasts and… the rest, is killing me” I leered at her.

She looked at my nightstand. “9:35, how cool is that!” When Carly saw my confused face about to form a question, she giggled even louder.

“I’ll explain later.”

“Oooookay.” Said I, shrugging my shoulders.

“Back to the robe, my plan was to make you so horny you’d do what you wanted to do, not what you thought you should do. It was a lot of fun teasing you. I’m sorry, but I think you enjoyed it a lot. Plus, there was another method to my madness. I knew I’d bleed some, if it stains my robe it’ll look like a accident. Your bed would have been hard to explain.”

Checking my penis, there were red streaks on it. Carefully I went to a drawer, grabbed an undershirt that was ready for the rag bag, then headed to the bathroom. After cleaning myself, I wetted the rag with warm water, then went back to Carly. My hands trembled as I slowly opened the flaps below her still tied belt; at last Carly’s dark bush greeted my eyes.

She was beautiful. Her pubic hair was black, but barely curly at all. It wasn’t especially thick either. Her lips were still very puffy; they were excited enough that plenty of pink flesh showed within her slit.

Bending close to wash her, her aroma was so heady I wanted to dive right in. Once I had her spotless, I suggested she let me soak the small red patch where our juices had stained the robe before it soaked through. Carly smiled, then stood up and waited for me to undo her robe.

Moving close to her, she first took off my shirt so I was entirely undressed. Carly had me sit on the edge of the bed. Moving between my legs, I reached out to undo her belt. She held the flaps for a while to draw out the suspense. Finally the flaps began to part, moments later her glorious breasts were wiggling in my face. Jell-O! They reminded me of Jell-O as they shimmered before me.

Groaning aloud, I leaned forward to suckle her. I spent a least five minutes using my hands and mouth on her bared teats to fondle, suck, and make love in every way I had ever dreamed of to her magnificent mammary glands.

When I finally reminded myself that my little Munchkin still needed relief, I eased her onto the bed. After positioning her so I could kneel on the floor, I pulled her legs over my shoulders. For sure I wanted the first time I ate her to be something she’d never forget.

At first I ran my tongue everywhere, but I soon concentrated on her clit. She’d güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri waited long enough to come, I didn’t want to tease her. So I licked, nibbled, then sucked her hooded pink pearl, plus I slipped my right middle finger into her wet hole so she’d have something to grip. Slowly I moved my finger in and out, but mostly I just ate her clit with all the passion I was feeling.

As soon as I’d begun to seriously suck her clit, Carly commenced a deep growling. Her hips were moving with increasing violence, her growl turned into a series of “Aaaah”, “Aaaah”, “Aaaah” sounds, each one a little higher in pitch.

Replacing my middle finger with my thumb, I twirled it inside her, plus wormed my middle finger between her butt cheeks until my fingertip teased the opening of her anus. It just seemed like the right combination.

Apparently it was, it triggered the most powerful climax Carly had enjoyed so far. Her hips thrust high into the air only to slam back against the mattress; soon I couldn’t hold my mouth against her.

“Oh God that’s good, so good. Oh, God, its so good…” streamed from Carly’s mouth.

I was able to keep my thumb and middle finger in place, my tongue flicked at her clit whenever I could reach it. It was a joy to behold her. My thumb and palm were bathed in warm fluids escaping from her interior. My middle finger entered her anus up to the first knuckle just from her bouncing around.

It seemed to me my little Munchkin was having the kind of climax I’d felt when I’d deflowered her. So I felt proud of myself, and was so happy for her. Happily, I soaked up the beauty before my eyes; I loved watching a girl enjoy her orgasm.

As Munchkin’s writhing subsided, I resumed eating her. Now I took my time, I explored every place she had a place to explore. Using my fingers, I opened her up for my eyes as well as my tongue to enjoy.

Over time I got three fingers inside her. When Carly came again, I pumped her with my fingers while my tongue batted at her now prominent clit. This time her body moved with a snakelike sensuousness, she uttered very sexy moans as her climax washed over her.

What a pretty little clit, her teeny pink nub fascinated me. I petted it, I stroked the hood with my fingertips or tongue. I ate out my gorgeous sister until I couldn’t stand it any longer.

Standing up beside the bed, I leaned over, picked up Carly, then carried her downstairs. “My turn to do what I wished I’d done last week on the swing.” I told her.

Chapter 48: Larry Swings With His Sister

Standing with my back to our old fashioned porch swing, I pulled Carly’s tush up with one hand, aimed my raging erection with the other, then lowered her onto my steely pole. Sweet little Munchkin slid most of the way onto me as her legs wrapped tightly around me.

Hugging her tight to my chest, I carefully sat down on the swing so it wouldn’t slide out from under me. Planting my feet, I slowly swung us back and forth while kissing Carly and squeezing her buns. Riding me, Carly soon found a divine up and down rhythm while our tongues fought a duel that had no losers.

All sex is great. But one of the most memorable times in my life was swinging on our front porch naked as the day we were born, all the while screwing our brains out.

So far today we’d both experienced several draining orgasms. Yet the weather was perfect, and we were the only two people in the world. I’d kiss Carly for a while, then suckle her amazing pointy teats. She’d kiss my face and neck, or work her tongue into my ear. Life was so good.

[God I adore this girl!] Me too brain.

For a very, very long time we made love. Carly had a several mild orgasms, but none that I wasn’t able to maintain my self-control through. There was no hurry, no need to rush. Around us the songbirds merrily warbled away, we felt a mild breeze caress us, smelled the freshness of nearby lilacs and honeysuckle.

Freely our hands roamed over each other; we touched everywhere we could reach just for the pleasure of feeling the other’s warm, smooth skin. My hands especially enjoyed the feel of her pronounced buns as she rose and fell. Carly rode my penis with a dream-like sensuousness that made every impaling stroke as pleasurable as the first.

Fortunately nobody just dropped by, farm folks were usually too busy to socialize much, on most days anyway. Fortunate because I was so relaxed, so happy, and so in love with making love to Carly, that I don’t think I would’ve moved. I might well have said, “Can’t you fools see I’m doing something busy screwing my fox of a sister, so go away!”

My pace of pushing into Carly never varied much, I’d shove my penis up and into Carly on a steady, regular basis. Likewise, Carly rode my rigid penis at a slow, sustainable pace.

Of course a time finally arrived where my penis had indeed inflated to a bursting point. Carly felt my size, her vagina felt my size, I was going to come inside her shortly, we both knew that.

Holding güvenilir bahis şirketleri a breast with each hand, pulling the nipples close together, I sucked the pair of them gently, but using a lot of tongue. Still holding her teats, I looked into her eyes.

“I love you so much, Munchkin. Thank you for your gift.”

“I love you to.” she whispered.

I began releasing my sperm into her taut belly. My thick, white fluid jetted from my tip, coating her insides with warm semen.

Like an audience dying to clap the moment the curtain begins to close, Carly came the second she felt the first warmth bathe her womb. Her pussy milked and stroked my cock as if her sheath had a life of it’s own. The pleasure was total, my every cell tingled with a sense of well being. There was no intensity, but there was an overabundance of ecstasy.

There was little moaning. We kissed deeply, lovingly. Carly rode me until I became somewhat flaccid. When she felt I might slip from her vagina’s grip, Munchkin pushed her pussy against my groin, trapping me inside of her as our kissing continued. When our lips at last parted, we laid our heads on the shoulder before us, then simply held each other for many minutes longer.

Rumbling from our empty stomachs abruptly brought us fits of laughter. With the spell finally broken, hand-in-hand we strolled into the house to make ourselves a lunch.

We almost didn’t get to eat after all. As I followed Carly into the house, the sight of her naked butt waggling as she walked jolted my system. Carly has the sexiest butt a woman could have. It was strong, well defined, and looked like it was chewing gum when she walked. Freed from the confines of clothing, it was a major aphrodisiac for my body.

When we got to the kitchen, I spun Carly around so I could give her one, long, lust laden, toe curling, soul kiss.

“Where’d that come from? ” a bemused Carly gasped.

“From watching the sexiest behind I’ve ever seen.” I replied. “And, after lunch, I’m going to take you out on the porch, then mount you from behind like a stud stallion so I can watch my penis go in and out between those incredible tight cheeks of yours!”

“You’ve got a deal and a date.” Carly demurred as she gave my lips a kiss and my cock a squeeze.

I’d done the nudist bit at the Troutman’s a couple times now, still it felt very strange to be walking around MY house without a stitch on. Having a bare-assed Munchkin for company made the day seem all the more surreal.

Between what we were supposed to eat, and the leftovers we got into, we ate a huge meal. Hey, we were growing kids and needed lots of energy. Lord knows we’d burned up enough calories that morning.

After lunch we hit the sofa, it felt extra naughty lying there naked together. Heaven knows we’d been bored-out-of-our-minds on this thing enough times, it was great to have a little ‘family’ fun in the ‘family’ room for once. Munchkin and I kissed a little, talked a lot, and felt each other up constantly. We were quietly getting each other ready for our date to play filly and stallion.

During that conversation I learned a lot about what Carly and her new sisters had been up to. I got a charge out of the way Beth and Lynn had done their best to get Munchkin and me into bed together.

Even though I’d wanted dearly to nail Carly for a long time, I’d been pretty reluctant to try anything. I’d always cared about her, so I’d been afraid to mess up our relationship. Now that we were lovers, and both seeming mighty happy about it, I was elated. Let’s face it, Carly was so much better a lover than I ever dreamed she might be.

Apparently Lynn and Beth were planning to call around 5PM. If everything had worked out between Munchkin and me, AND if Carly still wanted to jump in feet first, Lynn and Beth had a plan to make our foursome a fivesome.

So far, Jimmy had been kept in the dark about Carly, all he knew was his sisters were getting chummy with her. They’d concocted a plan to have a little fun with Jimmy, fun that Jimmy wouldn’t mind at all; still it was entirely up to Carly.

Munchkin and I had a serious discussion about our feelings regarding each other, and the three Troutman siblings. I needed to know how Carly felt about partner sharing; she needed to know the same from me. We each needed to reflect a bit and digest our new relationship.

Could I watch her having sex with Jimmy? Would Carly really be OK watching my penis go into Beth and Lynn, would she still want me inside her after that? It messed with my head a bit thinking about my ‘baby’ sister wanting to feel Jim come inside her young body. Sure Jim and I had talked a ton of trash over the years, but tonight he might actually have sex with my sister while I watched. In reality nothing had changed from a fairness perspective, all the things the girls had thought through still seemed to work for this situation.

Fair is fair, if I can nail Jim’s sisters, he should be able to boink Carly. Carly shouldn’t be limited to having sex with her brother, no matter how much we adored each other; it wasn’t like we could ever marry and raise kids. Most of all, I was greatly relieved that I didn’t have to make an either or choice between Carly and Lynn, not to mention Beth who was very dear to me as well.

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