A Hot Night In The Closet

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Eve stood at the bar in the dark night club to order her drink. “Long Island Ice Tea,” she shouted over the rhythmic thumps of the music. She turned around as she sipped on her drink and bobbed her head to the sounds. She was thinking about leaving soon. She had been there all of two hours and not one guy so much as looked twice at her. And I look fantastic tonight, she thought to herself. At twenty-two she was a vision. Long jet black hair. Shocking blue eyes. Perfect tan skin. She was dressed to kill in her very short black leather skirt and tight blue spaghetti strap top. Her 36c breasts were firm enough so she didn’t need a bra. She wore long black boots that fit snugly around her long legs.

“Long Island Ice Tea,” she heard a voice shout. Eve looked to her right and was blown away at the beauty that stood right next to her ordering a drink. A gorgeous petite blond dressed in a simple pink thin silk type dress that barely reached under her firm little ass. “Hi,” the blond said bringing Eve back from her staring. Eve blushed and mumbled a hello. She was hypnotized by the girls clear green eyes. “Nice outfit,” the girl said. “Thanks,” Eve replied.

“I’m Cindy. What’s your name,” she asked as she stepped closer. Eve inhaled the soft perfume Cindy wore. Damn she thought to herself.

“Um Eve,” she stammered suddenly feeling like a fool.

“Well, um, Eve,” Cindy giggled. “You wanna dance?” Eve gulped down the rest of her drink and nodded without a second thought. Cindy grabbed her arm and led her to the crowded dance floor. Cindy moved sensually around Eve lightly grazing her back against Eves breast, causing her nipples to stand at attention through her silky blouse. Eves head began to spin. What was happening? She had never been attracted to women before, but the sight of this beauty moving her body seductively up bahis firmaları and down her own and the sent of her sent shivers down her spine. Cindy turned to face Eve and pressed her body close. Pressing her own perky nipples against Eve. She looked deeply into Eves eyes as she ran her hand up between her legs and to her crotch.

“Nice and wet,” she said as she licked her lips. She brought her hand up to her mouth and licked her fingers. “Mmmmm,” she moaned. This sent Eve over the edge. She wanted this girl. And she wanted her now. Without a word, Cindy grabbed Eve’s hand and led her off the dance floor, down a small corridor and to a door labeled UTILITY ROOM. Cindy opened the door and pulled Eve in and turned on a dim light over head. Eve took in the tiny room that held a mop and bucket, a few cleaning supplies and a big sink.

“I wanna hear you moan,” Cindy whispered as she brought her lips up to meet Eves. Eve melted at the touch of the soft pouty lips. She opened her mouth and allowed Cindy’s tongue to dance with her own. The kiss deepened as Cindy ran her hands over her breast and softly pinched her nipples. Eve lifted her shirt over her head and Cindy removed her dress revealing her naked body underneath. Eve practically drooled at the beauty before her. Perky breasts, small waist and clean shaven pussy.

“You like what you see?” Cindy asked seductively.

“Oh yes,” Eve replied. Cindy reached over and pulled one of Eve’s nipples into her mouth. She circled her tongue around the hard nipple and sucked softly. She kissed her way to the next nipple and did the same. Eve moaned as she felt kisses down her flat stomach. She was lost in satisfaction and didn’t feel her skirt being pulled down. Her heart thudded with anticipation as she felt Cindy’s soft lips kiss their way down to the wet lips of her pussy. kaçak iddaa She took in a sharp breath when she felt Cindy’s warm tongue glide gently between them and circle her swollen clit. Cindy moved slowly yet firmly, licking and sucking Eve’s hard clit. She grabbed Eve’s ass forcing her pussy against her face as she plunged her tongue deep inside.

“Mmmm, you taste so good,” Cindy mumbled with her face still buried deep in Eve’s crotch. Watching this beautiful blond’s head move around between her thighs and feeling her warm mouth suck her juices and tongue flick frantically against her clit, pushed her towards the edge.

“Uuuuugh I’m gonna cummmm,” Eve slurred through clenched teeth.

“Yeah baby, cum all over my face,” Cindy ordered between licks. With a great force, Cindy shoved three fingers inside Eve’s dripping cunt and fucked her hard as she continued to suck away at her throbbing clit. Eve’s body tensed and her pussy sucked in Cindy’s fingers as her body convulsed in a shattering orgasm. Eve managed a long moan as her body shook. Cindy stood and sat on the edge of the large sink, pulled Eve to her and plunged her tongue inside of her mouth allowing Eve to taste her own juices. Eve was lost in the ecstasy and wanted to see the look of pleasure on this sexy woman’s face as she came. With determination, sucked on Cindy’s soft pink nipples. Cindy let out a soft moan of satisfaction. She lifted Eve’s face and looked her in the eye.

“I want you to make me cum,” she said. With that, Eve dropped to her knees and plunged her tongue deep inside of Cindy’s wet pussy. She tasted the bitter sweet juices as it coated her tongue. Eve sucked hungrily. Wanting to drink every drop of this beauty’s sex juice. She ravaged her clit. Cindy grinded her hips and forced her pussy harder against Eve’s mouth. Eve’s heart raced hearing kaçak bahis Cindy ordering her to “suck that clit,” “finger my wet pussy,” “fuck my pussy”. With her fingers buried deep inside and her tongue sucking away at Cindy’s clit, Eve began to frantically rub her own pussy.

“Yeah I’m gonna cum all over your face!” Cindy shouted as her body rocked and shuddered sending her into a powerful orgasm. Eve, who heard of it happening but never saw it before, was at first shocked as a clear liquid squirted on her face. Realizing it was Cindy’s cum, she pressed her open mouth against Cindy’s pussy and sucked down the bitter sweet spray that flowed from her body. As she gulped down Cindy’s cum, Eve continued to frantically rub her clit and brought herself to another body rocking orgasm. Realising that Eve was getting off on drinking down her cum and her first orgasm still had Eve’s fingers buried deep inside of her, and her mouth still sucking away the juices from her throbbing clit, sent Cindy into another piercing orgasm. Their moans and yells filled the tiny closet and their sex filled the air.

When the shaking died down and they were finally able to take control of their bodies, they stood and embraced. Gently licking each other’s lips, tasting each other’s sweet nectar.

“That was my first time with a woman,” Eve said shyly as they pulled their clothes back on. Cindy looked up in surprise.

“Well I hope it wasn’t your last,” she smiled.

“The night is still young,” Eve said with a suggestive smirk. “Feel like taking a ride to my place?”

“Say no more,” Cindy replied. The two walked out the club without so much as a glance back. Eve smiled as a shiver went up her spine. What was happening to her? Does this mean she was a lesbian now? She glanced over at Cindy as they sat in her Jetta convertible. All she felt was amazing. She leaned over and planted a soft kiss on Cindy’s lips.

“Buckle up,” she said as she started the engine. “We’re in for a bumpy ride.” The ladies giggled and drove off down the warm California street.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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