A Can of Worms

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My friend Harry rang out of the blue one evening and asked if I’d like some tennis that night. Despite already having had a couple of pints after work I agreed; buying a pair of trainers on Oxford Street before bicycling to Euston and catching the train to Milton Keynes. On the court at 9 at his local club we had a good couple of sets in which he only narrowly beat me. We had a quick drink afterwards before picking his wife Babs up who’d been out drinking with some other mothers.

She was in unusually good form and I couldn’t help but notice displaying a lot more cleavage than normal. Wearing a white shirt buttoned only low she had a pretty necklace that danced enticingly about her small breasts. As always she was pestering me on my love life, enjoying vicariously the ups and downs, the ins and outs. “Why not?” I thought to myself and so told her about my latest episode with a submissive I’d met online. Not that I needed much encouragement but she got every last detail out of me about this highly successful lawyer and mother of 5 who got her kicks from being dominated. I was somewhat of a novice in this regard though of course I enjoyed putting her over my knee and administering a spanking. We didn’t quite have a meeting of minds though and despite her being happy to have sex and blowing me as directed, the practice was not quite as good as imagined. Perhaps the boundaries weren’t sufficiently clear so rather than it becoming an on-going affair it became just another half-amusing story, Babs seemed to like it anyway.

I stayed the night with them as was my habit and Babs went to bed ahead of Harry and I who stayed up with a whisky or two. Their children woke me up in the morning before Harry left early for work, Babs dropping him off at the station. Meanwhile I was unwittingly dragged into a room to meet their new au-pair, of course it turned out to be her bedroom and she was only half dressed. Wearing just a loose fitting t-shirt she looked stunning with her ruffled blond hair and make-up from the night before. A typical French waif it was her accent and shy and embarrassed smile that really completed the sexy picture. I too was only in a towel and was in danger of losing that but thankfully managed to get myself into the bathroom before shocking either her or the children.

Just as I was settling into the bath Babs walked in (I don’t like locking doors) cool as you like and sat on the edge of the bath. “I liked your story last night Jack” she said placing her finger on my lips before I could say anything. “I couldn’t sleep for thinking about it and I stroked myself to a quite delicious orgasm. Thank you.” She then bent to kiss me and for the first time on the lips. Not a proper snog but there was no mistaking the meaning and the passion that lay behind it. I caught her wrist and pulled her down to her knees as I stood up in the bath.

“Blow me slut!”

“Jack I can’t the children want their breakfast and I then I have to drop them off at school…”

I slapped her full in the face. “I said blow me whore!”

She liked her lips nervously as I pulled the back of her head toward me. My knob sprang up and hit her on the nose.

“That’s right open wide, there’s a good girl.”

I’ll never forget her beautiful eyes looking up at me acknowledging her submission. One cheek reddened she descended on me and set to with admirable enthusiasm. What a sight I saw in the mirror; Babs in her business suit on her knees, her blond head bopping up and down sucking my cock. Nonchalantly I toweled myself off all the while. For some reason I thought I’d hold off cumming, brushing her off as I got out of the bath.

“Sorry was that not right, not how you like it master?” Hmm she’s done this before I thought, this is working better; I like it!

I brusquely told her to see to the children and my breakfast. I got dressed wondering why I was uncomfortable, was it loyalty to Harry? Sadly no. It was more wanting to be in control of the situation I decided, keeping her on her toes and wanting more. At breakfast she was as chatty as ever though also being a lot more tactile than usual, constantly brushing past me and touching fingers as she passed me things. She was also telling Therese all about naughty Jack and his adventures. It was clear that already Babs and Therese were best of friends with perhaps Babs playing the older sister or even mother figure to the young French girl.

I went with Babs and the children to their school leaving the lovely Therese behind. It was quite fun being the only man there amongst all those yummy mummies and particularly pretty teachers to whom Babs kept introducing me. I enjoyed bahis firmaları the occasion perfectly relaxed knowing that we’d finally be alone soon. Sure enough back in the car she was saying how much she enjoyed having me to stay, asking if there was “anything else I could have done to make you feel at home – Master?”

“Just drive me to the station you cheating cunt. No better still drive me home.”

“But I’ve got this really important meeting I can’t miss.”

I looked across at her and somewhat to my surprise saw that she was holding back the tears at this. I relented and settled for the station. I quizzed her about her unfaithfulness and whether she’d cheated on Harry before. She went quiet. I reached over, felt inside her jacket and harshly twisted her nipple inside her silk blouse. “Go on tell me all you fucking slut!” And boy! Did she have a story!

Bear in mind that Babs has always been very conservative and ultra respectable. Her frightening mother owns half of Cornwall and she and her sisters had all married well. So I was more than a little surprised when she said in no more than a whisper that

“There’s not been another man since Daddy died.”

It turns out that her father had been having sex with all 3 of his daughters since their teens, mostly all together. He at least waited till their 18th birthdays before Caroline (Babs’ mother) would introduce them to their family games. Clearly this has had a major effect on Babs but what I was most curious and turned on about was the irreproachable Caroline, famed for both her charity and well, her frigidity. No sweet old granny she but an austere and powerful lady, elegant for sure but oh so cold. Still pining for her husband who’d died 6 years previously, she kept her daughters close for comfort. Who knew that it was for sex?! Yes Babs and her sisters continued to sleep with their mother (and each other) as often as they could.

On a hunch I asked if she’d slept with Therese. “Not yet” was the answer. That was the reason she’d said not another man. There’d been women. She had slept with 3 of the mothers and 2 of the teachers I’d met that morning! No wonder there seemed to be a bit of nudging and winking going on earlier. Then there was the tennis club too and ‘her regular four’. And Harry knew nothing of all this. How could he not since this was clearly such an important part of her life? Neither did he dominate her as she so clearly craved. What had I unlocked with my story? A can of worms that seemed endless.

A fair bit for me to digest I hope you’ll agree. This was turning me on incredibly.

“Pull over”

“Yes master”


She understood, unzipped me, tucked her hair behind her ear, licked her lips and locked onto my cock. As she twisted in her awkward position in the driving seat I could see her stockinged legs rub against each other. I brought my hand down to spank her hard and when she jumped up in surprise I jammed her head back down so that she was all but choking on my length.

“Hmgth! Uurgh! Mmmh! Aargh!” She moaned as I repeated the dose.

“Touch yourself, bring yourself off you whore!”

She didn’t need any encouragement hitching her skirt up to reveal her stockings and suspenders but no knickers. She plunged her fingers in her sopping cunt in rhythm with her mouth and throat going up and down on me. Best of all in her contortions though was her demurely holding her hair back and looking up adoringly at me. I exploded all too soon in her mouth and this seemed to bring her off at the same time. Needless to say she didn’t spill a drop and made sure that I was clean too licking me all over before licking her lips in that way of hers that suggested she’d naughtily finished the last of mother’s apple pie not the last of my cum. Maybe the difference wasn’t that great though knowing what I know now.

“You know now that I’m your whore, master” she whispered, “Yours to do what you want with. I’m your slave, master. Master… I love you”

“Pull your skirt down you common tart and get me to the station.”

Still I wasn’t giving her anything, except for my cum that did seem to satisfy her I suppose. Normally I’m a very loving partner but clearly this wasn’t the way with Babs and by instinct I remained aloof. It was raining at the station and with a curt thank-you hurried inside. I didn’t have long to wait for my train but Babs suddenly appeared on the platform, rushing up to me.

“Please, please tell me it’s not over master. I’ll do anything for you, anything.” Oblivious to anyone else she was crying again.

Inspiration came to me at last; quietly I told her that

“You kaçak iddaa can be my slut but I won’t fuck you till I’ve fucked each of your lovers: your mother, your sisters, the mothers, the teachers and your tennis friends. Got it?”

Relief swept over her though not without some trepidation I saw as she hugged me.

“Got it bitch?”

She broke off the hug and more demurely whispered “Yes master”.

I told her to fuck off and as she left (Babs does have a stunning ass I was thinking) I caught sight of a girl staring at me sitting on a bench. She couldn’t have heard much but it must have looked odd. I smiled at her full of confidence. The train arrived and by coincidence (?) she ended up diagonally opposite me across the aisle.

She had on an electric pink skirt and settled down with her laptop. Initially using it as a mirror to apply her lipstick. Blatantly I stared at her performance primarily because she had the finest tits I’d ever seen. I had the perfect view since she was bending forward and I could see down her slightly revealing v-shaped top. Incredibly pert the swell of her full round left tit was perfection itself. Her hair hid her face from me initially but then she looked up and flashed me the sweetest of smiles. Holding her eyes I complimented her on her skirt that I thought so fabulous.

“Why thank you, you don’t look so bad either.”

Not strictly true since I was still wearing my suit from the night before and hadn’t shaved but I didn’t argue too much only explaining that I’d slept at a friend’s.

“Dirty stop-out?” She grinned.

I tried to explain that I was just playing tennis with a friend but she didn’t seem to be buying it. Babs, his wife, just dropped me off I went on.

“Don’t tell me you’re not fucking her” she said, enjoying the other commuters listening in.

“Not yet” I finally admitted with a wink.

We soon settled into a relaxed but flirty chat. She had a great figure and as I say those tits were just unreal. Perhaps she wasn’t the prettiest thing being objective about it but such was her style that I fell for her completely. Before we knew it we had arrived back at Euston. We went through the barriers together and I knew I couldn’t let her go so I asked if her she wanted some breakfast.

“Sure but not here the food’s shit let’s go to mine, I have a flat round the corner”

Bingo! Off we went and sure enough we found her mansion block, complete with doorman and up we went in the lift. The easy conversation had dried up as the sexual tension rose between us. Nothing was said in that small lift surrounded in mirrors that gave me every opportunity to weigh up that incredible body. She let us in.

“Hello anyone home?”

No one. She got rid of her laptop and her tiny umbrella that I’d been sharing and pressed me up against the door as she tried to eat me alive. Two can play at that game so I pushed her forward ripping off her jacket and forcing her back onto the sofa. God! She was hot! We frantically wrestled desperately trying to tear each other’s clothes off. She was insatiable her kisses a liquid fire. Her satin bra came off but her breasts stayed firm I wish you could see them, oh! they were beautiful! What is it with these girls? She wasn’t wearing any knickers either!

As soon as she had sprung me free she went down on me like a pro. Babs would have to learn a thing or two I thought. Ridiculously I still had on my open shirt and with this she dragged me through to the bedroom.

“I want you now big boy! I want you to fuck me ragged”

Nothing could hold me back, or so I thought. Just as I for the first time entered her sublime pussy the front door opened.

“Honey darling is that you?”

“Shit!” she whispered “through here” she called “but I’m with someone right now”

It didn’t stop her flat mate who barged in

“Sorry I’m dying for a piss” she said as she disappeared into the bathroom, not I noticed closing the door. We covered ourselves up in some sheets while listening to the other woman piss. Under the covers she apologized saying that it was her mother’s flat really. I couldn’t believe it – “She’s not your mother is she?” She certainly didn’t look it from only the brief glimpse of her that I’d had; firstly she looked and dressed as young as Honey (I’d never learnt her name before) and secondly she was black. “Oh yes,” Honey replied kissing me.

Honey must have had a white father but now I did see the likelihood. Her mother finished, washed her hands and casually emerged.

“You kids don’t mind me, carry on I’ll just be next door if you need me”

“Thanks mom. Love you” said kaçak bahis Honey as she dropped the sheet and straddled me.

Well if they didn’t mind I was too far gone and was only too happy to oblige. We worked up quite a sweat as we thrashed around and Honey screamed her head off as she neared her climax. We came together right on cue and slumped blissfully back down to the bed from our joint crescendo entwined in each other’s arms and legs and our sudden peace. We kissed each other tenderly.

“How do you do? I’m Grace, Honey’s mother.”

“er… just fine thanks. I’m Jack. Thanks for the juice.”

“I thought you two might have worked up a thirst” she smirked as she put down a tray with two glasses of orange juice.

“She’s a beautiful girl my daughter isn’t she? Like her mother wouldn’t you say?”

Now Grace as I’ve said already was quite a contrast but more so because she was quite a bit bigger too. Not fat, just Amazonian perhaps. She was dressed all in lycra for some reason and you could see all her beautiful curves so that I had no difficulty in saying that her daughter while beautiful was not a patch on her mother. That was clearly the right answer as she sat down on the bed to give me a slow lingering kiss. Honey didn’t seem to mind as she had slipped down the bed to suck on my cock again.

“I’ll run us a bath” Grace said “and get out of this sweaty leotard”

I grabbed Honey’s hair and pulled her up to ask what was going on and she confessed that we were in her mother’s bed and she knew full well that Grace was due back from gym at that time and she wanted us to be caught.

“Aren’t I a bad girl?” She pouted.

“Ready!” Called Grace, so I strolled into the bathroom finding a huge tub filled with bubbles and Grace. “Come on in the water’s lovely!”

Naked I obliged sitting next to Grace in the round tub. We felt each other up in the hot water kissing passionately. Honey came in and knelt by the bath behind her mother. She got some soap and started to massage her back reaching around too to her mother’s fabulous breasts. “She’ll do anything we want you know” said Grace luxuriating under her daughter’s ministrations.

“Climb into the bath Honey, stand in the middle and grab your ankles” I said getting the hang of things by now. The beautiful Honey duly obliged revealing the most beautiful pussy nicely trimmed and the cutest of bottoms centred by a delightfully winking asshole. Grace happily lathered her up starting to finger her beautiful daughter. “Lick her out” I instructed. This surprised her as I seemed to be encroaching on her authority.

“Go on Mom like you did at Christmas.”

So nothing new to her perhaps but I guessed normally it was the other way around and she wasn’t pleased with Honey asking for it either.

“Shut up Honey. This is nothing to do with you. Your mother is going to lick you out for my benefit alone. Mom’s going to lick your lovely pussy, suck on your clit and rim your ass. Aren’t you Grace?”

Still she hesitated, resisting my challenge for just a moment more. I gently, gently pushed her head forward and there was no more argument as she bent to her task with gusto, grabbing her daughter’s hips and pulling her close. Her tongue gave her daughter one hell of a lashing more literally than ever before and Honey was loving it, screaming again with all her power. I began to seriously work Grace’s cunt with one hand while caressing her heavy breasts with the other. I swung my leg over now ready to take this magnificent specimen of womanhood. I nearly knocked Honey over in the process. I swung Grace round so she was kneeling and grabbing onto the edge of the bath presenting her fine black ass to me. Bang in I went fucking the shit out of that soppy cunt. I had Honey stand astride her mother facing me and fingering herself. I couldn’t resist grabbing her though and tasting what her mother had so much enjoyed just before. Grace was moaning, Honey screaming and I was in heaven before I came deep inside the lovely Grace.

I sunk back into the bath as did Grace who couldn’t stop kissing me. I liked Grace. She lay on her back in the bath and I clambered on board whilst I got Honey to massage my back. This was fantastic. I loved suckling on Grace’s tits.

“That’s my boy” she purred. “Yes mummy” I concurred.

I liked that idea and once the water cooled we retreated back to the bed. Grace and I fell asleep in each other’s arms while Honey kept busy alternating between my cock and her mother’s pussy.

>>>>><<<<< My first effort, so be kind with your comments! I’d love any feedback or suggestions; I think I’ve opened up a few possibilities for future installments if people are interested in what happens down in Cornwall! Needless to say all characters are fictitious and are not meant to resemble any living characters, just pure fantasy!

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