A Changed Man

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I don’t remember much about the accident, I know the other driver was charged with a DUI but all I cared about was losing my first car. The hospital I was sent to was supposed to give me the best possible care in the country, I’d went in critical and came out, well, changed. It didn’t help that before I was even fully healed the hospital was shut down by men in black suits, I was given a battery of tests then sent home. I heard on the news the place burned down the day after it was raided though so I’m kinda thankful I got out.

Right, changed. I recovered at home for the few weeks after that, my lawyer got me a pretty huge payout so I didn’t have to worry about work for a while but when all my scars healed completely, even little ones I had before the crash, I wondered if the hospital knew how well their experimental treatments worked.

One night I was relaxing in my room, my parents had insisted on me moving back home until I was 100%, I sat watching porn on my laptop and jerking off as usual since I was single and not that great looking. I imagined myself as Dax Grinder, the porn star I was watching fuck a cute redhead. I cursed since I was close and didn’t have any tissues to cum into so I paused the movie and got up then froze as I looked in the mirror. I raised my hand, pinched my cheek but staring back at me was Dax himself, but it was me. My cock was still mine but the rest of me was what I’d imagined myself if I was in the porn I was just watching. I wondered who else I could look like, I imagined myself as movie stars and people I knew, I watched myself change in the mirror and I was amazed.

I don’t remember blacking out but I woke up to my sister lightly slapping me on the face.

“You should have a screensaver if you’re going to black out watching porn little brother, you’ll get burn in on your monitor. You should probably get dressed too, you have to come to the courthouse and sign the salvage agreement on your car.” She said then left my room.

I got up and checked, thankfully me. I got dressed and sat in silence while Katie drove me to the courthouse. I wasn’t waiting long, I signed the papers then we drove home.

“You doing okay little brother? You seem kinda distant.” She said.

“Yea, just tired.” I replied.

“From all that jerking off, you’ll go blind you know.” She said, smiling.

“Who said that, show yourself.” We both laughed.

“You should try one of those apps, get yourself some lonely chic to bang for a while.”

“Not my style, and how would you know about those, you’re gorgeous, I’m sure you just have to bat your eyelids and get who you want.”

“Yea but I’m picky, nice muscle rippled man who isn’t married or gay and doesn’t have a micro penis from steroids.”

“Oh she went there, are we home yet.”

Apps weren’t really my style but what Katie said struck a chord with me, I’d explored going to BDSM and sex clubs but felt I wasn’t good looking enough to get any hookups from them. Katie was slim, athletic and had great breasts and usually had guys falling over her, myself having my new found powers emboldened me though, I joined a few groups online and practiced my changing, picked a lesser known sports star’s body and face then set up my profile. It took a few days, more time to practice but I got the invite I wanted, sneaked out of the house to join the meet up.

“Well, you seem pretty normal and I can see a few of our ladies and couples eyeing you up already, here’s the address where we go to play, see you there in an hour?” Said one of the greeters with a smile.

“I’ll be there.” I said and programmed the address in my phone.

The address was a larger home on the outskirts of town, no neighbors within eyesight and a very nice pool in the back that I could see from the driveway. I was met at the door by an older woman, well, older than me, she was maybe 35 at most but very attractive. She was wearing a sheer robe with nothing underneath and her body was amazing.

“Hi sweetie, I’m Gracie, this is a clothing free location unless you’re wearing a robe

like mine, there’s lockers through there but your clothes will be safe.” She said.

“Thanks.” I said, loving my new voice.

“Before you go, since it’s your first time here I’m going to give you a mentor, she’ll stick with you and guide you on etiquette and everything. I’ll give you Kat, she’s a bit of a nympho so if your base goal here is sex she’ll be the one to see when you come back but I know she’ll fuck you today. Go strip and we’ll go find her.”

I stripped naked, got an approving look from Gracie and was led to a group of alcoves that were filled with loungers, beds and couches. Kat was bent over one of said couches being fucked from behind by a guy, he seen Gracie and groaned he was almost done, we stepped away and let them finish. When she came out, canlı bahis şirketleri leaving the man inside to recover, I couldn’t believe it, ‘Kat’ was actually my sister Katie!

“Kat, this is our new member, he’s been vetted at the meet and greet already but if you could mentor him for the afternoon please.” Said Gracie.

“I’d be happy to Mistress.” She replied.

“Well you have fun, come and see me before you leave okay.” Gracie said to me then left.

“So, what are you here for? Come sit in the hot tub with me and we can chat, I’ve had 3 guys this morning and I’m sure I’m leaking.” Said Katie.

“Mostly here to have fun and explore some kinks really.” I replied.

“Oh yea? What like?”

“Well I’ve never been with a guy before, never been taken with a strap on and never been breastfed, all things I’d like to try.”

“Nice, well, the guy is easy, top or bottom?”

“Both really.”

“Mmm, good. Strap-on, can get done today if you’re up for it, Mistress loves her toys and as far as breast feeding, we have one member who is into that, she only comes once a month though but she’d love someone new to feed.”

“I’ll maybe try next time.”

“Okay. Well if you’d like to get your first load out the way I’m ready to go again, you have a pretty yummy looking cock. I’ll talk to you about etiquette and all that when we’re done.” She said, grinning.

“Sure, I’d like that.”

We got out of the hot tub and dried off, she led us to an alcove with a bed and immediately sat down and started sucking my cock. In my head, fucking my own sister was okay since it wasn’t really me but I thought fuck it and enjoyed what her tongue was doing to me. She grinned at me when I was fully hard and got on her back on the bed, legs open and waiting for me.

“Is funny, you remind me of someone, can’t picture who though.”

“Good though right?” I said, climbing onto the bed.

“Yea but not in a way I can explain.”

“Oh? Thought there’s no judgement here?” I said smiling.

“Get that in me and I’ll tell you.”

I pushed my cock inside her and groaned at how tight she was, her pussy felt amazing.

“I do kegel exercises, the amount of cock I enjoy I’d hate to be not enjoyable every time.” She said, breathing sharply as I pushed further into her.

I tried to hold out for as long as I could but when I felt her climax I couldn’t hold out any longer and I groaned as I pushed hard into her and exploded, spraying my seed deep into her pussy.

“Holy fuck, that’s some load.” She said when I finally finished.

We caught our breaths then she sucked out juices from my cock and snuggled into me.

“So, you remind me of my brother somehow which is odd as you look nothing like him. I kinda want to let him fuck me, he’s always jerking off and I feel that’s a waste. I know he has a big cock too.”

“Why don’t you?” I replied.

“Not sure how he’d react, our parents are little prudey so not sure how much he is too.”

“I really enjoyed that, has been a while.”

“Well thank you, you can have me anytime.”

“Can we see about that guy fun, I think I’m ready to be taken.”

“Sure, I have a guy in mind, lets talk about the house rules though.”

Katie ran through all the rules, they were very much based on respect which I was fine with but I knew I’d have fun. We took a shower together then she brought a tall, good looking guy who was bi and liked to fuck.

“I’m staying to watch.” Said Katie.

My heart was pounding, I was on all fours on the bed, my ass lubed up and ready and I groaned as I felt him push the head of his cock into my ass. He took it nice and slow to let me get used to him then he began nice long, deep thrusts. My cock got hard again with him fucking me and after what felt like ages, he groaned then pushed into me as he came, spraying his seed into my ass. I actually came too, it felt awesome since I hadn’t even touched my cock. He thanked me then left me with Katie.

“That was so fucking hot.”

“I enjoyed that.” I replied.

She started sucking my cock again but we were interrupted by Gracie.

“We have to go guys, that prick of a vice officer is headed over, he just visited the meet.” She said, Katie immediately stopped.

“Come, you can take me home and we can finish this there.” Said Katie.

I was thankful I had the foresight to rent a car, I had Katie direct me to my own home and she took me straight to her room.

“Sorry, I’m still horny as hell from watching you get your ass fucked. I hope this is okay.”

“Yea, you were fun. Why is a cop messing with the house, is it illegal?”

“No but he’ll come in, harass us and look for ledgers or proof there’s money which there isn’t but he’s upset we refused him. He’s a real asshole but Gracie has cameras now and is going canlı kaçak iddaa to get him fired this time.”

It didn’t take long to get hard again, I took Katie from behind and fucked her hard, almost seen stars when I came and when I collapsed on the bed next to her we both caught our breath before falling asleep. I’m not sure how long I was out but I woke to Katie straddled on me, she’d sucked me hard and was about to take me inside her.

“M…Marcus? How, what, what the fuck?” She said, still holding my cock.

“You wanna take it into you or let me go sis, your grip is kinda tight.”

She opted option b and let go of my cock then just sat there, staring at me.

“I sucked my own juices from your cock but you weren’t you, I fucked a different guy, he fucked me, I watched him take a mans cock, how, what’s going on.”

“Something happened to me in that clinic, I can change.”

“What do you mean?”

I had her get off me then stood up and changed into Dax Grinder. She gasped and poked at my chest.

“Holy fucking fuck. Who else can you be?”

I changed into Tom Hardy, her favorite actor.

“Oh my god! But it’s you?”

“Of course it’s me.”

“You fucking owe me, I told you a secret about you, the real you but you’re going to fuck me as Tom Hardy then we are going to talk about this.”

I did as she asked, she stared at my face and was cumming every second thrust. My cock ached by the time I came again.

“Okay change back.”

I did.

“I didn’t know you’d be there, I didn’t plan to fuck you Sis but you were pretty amazing.”

“Well you know I don’t have any hangups about it, I was planning to fuck you soon anyways. Have you tried changing to a woman?”

“No, haven’t seen how far I can push this.”

“How did you realize the first time?”

“I was watching porn, imagined myself as the star fucking the girl on screen then when I got up to piss, I was him, freaked me the fuck out.”

“Change into me!” She said, grinning.

“I don’t know Sis.”

“Please, if you do it I’ll become your sex slave, you can fuck me as yourself any time you want. You have a great cock.”


I looked at Katie, sitting naked on her bed and imagined myself being her. It felt really weird, my cock was gone and I had breasts, I touched my nipples and it felt good, I touched my pussy and it felt amazing.

“Holy fucking shit! My birthmark and everything.” She said, touching my face.

“Feels pretty weird, is this what having a pussy feels like?” I said, still touching it.

“Yea, lay back on the bed, I want to eat you.”

I loved blow jobs, I really did but the feeling of having a pussy for the first time, having a woman explore that pussy was beyond anything I’d ever experienced before. She had me cumming in no time. Before I could enjoy more though we heard the door closing, Katie jumped up and looked out the window, Dad was home.

“Oh fuck, come with me, quickly.” Said Katie heading for her bathroom.

“I can’t move!” I replied, the fear of being caught had me frozen.

Before I could get up, Katie’s door opened and our Stepdad walked in, I was still sitting at the edge of the bed, my legs open and pussy glistening from Katie’s tongue.

“Wow, is like you knew I had a shitty day, are you ready to make Daddy’s day all better?” He said.


“Now you know that is always a rhetorical question, I hope I don’t need to spank you again. You were out all day at your club, you’ve been a dirty little whore again and for not telling your Mother, you make my day better. Now get on all fours.” He said sternly, already stepping out of his pants.

I could see Katie in the corner of my eye, she stayed in the shadow of her bathroom but she had her hand over her mouth and was shaking her head. I had no choice but to do as I was told. I didn’t know what to expect, I hoped the change went deep enough to accept a cock but that was answered quickly when Dad pushed his cock all the way into me and started pounding my pussy. I’d been fucked in the ass for the first time that day, having my first cock in my hopefully temporary pussy felt, well, amazing really. Dad groaned as he pounded me, I felt myself cumming and before I could really enjoy it Dad grunted and weakly spurted his seed into me then pulled out, pulled his pants up then left. Katie waited a second then came out, a look of sorrow on her face.

“I’m so sorry.” She said.

“He does that a lot?”

“Yes, I wouldn’t care so much but he sucks in bed, I feel sorry for Mom.”

“I’m not turning into you again, you can lick this out of me.”

I straddled Katie’s face and had her lick me until all of his cum had dribbled out of me then I changed back to myself. I was hard when I did, I bent Katie over her bed and slid my cock into her.

“Oh canlı kaçak bahis god yes, cum in me little brother, make me yours.”

I fucked her slowly until I came then we cuddled together on her bed.

“I have an idea, he may be our stepdad but I hate how he treats Mom and now you. Lets get rid of him.”

“How?” Replied Katie.

I went over the plan with her.

“That is fucking evil and I love it, I’ll get my webcam ready, are you sure your dick can take it?”

“Yes, I might not be able to cum but I’ll get it hard again.”

Katie and I re-enacted the scene that I’d just received, only this time we were on film. I saved the video to my phone and waited for the right time. Weeks went by, Katie and I fucked every chance we could, I made a deal with her, for every celebrity she chose I got to take her 3 times as myself. Eventually she stopped asking for celebs and just enjoyed me. One night, when our Stepdad was working late, code for out fucking his secretary, I went with Katie to talk to Mom. She coped with knowing he was cheating on her by drinking most of the time, tonight was no different.

“Oh hey kids, ooh you both look so serious.” She said, she was still pretty sober.

“We have something to tell you Mom, it’s been going on a while but I was too afraid to tell you, well, Marcus found out and said he’d support me telling you.” Said Katie.

“I can’t leave him, I know he’s fucking his secretary but the house is his. He’s been a good father to you two.” Said Mom.

“No, Mom, he hasn’t. Watch this.”

We showed her our tape that showed me, changed into our stepdad, fucking Katie. Mom lowered her head.

“I’m so sorry sweetie.” She said, hugging Katie.

“Marcus and I have a plan, we need you to go stay with Aunt Lisa for a few days and I promise everything will be okay by the time you get back.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Trust me Mom, our way nobody gets hurt, he leaves quietly and you’ll come back owning the house. Come on, I’ll help you pack.”

An hour later, with Mom safely in the cab on her way to Aunt Lisa’s we got the rest ready.

“Your turn lover boy.”

“If he tries to fuck me I’m breaking his balls.” I said, then changed into Mom.

“Oh that’s awesome, you should put some clothes on though, I’ll get all horny.”

“For your own Mother?”

“Bite me asshole, I know is you in there.” She said, grinning.

Dad came home around 9pm, smiling like he owned the world. He walked into the lounge to find Katie sitting on the couch and me (As Mom) waiting.

“Have a nice night?” I said.

“I was working.” He replied.

“So your secretary wasn’t enough, you have to come home and take your own fucking stepdaughter too?” I said, angrily.

“Wait, woah, what the fuck are you talking about. Have you been making up lies now?” He said glaring at Katie.

“She didn’t have to, I found this on her computer.”

I pulled up the video on the tv.

“You fucking recorded me? Did you tell her why I punished you?”

“She likes cock, so fucking what Steven, you have 2 choices, sign the house and your 401k over to me and walk away or I send this in to your manager with proof you’re fucking his daughter too. I’m sure that will go down well with his ultra conservative values that you like to make fun of all the time.”

“You wouldn’t.” He said.

I pulled up another screen that showed the email in drafts with pictures I stole from his phone.

“This is blackmail, you won’t get away with this.” He said.

“Oh and I want a divorce too, the papers are all there on the table.”

He went pretty quietly, a few months later I ‘accidentally’ sent the email anyway, by then we’d already sold the house and had moved to a nice quiet place out of town. One night Mom came home to Katie sitting talking to an actor that Mom really adored, we figured she deserved it.

“Oh, um, George Clooney, um, are you really in my house?” Said a wide eyed Mom.

“I sure am, your lovely daughter here helped me out with something and I had to repay her, she told me what you’d been through and well, have you ever slept with a celebrity before?” I, um, Clooney said.

“I’m not dreaming am I?” Replied mom.

It took me a while but I eventually left her bedroom with her worn out and sound asleep. I left a note asking not to tell anyone then changed then came back into the house and Katie’s room as myself. Katie immediately got to her knees and pulled my cock out to suck.

“I doubt I have any left for you sweetie.” I said.

“You just fucked your own Mom.” She said, looking up at me grinning.

“Well, get on the bed and I’ll fuck my own sister too.” We laughed.

I’d love to tell you I use my powers responsibly but you’d be amazed at how easily people could be convinced by people who look like people they know. I only target bad people though, drug dealers handing cash to who they think is their boss and other such scumbags. I’m never tempted to use it to get sex though, Katie keeps me pretty worn out and I’ve never been happier…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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