A Library Liason

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My name is Zoë and I am nineteen, I have three loves, good coffee poured over a vanilla pod, good books and screwing beautiful girls. Oh, while I like my coffee vanilla I want my sex to be anything but.

I spend hour’s hanging out at the local library and I know many of the librarians well, some very well. About a week ago a new librarian caught my eye. I do not know why. Her hair was a mess; she had no idea on how to use make up and her clothes, well she is fashion’s equivalent to the titanic.

Given all this I was getting quite wet and the telltale tingle was clearly present. I immediately struck up a conversation and fell in love with her voice. We shared a lot of common interests, books, sex and to my surprise spanking. After our chat, I sat at a table near by and started to read. We spent the rest of the morning swapping glances.

When she started shelving books I sort of noticed that she was not wearing any knickers and that her cheeks were a very nice shade of red. I got up walked over to her and gently rubbed my hand over one of her cheeks; this got a smile from her and some really filthy looks from some of the other patrons.

‘My name is Justin and would you like to spank me, because I would as sure as hell like to spank you.’

She grabbed my hand and we were soon in one of the stock room, where she stripped off her skirt and offered her bottom up to me.

I started gently and was güvenilir bahis rebuked for this. So I quickly upped the force and tempo and was rewarded with some very satisfied moans, my hands’ were wet from her juice so I slipped a finger into her pussy. She stopped me stripped of my dress and bent me over a table, I also prided myself on my skill as a spanker, but I soon realised that in this she was the teacher and I very much the student. I was savouring every moment of it when to my surprise I came, up to now I always had needed some pussy action to cum.

At this she stopped and I turned around to find that she had taken off the rest of her clothes.

‘Now you can take me’

This time I sat her on the table spread her legs and went to work with my tongue, by this stage I swear she was purring, after a while she stopped me and said she preferred two way streets, so I changed my position offering her my pussy and then we both went to work.

It was a warm day and the room was getting very hot, so we decided to take the action outside. We climbed through a window into a fairly secluded courtyard; we began to finger each other while we kissed. We realised the court yard was not as secluded as we thought; we were being watched by two girls.

I thought that Justin might break off, but no instead she started to fist me, I kept on working her clit with my fingers. Our audience move closer, they clearly wanted türkçe bahis a close up view; Justin and I were too focused on each other to care. Both of our actions grew more frantic as we move towards orgasm, as we both came, one of the girls had her head far to close and her face and hair was drenched in our cum. We gave the girls a number of not so gentle pats on their backsides and sent them on their way. We then made our way back inside.

After redressing she went back to work and I made my way to my favourite clothes shop. Purchase complete, I returned to the library and gave and gave Justin the dress I had brought her. For the first time I could not read her face as she politely thanked me.

The library was closing soon so I said goodbye and made my home. Usually I go out in the evening but tonight I stayed home and replayed the day in my head as I went solo.

The next day I was at the library when its doors opened, a first for me. I was disappointed to find Justin was not there. One of the other Librarians informed me that she had taken the day off for personal reasons. I thought of making my way straight back to my flat, but decided instead to take solace in one of my favourite books.

A couple of hours later Justin walked in, the book slid from my hand, she was stunning. She was wearing the dress I had brought her and the personal business was clearly sessions with a hairdresser and make up artist. güvenilir bahis siteleri As she passed she took me hand and walked me out of the back exit.

‘Thank you for the dress; I have a gift for you’

She lead me to a well-maintained mansion where were greeted by two very pretty girls.

‘Meet Claire who is my mentor and Suzie who is Claire’s mentor.’

We were lead into a room where we were stripped and restrained in such a way that our head’s rested on each other’s pussy. The two girls then began on with what was clearly their calling. They start with tantalisingly gentle slaps to our bottoms, beating out a steady rhythm. At this stage we were content just to lie there. At a certain time later he hand were replaced by leather and it was clear that the girls knew their business, as the pain increased we began to work each other’s pussy’s with our mouth’s and tongue’s. As the paddling continued we focussed our attention solely on each other, enjoying the texture and taste of each other’s sex.

The paddling then stopped, I felt a deep resentment at this. Then my bottom felt such pain, I had been struck with a cane; the shudder that passed through Justin’s body alerted me to the fact that she also had been cut. Twenty-three more stokes followed as Justin and I frantically worked each other’s clits. The girls timing was perfect we both came on the twenty forth cut.

The girls then released us and quietly left. Justin and I then made love for the rest of the afternoon and deep into the night, sometimes gently sometimes frantically. By the time we had exhausted our lust I knew Justin in ways that I had never known another woman.

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