A Naturist Weekend Ch. 06

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I got home by teatime on the Sunday. I lay on my bed. God, I was missing Ronnie and the guys. Did that just happen? Did I really take every guy on the course? Was I really drenched in hot spunk? How many times did Ronnie and I come? I thought of Colin and his huge cock. Did I really suck him off several times? Did Mark really take me against the kitchen sink? And Ronnie, well, I really missed him. We were so good together. We had agreed not to come until we met again next Friday and I had been well behaved, much as I wanted to come, I didn’t and it wasn’t easy. I was sure I had built up loads of sexual energy, just ready to share it with Ronnie.

We did text each other constantly over the week and teased each other about what we were going to do when we met on the Friday. He sent me a picture of his long slender cock and I sent one of mine. I was thicker than Ronnie, not that it mattered and he had a lovely shaped cock head. I went to sleep each night thinking about Ronnie’s cock deep in my ass, feeling it stiffen and pulsate as Ronnie fucked me, releasing all that lovely hot spunk in to me. I’ll never forget the sensation of warm spunk shooting inside my ass or in my mouth, or indeed all over me, remembering nine men wanking over me as I lay on the kitchen table. Not bad for my first time, I thought. I had never found myself attracted to men before but all changed at the naturist retreat. I could not get enough of men now. It was so natural and free. What a weekend it was.

The week passed so slowly. I couldn’t focus on my work. Every time one of the guys at work walked passed me I mentally undressed him. I wondered what their cock was like. God, we were so good together, Ronnie and I. The days dragged and the nights were lonely. Each night I wanked and thought of Ronnie and the guys. Each night I wanked and stopped just in time. I promised Ronnie I wouldn’t come and although I was tempted, I was saving it all for Ronnie for Friday night.

Finally, at long last, Friday night arrived. I had taken a change of clothing with me to work so I wouldn’t waste any time. As soon as five o’clock came, I was out of there and into the car. Ronnie had a tenement flat in the old part of Edinburgh, not easy to get parked so I left the car at the station and took the train into Waverly and walked up to the Royal Mile. Ronnie’s flat was in one of the close’s just off the Royal Mile. I had also forgotten it was the Edinburgh festival and the streets were busy with people enjoying themselves. It would be good to see a show, I’ll take Ronnie out, I thought.

I was really taken in by the buzz in Edinburgh. Ronnie certainly lived in an interesting part of the city. I saw guys walking hand in hand, carefree and in love with each other. I thought of Ronnie when I saw the two guys walking hand in hand. I remember his firm body holding me, his cock rubbing against my ass. Not long now, I said out loud. I said I’d be there for seven o’clock and I was walking in good time, I’ll just make it for seven.

Ronnie lived on the top floor of a very old historic tenement building and it took ages to walk up all the stairs. I stood at Ronnie’s door, catching my breath. I hesitated and then knocked. A moment later, Ronnie opened the door and stood there, naked with a familiar rock hard cock. He threw his arms around me and hugged me. God, it was great to see him. I held him close to me, not wanting to let go. His cock was tight up against me. I reached down to squeeze it, noticing the precome on his cock head. I bent down to lick the precome, taking his cock head into my mouth, right there at his front door. He invited me in.

‘Strip off and have a shower’, he suggested, leading me through to his bedroom. He took my jacket off and unbuttoned my shirt, teasing my sensitive nipples. He undid my belt and dropped my trousers, taking his time to roll down my pants and expose my cock. Despite not having any viagra, I was stiff with excitement. He reached into his drawer and pulled out a packet of Cialis and told me this was a new type of viagra which works after twenty minutes and last for thirty six hours. He passed one over and I swallowed it.

He led me to the shower and turned on the water. He watched me as I showered, casually chatting away to me. I finished showering and he dried me off. I held him tightly, my arms around him and rested my head on his hairy chest. His heart was pumping with excitement. When I was dry, he led me through to the living room and showed me around. I stood at the window, looking down at the crowds of people in the street below.

I turned round and dropped to my knees, gripping Ronnie’s cock and wanking it. God, I loved that cock. I pulled his foreskin back and licked his cock head. More precome was oozing out of him and I squeezed each drop of it, savouring the taste. I took his cock head into my mouth and sucked him slowly, each time taking him further and further into my mouth. He rocked his hips in time to the rhythm I was building up. His cock was pulsating in my hand.

He pulled me up and kissed me, tasting his precome in my mouth. I wondered what he was canlı bahis going to do next. He turned me round to face the window and I held the window sill as he spread my legs. God, he was going to fuck me as I looked out the window at all these people below. His cock was rubbing against my ass as I got ready for him to take me. I felt the lube between my legs as he rubbed it in, teasing my ass with a finger getting ready. I pushed my ass towards him and felt his cock head against my asshole. I pushed further as he entered me, meeting his thrust. I could see dancers in the street and a small stage where some actors were entertaining the crowds. It seemed surreal, getting fucked as I looked out the window.

I had no problem taking Ronnie’s cock. He was fully in me, right up to the hilt. God it felt nice. Slowly he fucked me with long slow strokes. I could feel his balls hitting against my ass as he thrust into me. His hands were teasing my nipples and he was kissing my neck. We stood like that for ages as he fucked me, enjoying ourselves. Suddenly he moaned loudly and I felt his cock stiffen inside of me. God, he was going to come. A thrill coursed through me at the thought of what was coming next. He jerked as the first spurt of spunk was released from his cock and I felt it inside me. Time and again, he pounded me as he squirted his come inside me. It seemed to last for ages before he stopped. I had a week’s worth of hot lovely spunk inside me. We stood there, his cock still inside me, slowly slipping out. A hot stream of spunk ran down my legs as he withdrew. I rubbed it into my balls.

Then Ronnie got on his knees and gripped my cock, wanking me slowly, teasing my cock head with his tongue. I stood there, teasing my nipples with my hands as his head bobbed up and down. He knew exactly what he was doing. Squeezing my cock and balls with his hands, sucking slowly. Shivers of pleasure ran down my back with the excitement. I could feel it building up inside me and tried to stop myself coming. God, I was so close. Ronnie could tell I was close. He licked the tip of my cock, teasing it with his hands while wanking me. I warned him I was so close. I tried to stop myself but Ronnie’s mouth was too inviting. Suddenly, my cock exploded and stream after stream of spunk poured out of my cock. Ronnie swallowed as much as he could but there was so much of it. A week’s worth of spunk was released as I pumped more and more of it into his mouth. When I was finished, he kissed me and I could taste my spunk. I licked a dribble that was running from Ronnie’s mouth. God, it tasted fantastic.

We went to the bathroom to clean ourselves up. I washed his lovely long cock, teasing the head with my fingers. Once we had finished, we went through to the living room. I sat beside him on the settee, holding hands. It was so nice to be with Ronnie again. He promised a lot more sex before the weekend was over and I felt dizzy at the thought of it. Our cocks were still fully erect. I held his cock, as we listened to some soul music on the hifi.

I followed Ronnie into the kitchen and helped prepare something to eat. I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. As we worked, we kept brushing against each other, teasing each other’s cock. We ate and retired back to the living room. It was almost nine and soon time for bed. We sat listening to music for the rest of the night, in each other’s arms with a lovely malt whiskey.

He led me through to the bedroom and I was delighted to see he had a large king size bed and thought of the single beds we had at the retreat. It hadn’t stopped us from enjoying each other. I lay down and Ronnie joined me, resting his head on my chest. I ran my fingers over his chest, teasing his nipples. He kissed me passionately, his tongue teasing mine. I knelt over his chest, holding on to the end of the bed. He teased my balls, rubbing them as he slipped my cock into his mouth. God, it was lovely. I watched as he took every inch of me in his mouth. I turned around and went down the bed until I was next to his cock. I gripped it, God, he was so hard. I teased his balls as he thrust into my mouth. I warned him I was close to coming and he slowed down, squeezing my cock. I licked the precome from Ronnie’s cock. My head moved quickly, wanking him with one hand and teasing his balls with the other. I felt him close to coming and I stopped, letting the feeling die down. ‘Together’, I moaned, ‘let’s come together’. Ronnie wanked me faster and faster and I sucked him, pulling the foreskin right back and licking his tip. Within minutes, we were both almost there. ‘Now’, I shouted, ‘now’.

I was unprepared for the first squirt of spunk as it hit the back of my throat. At that moment, I could feel my own orgasm building. I still had plenty of spunk for Ronnie. Together, we came and swallowed quickly. God, this was so horny. I hugged his groin closer to me as I swallowed every drop he had. At the same time, my spunk was filling his mouth. I wanted to taste it. As we recovered, I moved up the bed and kissed him. We both still had spunk in our mouths and we teased each other with it. God, what a great bahis siteleri taste.

We lay together, he had his arms around me and his stiff cock was pressing against my ass. We went to sleep like that. I had such a warm loving feeling running through me. I had never, in my fifty five years, felt like this.

During the night, I felt Ronnie moving against me. I pretended to be sleeping. I felt him rub lube over my ass and still pretended to sleep. A moment later I felt his cock slowly slip into my ass. I gripped the pillow as I felt him pushing deeper and deeper into me. I remained perfectly still, I don’t think he realised I was still awake. I felt the tip of his cock against my asshole as he pushed in and out. God, this felt so nice. A few moments later I heard his breathing getting faster and deeper. He hugged me tightly as he took me. I could feel his cock stiffen and twitch and then…….he shot a warm stream of spunk inside me. I could feel every drop as he came and still I pretended to sleep. I felt him soften a little as he kept his cock in my ass. God, I was going to go to sleep with his spunk and cock inside me.

We had more sexy fun in the morning, sharing a shower together and pleasuring each other. We agreed not to come until the afternoon but that wouldn’t stop us from taking each other to the brink and stopping to build up the sexual energy.

We walked around the house naked, our rock hard erections straining in front of us. It wasn’t the same as the retreat but it was the best we could do. Ronnie wasn’t expecting any visitors so we could go around naked without being disturbed. We chatted and were so carefree in each other’s company. I suggested, seeing it was the festival, that we go into the street and see if we could get tickets for a show. Very reluctantly, we went to the bedroom to dress. I gave his cock a final suck before he put his trousers on. A few minutes later we were walking down the Royal Mile.

The street was full of people with many of them dressed in costume. We took a photograph of the living statues and stood watching the escapologist trying to get out of a box that was padlocked. We laughed at the comedian entertaining the crowds. There was so much to see. I held Ronnie’s hand as we worked our way through the crowds, taking flyers advertising performances as they were passed to us. We seemed to attract some unfriendly stares as people looked at us holding hands. Just because we were older men. I did not care at all and neither did Ronnie, who kissed me in front of a young couple who were sneering at us.

One of the flyers was for a gay comedian and we decided to get tickets for that. We had time for lunch first so Ronnie led me to an Italian restaurant he knew. We got a table close to the window and watched the crowds outside. I reached my arm out and held Ronnie’s hand. The server came and took our order. We chatted as we waited and it was a smashing lunch. We made our way to the venue to see the comedian.

We queued up at the door and stood there in line. Ronnie wrapped his arms round me and kissed my neck. I held his hand over my heart. People queuing looked at us but seemed to be much more savvy than those staring at us outside in the street.

‘My father suggested that I should get a doner card – he’s a man after my own heart’, the comedian joked and the crowd laughed.

‘Why is it that old people keep going on about no place better than home……and yet when you put them in one……Ronnie and I laughed.

I looked over the audience around us and stopped when I spotted a couple in the third row. God, could that be Neil and Colin from the retreat? I wasn’t sure as we had never seen them wearing clothes. It looked like them. God, what fun I had with Colin’s massive cock. I nudged Ronnie and asked him if he thought that was them. Like me, he wasn’t sure although it looked like them. ‘Let’s go up to them when this finishes.

I hoped it was them. I felt a thrill as I remembered guiding Colin’s huge cock into Ronnie’s ass. And Neil sucking me off while I sucked Ronnie who was getting fucked by Colin. All of us came together….gosh, I really hoped it was them. Imagine meeting them in such a crowd.

Once the performance ended, I grabbed Ronnie’s hand and headed to the exit, hoping to get there before they did. We stood there and as they approached us, I could see it was them…..and they had recognised us too. How we hugged each other, like long lost friends. ‘We must go back to my flat’, said Ronnie, who led the way. In a show of solidarity, Colin and Neil held hands and so did Ronnie and I. Stuff what anyone thought.

We climbed the many stairs to Ronnie’s flat and went through to the living room. All of us stripped off and placed our clothes on a pile beside the unit. Ronnie produced some glasses and poured drinks for us all. I stared at Colin’s cock, this was the first time I had seen it soft and it was still huge. I felt a thrill running through me.

With a laugh, Ronnie went to get the new viagra tablets and handed them out. He explained that they were new and better than the bahis şirketleri viagra he had at the weekend. We chatted, waiting for the twenty minutes for the tablets to work. Ronnie and Colin were sitting on the settee with Neil and I sitting between their legs. It was great to see them again. Ronnie and Colin were stroking each other’s cock and I was rubbing Neil, who was sitting with his eyes closed. I told him to sit next to Ronnie.

Ronnie rubbed both their cocks while I played with myself. I knelt down and took Ronnie in my mouth, reaching to Colin and Neil and stroking their cocks. God, they were all getting so hard. I moved to Neil and sucked him while wanking the other two and then….I moved to Colin. God, his cock was majestic. I squeezed his cock, licking the precome oozing out of it. I played with his cock head, trying to get it in my mouth. I’m sure he was even larger than he was before. It was huge. Ronnie reached for my hand and squeezed it with encouragement as I strained to take it all. Finally, the cock head was fully in my mouth and I wanked him. My lips smothered the purple pounding head. The veins stood out on his cock, I could feel them pulsating. Colin was seriously turned on.

Ronnie stood up and then went down on Neil sucking his cock. Colin smiled at me as he fondled my cock. He took me in his mouth and wanked me slowly, taking me to the brink and then stopping. God, I almost came there. I was breathing heavily. Neil then went down on Colin and Ronnie and I lay on the floor, sucking each other’s cock. We continued to suck each other, one after another for ages, taking us to the brink and then stopping just in time. It was not easy, not easy at all but we were all getting used to it by now. It was now time to fuck. Ronnie got the lube and we rubbed it all over each other’s ass and cock. I was so looking forward to this.

Ronnie went down on his knees and lay over the chair for Neil to take him. Colin also sat down and stuck his ass in the air for me. I was rock hard and rubbed more lube over my cock. I reminded myself that I was new to this and had experiences not many guys ever get. That makes me an expert now.

I slipped my finger into Colin’s ass and finger fucked him, loosening him up ready for my cock. He moved backwards in time with my finger. He moaned as he felt me push my cock against his asshole. I could feel him relaxing. Very slowly, I pushed deeper and deeper. He gripped and relaxed his asshole as I entered him. Slowly, slowly until I was all the way in. Within seconds, I was almost there. I could feel the thrills running through me, and then I stopped. Just in time. Neil had also stopped fucking Ronnie and knelt there, letting his orgasm subside.

Ronnie reached over to Colin and took his huge cock in his mouth. He looked up at me with a glint in his eye. What was he thinking? I soon found out. It was time for Colin to fuck me. I couldn’t take all that, surely? Ronnie put his fingers in me, rubbing more lube over me and over Colin’s cock. I lay over the chair, trying hard to relax. I felt the cock head nudging against my asshole. He pushed gently and I felt myself opening up for him. He stopped, letting me relax. Ronnie stroked me with encouragement. Then I felt Colin push again and I took a little more of his cock. God it was so tight. ‘I can’t, I moaned, I just can’t’. Colin was so gentle with me. He pulled out and pushed again, it was slightly easier but I still didn’t have his cock head in me. I shuddered with the sheer excitement of what was happening. I moaned again, he’s too big for me. Colin continued to push and I tried hard to relax. Ronnie still tried to encourage me, holding my hand and stroking it. Once again Colin pushed and I pushed against him and then……I had his cock head inside my ass. God, it was sore but nice too. I was breathing hard and Colin stroked my back, ‘that’s the worst bit over with’, he said. He waited a few moments and Ronnie rubbed more lube over Colin’s cock. Again, I felt him push into me and I responded. It was still tight but easier now. ‘Harder…….’, I moaned. ‘Push harder’. Finally, and with a loud moan from me, he was there. I had all his cock in me. I laughed. ‘I never thought I could do it’.

Slowly, Colin pulled back a little and back in again. He did this several times as I relaxed more and more. Finally, I was ready and begged him to fuck me. He did, slowly and carefully with long strokes. I could feel his cock head almost come out of my ass and then pushed in again. He continued fucking me and I reached down for his balls. God, they were huge too. I moaned at the thought of all the spunk he was going to release.

‘Come inside me Colin, pleeease’, I begged. Let me feel it all. Colin speeded up and I moaned with pleasure as he fucked me. I felt his cock head swell as his orgasm was near. God, I thrust back to meet his stroke, willing him to come. And then, with a loud moan he shuddered and I felt it hit inside me. Reams of hot spunk poured into me, lubricating Colin as he still thrust in and out of me, pumping all his load in me. I gripped the sides of the chair as Colin came, jerking several more times before he stopped. God, my asshole was so sore. It was tingling and on fire. Colin pulled right out and then I felt the familiar sensations of hot spunk dribbling out of my asshole and down my legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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