A New Form of Tech Ch. 02

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A continuation of my previous story and my second one I’ve written.

As I said, any and all feedback is appreciated. I hope you enjoy.


I let out a long sigh, tired from filling and filling out the paperwork I had planted on my desk when I came in today. It has been over a month since my boyfriend and I had our fun with the devices, and while we still talk about it, we never have had the time to go further. We had so much on our minds that night, but only enough time to get one thing done. I smile softly as I get to the last folder, my day at work coming to an end.

I hear my phone buzz in my pocket and pull it out. I got a message from him, my boyfriend. “Hey Hun~ I was about to go on break. How is the work on your end?” How sweet of him. I finish the paper I was working on at the moment and reply back. “Almost done. How’s work going?”

“Ohh, Great. We just got a new model, larger size and simpler for the public.” Right, I forgot about that. The newest version, Beta Version 2.10 as it’s been called so far, has been finalized and ready to be tested. “Glad to hear. I hope it works well.” I remember that my copy should be done soon, and I’m excited to use it. Not just for the obvious reasons, but also it should lead to a larger pay and I always feel good advancing the research.

I hear a knock at my office door and look up. I put my phone away and go back to my paper. “Please, come in.” I say to them. My co-worker, the same one to see me the other night, comes in with a small pile of papers and a large box. “Greeting Gabriel, I have exciting news.”

“Wait, let me guess. The newest Beta is ready?” I ask sarcastically, trying to hide my obvious excitement. “Bingo, Big Guy. I understand your day is almost over, but we do need you resign some forms as well as a few new ones to do with this model. It’s urgent, but doesn’t need to be done now if you’d rather go home.”

“No no, I’ll take care of them now. I don’t mind to much.” I say, closing the other folder and moving to the side for room on the desk. He puts the box to the side and leaves the papers for me. “Fantastic, I’ll be in the lab. See you in a bit.” I nod as he’s about to leave.

“Ohh, Gabriel. Don’t ‘Stub your Toe’ to soon, Kay?” I feel my face light up and turn my attention down to the sheets. “S-Sure, thank you.” He chuckles deeply and leaves for good. I cough softly and file through the papers, already remembering the old ones and signing quickly. I reach the new manual and flip through the newest additions.

*BING* I flinch lightly at the sudden noise and look at the box. *BING* The device is sending me a notice. After I quickly open it, I notice a small red light is flashing and making that noise. *BING* It goes again and I look though the features. “The hell is it doing?” I mumble to myself and try to work it out.

I reach the third page and figure it out. “Ohh, it’s a reading. My partner’s device must be linked to this one in some way.” I sit canlı bahis back down and rest it on the larger stand it came with for me. I switch it on and it shows basically a plane white expanse of energy, serving as just like a blank screen for a computer. I pull out my phone and send a decide to send a message. “Hey, Hun, are you trying to link our devices together?”

I hear a small burst and change in energy and a small wave of hot air rolls over my arm. “Of course~” I hear and jump in surprise.

“Geez, don’t jump me like that man.” I say, much to his amusement. “Hehe, sorry” I smile kindly and sit down. The new version is much better, allowing for quicker access and with the larger size, it doesn’t feel like you’re talking with someone like they’re on FaceTime or Skype. Now, it feels like you’re actually there and it gives you a much larger image, being at least three by two feet this time.

I chuckle deeply and rub my neck awkwardly. “So, you enjoying your break so far?” I ask kindly. He nods and pulls out a small lunch. “Yeah, i thought I’d spend it with you~” He replies with a kindly, but silly smile on his face.

“Using advancing technology to have a lunch date. Heh, sounds like the man I’m dating~” I say teasing and put away my papers. “Ohh Hush” He says, his face slowly turning red.

I smile and move closer, right up to the device and reach in. I softly hold his hand and smile, just being with him makes my heart rush. He smiles too and lightly squeezes my hand back and leans in too, connecting his lips to mine. We softly moan and press against each other deeply, sharing a passionate kiss between us. I reach up and hold his head and move my tongue slowly and lewdly into his mouth, letting me move freely in him. After about 30 seconds of making out, I move back with light gasps and look deeply in his eyes, a fire burning in his and probably in mine as well. I smile nervously and whisper. “I love you So Much~”

He chuckles and gives me a tight hug. He kisses up my neck and whispers into my ear. “Take me. Right here.” He says to me as he undoes his belt and pants. I am caught off guard as he pushes me back for space. “Wait, what do you mean?” I ask as he turns picks his device up. He set’s it to be standing by the edge of his desk and turns around once he removes his underwear. I feel my face burn brightly as I set my eyes on his gorgeous figure. His smooth, tender legs leading up to the toned and sweet ass cheeks. “Like what you see?” He replies to me, smiling innocently and giving his hips a small shake just to tease me.

I gulp nervously and nod. “I-It looks even better in person.” I say softly. We have been texting and sexting for the better part of our relationship, even meeting each other online under a roleplay search on a site. We have our fun and eventually built up to sending pics on the regular. But, as some of you will say, a beautiful body is better in the flesh than on screen. “May I, you know..” I say, almost mesmerized bahis siteleri by looking at it.

“Of course, my Big Man~” He takes a step or two back and brings through as much of his hips ah he can, easily sliding his whole ass through and part of his thighs and lower back. I reach out and slowly caress him. I hear him hold back a small shudder of pleasure as I move more and more, lightly and kindly groping his pure skin and well worked muscles. I grab his cheeks and slowly spread them, revealing to me his tight, delicious, and virgin hole.

I stare, practically mesmerized by the light twitching. My tongue hangs out of my mouth, almost like I’m drooling and I quickly close the gap between the two. I feel him jump in shock and tense up, only to then moan out in pleasure as I slowly lick around his hole. I trail my tongue from the base of his back, down his crack and leave a kiss on the hole, then continue and drag it as fair along his shown taint. “Mmm, you taste so good, My Love~” I could practically picture the blush on his face as I move back up. I press my tongue against him and quickly move in, pushing past his tight opening and licking as far into as I can

“Gahh, Yes~Babe” I hear him call out, his body and hips lightly shaking to the contact and penetration. I see his arms move and it becomes clear he is stroking his cock to this. I close my eyes and moan into him, picturing his tasty member throbbing to my treatment as he gets toyed with. I move back and look at my hand. I bring two fingers to my lips and coat them generously and bring them back up. I start with my pointer and push to my knuckles, probing just above his prostate and coating his insides. He tenses again, but I relish the tight feeling and play around a bit. I slowly do the same with the middle too and roll over his sensitive spot very gently.

He begins to pant in want, his body rocked with pleasure and excitement. “G-Gabe, please. Give it to me~” He says, wiggling his hips greedily and hold his cheeks apart for me. I stand up and quickly pull my pants down, my member straining against my briefs and already letting a bit of cleat precum out of my head. I line myself up and take a deep breath, nervous about having our first time, but at the same time, overjoyed. I want to rush in, pounding him like a beast in a vicious heat, but also treat him light a prince and being of pure love. I gulp nervously and slowly rub against his hole, letting a few moans out from him and myself.

“P-Please, Fuck Me!” He cries out, trying his best to not be too loud for the others. I grit my teeth and slowly push in. It feels heavenly, his tight and hot body wrapping around me as I move in. I angle myself a bit so that my tip and whole length drags slowly across his prostate, hopefully replacing any feeling of discomfort with pleasure as I bottom out, my hips connecting with his. I gasp lightly and relax a bit to enjoy ourselves. I wish I could see his face. His light pants and moans drive bahis şirketleri me wild enough as it is, but I wish I could look into his eyes. Maybe next time.

“I’m going to move now.” I say quietly and bring my hips back, slowly sliding most of my now throbbing length our from him and then move it back in, making a small moan come from his end. I begin to move at a slow, but steady rhythm. Hearing his light moans deepen with pleasure as I move drives me to go faster, moving at a better speed. My balls slowly begin to slap against his taint, adding another layer of pleasure for the both of us as the speed goes up more and more. “Ohh Fuck~” I grip his hips and pull hims into each thrust, driving my cock into him more and more rapidly.

I moan deeply under my breath, doing my best to try and keep it down in the work space. I tighten my hold on his hips and move faster, my hips roughly pounding against his as both of our climaxes build up. I reel my hand back and playfully spank him, causing him to tighten up and gasp in brief pain as it turns quickly to a louder moan on pleasure. “Y-YES! F-Fuck Me Hard~” He cries out. Why hold myself back?

I begin to move wildly, my member very quickly pulling out of his body and back inside in a split second. I moan deeply and louder, both of our brains filling with pure lust, love, and excitement. It is better than we ever dreamed and were honored to finally be doing this together. “I-I’m Gonna..”

“YES! F-Fill me up~” I hear him yell, his strokes speeding up as his orgasm is right on the horizon, as is my own. In one last thrust, I grind my hips against his, body and balls tensing up as my orgasm shoots out. I groan loudly and moan his name, my thick cum and seed pouring deeply inside him. I feel it rush out and around my cock as he tightens up briefly at the start, but loosens up near the end. I could tell he came.

I slowly begin to pull out, but I feel him move and onto his knees in his chair. I see his hole stay agape a little bit after he moves and I blush hard, my cum slowly moving out and dripping down his crack. I slightly lean in and notice he is panting hard, cum on his hands and dripping onto his chair. I reach down and hold his seat, then slowly rotate it to look at his bright red and panting face. I smile warmly and kiss his forehead, then move to look into his eyes.

“That was wonderful, My Love~” He chuckles nervously and smiles back. “Y-Yeah, you were amazing.” I reach in and softly caress his cheek and kiss his lips kindly. I pull away and push his chair back. “I hope we can do this again soon.” I say softly, my eyes becoming heavy. “Hehe, yeah. You can say that again.” I yawn slightly and with one more kiss, we turn our devices off and move them off to the side. I grab a small napkin from my lunch I had not used and cleaned myself off as best I could before getting dressed. I quickly sign the last of the papers and organize them in my OUT bin before I head on home. I laugh lightly to myself, overjoyed with finally being able to embrace and be embrace by the man I hold so close to me. I wave to the night janitor good bye and hop in my car to my apartment. I sigh and look towards the sky. “Heh, another great day~”

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