A Night in Natchez

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I was sitting at the bar, dark oak, twisted ornaments, typical for the old bars in Natchez. The place smelled musty, another trait of hundred and fifty year old buildings. I was sipping my second Shock Top when he walked up and sat next to me.

“Hey man. How’s it going? Long day.”

“I guess it was a long day, but a good one.”

“Oh yeah? How so?” The bartender came over and took his order.

The guy was cute. Hot, rough around the edges. Younger. “I rode in from Houston today.”


“Yeah. Mostly back roads.”

“Cool.” He took a sip of his drink. “I’m in for the weekend. Family thing.”

“So you’re from here?”

“Well, I was. I left at 18 and just come back occasionally. I live in Denver now.”

“Well, that’s nice.”

“I was supposed to have a date tonight, but he had to beg off.”

He waited for my reaction. I took another sip.

“That’s too bad.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Again he waited for me to make a move. I didn’t. He took his drink and backed away from the bar. “Well, have a good night.”

“Yeah sure.” He took a few steps. “Hey! I didn’t get your name.”

He walked back to the bar. “What difference does it make, now?”

“I at least like to know the guy’s name I sucking.”


I finished my beer in two gulps. “Let’s go.”

Natchez is a walking town. Everything is nearby, except a few of the larger antebellum homes, and it is gay friendly. Stepping into the Eola Hotel is like stepping back into a slower time. It’s much like the French Quarter in New Orleans, but is quaint. The old elevators still have the cage door you have to close before it will operate. The hallways are narrow. Each room has a balcony either overlooking the oldest settlement on the Mississippi or the roofs of downtown buildings.

“What changed your mind?”

“What makes you think my mind wasn’t made up the moment I saw you?”

“I like you.”

“Well, that’s nice.”

We stepped out of the elevator and walked down the hall to my room. The old brass key matches the brass key plate and the heavy bahis firmaları doorknob.

“You need to know something,” I said. If you trust me, I’ll rock your world tonight.”

“Trust you?”

“No questions. Either in or out..”


I opened the door and suggested he should grab us a couple of beers as I pulled my belt from my 501s. “Take your clothes off.”

He was remarkably agreeable and stripped down. I stripped down to just my jeans. I wasn’t in the mood for conversation. I turned down the lights and turned on some light classical music, it’s perfect when I am in the mood to play and walked to where my bike bags were placed. I have a small bag I call my traveling kink bag. Everything I’ll need is in there. I pulled an extra sheet from the closet and spread it over the bed. “Lie down, on your stomach. He did. “Now, do not speak.”

I took a small amount of oil in my hands and started with his back. Gently massaging it.

Moving down his defined shoulders to his hips I then skipped the bubble ass and worked on his legs. High up on his hamstrings I brushed his balls with the back of my hands. His moans let me know he was getting into it. I finished at his feet.

“Roll over.” He did. His dick was at attention. I took some soft rope cuffs from my bag and secured his hands behind his head to the head board. With a couple other ropes, I tied his legs so that they were spread nearly as far as they could go. I took a blindfold from my bag and covered his eyes. He hasn’t spoken.

A Beethoven piano sonata is playing through my Bluetooth speaker. I took some oil and rubbed his chest. Just a wisp of blond hair. Again I massaged my way down avoiding his genitals.

The Wartenburg wheel is a favorite of mine and at home, in my playroom, I have several. But on the road I just carry one. It’s the size of a pizza cutter with an offset double row of spikes. In serious BDSM play I can really dig into the flesh with this one, but tonight, it’s mission is to titillate, to stimulate. As I rolled it over his chest I spent a lot of time on his nipples. I wanted them kaçak iddaa to be tender. Down his hips to his thighs, his cock jumped. He moaned. Around his balls, in that sensitive part of his body, I bared down on the wheel causing him to jump and scream a bit. I smiled.

From the bag I pulled some battery powered nipple clamps, applied them, adjusted the tension and turned on the juice. He squirmed. I loved it. His dick waved back and forth like a tall pine tree in a stiff breeze and I still had not even touched it.

I took a thin, soft leather strap and began to wrap his balls.

“Now, Lenny, the prelims are over. Time to get serious.” He smiled but didn’t speak. I liked this kid. I took a bit of oil into the palms of my hands, and for the next hour, I edged him. I stroked his cock up and down, or just one finger gently rubbing the sensitive glans or I took the tip of my belt and slapped his cock or I just left it alone, occasionally blowing on it. When he got close, I stopped altogether. He groaned. The mounting orgasm was right there. A couple more jerks and he would have had the relief he so desperately needed.I checked his balls. They were turning a lovely shade of dark purple. I started again.

I cupped his balls. They were quite cool to the touch. I thumped one. He screamed. I smiled. I did it again, this time thumping the other one.

Using my thumb and forefinger I began again. Lightly. Slowly. No real pressure. A couple times up and down his cut cock. Euphoria. I grabbed it with my whole hand and gave him three hard and fast jerks. He was about to explode and I backed off. Euphoria turned to torture. I love it. Obviously, Lenny did as well.

It was finally time. Time to give him some relief. I took his cock in my left hand and started up and down. It wouldn’t take long. I took the nipple clamps off and he screamed. The taking off hurts more than the putting on. He was squirming. He was close and just as he tensed I pulled the strap from his balls. The pleasure pain was almost unbearable. He shot his load. And shot his load. And shot his load. His breathing was heavy. kaçak bahis The room smelled of sex. I removed the restraints and got a warm towel and began to clean him. His cum was everywhere. But I was particular and got every drop. He still hasn’t spoken. I removed the blindfold. His eyes were closed. I brushed his hair from his face. He opened his eyes. I kissed his lips. He opened his mouth. Our tongues danced. He pulled me closer. The kiss became more passionate. I was hard. I rolled off the bed, removed my 501s and rolled him over.


I knelt behind him and rimmed his ass. My tongue barely entered his rosebud and he was moaning again. I reached for my condoms and lube. Without warning, I entered him. Easy at first. Then full thrust. He gasped. His ass was tight and warm. It felt right. It felt like home.

I plowed that ass. He was hard again. I was using the bed as a workbench with one goal in mind. Fuck this young boy so that this will be his gold standard. The one fuck he’ll always remember. The one he jacks off to. I plowed away. Punching his prostate. His ass tightened as another orgasm ripped through his body. The added pressure of his ass clinching my dick sent me over the top and I unloaded in him.

We collapsed onto the massive four-poster. Our breathing was heavy. My cock shrunk in his ass. I didn’t want to move. I liked Lenny. I rolled off and gave his ass a little bite.

Another warm towel. He dressed and I stood there naked with cum leaking a bit from my cock.

“Well, this has been…fun,” he said.

“Yes it has.”

“You’re heading out tomorrow?”

“Yes. It’s a short ride home.”

“I’m a little embarrassed, but I never got your name.”

I reached for my wallet and took a business card. “Here. The second number gets you directly to me.”

He briefly looked at the cars then looked at me. “This is you? I mean…”

“Yep, and I’ll be in Denver next month. You want tickets?


“Really. I look forward to seeing you again. Call me.”

I opened the door and gave him a kiss as he readied to leave. A long, open mouth kiss. A man staggered down the hall. Didn’t faze him a bit. It is Natchez after all. I watched Lenny walk down the hall. It had been a good night. One that I will remember forever.

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