A Pizza Delivery

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Here is another story I have written. I’m working on more but I would really like to hear what you all think of this one. Thanks for the replies from the last story.


Mary walks up to the front door of her last customer. The wind buffets her and she shivers in the cold night air. With one hand balancing the pizza, she reaches up and knocks on the front door. A dog barks which sets off other dogs barking, then the front door opens.

She looks up at her customer and nearly drops the pizza, the woman who has answered the door is wearing a short dressing gown and Mary can see that she wears nothing underneath.

She smiles at Mary and Mary grins back

“Hi, how are you tonight?” Mary asks.

“I’m fine thanks and yourself?” Her voice is as smooth as silk.

“I’m great, this is my last job for the night then I can go home and warm up in front of the heater for a while.”

She laughs and beckons Mary inside. Normally Mary would not enter a customer’s house, it was the cardinal rule of pizza delivering, but she cannot resist following this temptress into her lair. She walks in and looks around as the customer goes to get her purse. The place is very nice Mary thinks to herself. She walks back in with her purse in her hand.

“How much do I owe you for the pizza?”

“Ummm $14.95” Mary replies.

She reaches in to her purse and grabs out a 50 dollar note. Mary cringes, as she knows she does not have enough change as the last customer took it all.

“I’m afraid I don’t have enough change for you but if you don’t mind I will go back to the shop and get it for you.”

“Not at all” the customer says.

She hands Mary the $50 and Mary leaves the pizza behind and walks out to her car promising that she won’t be long.

Driving back to the shop as fast as she can Mary cant help but think of her in that dressing gown, she parks her car and walk into the shop, signing off she grabs the change and heads back out to the customers place.

Mary knocks on the door again and the customer, looking a bit tousled, answers it smiling. Mary passes her the change and apologises for the lack of organization. She laughs.

“It’s not a problem dear.” she says ” what are you up to tonight?”

“Not much I’ll probably just go home and sit in front of the heater to thaw out.” Mary answers. “What are you up to tonight?”

“I was thinking of sitting down to watch Titanic,” she replies.

“Wow bahis firmaları I loved that movie, haven’t seen it in a very long time.”

“Would you like to come in and watch it with me” she asks.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I was feeling pretty lonely tonight anyway.”

She opens the door wider and Mary walks in following her through to the kitchen, she walks over to the bottle of wine on the counter and pours herself a drink.

“Would you like a glass?” she asks Mary.

“Yes please.”

She pours two glasses and passes one to Mary. Then leads her to the lounge room. They sit down on the couch and the customer mover closer.

“My name is Janet by the way” she says as she turns the dvd on starting the movie up.

“Mine’s Mary” Mary tells her as she glance over at her. Mary’s breath catches in her throat as she notices that Janet’s top has come a bit lose and she can see the gentle swell of her breasts. She quickly turns to face the TV trying not to be rude.

The volume is down low and Mary can hear her soft breathing. Janet leans over her brushing against Mary as she reaches for the tv control. She turns the volume up and starts to move back accidentally slipping and landing against Mary. Mary reaches out to steady Janet, her hands burn as she feels her warm skin under the satin dressing gown.

“Are you ok?” Mary asks.

Janet looks up at Mary and shuffles closer to whisper into her ear

“I’m fine, I have a confession to make though…….. I had a 20 dollar note in my purse earlier but I was hoping that you wouldn’t have the right change for a $50 so that you would have to come back.”

Mary looks at her a bit confused and Janet reaches out and gently caresses her face. She closes her eyes and softly moans at her silken touch. Then Janet stands up, Mary looks to see what she is doing and sees Janet is standing right in front of her now. She unties the cord to her dressing gown letting it open up, showing that she has absolutely nothing on underneath. Mary’s eyes take in her beauty starting from her slim calves and thighs, noticing her shaven pussy, slowly travelling up her stomach and to the curves of her breasts. Her nipples are a dusky pink and hard with excitement. Mary’s eyes move further up to her face and notices her smiling. She straddles Mary, their breasts pressed together. Leaning down she brushes her lips over Mary’s, her hands rest upon Mary’s shoulders. Janet bites her bottom lip drawing kaçak iddaa blood and Mary yelps. Her eyes twinkle as she slowly traces Mary’s lips with her tongue licking the blood off her lip. Mary is strangely turned on by this but has no time to dwell on it as Janet starts to kiss her more passionately. Her tongue sliding between Mary’s teeth and lips, feeling every little ridge along the roof of Mary’s mouth, sensually rubbing their tongues together. Janet’s hands slowly wander down her shirt brushing over Mary’s breasts. Her skin tingles in the wake of Janet’s touch. Further down they go until they are at Mary’s waist, she pulls the work shirt out of her pants and lifts it up over Mary’s body and over her head dropping it to the floor beside the couch. Janet reaches behind her and deftly unclasps Mary’s bra taking it off and putting it next to the shirt.

Janet begins to trail hot kisses down her throat and a soft moan escaped Mary’s lips. Her hot mouth moves along the swell of Mary’s breast moving around her nipple. Mary can’t stand it any longer and reaches forward to caress Janet’s satiny skin but is brought short as Janet grabs her hands. She glance up at Janet, confused at why she stopped her and Janet stands up taking Mary by the hand as she leads her along the hallway. Veering off to a room on the left they enter the master bedroom.

It has a big four poster bed in the centre, a dressing table to the left with a vase of red roses on it, and a walk in wardrobe to the right. She takes Mary over to the bed and gently pushes her back onto it.

“Move into the centre of the bed .” Janet’s voice is hoarse and strained.

Mary does as she bids shuffling over to the centre of the bed, watching as Janet walks over to the dressing table getting some silk scarves out of it. She walks back over to Mary and takes one of the scarves and blind folds her. She can hear Janet moving to the left of her and jumps when she picks up Mary’s left hand tying one of the scarves around it then pulling it up towards one of the corners of the bed. Then Janet moves down to Mary’s left foot picking it up and ties another one around her ankle pulling it towards the other corner. Mary realises that Janet is tying her to the bed and can feel her anticipation building.

When Janet finishes tying Mary to the bed she stands back to admire her handy work. Mary is now spread-eagled on her bed. Janet admires her new lovers body, its golden skin seems to glow in the candlelight. She kaçak bahis walks over to the dresser and gets out a pair of tailor scissors, she doesn’t have to test the edge, as she knows they are already sharp enough for what she needs them for. Janet walks over to the bed and sits down beside Mary, she can see her quiver in the faint light. She takes the scissors down to Mary’s ankle slowly cutting her pants away. Mary gasps and struggles against her bonds.

“Please, no, not my uniform” she sobs. Tears are running down her angelic face.

Janet places her fingertips on the younger woman’s lips silencing her pleas.

“Don’t worry hunny, I will buy you a new pair” she reassures her.

Janet goes back to the task of cutting Mary’s pants away and sees her shiver as the cold blade runs up her leg as it cuts the pants. She pulls the remaining tatters away revealing slender legs and a dripping pussy covered by a wet red g-string. She cuts the g-string away and gasps in amazement as she looks at the younger woman’s glistening lips. Janet kneels over Mary and starts to trail kisses down her throat to her pert young breasts. She takes the puckered nipple into her mouth softly sucking on it. Her teeth graze it as she pulls it back and lets it slide through her lips. Mary moans from deep in her chest at the feel of Janet’s lips wrapping around her nipple once more. She hasn’t been with many women and this is the first time she has been tied up.

Janet starts to trail wet kisses down Mary’s firm tummy and abdomen stopping above her “v” to gently tease it with her tongue. Running along it but not entering to lap at her lips yet.

“Please…” Mary whimpers.

Janet looks up at her young lover and smiles at the innocent request.

“Please what?” she asks cheekily.

“Please…… please eat me…I need…..” her words are cut short as she groans, Janet didn’t wait for her to finish her request and already had slid her tongue into her warm deep hole. The taste was amazing as usual, a tart but sweet taste that just threw Janet into a frenzy. She lapped at the younger woman’s throbbing pussy, sliding up the glistening lips to circle her clit before sliding back down to enter her canal again. It wasn’t long before the excitement caught up with Mary and she screamed her release in a long earth shaking orgasm. Janet continues to lick up all Mary’s juices causing another orgasm to wash through Mary’s body.

As Mary started to drift back into awareness she realised that her bonds were undone and she had her arms wrapped around Janet’s body.

They stayed like that for the rest of the night just holding each other close, and that’s how the dawn greeted the two new lovers.

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