A Family Destroyed

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All characters are over 18+.


Simon Winters smiled as he walked home. Knowing he had aced his finials for the semester. Now as he smiled triumphantly, all he had to worry about was Christmas vacation; and the last few months’ of high school. Life at that point was good for Simon. A nice girlfriend, good grades, and a family that loved him. How fate can be so cruel as Simon will soon find out. The bare trees swayed announcing the coming storm. Salt crunched under foot as he rounded the corner. Humming happily as he spotted his house in the distance. Arching his chocolate brown eyebrow when Simon saw his sister’s car. Not that he didn’t love her. Simon just wasn’t fond of how she always greeted him. Although he was surprised to see her car, nonetheless.

Simon thought Amy wasn’t supposed to arrive until next week. Then there was his mother and father’s car, which was odd to him. They weren’t known to skip work much less alone leave early either. Chewing on his lip recounting how Melody had skip school as well. Something odd was happening, and Simon didn’t know if he wanted the answers. Walking through the side yard to the back. Simon was thunderstruck by what he saw through the blinds. Six people were bare ass naked in their living room: one was his father, sister, mother, his grandfather, uncle, and his girlfriend.

“Fuck your tight,” his father grunted as Melody rode him, “I can’t believe my son hasn’t fucked you yet?”

“I don’t fuck boys, only men with fat cocks,” Melody said, as his father held her legs up while ramming his cock into her.

“I don’t like how you speak about my son…” his mother began to say before his uncle reached forward grabbing a handful of her hair. “Fuck Robbie! Pound your sister’s cunt!”

“Sorry Mrs. Winters, but I doubt your son has anything on your husband,” Melody said apologetically.

“True. Paul does have a fat cock,” his mother said through moans, “Still that doesn’t require you to bad mouth my son.”

“Relax Pamela. I doubt this girl is going to break up with him over it,” Paul said, hammering his cock in Melody’s spent cunt.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming!” Melody screamed out.

“You like sucking on my tits, don’t you grandpa?” Amy asked as she rode their grandfather on the other couch. Whatever his grandfather said he couldn’t hear. Not that he wanted to.

Rage, disgust, and the utter betrayal flooded his mind. Simon felt on the verge of violently expelling the contents of his stomach. Which he did all over his mother’s prized rose bushes. Stumbling out from behind his home, Simon wandered for hours around his home town. Until he came upon a secluded gazebo. Icicles hung along the under hang of its snow covered roof. Shivering from the cold as his nearly frozen feet stumbled along the icy boards. Wrapping his arms around his chest to keep in whatever warmth he could muster. Simon silently wept. For two years’ they had been dating. Two years’ of putting up with her attitude. Now he understood why every time he tried to take their relationship further she would end his hopes of that dream.

“How long has she been fucking my father?!” Simon growled angrily. “How long has this shit been going on?! Have they been fucking since forever?!” he screamed out to the night. Yet no answer would be coming from that clear night sky. If anything those twinkling stars seemed to infuriate Simon. “Fuck you!” Simon screamed at those ageless burning balls of gas. His rage filled, heated shouting match with the cosmos was interrupted by the muffled sounds of his ring tone. Reaching into his coat, taking his phone from its inside pocket. Scowling when he saw his mother caller ID flashing on his screen. Swiping left to end the call, he had nothing to say to her. He needed to think. He needed time. Cursing loudly as his phone rang again, yet this time it was his father.

“Fuck you asshat!” Simon spat before shoving his phone back into his pocket. Stroking his chin as he paced the gazebo. Trying to think of a way to harm them just as bad as they had done to him. “Fuck what!” Simon yelled into the phone not bothering to see who it was.

“Well, hello to you too, little brother,” Amy said as her voice came over the line, “It’s nine o’clock, mom’s worried Simon. They tried calling you, but it seems their calls went straight to voice mail. You’re not cheating on your girlfriend now are you?”

“What I do and/or don’t do is my business not yours!” Simon growled hatefully.

“What’s gotten into you?!” Amy said in shock. She had never heard her brother speak so forceful. “All I was asking was when are you coming home? So I can tell Mom.”

“I don’t know,” Simon said hanging up on his sister. How he wanted to toss his phone against a rock. Just so he could get the tinniest of satisfaction from it. Yet his more rational mind overruled that impulse. “God fucking shit! What do you want?!”

“Don’t you dare take that tone with me young man!” Pamela’s voice came over the line. “I want canlı bahis you home now!”

“Do you now?” Simon asked in a cold monotone voice.

“Please come home, baby,” Pamela said taking a more softer approach, “It’s getting into the single digits. I don’t want you out on those roads.”

“Fine,” Simon replied before cutting off their call. He had to admit the warmth of his room would aid him more than freezing out in that dark dreary park. By the time he reached his home Simon’s body was nearly frozen. His feet felt like two solid blocks of ice. His hands shook violently as he slowly made his way down the hall. Only to be stopped by his mother’s voice.

“So are you going to tell me why you were out so late?” Pamela asked crossing her arms along her chest. Her foot tapped rapidly on the carpeted floor.

“Nope.” Simon said, taking a step back from his mother took a step forward.

“Simon, what’s wrong? Have you been drinking? Are you on drugs?”

“No. Have you?” Simon retorted with own question. Because that was the only way he could understand what he witnessed this afternoon.

He was having a hard time not picturing his mother naked as she stood before him. They stared in silence at each other for a few minutes before his sister’s door open.

“There you are!” Amy said joyfully. Throwing her arms around him. Simon squirmed to get out of her embrace, that brief contact left him feeling dirty.

“Let go of me,” Simon said coldly.

“If you won’t tell me. Then you can go to bed without supper,” Pamela said sternly.

“Hmpf. Whatever,” Simon said; marching off to his room, slamming his door behind him.

“What’s gotten into him?” Amy asked looking over at her mother.

“I wish I knew,” Pamela sighed.

Simon tossed his book bag across his room. His nerves stabbed painfully at his extremities as his body thawed out. Stripping down to his underwear, grabbing the blanket that rested on the foot of his bed. Wrapping himself within that fuzzy blanket, sitting down on the heating vent to get his core temperature back to normal. With his head bowed his blanket shrouding his head making him appear as a homeless monk. So deep in thought on how to get back at his family. Simon didn’t hear the knock on his door.

“Hey,” Amy said sweetly. Simon looked up noting her red booty shorts, her cut off tank top showing off her mid drift. Her brunette hair held high in her pony tail, its tail draping down the right side of her chest.

“What?” Simon said narrowing his eyes at his older sister.

“I thought you might like some hot chocolate,” Amy said, holding the steaming cup in her hands.

“Don’t want any,” Simon said, wrapping himself deeper into his blanket. Returning to his contemplation, ignoring his sister as she stood in his doorway.

“Well… I’ll just leave it here then, just in case you change your mind,” Amy said, setting down the mug on his dresser. “I am happy to see you again, little brother,” she said, trying to get him to speak with her.

“Uh huh,” Simon said offhandedly.

“Simon, what’s happened to you?”

“Leave!” Simon growled. Anger filled his brown eyes as he looked upon his sister.

“Alright, I’m going,” Amy said closing his door. “What’s happened to you?” she sighed. She remembered the happy brother that would always joke around with her. The carefree boy that saw her off when she started her first day of college. “Maybe it’s just teenage boy hormones,” Amy said to herself.

Tossing off his blanket when he got too hot. Stroking his chin as he paced his room. It wasn’t only his family he needed to get back at. His soon to be ex-girlfriend needed to face the same punishment. Yet he simply couldn’t do the same thing he was going to do to his family whatever that may be. No. It had to be detrimental. It had to be sinister. It needed to leave a mark that could never be removed. Huffing in annoyance when his stomach rumbled.

“Fuck it! I’m eating,” Simon said aloud. Throwing open his dresser drawers, taking out a pair of warm flannel pajamas. Tossing out the contents of the mug into his bathroom sink. He wanted nothing made by her hands. There was no telling where they have been. He had to keep his bile from rising as the pictures of their naked bodies flashed in his mind. Disgust left a sour taste in his mouth at their vile act of incest. Simon wondered if his grandmother and aunt knew what their spouses were doing.

Walking into the kitchen, Simon could hear the TV going off in the living room. Not that it mattered to him. He for one was never going to go into that room ever again. He doubted there was a seat in there that hadn’t felt their naked skin on it.

“What ya doing, kiddo?” Paul asked as he saw the kitchen light on.

“What does it look like I’m doing,” Simon said sarcastically; as he pulled out the package of lunch meat, and a few slices of cheese, the head of lettuce and the container of sliced tomatoes.

“It appears bahis siteleri that you’re disobeying your mother’s punishment,” Paul said sternly.

“So it would appear,” Simon said matter-of-fact.

“Son,” Paul said, reaching out only to have his son shrug off his hand. He felt the coldness coming off his son like the ice storm that was hours away. “Simon…” that was when he saw it. That unbridled rage in his son’s eyes, as Simon peered over his shoulder.

“I told you. No supper!” Pamela said sternly, as she entered the kitchen behind her husband.

“Hmpf!” Simon snorted taking a bite of his sandwich in front of his mother, openly challenging her decree before walking out of the other doorway. Leaving his parents to clean up.

“Hey, can we…” Amy said, from the doorway to her room only to watch as her brother walked by her without a word. Wincing as his door closed with a loud thud behind him.

Simon knew they were probably going to ground him. Yet he didn’t care. What he saw hours ago. He was never going to listen to a word they say ever again.

“Paul, what’s gotten into our son?” Pamela asked worried about her youngest child.

“Hell, if I know,” Paul said, closing the refrigerator door after he had returned the items where they belonged.

“Maybe he needs a man to talk with,” Pamela cooed as her hands ran along her husband’s hips.

“I don’t think he’ll want to hear what I have to say,” Paul said pressed his forehead hers.

“Well, come to bed, we’ll figure this all out tomorrow,” Pamela said softly kissing her husband.

As morning dawned, the Winters family was met with an icy world that the storm left behind. Simon’s fingers moved rapidly over his keyboard. He needed to get this essay done for he could work on his plan. He had decided that when he graduates in five months’ time. He wasn’t going to rely on their money. No. He was never going to do that, so that left him with two choices scholarships or the military. He shook his head at that idea. His parents would be involved in that. Again no. So only left the military, which to Simon seemed like a good thing. It would take him far, far away from this treacherous family.

“Honey?” Pamela’s voice filtered into his room as she creaked open his door. “Oh, you’re already up,” she said surprised. Normally, she would have to vigorously shake him awake. “Would you like some breakfast?”

“No.” Simon said plainly, pointing at the empty bowl on his desk. Eyeing his mother’s nearly translucent night grown from the corner of his eye. “I think you need to put a robe on,” Simon said, before returning his attention back to his task.

“Why?” Pamela asked perplexed. She didn’t see anything wrong with what she was wearing. “What are you doing anyway?” she asked stepping further into his room.

Simon didn’t bother to answer her. She was going to poke her nose his business regardless if he told her or not. So he kept typing away about how then President Reagan broke the USSR through economic measures.

“My… that’s a difficult subject,” Pamela said, reading the title of his paper recounting the waning years’ of the Cold War. Turning her head as his phone violently vibrated on his night stand. Arching an eyebrow when she saw he had six missed calls and 47 unopened text messages from his girlfriend. “Baby, is there some reason you’re not answering your girlfriend?”

“How about you don’t nose around in my private affairs,” Simon said spinning his chair around, “And I won’t ask about “whomever” you sleep with,” he said coldly, snatching his phone from her hand. Thrusting his desk drawer open, tossing his phone into it before roughly slamming it shut. Pamela was to stun to speak. She had never heard her son speak so rudely. The slap resounded throughout their home on that cold morning.

“You do not speak to me in such a manner! I am your mother!”

“Oh, since when?” Simon asked his tongue probing his left cheek. He and his chair nearly toppled over due to the force of her next slap.

“You’re grounded for a month! Don’t expect presents this year either!” Pamela shouted before marching towards the door. “Oh and, you aren’t to leave this room for the rest of your winter break,” she said looking back at him furiously.

“Never expected anything from you,” Simon said coldly, “Now get out.”

“That boy is pissing me off!” Pamela seethed as she stomped into the kitchen.

“What did Simon do?!” Paul asked in a tired sigh. It was way to early to deal with an angry wife.

“Want me to go and try to talk with him, Mom?” Amy asked after Pamela recounted their encounter.

“If you can,” Pamela said pinching the bridge of her nose, “I would really like to know what is going on with him. Maybe while we are at work he’ll open up to you.”

“If not I’ll talk to him when I get home tonight,” Paul said grabbing his lunch, and kissing his wife’s cheek.

“Will you now?” Simon sneered from the other doorway.

“You bahis şirketleri were…” Pamela began to say until she caught that glint in his eyes.

“Like I would listen to you,” Simon said rolling his eyes.

“Boy! You do not speak to your mother like that!” Paul growled.

“Oh and, how exactly am I to speak to a whore?” Simon sidestepped his father’s lunge. His right jab landed squarely on his father’s glass jaw. Simon had been in plenty of fights in his youth. Not that his parents ever heard about it. Simon smiled cruelly down at his father he struggled to shake off his daze, as Paul groaned from the floor.

“What the hell is wrong with you!” Pamela screeched.

“Me? Nothing. I’m perfectly normal. How a about you?” Simon asked staring down hatefully at his mother.

“No, you are not! No normal son would punch his own father,” Pamela growled.

“Well,” Simon said narrowing his eyes at his mother, “That depends if he is actually is my father,” he said ominously.

“What! Of course, he is. How can you say such things!” Pamela said flabbergasted. Simon just smirked before turning on the heel of his foot. He ignored the fact that his hand throbbed like mad, as he walked back to his room. “Paul! Paul!” Pamela said frantically while lightly slapping his cheek.

“Damn! Where did that boy learn how to punch?” Paul groaned rubbing his sore jaw.

“From the bullies that constantly harassed him,” Amy said leaning against the counter unnerved by her brother’s actions.

“Bullies?! What bullies?” Pamela asked.

“He never told you. I’ve clean him up enough to know he gave just as good as he got,” Amy said matter-of-fact.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” Pamela asked getting to her feet. Placing a hand underneath her husband’s arm helping him to his feet. “Whoa there! I think I should drive you to work today.”

“I think so too,” Paul said holding his head.

“I didn’t tell you Mom, because you would’ve gone all mother hen on him,” Amy said, handing her father his lunch. “Now leave Simon to me. I’ll give him a bit to cool down then I’ll try and see why he’s like this.”

“Alright. You call me the moment you do, okay?”

“Sure thing Mom,” Amy nodded. She watched as her parents drove off tens minutes later. Tentatively, walking down the hall, stopping when she heard his shower. Slowly pushing open his door, biting her lip she’s always wanted to see her brother naked. She heard the squeaking of the water knobs as the shower cut off. Quickly opening the door, Amy was in awe of the sight in front of her. “Oh. My. God!” Amy said in amazement. From her own experience with her father Simon was half an inch shorter than he was. Yet that wasn’t what amazed her, no, it was his girth. Her brother had to be six inches around. Amy could already feel her pussy getting wet; at the thought of how it would stretch her to her limit.

“What the hell! Get out!” Simon shouted quickly reaching for his towel to cover himself.

“Simon… I can take care of that for you,” Amy said hungrily.

“Are you insane? Get the fuck out of my bathroom!”

“But baby bro, surely you’d like to feel how good I am with that cock in my mouth,” Amy said, taking a step forward only to be shoved out the door. “Simon, please! You know I’d never hurt you,” she said, pressing her forehead against the door.

“Go away! I’m not into that shit!” Simon said, feeling his disgust rising at the thought of his sister sucking him off.

“Just think about Simon, I’m only here for another week. You never know what you’re missing,” Amy taunted him before leaving him be.

“Hell will freeze before I ever do that,” Simon spat. Quickly getting dressed he wasn’t about to stay in that house with his horny sister. He wasn’t about to sink down into that debauchery. Then he heard the knock on the front door of his home.

“Hey Amy.” Simon heard the voice of his girlfriend greeting his sister. “Can I come in?”

“Sure,” Amy said, gesturing for Melody to enter.

“Fuck!” Simon cursed quietly as he tied his shoes. He knew if he saw her. He might accidentally let his plans slip. That wasn’t something he could afford at the moment. Pushing his window up, silently slipping out into that cold morning, Simon eased his window down. He wasn’t about to caught at least not yet.

“He was just here?!” Simon heard his sister’s confused voice. “Maybe he’s in the kitchen or something.” Once he heard their footsteps fading away Simon bolted towards the town center.

“So why are you here?” Amy asked lowering herself onto the sofa after they couldn’t find her brother anywhere.

“Well…” Melody said squirming underneath Amy’s gaze, “Simon, hasn’t been answering my calls or texts. I was hoping we could talk.”

“What about,” Amy said, leaning on her hand that rested on the armrest of the couch. She didn’t overly liked the girl in the way she treated her brother. Especially, what she had said yesterday about him. “We both know you’re only using him to fuck my father.”

“I am not! I love Simon,” Melody said flustered.

“Really? Is that why you gave up that pussy to my dad instead of Simon?” Amy said narrowing her eyes.

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