Adventures of the Naked Fisherman Ch. 19

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Sorry for the long hiatus, y’all.


The next few days flew by and Gus, Mark and Aaron made good use of their time together, limiting out on speckled trout and redfish everyday and filling each other up every night. They were all excited for the arrival of Ray and Max, who’d let them know they planned to leave mid-day Thursday from Kure Beach. Bill had gotten permission from his wife LeAnn to head over to the guys house Thursday evening after family duties so they’d all be ready to head out first thing Friday morning to hit the Gulf Stream.

Ray and Max had been messaging Gus since they became friends on Facebook, sending over lots of naked pictures and videos and telling Gus all of the things they were looking forward to doing to him. Gus, Aaron and Mark sent pictures and videos back their way and the sexual tension and excitement grew throughout the week.

“Well, today’s the day! Ray and Max just texted that they’re on the water headed our direction,” Aaron said smiling. Aaron had dropped a GPS pin on their dock per Ray and Max’s request, so they’d be headed right for them.

“Nice, I look forward to seeing them today,” Mark replied.

“Me too,” Gus responded.

It was about 3:45 when the men looked out toward the dock to see Ray and Max idling up in their big boat. Both of them shirtless, wearing sunglasses and huge smiles. Gus and Aaron headed down to help them tie up and unload.

“Max is the shorter one, with the bigger dick,” Aaron reminded Gus with a chuckle.

“Hey Max, hey Ray, how the hell are you guys, it’s been way too long,” Aaron asked.

“Doing great, Aaron,” Max replied, “It sure is good to see you.”

Max stepped off the boat first and embraced Aaron tightly. He was about 5’8 and nicely built. Thick hairy legs up to a solid belly and a well defined hairy chest. His perky nipples poked out through his fur at full attention, just begging to be pinched. He had a shaved head and a nice close trimmed full salt and pepper beard.

“Good to see you again, Gus,” Max said with a huge smile.

Gus reached out his hand and Max grabbed it, pulling him in for a hug. He placed his mouth on Gus’ neck and open mouth kissed him hello, letting his tongue briefly roam before pulling away. Gus’ dick started to harden immediately and he could feel Max’s dick press against him through his shorts.

Ray turned off the boat and stepped onto the dock into Aaron’s embrace. “Hey brother, so good to see you.”

“Great to see you too, Ray, so glad you guys are here,” Aaron responded.

Ray was slightly taller than Max, probably 5’10 or so, and built quite similarly. His nice biceps and firm chest were perfectly tan, and glistened in the afternoon sun. His chest hair looked soft and welcoming and his greying treasure trail ran toward a bulge in his swimsuit. Ray had a stunning smile surrounded by a handsome goatee that came to a subtle point a couple inches below his chin.

Ray greeted both Aaron and Gus with a kiss lasting a few seconds longer than a simple hello and he and Max grabbed their bags and followed them up to the deck to say hello to Mark.

“Hey brothers! Good to see y’all,” Mark said as the four hot men made their way up the pathway from the dock.

Max was the first up the stairs of the deck. He dropped his bag and leaned down and grabbed Mark under the arms, picking him up for a big bear hug and a kiss before passing him to Ray who planted a firm familiar kiss on his mouth. Ray kept Mark in his arms for a few moments and then set him back in his chair as Aaron and Gus set their bags inside the sliding glass door. The five of them were then in a circle on the deck.

The sexual tension in the air was so thick, it was as if a fog had descended upon them. All five men’s pronounced bulges appeared to be taking breaths as their pulses pushed against the cotton and mesh struggling to keep them contained. They were shirtless, and wore ear to ear smiles studying each other as the tension rose. No one wanted to be the first to break the silence and the undeniable lust they could all feel rise with each passing breath.

Mark, seated between Max and Ray, lifted his arm and reached toward Max, landing his open palm on the inside of Max’s thick hairy thigh. Max said nothing but his smile widened. Slowly, deliberately, he moved his hand upward to find the space between his shorts and his leg, continuing upward until his index and middle finger reached the sweaty crease between his balls and thigh.

Mark’s hand worked under Max balls and up around them before he pulled them downward with a gentle tug. A subtle, “Mmmmm” escaped from Max and he reached over to put his hand on Mark’s neck to gently massage him.

Gus, standing between Aaron and Ray, soaked in the delightful lust in the air with a deep inhale and stretch, letting his arms land on the furry shoulders of Aaron and Ray as they descended. Still, no one spoke.

Gus pulled Aaron and Ray towards him and pushed the backs of their heads toward his hairy chest bahis firmaları so both of their mouths were in position to enjoy his erect nipples. Ray and Aaron needed no further guidance and both began licking, sucking, and softly biting on Gus. Gus let out a quiet, “Mmmmm.”

Mark’s ball tugging and massaging pulled Max closer to him, and his chair was the perfect height to come face to face with Max’s monster as it pulsed for release from behind his shorts. Mark pulled Max’s shorts upward and outward allowing his big thick dick to escape through the same pathway that Mark’s hand had entered.

Max’s cock was perfectly erect, with an ever so slight curve upwards. Max clinched his ass making his dick start bouncing just inches in front of Mark’s smile. “Mmmmmm,” sighed Mark.

Aaron and Ray’s facial hair pressed into Gus’ chest as they taunted his nipples with their tongues. They could hear the hot sounds of each other’s work and watched each other intently from just inches apart. Gus released his hands from the back of their heads enough for each of them to pull slightly back, before he pushed their faces together. Ray and Aaron’s mouths collided into a full make out kiss. The sound coming from their tongue play increased to a humming, joint, “Mmmmmm.”

“Anyone home?” A man’s voice came from underneath the stilted house. The lust trance was broken.

Gus, standing closest to the deck stairs turned around as the other four men paused their passion and moved a slightly away from one another.


“Hello – yes, we’re here,” Gus spoke back.

“There you are, hey Gus! I knocked on the front door but on one answered, then I saw under the house that the boat was here, and I … Oh, hey…hello,” Bill emerged from under the house at the base of the back deck steps and looked up to see the five shirtless men on the porch milling around awkwardly.

“Bill you fucker, we thought you were a random neighbor, or owner of the house” Aaron said chuckling.

“Oh, uh, I – I’m sorry guys, didn’t mean to uh, interrupt,” Bill bumbled.

“We weren’t expecting you this early – this is a pleasant surprise, family duties already checked off for the day?” Gus asked. “Guys, this is our friend Bill – he and his family are also in Topsail this week for vacation – he’s the one we told you about with the biggest beer can cock you’ve ever seen.”

“I’m gonna need to see that,” chuckled Max.

Bill noticeably blushed and started his way up the deck stairs. “Family duties done early, yes. The grandparents wanted take the kids to the Sea Turtle Sanctuary, and one of LeAnn’s girlfriends came down early for her vacation next week and they’re going to have a lady’s wine night, so I’m off the hook.”

“Well that works out perfectly, we’re about to break our sexual tension and get into a big man pile, you’re just in time. I’m Ray.” Ray said, extending his hand. “And that thick-cocked horny man right there is my husband, Max.”

“Great to meet you guys. Damn Gus – you sure do know how to find friends.”

“How bout we take this party inside and get a little more comfortable?” Gus asked the group.

The six men poured into the living room, and almost before the door was closed, every remaining item of clothing any of the four Marines and Gus had on was on the floor. Bill, having been fully clothed upon his arrival, took a bit longer to disrobe. Ray, Aaron, and Gus sat on the sofa, Max sat in an armchair next to Mark, and all five of them fixed their eyes on the married beefcake Bill as he got undressed.

“Fuck me – you’re gorgeous,” Max offered.

Bill blushed again and smiled as he set his shirt on the floor – showing off his gym built solid chest, and beautiful beefy arms. As he reached for his belt, everyone could see that his massive member was itching to be freed to join the rest of the group as it pushed out against his khaki shorts. His shorts hit the floor and his semi-hard cock pushed out his tighty whiteys.

“You said beer can – you meant tall boy beer can – that’s a 16 oz pour – Jesus,” Ray gawked.

Bill had grown to love the admiration that his gay comrades had for his dick. Their infatuation boosted his confidence and made him horny as all get out. He wasn’t gay like them – but boy did he enjoy getting in a hot release with these guys, and he loved the way Gus treated his ass.

“Unleash the beast, Bill!” Aaron commanded.

Bill, a bit out of character, replied, “Why don’t you come pull it out for me, marine?”

Aaron stood up from the couch. His dick already rock hard.

“I’m a marine too,” Max chimed. “Yeah, so am I,” Ray added as both of them stood up and brought their erect cocks toward Bill.

“Semper Fi,” added Mark as he made his way toward Bill too.

The sexual energy that had been palpable on the deck was back. Gus, from his vantage on the couch, had the biggest smile stretched across his face, as he watched this squadron of Marines go after his suburbanite accountant bud.

In his direct view, was Ray’s kaçak iddaa beefy furry ass. Gus was the epitome of an ass man, and this new butt struck his fancy. He got up from the couch and firmly grasped both of Ray’s cheeks, just as the Marines’ paws and mouths landed on Bill.

Bill’s tighty whiteys were gone in a split second, and the whole group of naked men started grabbing, fondling and licking whatever was closest at hand, with grunts and moans increasing in intensity.

Max placed his large dick on top of Bill’s hard-on and stroked them both together. “It’s very rare I see a dick bigger than mine,” Max said. It took both of his hands to connect around their cocks and he was enamored. He slowly moved his hands back and forth between their pelvises gripping both of their cocks tightly together. He was face to face with Bill who leaned in and started kissing him.

Gus, wanting a taste of Ray’s beefy butt, had dropped to his knees and continued massaging his cheeks, adding in some licks and kisses for good measure. Ray pushed back into him, responding, “Get you some, Gus! Hell yes!”

Mark hoisted himself out of his chair to join Aaron on the floor. Aaron sat with his legs spread and Mark in between them leaning back against his hairy chest. Mark positioned Aaron’s cock into the crease of his ass where he felt it pulsate with the energy of the full room. Aaron stroked Mark’s dick and kissed his neck as they watched the hotness unfolding in front of them.

“Hell if this ain’t the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Mark said.

“Yessir I think you’re right,” Aaron responded.

Ray was now on all fours on the floor and Gus was dragging his beard back and forth through his hairy crack while he pulled on Ray’s dick and fondled his balls between his legs with his right hand. Every third or fourth pass Gus would extend his tongue and prod Ray’s hole as he slowly moved up and down. Each time Gus’ tongue came out, Ray’s grrrrr got a little louder. “Fuck Gus, Grrrrrr, please have my ass, Fuck!”

Bill and Max’s two cock stroke make out session landed on the floor with Max on top of Bill pressing their sexy bodies into one another and groaning while they kissed. Their hot sturdy asses were just slightly in front of Ray and Gus while their intertwined tongues were just inches from Mark and Aaron’s spread legs.

Ray leaned forward and planted his goatee in his husband’s ass crack. Mark and Aaron inched forward inserting both of their dicks into Max and Bill’s makeout session. Gus dove all the way into Ray’s ass with his probing tongue eliciting a gasp from Ray that escaped muffled through Max’s ass cheeks. Bill took Mark’s cock into his mouth and Max pulled Aaron’s into his.

Through tongue, hole, mouth, and dick – the six horny men were all connected. The sexual energy and sweet smell of their sweat and saliva filled the room.

Gus removed his face from Ray’s beefy butt and got back up on his knees. “Hey sexy fuckers, I have an idea!”

The men all stopped pleasuring each other and turned their attention to the hairy fisherman.

“I’m gonna go grab the lube and poppers – I’d love to soak in the energy of all of us fucking side-by-side. What do y’all say?”

“Woof,” said Ray.

“Oh hell yea,” followed Max

“We’re in,” responded Aaron.

“Well what else would we do?” chuckled Bill.

Gus quickly returned to the living room from his sex den with a bottle of lube, Gun Oil of course, and a bottle of Blue Boy poppers. He went to the couch where he sat down on the middle of three seat cushions, and placed the lube and poppers at his feet.

“Ray, I feel like I need to finish what I’ve started with you – come here bubba.”

“My pleasure furry man,” Ray responded. He got on his knees in front of Gus, and swallowed his beautiful dick giving it a few slow full throat rounds.

“Hey Max – you ever fuck a triple amputee?” Mark asked chuckling.

“It’d be my pleasure brother,” Max responded pushing himself up off the floor. He leaned down and easily picked up Mark and took him the few steps to the couch – setting him down to the left of Gus. Gus reached over and kissed Mark as Max started toying with his hole.

Aaron grinned knowing he was gonna get another go at his favorite suburbanite side of beef.

“Hey Bill, why don’t you go lean over the couch,” Aaron suggested.

“Fuck yeah,” replied Bill. He made his way to the other side of Gus and rested his knees on the sofa cushion and bent his beefy torso forward over the back of the couch exposing his sturdy ass toward the center of the room. Aaron gave his ass a playful slap and started massaging it as he probed with his tongue.

Ray held Gus cock in his right hand after one long last slurp, and reached down for the bottle of Gun Oil on the floor. He popped the cap and slowly drizzled lube down Gus cock. Using his right hand he worked the lube across the surface of Gus’ member as he stood up from his knees. He worked a dab more lube on the tip of his index and middle fingers kaçak bahis into his hole and stepped toward the furry fisherman.

“I’m ready for you, Gus.” Ray said with a devious smile.

Facing Gus, Ray stepped up on the couch to straddle him. Gus helped him position his eager furry hole right over his pre-cum drooling cock and Ray slowly lowered himself down, using his hands tight on Gus’ shoulders as leverage. Ray shuttered as Gus slowly filled him all the way up, and leaned forward to taste his own scent on Gus beard. The two men began to kiss passionately, and after a few moments, Ray began to tip his pelvis and move up and down on Gus.

Witnessing the first insertion, Mark, was eager to get Max inside of him too. ?

“I’m ready for you big boy,” He said looking lustfully at Max.

Max grabbed Mark’s ass and pulled it to the edge of the couch while he watched and listened to Gus’ dick move in and out of his husband’s ass directly beside him. He doused Mark’s willing hole with a splash of Gun Oil and, from his knees, put the tip of his big meat right at his pucker. Mark used his hand to hold onto the back of the couch as Max pushed into him in one fluid motion.

“Fuck yeah, Max,” Mark exclaimed looking him directly in the eyes.

Mark started out slowly, but there was really no need for it. Over the preceding few days Mark had been fucked in almost every way imaginable by Gus, Aaron and Bill. His hole was open, and ready for another round.

Aaron removed his face from Bill’s crack and stood up behind him. Both he and Bill took a few moments to enjoy the lust happening directly beside them on the couch. The grunts of foreplay had escalated to the passionate moans of good hard sex. Bill was ready to join in, so was Aaron.

“What do those do?” Bill asked pointing down at the poppers by Aaron’s feet.

“They make you a sex fiend, and make it easier to take a dick, too… wanna give them a whiff? Aaron replied.

“Sure, why not,”

Aaron grabbed the bottle of Blue Boy and opened the cap and demonstrated to Bill how to take in a whiff of them before passing them over to him. Bill followed suit and his face turned red immediately.

Aaron wasted no time pushing inside him right as the intensity of the poppers hit, and Bill yelled out in jubilation, “Oh yeah, Fuck me Aaron!”

Grunts, groans, smacks, moans, sweat, dripping pre-cum, and motion took over the room as the full essence of the lust they all harbored was realized. With each breath in, each of them could smell the raw passion.

“Damn Gus, you’re hitting me just right, you’re gonna make me cum soon,” Ray said as he pulled his mouth away from Gus’.

“Spray that load in my fur big boy,” Gus replied.

“Oh, hell yeah, keep fucking me just like that,” Ray begged as he leaned back slightly and met Gus’ upward thrusts with his downward push in perfect sync.

Max looked over as he could tell his husband was about to paint Gus pelt. Mark looked up at Max and said, “Oh fuck bubba, I’m about to lose it too…”

Bill lifted his chest up slightly to take notice of the two other men about to cum, and let them all know he was close too. “Fuck guys, I’m about to blow.”

Gus, still expertly fucking Ray right to the edge of ecstasy, let Bill and Mark know that he wanted their loads in his pelt as well.

“Max, Aaron – fuck those loads out right onto my chest just like this one I’m about to take from Ray.” Gus drove into Ray sending him all the way over the edge, and without anyone touching his cock, he erupted onto Gus.

“Aaahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh grrrrrrrrrrr, ahhhhhhhh, fuck.”

Rockets of intense cum flew out of him. The first two spurts went right into Gus’ full beard, and rolled down onto his chest as gravity pulled them. The next three spurts landed square in between Gus’s perky nipples. Gus kept pushing into Ray to coax out every drop he could.

Max stood up from his knees, keeping his dick inserted in Mark as he picked him up and balanced him leaning backwards toward Gus and Ray. Ray, still on Gus’ cock leaned down and kissed Mark as Max pushed into him.

“Spray that load all over your fisherman, Mark – let it fly,” Max encouraged.

Mark arched his back in Max’s hands and took two short strokes of his dick with his hand and exploded. One long streak of cum shot out of his dick over his left shoulder, and joined the globs of Ray’s cum in Gus’ fur.

“Holy hell, this fucking hot,” Mark said shivering as Max helped him sit back beside Gus on the couch.

Bill and Aaron, watching all these eruptions both eased closer to the edge. Aaron, to avoid cuming quicker than he wanted, let himself slide out of Bill and looked over at Max.

“Hey brother, why don’t you come finish this off,” He said to Max with a wink.

Bill took another whiff of poppers and Max slid his fat cock in the hole that Aaron had opened up for him. He used his hands to turn Bill’s hips toward Gus assuring Gus would get the load he wanted from Bill, too. Max pumped hard into Bill and leaned down over his back to tell him how much he wanted his load.

“Come on sexy, you know you’re ready to lose that load to me, squeeze my cock with your beautiful ass,” Max encouraged.

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