Afternoon Detention

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I still can’t believe that Mrs. Brockerstone gave me detention for being late, I mean I was in the classroom when the bell rang. I’ve been sitting here for 5 minutes and she hasn’t shown up. Oh wow, Ms Patterson just walked in! She is so cute. She is about my height 5’2 and very petite. She is wearing this long denim dress, which looks like it has snaps going all the way down the front. The bottom 5 snaps are undone which goes right about her knees.

“You must be Kelly Richardson, Mrs. Brockerstone won’t make detention this afternoon so she asked me to watch you. You are the only one in here. So do you have something to do?”

“Yeah, can I read my English or do I have to do math?”

“Whatever keeps you busy and quite.”

She sat down at the desk and pulled out a stack of papers, probably her classes’ homework. I wish she was my math teacher. Mrs. Brockerstone is such an old bag. My best friend Julie has her. I just see her a lot in the hallway. It is so damn hard to concentrate on Beowulf with her sitting in front of me. I’ll just slouch down so it looks like I’m reading but can watch her instead. I wish that dress was shorter. All I can see are her calves, which are very nice I might add. Dammit, Julie told me she does this.

She is dangling her shoe on her toe and has her legs tightly crossed. I can only imagine with is a few feet higher than her bahis firmaları foot. I cross my legs tightly and when I move my legs it rubs on my clit. It is a subtle and discreet way of masturbating in public. Her beautiful green eyes are framed in small wire-rim glasses. She has the reddest hair I have ever seen. She is just so sexy. Can’t be much more than a few years older than me. Lets see, I’m 18, 4 years of college and that’s 22, I think she graduated about 4 years ago. That might put her about 26. Nice. Better turn the page so it looks like I’m actually reading and not fantasizing about getting in that dress. Every now and then I catch her glance up and smile at me. Each time she does that I get wetter and wetter. I sure hope Julie isn’t doing anything after school. I’m going to need her tonight.

“Kelly, do you know where Mrs. Brockerstone keeps her pens, mine ran out of ink”

“Yeah, their in her top drawer.”

“I was afraid of that, Its locked. Do you have one I could borrow.”

I should say some smart ass comment but I can’t, not to her anyway. “Yes, here”

As I hand her the pen we miss the hand off and the pen falls to the ground. I bend down to pick it up and she leans over and our hand meet on the pen. I get a jolt of electricity run through my body. I look up and our eyes meet inches away. There was something in her eyes that told kaçak iddaa me to go for it. Hell, I’m 18 and she’s not MY teacher. So I make me move. Quickly leaning forward I plant my lips to hers. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced! She didn’t fight and just held it for a few seconds. She pulled back and just stared at me.

“Oh my god, Ms Patterson I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me”

“You should be sorry, Kelly, how could you leave it like that.”

She reached up and pulled me into her and kissed me deeply. Our tongues where exploring each others mouths. Her hands went up my shirt and began to caress my back. She moved her hands up higher and undid my bra. I pulled back just enough to place my and on her breast. She did the same but under my shirt. Her hands felt so incredible on my bare breast. I pulled at her snaps until it was undone to her stomach. She had a bra with the clasp in the front and quickly opened it. Her small but firm tits popped out. I kissed down her neck until I got to one of her dark nipples. I took just a little in my mouth but sucked hard and took more and more in. I felt her hand untie the drawstring on my pants and she put her hand in and began to rub my very wet pussy. The woman knew what she was doing. I always thought Julie was great, but this woman has done this a lot before. I rip open the snaps to completely open her kaçak bahis dress to see that all she is wearing underneath is a white lace thong.

Through it, I can see she is completely shaved. I reach down and grab her ankle and pull my hand all the way to the top of her leg and touch her lace-covered pussy. This causes her to give a slight whimper. I grab the sides with both hands and pull them down to her ankles. Unfortunately she is can no longer finger me. I push her back into the chair and spread her legs wide open. I have to tilt my head to the side to get my long blonde hair out of the way and begin to kiss all round her smooth pussy. She is breathing heavily and running her hands through my hair. With the gentlest movements, I touch her clit ever so lightly with my tongue. This causes her to jump. I lightly trace my tongue from her clit all the way down her pussy and back up. Each time I press harder and harder. Then I just open wide and put her entire pussy in my mouth. I push my tongue inside as far as it will go. I only feel one hand on my head, I glance up to she the other one playing with her tit. The look on her face was priceless. I just love the look of a woman in ecstasy. I’m licking harder and harder, sucking more and more. I can feel her body quiver and her pussy swell.

“I’m going to cum Kelly, oh Kelly, Kelly, KELLY!”

I bolt my head up off my desk and notice the embarrassing pool of drool on it.

“That will be another day of detention for sleeping through this one. Now get your stuff and go home”

On the way out the door, she smiles and winks at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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