A Modern Oedipus Act 05-06

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[Story from the perspective of a mother, with her college age son]

(Act 5)

As you kneel there with your eyes closed, you feel his cum drying on your face. You hear him clicking his mouse, and tapping on his keyboard. Every time he starts to get into a rhythm it either dies down or becomes erratic for a few seconds. Every time it dies down you are hoping for his attention. He is silent.

You are focused on his clicking and tapping. You start trying to predict it. You wait in anticipation at every pause.

You feel something cold and wet between your breast. You immediately look. He is pressing one of the monsters against your chest.

“Bad bitch! I didn’t tell you to open your eyes.’ he pulls the can away and opens it. “How to punish you?” he wonders aloud. “You’ll just have to wait longer before I fuck that fat ass of yours. Come under the desk and blow me slowly while I keep playing.” he barks.

You are excited to put his cock back in your mouth, but you do your best to seem unenthusiastic. You crawl under the desk, and bump your head trying to raise over his shaft.

“Ha! Dumb bitch.” he says.

You angle his shaft forward a little and move the tip into your mouth. You start slowly sucking on him.

You slid one of your hands between your legs. Your finger starts slowly rubbing in circles on your clit. His huge shaft filling your mouth and throat. You figure going a little faster won’t hurt. You increase your speed just a tiny bit.

Instantly his hand is on your head forcing you all the way onto his dick. You are gagging, but your finger on your clit starts going faster. His hand then pulls your head back by your hair.

“I said go slow, you stupid bitch” as he lets go.

Immediately you shove him back into your mouth. You are careful to go slowly up and down his cock. When there is just the tip in your mouth you roll your tongue over it. When it’s all the way in you swallow, tightening your mouth’s grip on his member. Hungrily you keep stroking his shaft with your lips.

You feel yourself güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri getting close as your hand on your clit never slowed. You add a second finger and they split around the clit, rolling in little circles. Your orgasm building. You are almost there. Then suddenly he rolls back in his chair.

You move your hand away from your clit as you move just a little bit forward after him. He grabs your hair and drags you out from under the desk, and shoves your head to the floor. He then bites your butt firmly. Soon after his tongue is all over your butt hole. His head pulls back and he slaps your butt hard.

“I’m gonna tear this ass up!” you feel his shaft covered in your saliva between your butt cheeks.

You feel excited and scared at the same time. You do your best to relax as he puts his head against your hole. You feel him start pressing in. There is a slight pain, but nothing near as bad as you were expecting.

“Damn, you are tight” he says “It is gonna be fun breaking you in”.

He is retracting already, he hadn’t fully inserted the first time. He thrusts back into you. Deeper, but still not fully in. Then he pulls all the way out.

As his hands spread your cheeks he spits. It lands at the top of your butt, you feel it drip down to your hole. He quickly reinserts. Then he slams all the way in, again, and again, and again. Violently he fucks you. The hurt nowhere near the pleasure.

You were already on the edge of orgasm and you feel yourself get off as he is pressing deep inside you. As he continues, it feels amazing. Fortunately it doesn’t make you to much more sensitive in the hole he is currently fucking.

“You Like this, bitch” he growls.

“Yes baby, please fuck all of mommy’s holes.” you goad him on.

“That’s right, your my fucking bitch.”

He gets even more into it. His body slamming into yours, as he not only thrusts forward, but also pulls you into him strongly by your hips.

You raise yourself up onto your elbows and start bucking back onto him. His paces güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hastens as you do. His huge shaft making large thrusts in and out of you. His hands move up to your shoulders and he doesn’t pull out as far anymore.

“I’m gonna fill all your holes, you dirty slut.”

“Yes, mmm . . . fill mommy up . . . use me baby” you reply.

He makes on final large thrust and you feel his hot load shoot out inside you.

(Act 6)

He pushes you forward off his dick, then rolls you onto your back. He moves over you to shove his cock in your mouth.

“Clean this off for me, you filthy slut.” he commands.

You do so happily. You watch as he chugs one of the monsters over you, his member not entirely limp. The thought of him being back inside you soon filling your mind. You are swallowing every trace of sperm on his shaft. Staring up at his body. He is an Adonis to you at this moment.

“Alright mommy, I think you are dirty enough to need a shower now.” he says moving off of you.

You rise to your hands and knees and start crawling out of the room.

“Such an obedient bitch” he admonishes.

Followed by him snapping the towel you’d left on the floor, on your butt. The surprise of this makes you jump forward a little, but the pleasant sting leaves you hoping he’ll do it again.

You aren’t left wanting to long as you make it to the door he snaps the towel on your butt a second time. As you turn the corner out of the room, in the brief moment he might not notice you quickly wipe away the small amount of drool from your mouth.

You are now crawling fairly quickly as he mockingly chases you, occasionally snapping the towel at you. It is so much fun you can’t help but giggle a little.

“Fucking slut. You are loving this aren’t you.” he growls. “Bet you’ll even like this.”

Suddenly he snaps the towel right onto your asshole. It hurts so much more, as that’s already a little sore, but damn if you didn’t love it. You still yelp reflexively.

You are back güvenilir bahis şirketleri in the bathroom now. He tosses the towel aside and grabs you by the hips. He’s kneeling behind you. You feel him hard and lightly pressing it against you.

“You’re all worked up, like a bitch in heat. Absolutely soaking down here.”

His tip slightly parting your lips as he slides up and down. He shoves you forward yet again and he gets in the shower.

He turns on the water, and says “You can stand for now, mommy. Come help scrub me.”

You jump to your feet and start rubbing up against him with one of your hands stroking him straight away. He pushes you back by your throat and looks in your eyes.

He is definitely loving this and doing his best to look stern in spite of himself.

He says “You forgot the soap”.

He squirts some body wash into his hand.

“Lemme show you”

He rubs his hands together then gropes your chest forcefully. After a few seconds his hands slide down your sides and cup your butt.

He pulls you into a kiss. Your hands continue to roam his body. As his start to actually lather your body. You wrap your arms behind him and share the soap from your body. Kissing him back like his lips hold the secret to happiness. His hips start slowly thrusting lightly as his groping and kissing forms a rhythm.

You help guide him inside you. This sweet side, such a delicious contrast to his earlier savagery. Proving he can make you satisfied, and be whatever you need.

He presses you gently into the wall, slowly sliding his hands to lift you by your butt cheeks. His tongue caressing and interlocking with yours, just like the rest of your bodies. Entwined and writhing with sensual purpose.

The warm water, and his tenderness washing away all the little pains from earlier. You feel in euphoria, as you orgasm again. You feel yourself tightening on his shaft. Milking it, as it fills you with more of his warmth.

He carefully sets you back on your feet and moves behind you as he continues to clean your body properly. One last passionate kiss, as he leaves the shower.

As he towels himself off, he says “I know that I definitely pushed earlier, but I really think this could work. We can talk about rules and boundaries tomorrow. Good night. I love you”

Quickly closing the door behind his confession.

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