A Mom’s Metamorphosis Ch. 01b

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Chapter 2 – Caroline finds a net-friend

She clicked on the link, logged herself in and read:

“Caroline, I believe that you are an exquisite gentle woman who sincerely came here to find an answer to a real problem of hers. Given your son age, I’d say that he is most likely driven by both his sexual needs and his love for you. At 19, he shouldn’t have problems to find a suitable girlfriend, yet he seems to like better to masturbate onto your underwear, which is certainly a disturbing issue. If you are reluctant to talk to your doctor or to a psychologist, let alone your husband, there are only two paths you can possibly take: to leave things as they are and keep doing the laundry, or to bring them in the open and try to find the solution of whatever problem might come out.”

It took Caroline several days to decide whether to answer or not.

At last, on April 14th she replied:

“Thanks Bud for your answer. I’ve been off for a while, but now I can go back to the issue again: I do not feel like having an open talk with Billy. I rather think that when Billy leaves for College I may put a letter in his suitcase, just to tell him that I know what he’s been up to, so when he gets to school he’ll find it and know that I know. He will not be back until November, so he will have time to get over this. In the meantime, I’ll behave as if I knew nothing.”

She got Bud’s answer that same day.

“I expected you to say something like this. To me it sounds like escaping the problem though. Yet you already showed yourself capable of taking anything that comes in your way, otherwise you would have gone to your husband or anybody else, disconcerted and unable to take any reasonable action. Look here now: it is very possible that reading that hypothetical letter of yours triggers an irrational decision on his part. Disappointment, shame, fear?! Who knows?! Therefore I suggest that you confront each other openly before he leaves. What problem would you have with an open discussion?!”

Caroline was terribly doubtful.

Was Bud right?!

She went on like this for days until, on April 21st, she accepted Bud’s advice about the letter.

“Ok, Ok!”, she bahis firmaları replied, “I will not send him away with any letter, but I still don’t feel like having an open discussion with my son on such a subject.”

The answer came back right away.

“Caroline, you don’t look at all like a prude. What do you really fear?! I do really suggest that you two confront each other. There is no other way to get it over with this.”

Days later, that much took her to decide, taken by this email game, the only resource she had, Caroline wrote:

“I think I got the message. I’ll need some hints though. How can I approach this issue?! Where should I do this? Shall I ask if he has thoughts also about his sister? What do I do if it comes up to be a real attraction? How do I deal with such a thing? I’m his mother and a married woman. How can he possibly have these feelings about me?! If he does not give up, could I ever conceive of doing anything physical with my son?!”

By return of post, Bud replied.

“Incest is not murder or worse, but just an unconventional, yet not unusual, sexual behaviour. Attraction between son and mother can be the most normal thing on Earth. Be as natural and straightforward as you can be. Do not sound or look hypercritical or negative or moralistic. Simply say that you have found signs of his sexual practice on your lingerie and you have been wondering why. Tell him that he needs not to feel embarrassed because there is a strong natural bond between mother and son that sometimes may cause some confusion. Tell him that you, as his mother, can understand and even feel flattered. Nonetheless, you must also try to understand what is actually happening to him. Do this in your home privacy. Find a proper time. Leave your daughter out of this. Don’t even talk about her, unless he does it first, because it could upset him needlessly. Go ahead with no fear at all.”

On Sunday, May 27th, Caroline sent relevant news.

“I did it at home yesterday morning. My husband had gone fishing and Emily was out for shopping. I’ll tell you all that came up from our talk, if I just can get over the shock that makes my body tremble still now, while I’m typing kaçak iddaa this. First, I asked Billy what plans he had for the day. He said ‘not much, just hanging out as usual’. So I asked him if he would mind spending the day with me since he would be leaving soon and I wouldn’t get to see him much. He agreed and here is what happened next, something that’s still shaking me. I asked questions and raised issues following your suggestions. First off, it’s not a fetish at all. Avoiding any maneuver, he said he is using my lingerie because it is the only way to have sex with me, because he loves me and wants me, physically, sexually I mean. He said he knows very well what he is talking about and he doesn’t care what people say about incest. I started crying at the revelation and he did too because he thought I would get mad at him for this and turn him out of the house forever. It took us a few minutes to recover and even laugh a little about it and it took a while longer before we could go on. I asked about girls his age and all that stuff. He said he just has no interest in any. Yet, I couldn’t help myself not asking him about Emily too, how he felt about her and if he ever did to her lingerie the same he had done to mine. There came the second and far stronger strike. He and his sister had been oral with one another very often during last year. They had also had full sex several times. I was literally astounded and almost devastated! I did not know what to do or what to say, except I wanted to be sure that it had been Emily to give it to his brother and not Billy to force her to do it. So he assured. He said it happened naturally. They found themselves in bed one day afternoon, nobody else home, like they used to do 10 years ago when their father was abroad, reading and having some fun along with me. Suddenly, they started kissing and touching. They were taken by the excitement, undressed, started licking and sucking each other and then crossed the incest line for the first time. It seems that they did it regularly anytime and anywhere they could eversince. He also said that they have stopped now, even though they are still very close to each other, much more than brother and sister would kaçak bahis normally be. At last I could understand the reason of Emily’s shyness with other guys, even with her boyfriend. I had to state very firmly that he has no chance to get to do the same with me, if this was really what he had in mind, and kept asking myself and him where all this came out of. I can’t recall any incident of us being more than just a normal family, so all this is just out of the blue. We could not go further though. I was too shocked and he was not yet sure that I wouldn’t turn him out of home! When the talk was over we agreed this had to stay between us till the grave, no involvement of any other family members and mainly my husband, whose reactions against Billy and his sister could be unpredictable. Regarding Emily, I decided to behave normally, as if I didn’t know that she has had sex with his brother. I did not tell Billy anything more regarding my lingerie. I feel this is not the major issue at this very moment. First, I have to go over his sexual relationship with his sister and his current sexual interest to me.”

Bud’s answer came only on Thursday, May 31st.

“Sorry I couldn’t answer earlier. In first place, you have my admiration for what you have done and the way you reacted at such extraordinary news. I knew you could make it. We were expecting something like that regarding Billy and you, but what happened between your children is real news and thanks God good news I’d say. I can tell that as long as he keeps loving his sister and she him, you should not feel too upset because of their incest. It happened, it left no ill consequences it seems (and no babies) and that is all, something unexpected but possible and perhaps even a beautiful thing! You do not have to pretend to know nothing about them! You will not speak of it first, but will not escape the talk if she starts it. You should also work to save their closeness. So Billy now wants you. My best guess is that Billy has developed a strong attitude towards incest. Had he and his sister not tasted incest, he probably would have never had sexual thoughts about his mother, but they did it and perhaps this is the consequence. Whose fault is this?! No one’s or Nature’s fault is exactly the same! Since it happened it means it had to happen and that is it! As far as you are concerned, it appears that keeping the laundry business would not help you at all.”

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