A Mother’s Promise Ch. 15

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When I entered my sister’s room, the first thing that came into my mind was how I stood naked in this very room just yesterday while my mother dressed me for my deflowering. “I stood right there,” I thought, looking at her full length mirror, “admiring myself.”

It’s funny what memories you associate with places. This had been my sister’s room for as long as I could remember. We played here when we were young and I recalled chasing her up the stairs hundreds of times as she fled for the shelter of her lockable door. Our lives were simpler then, there were no fetishes or fantasies to confuse us and my overall level of happiness was measured by the amount of chocolate ice cream in the freezer.

This was also the room where it all started. This is where I observed my sister pick up her worn panties while we were cleaning her room that fateful day. She lifted them to her nose to see if they were clean, and then quickly threw them in her laundry hamper. I later stole those panties, and they were one of the pairs my mother found in my room.

So here I was, standing in the very place where everything started. That day, we were both in our underwear. We were today, too, sort of. The only difference between that day and this day was that today, I was dressed in my sister’s underwear, not my own.

“Yoo hoo. Bobby?” I heard Linda say.

“Huh?” I answered, breaking out of my walk down memory lane. As I turned around to answer her, my mother came into the room, interrupting us.

“Okay you two, listen up.” Mother said. “Here are the rules until I get back.”

Looking at me mom said, “Bobby, under no circumstances are you to cum while I’m gone.” She turned to my sister and said, “Your brother’s weenie is like a machine, Linda. It’s always hard and he can cum more times than anyone I’ve ever seen, so you watch him and don’t let him play with himself. In fact, don’t leave him alone at all. If you do, he’s going to pull that monster out and he’ll be yanking on it.”

Then spinning back to me, she continued speaking. “Bobby, now you be nice and do what your sister says. I want you to look through your sisters clothes to find some things to wear…. just around the house like we talked about. You let her help you find a few pairs of panties that fit you and some bras, too. Your sister has a good sense of fashion, so you cooperate and do what she says. When I get back from my appointment, I’m going to want to see what you’ve found, so you better take me seriously.”

Turning again to my sister, she informed Linda that I needed to have a shower and reminded her not to leave me alone. “Don’t let him close up the shower, and you stand there and watch him to make sure he doesn’t start pulling himself.” She instructed.

“Bobby, you should be well past the point of being embarrassed in front of your sister, so I’m giving her my permission to see you and touch you all she wants. If she decides to let you see any more of her than you’re seeing now, that’s her decision, but I don’t want you touching her…. and I mean that.” Mom’s tone was firm and her directions were clear. I definitely understood what she said and what she expected.

She told us she would be gone for about two hours, maybe a little less, and she expected us to do what she said for that short amount of time. “I don’t think that’s too much to ask.” She added.

“Bobby,” mom said when she was finished giving us our directions, “I want to speak to you for a moment in my bedroom before I get in the shower.” Then, she turned and walked out of my sister’s room and vanished into her bedroom across the hall. I looked at my sister who stood there with a questioning look on her face. “You better go,” Linda said, “I’ll wait for you.” Then shaking her finger at me and smiling, she added, “Be sure you come right back. You’re not allowed to be alone, you know.”

I walked past my sister to my mother’s room. Mom was waiting for me at the doorway with one hand on the door ready to close it when I came through. As I entered, she closed the door and pulled me into her, giving me a full warm kiss. “Oh, gawd, Bobby” she panted, “That was so hot watching your sister her milk you like that! I swear, I wanted to grab your cock out of her hands and just devour it…. right there in front of her.”

I attempted to kiss her back, but her lips were all over my face. Her hands were feeling inside my panties for my throbbing member and when she got hold of it, mom pulled it out and cradled it in her hands. Pulling me by my cock over to the bed, she sat down on the edge and peered up at me. Letting go of my cock, she slowly laid back on the bed, bringing her knees up and spreading them lewdly, showing me the shiny wetness that saturated the crotch panel of her panties. Her hands moved down to her panty covered pussy and her fingers started to trace the fissure of her visible and engorged labia. “Go ahead,” she said, “put your face down there. You earned it, mister.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. Kneeling canlı bahis şirketleri down at the edge of the bed, I lowered my face down to her wet pantied treasure.

Placing my hands on her legs and holding them open, I grazed my nose up and down mom’s wet crease taking in her sweet womanly scent. As my nose moved progressively deeper into her furrow, I could hear the sloppy sounds of her lubricated pussy against the material of her panty. Stopping with my nose pushing against her clit, I placed my lips against her panty and sucked.

I simply can’t describe the satisfaction of sucking her pussy juices through her panty into my mouth. It was, for lack of better terms — plentiful, and free flowing. Wanting everything she had, I placed my hands on either side of her pussy and pulled her apart to open her up more, hoping she would flood me with her viscous nectar.

“Oh, yes,” she gasped, “hold me open, baby. Pull me open wide and lick me”

With one hand, I pulled her panties to the side and looked into her – through her inner lips – to see her pussy juice pooled up deep inside her vagina. Spreading her as wide as I could and holding her panties back, I locked my mouth onto her and drove my tongue into my mom as far as I could. It was there that I hit pay dirt — the same thick, musky secretions I had lapped out of her pussy when we were in her bed just a day before.

I went to work swiftly. First, nibbling on her clit and then driving my tongue into her pussy as intensely as I could. Then, I would lick the sensitive spot between her labia, concentrating on that area below her clit and above her vaginal opening. Every time I licked there, she would buck her hips up into me and moan “Oh, yes, right there…. right there.”

I teased her, licking and sucking all the reaches of her sex until I had her repeating these low throaty sounds and clutching the bed as if some unknown power was trying to thrust her past escape velocity and into orbit. Finally, I licked and sucked her to the point of liftoff. Her legs went completely rigid and she started to grunt and thrust her hips against my mouth. “Oh, baby,” she said, “here it comes…. here it comes! Aaahhhh!”

Then, all of a sudden, her lungs emptied and she let out a massive breath of air and pushed my face away from her pussy. I was about to dive back in when she implored me to stop, saying, “No more, Bobby…. please….. no more.”

I sat back on my haunches and held her legs back as she trembled and shook to herself. After a minute, her panting subsided and I carefully pulled the gusset of her panty back across her mound and then lowered her legs to the floor.

I softly nuzzled my nose back into her panties as she rested, but the instant she felt my nose against her mound, her hands flew down and covered her pussy. “It’s too sensitive down there, baby. Please, let me rest for a minute.” Honoring her request, I scooted up closer between her legs and lay my head in her lap as if I was worshiping her vagina. From there, I could smell her scent, hear her breathing and feel the thumping of her heart.

I smiled to myself knowing I gave her what she needed. Her orgasm was powerful, I knew it — I could tell by the way she stiffened up and bucked her pussy into my mouth. I completely forgot about my straining erection between my legs while I was servicing her womanhood. And, the pleasure I received from bringing her off was at least equal to the pleasure she received from getting off.

When she recovered, she put her hands on my head and asked me, “When was the last time you came, sweetie? Was it last night when I dressed you for bed, or did you play with yourself again after that?”

Leaning up from her lap, I told her I didn’t touch myself after I went to bed.

“You didn’t make yourself cum again last night or this morning?” Mom asked.

“No,” I answered, “I was too tired.”

“That’s remarkable. So, you’ve got several hours worth of cum built up then, don’t you, baby?” She asked.

I nodded my head and answered, “You guys almost made me cum in the kitchen a few minutes ago, though.”

She chuckled. “I know. I could feel your prostate gland beneath my finger. When it started to get hard, I knew you were about to blast. I’m sorry we had to tease you like that, Bobby, but it turned out okay, don’t you think?”

As usual, she was right. After I heard my sister talk about her sexual activities and saw my mother’s general acceptance of it, I guess my panty and feminine desires didn’t seem that far out, after all. I confessed to my mother how excited I was when she slowly lowered my panties in front of my sister, fully exposing me and making me stand there in all my erected glory.

“I knew that would terrify and excite you, baby.” She replied. “I remember the first time I did that to my brother. It was with one of my girlfriends from school. He stood there in utter shock as I pulled his panties down to his knees and made him stand there while she looked canlı kaçak iddaa at him.” She laughed and added, “He was so worked up, as soon as she touched his cock he squirted all over her chest. She had never seen a boy cum before and she got the surprise of her life.”

Her story generated new stiffness in my loins and I yearned to hear more about my mother’s sexual exploits with her brother. However, she stood and pulled me to her and kissed me tenderly. “Thanks for making me cum, sweetie, but I need to get going or I’ll be late for my appointment.” She said.

She told me to go into her bathroom and wipe her pussy juice off my face. When I returned, she peeled her panties down her legs, folded them into a small square and set them on her dresser. “You can have these tonight, Bobby. Right now you have to go back to your sister.”

I turned to leave, but she reached out and stopped me. Pushing the hair out of my eyes and then resting her hands on my chest, she bent her head to the side and looked at me. “Bobby, what I’m about to ask is important to me, and, I won’t make you do it if you don’t want to…. but, would you promise me you won’t fuck my daughter while I’m gone today?”

Her words shocked me. I looked at her with questioning eyes and she answered my look. “Bobby, I saw the look on her face when she was holding your cock and stroking you. She wants to fuck your brains out, sweetie. If you have a weak moment and start thinking with your little head while I’m gone, I think she’ll be all over you.”

“Don’t worry,” I answered, “I already promised you I wouldn’t do anything with her, remember?”

“Well, the situation has changed, Bobby.” She explained. “She’s definitely not a virgin anymore, and she’s on birth control and she has, after all, had oral sex with your father and apparently had some group sex experiences. Plus, given my relationship with my own brother, I can’t honestly see the two of you not becoming sexual. Truthfully, I expect it now and I would be extremely happy for both of you if you found each other in that way.”

I was stunned. The thought of having my sister and my mother, both people I cared deeply for, in a loving and sexual relationship was profound and titillating.

“But,” she said, “it can’t start today. That’s all I’m asking. Would you promise me that?”

I nodded my head and kissed her cheek. She crinkled her nose and smiled back at me. “Sweetheart, if you keep your promise, I have a special surprise to give you. Now go back in there and do whatever your sister tells you to do, and remember, I’m going to be very disappointed in you if you cum even one drop!”

She opened the door enough for me to slip out into the hallway. I heard the door shut behind me and at the same time my sister peeked out from her room at me. I must have had a grin the size of Texas on my face as I entered her room because as soon as I walked past her, she looked back at my mother’s door to make sure it was shut and then said “You were in there a while. Did you get in trouble for something?”

“No,” I answered, “she just wanted to see if I was okay. I guess she thought you guys traumatized me in the kitchen, or something…. I guess. She wanted to talk about it, that’s all.”

“So,” my sister asked, “were you traumatized?”

“To tell you the truth, at first, I almost broke down in tears.” I answered truthfully. “It was humiliating and embarrassing to know your own sister was seeing you dressed in her panties. I didn’t know how you were going to take it. Then, when mom stared to undress me, I started to feel weak. You know, though, when she pulled my panties down and I saw you staring at my cock, all the fear went away and I felt much better. It was so exciting to be naked and exposed. I swear, the feeling I got with you looking my cock was unbelievable. It was something I dreaded and something I wanted, all at the same time.”

She walked over to me and reached out to grab my cock. “Hmm, so you enjoyed it when mom lowered my cute little panties down your legs and made you stand exposed like that, huh? You got all excited with your dick hanging out, dripping and pointing? Why, you’re just the perfect little exhibitionist, aren’t you, little brother. I bet you would love to expose yourself to me again and jerk off right in front of me, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes.” I answered. It was true. My first little tastes of being naked in front of my mother, and then in front of my sister, were beyond what I would call enthralling.

“Yeah,” she replied, “I bet you would.” Then she asked, “Would you be more turned on if you undressed yourself, or if someone undressed you? What if I did it? What if I pulled those panties down right now?” She asked, pointing to the pink panties I wore since last night. “Would that turn you on?”

“Yes,” I answered, “I already told you it would.”

Then, smiling at me and reaching out to my hips, my sister whisked my panties down, leaving them at my ankles. “There,” she said, “hand canlı kaçak bahis them to me.” I stepped out of her panties and handed them to her. Naked and with my cock poking up obscenely, I stood proudly as she looked at my manhood.

“I think it’s better for you to be naked right now, anyway,” she said, “since we’re going to be trying on clothes for a while.”

We were still standing close together and it was then I saw the look in her eye that my mom referred to. She touched the tip of my cock and smeared a drop of pre-cum around my cockhead. “You really do like this, Bobby, I can tell.” She mused. “I like it, too,” she added, “and mom was right, you do have a very nice cock.”

“You’re much bigger than dad is,” she said, “did mom tell you?”

“No,” I answered, “we never discussed him.”

“Well, you are,” she replied, “he’s got a nice one, but yours is bigger. I can see why she wanted to suck it. Believe me, any woman would want to suck this one.”

Then she surprised me by pulling her shirt over her head. “My boobs aren’t as big as moms are,” she said as she cupped them in the palms of her hands, “but, there’re pretty sensitive. My nipples really get hard sometimes.”

“Do you want to be naked together, Bobby?” She asked. “Can you control yourself? You know what mom said — no jerking off.”

“I remember,” I replied, “I won’t.”

While I watched, she looked at me coyly and began to pull her own panties down, very, very slowly. Once she got them to her knees, she stepped out of them. “Bet you didn’t know I had a bald pussy, did you?” She asked, pulling her panties up to her nose and sniffing them.

“Well,” I answered, starring at her perfectly bald mound, “mom told me you usually shaved during the summertime because of your swimsuits.” I couldn’t take my eyes off her pussy. It was gorgeous with the most perfectly shaped lips — just a little puffy with her clit barely peeking out at the top.

“Well that used to be the case.” She said. “Just between us, dad paid to have my pussy hair permanently removed last semester while I was at school. We did those new laser hair removal treatments. I love it like this, too, and so does dad.”

“You’re beautiful,” I said, admiring her flesh colored lips and her petite breasts, “can I see down there, you know, uh, closer?”

“I might let you,” she answered, “but first, I want you to tell me how you got started with all this panty sniffing and wanting to wear our panties. I’ve been dying to hear all about that.”

Linda pulled her chair away from her desk and perched on the edge of the chair. She motioned me over and then pulled me in front of her, between her spread legs. “Hold it out for me,” she asked, referring to my cock, and then said, “and tell me how it started.”

I put my hand around my cock and held it out to her. I moaned as my sister bent her head down and rubbed her cheek against it. Then she rubbed her nose down my shaft, stopping when she was half way down.

She abruptly stopped and looked up at me. “Bobby, did you fuck our mother when you were in there?” She asked with a serious look on her face.

“No!” I answered.

“That’s a crock of shit. I can smell it. I know what pussy smells like,” she said, “and it’s all over your cock!”

“Oh,” I replied, “it must be my hands. See?” I said, holding out my hands for her to sniff.

I watched curiously as my sister sniffed my cock and then my hands — back and forth until she was sure the pussy smell was coming from my hands and not my cock. “So you had your hands in our mother’s pussy? Did you finger her and get her off?”

“No, Linda. I didn’t fuck her and I didn’t finger her.” I answered.

“Well, what then?” She retorted. “Your hands smell like pussy. How do you explain that?”

“I can’t say anything right now, Linda. I know you already admitted that you and dad are doing things, but, I don’t know if mom would want me to talk about any of this, especially if she wasn’t here.” I hoped my explanation would be sufficient, but it wasn’t.

“Oh, come on, Bobby.” She said, as she reached out to wrap her hand around my balls, loosely. “Your hands smell like pussy! If she and I are the only girls here and I know your hands weren’t in my pussy, then it stands to reason you were doing something with her in that room. If you tell me what you did, I’ll tell you some of the stuff dad and I have done.”

Her offer was appealing. I desperately wanted to know if dad had fucked her, and what else they had done. Apparently it had been going on for a while because she admitted to me that dad paid to have her pussy hair removed while she was at college.

Then she tried another angle. “If you tell me, I’ll suck your cock?” She offered, with a big grin on her face.

The next thing I know her warm mouth was closing around my excited member, sucking around the tip and slobbering all over me. “Come on,” she said, lifting her head off my cock, “I’ll suck you off all the way and let you cum in my mouth if you tell me what you were doing in there.”

“Linda, you heard what mom said, remember? She told me not to cum.” I answered. And as much I hated to say the words, I told her she might as well stop because I wasn’t going to tell her.

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