Another First Time Story Ch. 02

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Well, I know I didn’t think I would write much more but as you can plainly see I have! It’s kind of like a journal since I can’t very well share this with friends or relatives. This is very much not a fantasy…just real life.

It is a follow up but you don’t really need to read the first installment…unless you want to.


So, it was 8am on the first Saturday in May and for the third time in as many weeks I was standing outside RJ’s waiting for him to open the door. The first time there was a mixture of fear and excitement. Fear of the unknown. Excitement at the prospect of actually sucking a man’s cock for the first time ever!

Already we had established a routine. He was looking for a cock sucker on Craigslist. I was looking for a MWM 50+ who could host. Not the easiest thing to find but I reasoned that married was safer. RJ was 60 and didn’t say if he was married, divorced or what! I took a chance. He emailed his address and agreed to 8am for our first meeting and our second and now our third.

There all kinds of things that should be of concern. All kinds of things that should make a sane man back out. So many things could go bahis firmaları wrong. But I took the chance and I’m glad I did! JJ is quiet spoken, has a neat, well kept home and is…well…very clean. I don’t exhibit any signs of disease…yet…so I guess he’s “DDF” too. I am to so everything is just falling into place. Beginner’s luck, I suppose.

He opens the door, “Good morning, Fred!” He’s grinning. He knows what to expect…we’ve done this twice already. He knows he will get off soon and he knows I’ll be eager to swallow every drop! Isn’t that why I’m here? Sure, a condom would be safer. But, really, it makes no sense at all to suck a cock if you are going to use a condom…what’s the point?

I follow him up to his guest room, he closes the door to keep the cat out. He closes the blinds but there isn’t any need, I can’t see any windows to peek in who could see into his home? I undress by the chair in the corner. Why, he won’t “reciprocate” and I don’t care. Really, ok it might be nice if he did but I really have a thing for sucking so it doesn’t matter! But I guess that’s what you do to have sex…get naked…so I do. He leaves his socks on…so kaçak iddaa do I. He lies down with his legs slightly spread.

“Let’s do this a little differently this morning, RJ.”

I sit on the far side of the bed. “Turn over.”

He gives me a quizzical look but rolls over.

I put my hand on his ass and squeeze. “Let’s take our time today, ok?”

“Whatever you say.” He smiles.

I start rubbing the small of his back then work my way up to his shoulders. I can feel the tension melting as I give him a very modest massage. I just do what I know I’d like myself. I knead his butt and thighs. He opens his legs slightly. I reach between his legs and find his balls. They’re drawn up but I work on them and loosen them up. He tries to raise up but I won’t go near his cock…not just yet. I can feel the base of his cock under his balls…it is very hard…I want to get my lips on it but I also want to tease him a while longer. JJ isn’t very talkative but from the little sighs and grunts and groans I know he’s enjoying the attention.

“Roll over,” I whisper almost breathlessly. I’m getting excited myself. I’ve got his wonderful man’s kaçak bahis body to play with! He spreads his legs. I massage the insides of his thighs and under his balls close to his anus. I stroke his stomach…almost touching his cock but not quite. There is a drop of precum, I catch it with my finger and but it on my lips as he watches. “Mmmm…” I smile. He’s still grinning.

I crawl between his legs and begin licking his balls first on one side then the other then I take them both in my mouth and massage them with my tongue. I feel his cock on my nose. It is so hard it must hurt! I lick him a little lower, not quite to his anus…I’m not ready for that! He lifts his hips…I think he is!! Not this time. Maybe never. I lick his balls and up his shaft…it is so hard. Balls, shaft, balls, shaft, one side, the other, over and over. He’s getting impatient. He keeps humping, trying to find my mouth. I shift positions, kneeling next to him and take the tip of his cock between my lips. I’m taking my time but he’s in such a rush! He drives his cock as deep as he can. I relax and let him fuck my mouth. I’m grunting and slurping and enjoying every thrust, He’s moaning and gasping and fucking faster, harder, he’ll never last at this pace, I can’t stop him His ass tightens and he’s done, I can tell, his cum is pumping deep in my throat, too deep to even taste…we’ll work on that next time…

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