Aquata Cove Ch. 99

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Chapter 99: Happy Halloween

The water of the sea splashes on a rock as seagulls screech in the distance, flying overhead at the break of noon. On the small rock, a small otter breaks out of the surface, and climbs onto it, standing on his hind legs. He wears a gleaming brass collar scribed with kanji, along with a marble dangling from the base, besides his scallop wristbands on and his belt containing his items and weapons, and the headband fangs strung horizontally around his head.

Arnaav sniffs the air as he turns his head, peering his eyes around, and then spotting the very distant human establishments ahead. The strip of wooden land held up above the shore by thick, barren logs, way in the distance. Scents of sweetness, harvested fish, and the tasty products of fiery water also meet his senses.

“That is the human place of the docks! The land made out of wood.” Arnaav concluded with zeal, “I’m almost there!”

“Awrrp Awrrp…” Barks a sea lion coming up onto the rock as well. Arnaav looks at the animal curiously, and pets its head. He takes a mackerel from his ration pouch, and leaves it on the rock. The young otter turns around and swerves off the rock, and dives down into the water.


Adam smiles as he hangs a garland of silver and white sequin spider webs along the upper corners of the house, with a tasteful jewel spider hanging from a hook between each dip between the half-circle arches of the webs.

“I STILL feel uneasy about being here.” Jacob says as he untangles a string of orange lights.

“Dude. For the last time, that’s ancient history.” Adam tells him.

“But from what you told me about Merrick…”

“Look, if it was that bad, we wouldn’t bother inviting you to our wedding. Heck, I’m still a little bummed out when we weren’t invited to yours.”

“I asked about it, but he didn’t want to get into it.” Daniel says as he carries in the bigger boxes.

“But Merrick STILL doesn’t know what my research has been about, right?” Jacob asked, “Would he be ok with me doing extensive development from his tears??”

“Uh…” Adam paused, “… Yeah, better not bring that up, it’s a bit iffy.”

“Exactly…” Jacob says. Just then, the door opens to Merrick walking in.

“Oh hi, babe!” Adam says with a smile.

“Speak of the devil.” Daniel says.

“Hi,” Merrick says before a quick kiss from Adam, looking at Jacob and Daniel, “What’s going on here?”

“Everyone is busy, and I wanted to decorate.” Adam says.

“Oh another, human holiday is coming up, right? What’s it called again?”

“Halloween.” Jacob answered.

“Right, right. Though, it still confuses me. It’s only for children, right?”

“Ugghh, yeah, that’s what EVERYONE thinks!” Adam says as he throws his arms up.

“Isn’t it, though?” Daniel asked, “It’s just some old candy party.”

“Every time it comes around, Adam always gets defensive about it. Honestly thought, I usually hear and see little kids running around and getting excited about it.”

“That’s because no body knows about the real history about it.” Adam explains, “All Hallows Eve used to be about getting the one day of the year were the worlds of the living and the dead are closest together, and the living would honor and celebrate them, but at the same time, it was believe that evil spirits would be around at the same time. So while giving each other the goods of their harvests, everyone would wear costumes and disguises so the demons would get confused and not attack.”

“Now it’s just a big evening kiddie-fest full of noisy little kids running around dressed like cartoon characters demanding candy from strangers, while their parents are paranoid as hell about drugs and razorblades being hidden in the candy, and God knows just what kind of politically correct movement they’ll try and set up NEXT year. Fucking Trunk-or-Treat…”

“Jeez, Adam. You never get this passionate about the other holidays.” Merrick remarked.

“I never seen anyone but my gothic brother get this defensive about something like this…” Jacob remarked.

“Halloween is just my favorite, I don’t know why.” Adam says, “It’s not like I’m into the dark, death, spider and rat stuff, I’m not into horror.”

“Hah, yeah. You can barely get through The Grudge, even with the Rifftrax in it.” Daniel comments.

“I just hate how some traditions are just rearranged to be non-threatening to the jaded public.”

“That’s the thing about human history, isn’t it?” Merrick asked, “You people always seem to forget your own past, don’t you?”


“Hahah… So are we still going to the Halloween Block Party at the gay neighborhood?”

“Merrick, the place is called ‘Wahine Square’, and yes, we’ll be going there too.”

“Awww, no Trick-or-Treating for the 30-year-old patron?” Merrick teased as he rubs Adam’s ears.

“I’m 28, dammit!” Adam says as he slaps his arm away while Jacob snickers

“Awww, whose my big hairy babyyyy?”


“Heh. Now. About your costume…”

“Oh canlı bahis for God’s sake- No, Merrick, for the last time, I am NOT going as a werewolf.”

“Why not? What’s the problem?” Daniel asked, “Cat person?”

“No. Merrick just wants me to be a Halloween slut like half of America.”

“Oh come on! I got that harness made just for that idea, and you never wear it!”

“That’s because I don’t want to walk around bare-assed in the middle of everywhere.”

“Wait, like, naked??” Jacob asked with his eyebrows raised.

“No, he wants me to wear a jockstrap.” Adam answers, “Look, underwear is the most I’ll do, and that’s just during gay pride!”

“What’s the big deal?! Half the town is practically in the nude on Halloween night.”

“Merrick, no one is allowed to go completely all-natural, it doesn’t work like that.”

“And you’re hardly one to talk, Merrick. You practically go streaking there every year.”

“Oh come on, I was a vampire last year.” Despite merfolk’s great aversion to drinking blood, a vampire does portray a good horror-themed disguise for Merrick, at least once.

“You showed up with a black cape, small bat wings, a ruby medallion, fake fangs, and a red thong that practically bounced with every step you took! You’re lucky everyone’s kid is in bed by the time we arrive!”

“Ohhh yeah, I remember that.” Daniel pondered.

“Hahaha, you make it sound like a bad thing~” Merrick smirked as he reached down, and grabs at Adam bottom, “Think of it — come spank the wolf on the butt, and he’ll at the moon, for hitting HIS moon~”

“Oh my God.” Adam digs his fingers in his hair while he walks away while Merrick remains, giggling.

“Come on, pleeeeaaaasse??”


“Do it, Adam!” Daniel called after him, “My sister works at Petco, I’ll take you to the groomers for free!”

“Shut up, shut up, shut UP!”

“Lay off, Daniel,” Jacob tells him, “Adam already goes there twice a week for a haircut.”

“I will kill you all!!”

“That’s the spirit, but sound more wolf-ish!”

“For fuck’s sake!”

“Hahahaha… Huh?” Jacob looks at the glass sliding door that leads to the back porch. He blinked, and took a moment to clean his glasses to look again, and sees there’s an otter with a bunch of stuff hanging on his body, standing and pawing at glass, “Uh… Guys?”


“There’s an otter at the door.” Jacob says, slightly weird out. They look, and Adam and Merrick raise their eyebrows in surprise.

“Oh, it’s Arnaav!”

“Who?” Jacob asks as he gets up.

“He’s from Merrick’s pod.” Adam tells him as he goes to the door. He unlocks the door, and pulls it open.

“Adam!” Arnaav beams up as the small otter hugs Adam’s waist.

“Hehehey, kiddo!” Adam says as he hugs and picks him up. Arnaav chippers as he hugs him tight, before he looks to Merrick.

“Ooh! Merrick!” He twists and turns while Adam laughs and hands him over. The otter hugs him close as Merrick carries him into the house.

“Jacob, Daniel, this is Arnaav.” Merrick introduces the boy to the two men, “He’s an Amnien merman, and one of my closest friends.”

“Oh, he’s a merman?? He is so cute!” Daniel coos as he cups and brushes the purring otter’s cheek fur.

“Whoa, I didn’t know your people can be anything other than fish and such.”

“Of course we are. There’s more than one animal in the ocean, isn’t there?”

Arnaav sniffs the air, and immediately becomes entranced with the bowl on the table, containing what appears to be orange and black shiny sea foam in countless clusters, “Oooohh, what is this??” Arnaav says once he’s put down, putting his paws on the bowl’s edge, and sniffing the food.

“It’s called ‘Kettle Corn’,” Jacob answers for him, taking some pieces of the caramelized popcorn for the boy to sniff, “I made it myself.” Arnaav starts to nibble on the crispy candy, nomming from the human’s fingers of the salted sweetness.

“Awwwwmygosh, he’s cuter than my dog.” Daniel chuckled as he pets Arnaav.

“Hey, what’s this?” Adam asked as he tugs on Arnaav’s shiny collar, “Did your Noita make this?”

“Hm?” Arnaav breaks away from the momentary addiction of the snack, and puts his paws on his metal item, “Oh, Fumiko gave it to me!” He said with glee, “It has some markings on it, do you know what it says??”

“Hm…” Adam looks at the kanji and Hirogana letters engraved in the brass, “I know this one means ‘Water’, then there’s… I THINK this says ‘heart’? I don’t know, you’d have to ask Yuri.”

“Ok! Where’s Sensei?” He asked up.

“Hahaha ‘Sensei’?” Daniel asked with a chuckle.

“Yuri says she’s teaching me a language that she speaks, so I have to call her ‘Sensei’.”

“Do merfolk have teachers like that?” Jacob asked, “Just curious.”

“Not really.” Arnaav shook his head, “We mostly learn from our Mothers and Fathers. We only have someone teach others if they are extremely skilled with a certain action. We call them a ‘Theros’.”


“My old pod has a Theros that teaches bahis siteleri hunting.” Merrick commented, “My best friend, Brishen. Which is saying something, because he totally sucked when I was still around.”

“Interesting, but… This sort of looks like a collar.” Jacob says as he looks at the kid.

“I like it! Fumiko brings me food every sun, she brushes and washes my fur, and sometimes she brings other young humans to come play with me!”

“Heh, kinda sounds like you’re her pet.” Daniel noted.

“Whatever she thinks of me, I like it!” Arnaav beams cutely. “I just need to stay like this when I’m with her.” He says as he gestures to himself. His eyes catch one of the seasonal decorations in the boxes, “So what are these things?” Arnaav asked as he picks up an ornately designed orange pumpkin with dangling black jewels here and there around it.

“Another human event is coming.” Merrick tells him, “You remember the last time you were here, and we played with all those colorful eggs, flowers, and all that?”

“I think so… What is it again?”

“A holiday,” Adam said, “When humans celebrate something from history. This holiday is called ‘Halloween’.”

“Ooookay?” Arnaav quirked, having little clue what any of this means, “So what does THIS one mean?”

“Well… In the old days, humans kind of believe that Halloween — or All Hallows Eve, as it used to be called — was the one day of year where the world of the living is closest to the living of the dead. This was also during the same time humans would harvest their crops, so decades ago, humans would give each other food and goods made from their vegetables in tribute to their loved ones who have passed on.”

“Um…” Arnaav merely tilts his head to the side as absolutely nothing Adam said made ANY kind of sense. “I don’t get it.”

“Just nod pretend you understand. That’s how I get by.” Merrick tells him, as he takes the bowl of kettle corn, and easily gains the otter’s attention with it, “Besides, humans change their traditions every half a century or so, so I wouldn’t bother.”

“Hey, come on.” Adam lightly smacks his arm.

“What, am I wrong??”



“Anyway, it’s getting late.” Daniel said as he checks his phone, smiling as the little merman munches away at the black and orange popcorn sweets, “We should probably get going.”

“Alright, babe.” Jacob says as he gets up.

“Is Sensei coming back soon?” Arnaav asks, still chewing the last bit of crunchy caramelized corn, “I wanna go with her to that human place that is open all night again.”

“She’s probably coming back in about half an hour.” Adam says as he takes a towel to the kid, “We should probably clean you up and… The trail you brought into the house.” Arnaav looks, and gasps as his little paws cover his mouth as he sees a trail of wet sand and dirt all over the carpet where he walked.

“=Use thy voice, Sarah!=” Echoes a voice from the TV.

“Hm?” Arnaav turns to the screen, his young mind easily distracted.

“=Fill the sky! Bring the little brats to die! Ahahahahaha!=” He tilts his head curiously at the three witches fly over the dark night.

“Oooooh…” Arnaav waddles gradually to face the TV.

“Uhhh, Arnaav?” Adam says, “You ok there?” Arnaav becomes entranced by the calm-flowing music that waves and drifts from the blonde witch in purple robes flying on her broomstick and gracefully moving her arms about.

“=~Come, little children ~I’ll take thee awaaaay~ Into a land of enchaaaannnntmeeennnnnnt~=”

“Wooow” Arnaav beams as his tail sways idly behind him. He slumps down to sit, his paws on the floor as he watches with vast fascination.

“=~Come, little children ~The time’s come to play ~Here, in my garden of maaaaa~aaaaagiiic~=”

“Adam, I’m starting to get a little nervous…” Merrick says honestly, knowing how this movie goes and what that song does to children.

“Relax, babe.” Adam chuckles. “That’s more or less how all kids act in front of the TV.” Arnaav perks his ears as he watches on, his orb-like eyes glued to the screen.


All Merrick can see is darkness. He grunts as he tries to move, his hands are bound away from him, chained on ether side of him as he struggles. He can still move his legs as he tries to strain his ears, not knowing just what the hell is going to happen.


“Ahh!” Merrick cries out as his ass is harshly spanked.

“HHhyeah.” Adam growls as he harshly grips Merrick’s naked buttcheek, before giving it another hard SMACK!

“Ahh~!” Merrick moans out as his wrists pull at his Velcro cuffs, unable to move his arms any more than the metal links will allow.

“Ffffffuck.” Adam grits his teeth very hard as he digs his fingers into Merrick’s white soft buns, seeing how easy they jiggle with each move. Merrick recently tried this potent muscle relaxant Lovers is selling, guaranteed to completely loosen and unwind wherever it’s applied. He used up half of the container just on his ass alone. “Fucking A, Merrick, your ass is bahis şirketleri like freakin jello.”


“Ahh! E-Easy, I-” BAM! “Haahh!” Merrick’s bouncy butt glows pink as Adam abuses that wonderful bubble butt. Merrick put that lotion on his rump almost an hour ago, and not even washing it will wear it off for at least a long while yet.

It’s been over a month and a half since Adam got his memories back, and even after THIS long, the sex is still driving him crazy, as if mentality of virginity is as beastly as Jamal’s average sex drive.

Blinded by eye-cover, and bound on his front side, Merrick bites his lip as he feels his ass grabbed and spread. “Nnnhhh~” Merrick’s dick throbs beneath him as Adam’s thumbs and rubs into his pucker.

“Hhhhyeah…” Adam sighs hungrily as he ducks down.

“O-Ohh!” Merrick moans as the hot breath quickly turns into a wet lick into his inner region. His toes curl as Adam’s thin beard grins into his pristine crevice as those lips push and rub into Merrick’s pink ring. “A-Ahhh, oh my God, aaahhh”

Adam digs his face into Merrick’s wobbly bottom, snarling and shaking his head into him as he licks and makes out with Merrick’s anus. Always the perk of merfolk, they are constantly clean.

“Oh! Ohhh, hohh, ohh!” Merrick’s back arches as Adam digs deeper into him, a third of his tongue diving into that spotless tunnels and slurping in and out. Adam huffs as he backs out, gripping those loose cheeks, making them jiggle and giving them another hard SPANK! Merrick moans as Adam dives again, biting onto the right mound, and slapping the left one. It’s been a LONG time since Adam went all animalistic like this, and that was BEFORE the bashing.

Adam gnaws down into Merrick’s smooth crack as his fingers thoroughly dig and squeeze into Merrick’s supple ass, huffing as he strokes dick and gives that rump a few more spanks, and licks into that tight pink hole, giving it firm, broad licks, holding both mounds with his hands and mushing his face into that hot anus. “Fuck, you’ve got a sweet ass.” Adam huffs as he slaps that butt again and pushing his tongue into that rear again.

Merrick moans as he lays there, still unable to see a thing, his wrists yanking at the metal links connect to his cuffs from the bed posts as Adam eats out his ass. The way he digs his mouth into his sensitive pucker, his facial hair brushing into the innermost flesh, and being unable to move his arms anywhere makes him so horny.

“Nnhhh, yeah…” Adam slaps his dick between Merrick’s wet mounds, rubbing the underside of his cock into Merrick’s moist crack. Merrick moans as he pushes his bottom onto Adam’s member.

“Nnnn fuck me…” Merrick groans. Adam smirks as he gets a new toy of his — a length-enhancing penis sleeve. Adam’s member is adequate for the job, but he wants to see if Merrick can take a HUGE cock.

“Yeah, you want it, don’t ya, boy.” Adam says as he grabs at the jiggly cheeks and slaps it again. SPANK!

“ENnh! I want it, I want it…” Merrick begs. Adam puts a small drop of lube on his own penis, and slides the flexible, rubber attachment onto his pole. He grins as he tucks the rubber ring under his balls to keep it attached on him. Once equipped, it looks as though he exchanged his own penis for a dark gray transparent manhood. Longer and thicker, its weight makes his dick feel heavier.

“Ohhh yeah~” Adam says as he takes the fat tool, and slaps Merrick’s crack with is, hot dogging it between those cheeks as he pours the lube over it.

“HoH! Ohhh!” Merrick jumps as he feels the cold slick slide into and upon his rump, even the dribbles along onto his tender sack.

“Mmnnhhh…” Adam scoots his knees along as he lines the massive member into Merrick’s crack. The merman doesn’t even notice the different texture of the squeezable rod rubbing into his moist anus.

“Nnhh… Hhhnnhh…” Merrick waits as he feels Adam start to push the lubed head into his asshole, “A-Ahhh! Ohh!” Merrick’s back arches as his sphincter is forced open wider than usual, “AhhhHHH!” He has to spread his legs as his rear feels a slow-pushing monster dig into his tunnel, “Oh my GAAHH!” Merrick’s arms yank at his cuffs as he feels the large cock push deeper and deeper, “Holy fucking A, h-h-how are you s- AHH!” Merrick grimaces as that almost enormous manhood goes inside him, “F-Fuck, you’re huge!”

“Hohhh yeah~” Adam grins as he pushes balls-deep into Merrick. His twink under him squirms and wails out as he slides his enlarged cock out, and back in.

“A-AHH~!” Merrick moans out as Adam pins him down, and starts to pump his dick into him up and down, “Oh fuck! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” Merrick buries his forehead into the pillow as Adam nearly bounces himself down on him.

“Nnnh! Fuck yeah,” Adam growls as he shoves his dick down into Merrick’s ass. The tightness squeezes and pulls at every inch of his dick from the gel-like rubber apparatus. His hand fumbles for a small remote that came with the toy, and took it up, pressing the only button on the thing.


“OOooHHH!” Merrick yelps out as his insides start to hum with an intense vibration. “Ohhh FUCK!” Merrick’s rod throbs and leaks continuously as his burning asshole feels that enormous dick push and blur inside him.

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