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It was a hot, sultry day in sunny Florida. The sun was beating down in caressing waves, kissing everyone they touched. On a lounge chair on her deck, Hannah fanned herself with a piece of paper from her business whilst talking on the phone to Jenny. Although she was on vacation, she still had a business to run and she couldn’t leave Jenny to do it all on her own.

Hannah owned a photography studio in Colorado. She did mostly freelance landscape shots, but occasionally she would photograph a wedding or birthday party. Jenny was her personal assistant, and her best friend. They had met in college and had become instant friends. Hannah completely trusted her to be left alone with the business, but some of the harder decisions had to be left for Hannah to decide. She had come to Florida to relax and work on her tan, but she didn’t mind helping Jenny a little bit.

“I’m sorry Jenny, what did you say?” Hannah asked. She was busy adjusting her bikini top and didn’t catch what her friend said. Since it was so hot, she was wearing a light blue, two-piece bikini. The tight, stretchy material accentuated her size C breasts, her narrow ribcage and waist, and her full hips. She had always been proud of her bahis firmaları figure and so took great care of her body, working out and dieting right. Her long black hair was tied in a bun at the nape of her neck; a lot less hot if you asked her. Now that she got herself situated, she could listen to what Jenny was saying.

“I said that Todd called and he wants you to go over to his house tonight so that you can do some shots of him and Amanda before the wedding tomorrow,” Jenny repeated a little shortly. “They want some casual shots and since you’re in town he said to call you. I told him you were on vacation but he insisted.”

Hannah sighed deeply. She liked Todd and all, but he was too demanding. “Well, at least he pays me well enough that I’ll be able to take another vacation after this one. I guess I’ll head over there after I take a shower. I’ll call you back after I’m done tonight. Bye, Jen.”

“Bye Hannah, have fun.”

Well, thought Hannah, I guess I better go get in the shower. And, with a last heavy sigh and a long look at how beautiful the day was, stood up, grabbed her paper and the phone, and walked in the house.

* * * *

“Ohhh,” Jenny groaned as she hung up the phone. She was sitting kaçak iddaa in the studio office with her shirt pulled up over her breasts, kneading her soft flesh. Hannah always got her this way. Ever since they had met in college, Jenny had been hot for Hannah.

“Hannah,” Jenny moaned her name as she tweaked her erect nipple with her left hand. Jenny had an average body and build. Not very busty or curvy, she made up for it by having a tiny waist and beautiful red hair that came down past her butt. Her head was currently thrown back in pleasure, her hair cascading down over her shoulders.

She was imagining Hannah in the shower. Her glorious naked body, water dripping from the tips of her pale pink nipples. That long, lustrous black hair hanging down her back, almost to the top of her beautiful, round ass.

“Mmm.” Jenny let her hand slip into the waistband of her shorts and under her panties. She felt the slick folds of her womanhood and moaned aloud from the ripples of pleasure coursing through her. Still imagining Hannah in the shower, she now added herself to the fantasy.

Jenny stepped into the warm, steamy shower. There Hannah was, with her back to her. Jenny reached out and ran her hands up Hannah’s kaçak bahis sides, grasping her breasts from behind. Hannah moaned and threw her head back onto Jenny’s shoulder. Pushing her breasts into the palms of Jenny’s hands, she began to grind her ass against Jenny’s mound. Jenny began to lightly nibble Hannah’s shoulder and neck as she tweaked her puffy, sensitive nipples.

As Hannah moaned louder, Jenny turned her around and passionately kissed her, sticking her tongue deep and fucking her mouth. Hannah moaned into her mouth and pushed her drenched pussy against Jenny’s. With the water still running, their bodies were slick against each other.

Jenny let her hand trail down Hannah’s stomach, rubbing the insides of her soft thighs before running her finger up her wet slit. Gently rubbing the erect little button at the top of Hannah’s slit, she slid her hand down to the opening of her pussy and began to push it inside, just as—


Jenny was jerked out of her fantasy as the phone rang loudly. Panting loudly, she pulled her fingers from her dripping pussy. Frustrated, she answered the phone.

“Hello,” she answered a little more forcefully than usual. “Who is this?”

“I need to speak to Jennifer Michaels please.”

“This is she,” Jenny was curious now. Not very many people called her by her full name.

“Sweetie, this is your mother. It’s about your father.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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