A New Philosophy Ch. 02

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In the upstairs bedroom, which belonged to their mother, Michael and Katie were just concluding another round of hard, sweaty sex. It was late Sunday morning and they had decided to get in one more fling before their mother, Julie, returned home from visiting her sister.

“Fuck that was good!” panted Katie.

She rolled off her brother and lay limp on the bed beside him, trying to catch her breath. Michael lay on his back taking long deep breaths, staring at the ceiling with a satisfied smile on his face.

“What time is it?” he said, drawing circles around his sister’s nipple with his finger.

Katie looked at the clock on the night stand. It was 10:42. Their mother was supposed to be home sometime between three and five. That meant there was still time to get in one more good fuck before she got home.

“About a quarter ’til eleven,” she said, her breathing a little more controlled. “We’ve still got plenty of time.”

“Now might be a good time to change the sheets though; we can hit it again in my bed later,” Michael said, sitting up.

They both rolled out of the bed and pulled off the sex stained sheets. During the process of putting down new covers, Michael couldn’t resist grabbing his sister’s ass several times and giving her little squeezes, making her squeal with laughter.

“Mike!” she laughed. “C’mon, let’s go shower.”

“Right behind ya; giving it to you, that is.”

Katie went and started the shower while Michael disposed of the dirty sheets in the laundry room. He happened to glance at the phone and saw the message light blinking.

Huh, I don’t remember hearing the phone he thought. Well of course I wouldn’t have heard it we were upstairs; God she’s got some lungs on her.

He hit the play button.

*Beep* “Hi kids, this is your mother calling. Just wanted to let you know that I’m going to be coming back a few hours early, so make sure to clean up any party messes before I get there! I’m leaving at eight tomorrow morning so I should be home by ten or so. Love you! See you then! *Beep* End of message.”

Michael’s heart froze. It was now 10:50.

Ten? Oh shit. Oh SHIT. Please, PLEASE let her have been late.

He ran upstairs, his stomach filling with guilt. At the end of the hall, Katie was standing naked, waiting for her brother to join her in the shower. She noticed the look of panic in Michael’s eyes.

“Mike,” she said worriedly, “what’s wrong?”

“Fuck, Katie. We may be in deep shit. Mom left a message, said she was coming home early. Thought she would be here around ten.”

Katie felt her stomach drop and panic started to spread.

“Ten? Fuck, oh no, shit; Mike, you don’t think she heard us?”

“Well Christ, if she did come home, there’s no way she could have stepped foot in the door without hearing us. We always left the door open, remember? And we made no attempt to be quiet.”

“Shit. Shit! Well is her car out there? Maybe she’s running late,” she whimpered.

“It’s not, I already checked. Either she’s not home yet, God I hope that’s the case, or she’s SERIOUSLY pissed and is on the rampage somewhere.”

“Fuck. Well what should we do?” she asked, her voice raising with panic.

“If she heard us then all we can do is wait for her to get back and accept the consequences,” he said with a shaky voice, feeling he might vomit at any second. Then remembering that his sister was also just as afraid, he tried to play the courageous big brother and added, “Unless you wanna make a run for the border or something, my car could probably make it.”

She appreciated his attempt to soothe her. If they got out of this alive, she planned on giving him a very special ‘thank you’.

They both got dressed and went downstairs to wait, either for their mother’s second return and the inevitable fury, or for her to return from their aunt’s, oblivious to their activities.

There was no discussion between them as they waited. Each was lost in their own thoughts, imagining what terrible fate might await them if their mother had discovered that her children had been fucking the living shit out of each other in her bed. Michael feared his mother would return accompanied by the police, who would then haul him off to jail on charges of abuse. Katie was thinking about which of her girlfriends she could call to stay with after her mother disowned her and threw her out.

At length, they heard a car pull up into the driveway.

“Shit. I think I’m going to be sick,” Michael said in a low wavering voice, staring at the floor. His normal calmness had utterly abandoned him at the prospect of having been caught with his sister; not just caught with his sister, but caught by his mother.

The air was still, like the silence before some terrible storm that was just on the brink of exploding forth with all its fury. The shadow of their mother passed by the living room window. The knob turned slowly; Katie could have sworn that it was turning in slow motion, drawing out the moment bahis firmaları before their inevitable doom.

It opened and Julie came in carrying her suitcase in one hand and her duffle bag slung over the other shoulder.

“Hi kids!” she said smiling. Noticing the fearful look in Katie’s eyes, she quickly added, “Katie! What’s wrong? Are you okay? Where’s Michael, is he okay?”

Katie, with a surge of relief washing over her, tried to answer her mother in a casual tone.

“Hi Mom, everything’s fine. Michael’s right there on the sofa,” she pointed to where her brother was sitting, now slouched so low that she could only see the very top of his head.

“Hi Mom,” he said, standing up and walking over to hug her as though nothing was wrong. He took her bags from her.

Julie saw that something was also bothering her son and was determined to find out what it was. Had they had a party and were only hoping she wouldn’t notice the missing vase that had been broken? Had they wrecked one of the cars?

“Kids, what’s going on here? You two look like you’re waiting for the executioner!”

Thinking quickly, Michael replied:

“Well Mom, we were just worried something might have happened to you. Your message said you would be here at ten. We thought you might have gotten into a wreck or something since you hadn’t called to say you were running late.”

“Oh,” Julie said sounding relieved, “no honey, I’m just fine. I left your aunt’s a little later than I planned. She cooked a very big breakfast for all of us and I got away a little late. I appreciate the concern though!”

She hugged him and Katie came over to hug her as well. Fate had spared them! Thank heavens! Thank Aunt Sarah and her bad sense of time! Thank pancakes and eggs and bacon and all big breakfasts everywhere!

Julie went upstairs to unpack. Michael unconsciously watched her ass as she mounted the stairs; he quickly snapped out of it as he realized it, though not with disgust, just surprise. He had never considered his mother sexually before. Then again, he had never considered his sister either. The thought stayed with him for a moment as he considered it.

“Katie,” their mother called down the stairs, “come up and look at the jewelry your aunt bought for you!”

Katie quickly glanced at her brother with a look that said “Thank God she didn’t catch us!”, and went up to her mothers room, where they had, only an hour before, been fucking quiet hard.

The rest of the afternoon passed uneventfully. Michael fell back into his usual routine and sat down in front of the TV. Katie and her mother were trying on the various bits of jewelry that Sarah, Julie’s sister, had given to them. Sarah was a bit of a pack rat when it came to jewelry and had decided it was time to clean out a little of her ‘treasure chamber’, as she called it. Usually she would give it away to her friends and relatives. This time she had also gone out and bought some for Julie and Katie, while of course replenishing her own stockpile.


Julie fixed dinner and everyone sat down at the table together. It was a normal meal, except that because Katie and Michael hadn’t eaten much during their weekend of marathon fucking, they both ate ravenously.

“You two act like you haven’t eaten in a year!” Julie commented.

“Well of course not mom, we spent all the food money on beer,” Michael said in a straight tone, masking sarcasm.

They all three laughed. Katie went to the stove and got more of the macaroni and another piece of hamburger.

“Hey, just bring the pot back with ya,” Michael said through a mouth of partially chewed beef.

“You didn’t really spend the money all on beer did you?” Julie asked, not understanding why her children were so hungry.

“‘Course not mom, I was just joking. There’s an old pizza box if you don’t believe me,” Michael replied. He scooped out more macaroni onto his plate and nodded towards the box on the counter.

“I’ve been following your advice and have been out exercising every day over the weekend. I even went out to a bar a couple of nights ago with Tim, you remember him? One of my school buddies,” this last bit was a little psychology trick he employed to change the subject, avoiding having to explain why Katie was likewise so hungry.

“Well, good for you honey,” his mother said delightedly. “I told you you would thank me for it.”

Julie unconsciously began noticing his muscles in a less-than-motherly way. She knew he was fit from doing his kung fu or whatever it was called, but she had never noticed how sexy he really looked.

“So, did you meet any girls while you were out?” she added in a teasing voice.

“Well, sort of, yeah.”

He said it with a completely straight face, but Katie looked down quickly, blushing furiously.

“So, do I get to meet her?” Julie said, not quiet believing him.

“I think you might already know her,” Michael replied, loving the effect it was causing on his sister.

“Hmm, kaçak iddaa well what’s her name?” Julie asked, testing him.


His sister froze on the other side of the table.

“Katie…?” Julie asked.

“Jacobs. Katie Jacobs; I think you know her mother, Christie.”

“Mmm, Christie Jacobs,” she paused for a moment, trying to recall any Judy she might know, wondering if her son were just making up a name so she would stop bothering him. “No, I don’t think that rings any bells.”
“Oh, I thought you said she was one of your gym buddies?”

“No, although I do know a Christine Jenkins from the gym.”

“Oh, I must have gotten the two mixed up,” he said; his quick mind had escaped the mounting lie, with all the skill of a seasoned pro. He smiled inside his mind. “Anyway, Katie is a student at the university. We went out last night.”

“Well, I’m very glad to hear that,” she said, finally buying his story.

Across the table, Katie breathed easy once again, looking at her brother and smiling while shaking her head.

After dinner, Julie asked both the kids to wash up while she put her clothes in the basement washer, the larger of the two they owned. Just before she went downstairs, she cast a glance back over her shoulder towards Michael, admiring his strong shoulders as he stood at the sink. She sighed and descended to the basement, unaware of what she was feeling.

Katie punched Michael playfully in the arm while he was rinsing off the dishes.

“You jerk,” she said.

Laughing, he replied, “What, you didn’t think I would really tell her, did you?”

He grabbed her ass and shoved his tongue in her mouth. She kissed back for a moment, moaning, but then pulled away.

“Not while Mom’s home!” she said in a low voice. “Have you forgotten the near catastrophe of this morning? My heart can’t take too much more stress right now without exploding!”

“Ok, ok,” he said, giving in with a smile, “but you shoulda seen the look on your cute little face. It was classic.”


An hour later, around 6:30, Katie got a call from one of her girlfriends asking her to go out for a movie and drinks with some other girls. Figuring that since her mother was home, she had very little chance of getting it on with Michael, so she agreed.

“What time do you expect you’ll be back?” Julie asked.

“I dunno, probably eleven or twelve. Not too late.”

“Okay, have a good time. Be careful.”

“Thanks, Mom. I will.”

Michael watched as she headed for the door, regretting that there was not a chance to give it to her before she headed out. She looked back over her shoulder at him, pouting her lips and giving him puppy dog eyes.

Damn, she looks cute like that.

After Katie had gone, he went and plopped down on the couch and turned on the TV. Julie was sitting at her computer reading through her various emails and newsgroups.

Michael looked over at her, recalling staring at her ass earlier, and admired her figure. For being 37, her body was still in very good shape. She was wearing a sleeveless silk shirt and the same tight pants. Her hair, which was the same color as his and Katie’s, was pulled up from its usual shoulder length into a bun. Her figure was like her daughters, with curves in all the right places and in good proportions. He felt himself getting a little hot taking her image in. His inhibitions about lust had been torn down over the weekend, as had any about incest. He stared freely at her, beginning to wonder if he could have her as he had, repeatedly, had his sister. His thoughts were broken as she spoke:

“So why aren’t you out tonight? Thought you said you were dating someone,” she said, her attention still on the computer screen.

“Well we had one date; doesn’t mean I’m engaged to her.”

“You don’t like her then?”

“Oh I like her just fine; more than fine in fact, I just don’t want to get to smothery, y’know?”

“I understand. What about your friend Tim then?”

“Nah, he’s with some girl he picked up the same night. They hit it off pretty good, I guess.”

“Oh well. Guess you’ll have to spend your night at home with your mother, as embarrassing as that is.”

“Aw, it’s not embarrassing Mom.”

In fact, why don’t we relax a bit. You could start by taking off those clothes. How ’bout a nice massage followed by a nice relaxing FUCK? Moving a little fast aren’t you, chief? I don’t think so, no. Well, shit, you just fucked your sister for the first time a couple days ago. Yeah, and nearly every second since then, so? I dunno I’m just sayin–Look, did you think there was any chance of nailing Katie? No, guess not. Well that turned out pretty damned good didn’t it? Yeah, down right fucking excelente in fact, amigo. Well, if she was in to it, maybe Mom is too? Eh…maybe you’re right. Besides, don’t tell me that she hasn’t got a fucking hot body, now that I’m noticing it. You’re correctomondo, chief.

He continued staring at his mother, kaçak bahis thinking about fucking in her in different positions and making her come; all the dirty talk spewing from her mouth, just like it had from his sister.

Katie! Man, what a fucking trip it would be to fuck both of them together. A fucking threesome with my mother and sister, shit! Probably pass out again after that. Ménage à fuckin’ trois d’inceste! I’d finish by coming on both their faces…ahh yeah…

His cock had swollen and was making a nice lump in his pants. Thoughts, serious thoughts, of just going over to his mother and grabbing her tits from behind were entering into his mind. Besides, who really knew for sure what her reaction would be? Maybe incest was an accepted idea in the family. It certainly was between his sister and himself.

He imagined himself getting up and walking behind her. Grabbing her tits and kissing her neck. She would get up and turn around, kissing him lustily and gently squeezing his cock, then would remove her shirt, letting him suck on her tits while she moaned. They would both undress and move to the couch where he would start fucking her from behind, then sitting down while she rode him as she sat in his lap, like Katie had done. As they finished he would come on her face while she licked his cock clean. No! He would come deep inside her and she would sit in his lap riding out every last wave of her orgasm and milking his cock dry.

“Well, I think I’m going to go take a shower,” Julie said, standing up from the computer. “Would you mind putting my laundry into the dryer downstairs?”

“Sure, Mom,” he said, snapping out of his fantasy, “be glad to.”

“Thanks, sweetie.”

She headed up the stairs, with her sons eyes glued to her ass. Michael remembered going up to watch his sister when she went to shower a few days before, and the events that had followed. He went upstairs again, hoping to get the same glimpse of his mother as she headed to the shower naked.

He heard the faucets going and hoped he wasn’t too late. Stealthily, he stole up the stairs to his hiding spot. As he reached the top he was disappointed however: the door was shut and he could make out her shadow at the bottom, meaning she was already in there undressing.

Thinking of an alternative, he quickly formulated a plan. He headed down to the basement and put his mothers clothes into the dryer, as she had asked. Then he went back upstairs, this time going into his mothers bedroom, with which he had become very well acquainted over the weekend. Since her clothes were in the laundry, there was little chance that she would be rummaging through her closet, so he decided to conceal himself inside.

It was a walk-in style closet and offered him ample space to hide while still maintaining a perfect view of the room. With the light off, the closet was bathed in pitch black shadows that would make it impossible for someone outside to see a person within.

His cock hardened at the thought of seeing his mother naked and the minutes seemed to go by like hours as he waited. Finally he heard the shower stop. His cock got even harder and he got ready for her approach.

The door opened and in walked Julie, wrapped in a towel and one around her head. She closed the door behind her and moved to the bed. First, she took off the top towel and tossed it on the bed. Then she removed the towel from around her body and tossed it likewise. She was facing away from the closet when she did this, allowing Michael to only see her ass. He was hardly disappointed though, her ass was just as perfect as Katie’s, possibly a little better.

She walked to her dresser and picked up a brush and began to run it through her hair. She walked around as she did it, finally turning towards the closet, offering Michael a full view of her tits and pussy. Her tits were a little larger than Katie’s, and if possible, even more sexy. Her hips, a lttle wider. She had a slightly fuller figure than her daughter, which Michael found himself appreciating very much. Her pussy had a narrow strip of trimmed hair above it, but was otherwise clean shaven. He didn’t think that she dated or was sexually active beyond her own masturbation, so this puzzled him.

Maybe she just likes to keep it nice and neat. It’ll make it good when I’m eating her out. Oh keep going Mom.

When she was done brushing her hair, she walked back to the dresser and laid down the brush. She then turned and walked towards the closet. Michael panicked for a moment and did his best to bury himself behind some clothes.

She came in and turned on the light. He was now three feet away from his mother in all her nakedness. Thankfully, she could not detect him and she grabbed some silk sleeping garments. Her breasts were even more sexy up close, bouncing a little as she moved. He desperately wanted to pop out of the shadows and grab her, but he supposed that even if she would be willing to fuck him in ordinary circumstances, seeing someone pop out of her closet would probably not go over well.

She found what she wanted and turned off the light, leaving the closet and going back to the bed. He moved back to his position at the door and watched her dress.

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