A Responsive Mum Ch. 02

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The next morning mum came into Jack’s bedroom just after eight; she usually did this to let him know when breakfast would be ready. Jack smiled when he saw her; she smiled back, then said, “Breakfast will be ready in twenty minutes. I’ve already showered as I want to go to town. I have nothing to wear; it’s so long since I was last out. I’ve got an appointment with the hairdresser at two, can you fend for yourself at lunchtime or will I make you some sandwiches?”

Mum, I’ll be fine. I’ll manage to make something for myself. I think that I will look around here and also go to Uncle Bob’s house to make a list of his things, I’ll put them on an Excel file then it will be easier to keep a record of things. I know the combination of Uncle Bob’s safe, he gave it to me, but I’ve never opened it. Would you like us to do that together one day?”

“Jack, I trust you, do it if you want, or we can do it together next week have a look inside then you can tell me tonight what’s inside.”

Mum lent forward, and they kissed, it was a tongue kiss again, but this was tender and affectionate. Mum went downstairs; Jack joined her two minutes later. Mum made Jack a mug of tea then Jack said, “I’m going to be glued to my laptop the next few days, I want to research all the pieces of furniture and try and get a realistic value for them. Mum, Uncle Bob set up a PayPal account for my website offshore, we could use that then you wouldn’t be paying any tax, we can talk about it when I have more information.”

After breakfast mum left, it was just after nine; Jack tidied up then showered. He went around the house; he was amazed at the quality of the furniture and the furnishings. There was a lot of money in the contents of the house. Jack looked in his father’s bedroom; he was surprised that there weren’t many clothes there, it was a bare minimum of things. Jack was beginning to realise why mum disliked him so much. Jack then went into mum’s bedroom; everything was so neat. There were two gorgeous bedside cabinets beside mum’s bed; Jack opened the drawer of one, there was a selection of vibrators, dildos and strapons, there was also a couple of tubes of lube. Jack thought mum must enjoy anal. Then he saw a note; the handwriting was so neat, it read, “Hi Jo, sorry I didn’t see you today, I’ve changed your bed, and the washing is done and dried, I’ll iron on Friday. Yesterday, my package arrived from the toy shop; I’ve left the dildo that you ordered under your pillow. It’s long and thick, the way you like them. Hopefully, I can give you some fun with it on Friday. Love Babs x.”

Jack reread it then realised that mum and Babs Simpson were lovers. Babs was like Kate, tall with a curvy body. Kate could give a lot of pleasure; Jack was confident that her mum could do the same. Jack now knew that mum was getting relief from Babs, the same way as he was getting relief from Kate, it’s a small world. Jack went and made himself a coffee as he mulled things over in his mind. The idea of having sex with mum appealed to him as he found mum so attractive. He decided that he would start to bahis firmaları flirt with mum, if she responded, well and good, if she didn’t, then he would still give her all the love and help that he could.

Jack worked on researching all the main pieces in the downstairs living rooms. There was also a snooker room with a gorgeous oak snooker table. The room was beautiful with the oak panelling which complimented the table. He was listing pieces but not giving them a value until he knew what they were worth. Then he found a site that gave him prices that articles had realised at auction; this was a great find.

He made a cheese and tomato omelette for lunch. Just before two, he got a message from mum which read, “Jack, I’ve had a wonderful morning. I have found two excellent shops; they have just been opened. They are a boutique type of shop. I have bought several new outfits. I have enjoyed this so much. I haven’t bought anything new for years. I’ve bought several outfits with mini-skirts, I was a little apprehensive about this, but the lady in the shop said that I have the legs and figure to carry it off. The lady was excellent with colours, every outfit that I have bought suits me perfectly colour wise.”

“She also suggested that I have my hair cut and highlighted, she’s given me a picture of the style and hair colouring that will suit me best. I have also bought some lingerie, I feel so comfortable in it, and the bras don’t hurt my tits which have been a problem for years for me. I have taken the liberty of booking a table for seven, but they need the table for nine, I agreed to that. I’ll be home around five; I will soak in the bath then how about our meeting in the lounge around six-thirty for a glass of wine? Hope you got lunch sorted out. Love, mum, xx.”

Jack replied, “That sounds great mum, six-thirty is great for me. I’m glad that you have got nice things. I am sure that you’ll look good in everything. I made myself an omelette for lunch, it was good. I have one question, how do you want me to dress this evening? A suit or smart casual? Tell me what to wear, and I’ll do it as I don’t want to clash with what you’re wearing. Love Jack xx.”

Jack didn’t get a reply until two and a half hours later, Jack went out and bought several bottles of champagne, he put three in the fridge so they would be chilled for tonight. Mum’s message read, “Jack, your yellow Ralph Lauren shirt, your beige chinos, your Timberland deck shoes and a big smile for me. See you at six-thirty, love mum xx.”

Jack smiled then continued his research; the website was fantastic; it gave pictures, a condition report and price realised. He was now able to put a value on the different pieces. He went for a shower just after four; he noticed his pubic hair had grown, he then trimmed himself very close as Kate had told him that she didn’t like hair in her teeth. Jack preferred himself smooth as it made his groin area much more sensitive. He mum come home just after five, then heard her singing in the bath, he had never heard her do that before, she sounded pleased.

Jack kaçak iddaa went to the lounge at six-twenty with a wine cooler, bottle of champagne and two glasses. Mum came in precisely at six-thirty, she looked stunning, her hair and colouring suited her perfectly as did the jacket, blouse and mini-skirt she was wearing, she hugged Jack then said, “I want to kiss you, but I don’t want to mess up my lipstick and makeup.”

Jack opened the champagne as mum sat on the sofa, he could see the top of her self-supporting stockings, her legs looked beautiful. The bra mum was wearing was pushing her massive tits up and out, the looked fantastic. Jack told her that he now had a system which would give him value for everything they had. He told her he hadn’t time to go to Uncle Bob’s today, but maybe they both could go together tomorrow. At five to seven, they left for the restaurant.

Mum was wearing heels which was unusual for her. They held hands as they walked, mum was stroking Jack’s hand in a stimulating way, she had a delicate touch.

The meal was excellent; they had a starter and main course. They left the restaurant at a quarter to nine; Jack told the waiter that they would be back. When they arrived back at the house just after Jack had closed the front door, mum hugged him then kissed him passionately, her tongue was buried in Jack’s mouth. Jack’s hands and fingers were exploring her body; mum was doing the same to Jack, soon she found his erect cock, she started stroking the outline of his long thick cock erect in his chinos, it felt so good. Mum said, “Jack, have I made you so hard?”

“Yes mum, you arouse me so much, it feels so good when we kiss. I hope that it’s the same for you?”

“Darling, I love it too. I feel like a teenager on my first date; I wanted you last night. I wanted to come to your room, but I was scared to in case you would reject me, let me love you, Jack, as only a mother can?”

“I will love you, mum, as only a son can, I want to satisfy you in every way that I can, let me look after all your needs.”

Mum was undoing the buttons of her blouse as she led Jack to her bedroom. They both stripped naked in the bedroom then when mum saw Jack’s magnificent erect cock she said, “Jack, your cock is magnificent, it’s so long and thick, the head is so bulbous it is like a giant mushroom.”

Mum then went down on Jack; her lips and tongue were everywhere. Within seconds her lips were around the base of Jack’s cock, her head bobbing up and down as the head of Jack’s cock was hitting the walls of her throat. It felt so good; mum was doing this lovingly and thoughtfully, Jack was so worried that he would embarrass himself by cuming too quickly. He then lay mum on the top of her bed, and they began to 69.

Jack was impressed with mum’s vulva, it was smooth and swollen, he spread her cunt lips open, and out popped a huge hooded clitoris, he teased it with his tongue as he slid a finger inside her very wet cunt. Soon he was finger fucking her with three fingers as he sucked her large clit like a little cock. Jack kaçak bahis had now settled down; he wouldn’t be cuming prematurely as he was now in control of mum’s hungry cunt. Mum was purring with pleasure now as she pushed her pussy against Jack’s mouth, twice Jack had felt the warmth of mum’s cum in his mouth but he going knowing that soon she would have a more intensive orgasm.

A couple of minutes later mum flooded Jack’s mouth with her cum; it was a big one, mum said, “Baby, you’ve made mummy cum, that was so good, that was a strong orgasm, hold my cum in your mouth, don’t be greedy and swallow it. Come and cum kiss mummy then we can share mummy’s hot cum.”

It aroused Jack the way mum was talking; he knew now that the sex between them was going to be excellent. Mum then cum kissed Jack, both their tongues working hard, transferring her cum from her mouth into his. The look of satisfaction on mum’s face was fantastic, mum was loving what she was doing, she was comfortable with their foreplay.

Jack said, “Mum, your cum tastes so sweet, it’s delicious, are you ready for me now?”

“Jack, I’m ready, please be gentle at the beginning, when I get used to your magnificent cocktail then you can go harder and deeper, the last cock that I had was your father’s, and that was over eight years ago. I want to feel you inside me.”

“Mum, don’t worry, if you have any pain or discomfort then tell me, we’ve all weekend for you to get used to me, so there’s no rush, just you lie back and enjoy.”

Mum got into the missionary position; her legs were bent at the knees, Jack went on top of her, mum guided the head of his cock up and down her wet sex slit a couple of times then centred in the middle of her sex slit then said, “I’m ready.”

With a gentle push, Jack’s length slid inside mum; Jack went in and out a couple of times, it felt so good, mum had a tight pussy and powerful cunt muscles.

“Jack, it feels so good, you are filling me, my pussy feels stretched, but I have no pain, just a tingling sensation. The head of your cock is hitting my cervix; I’ve never had that before. Baby, I’m going to enjoy getting used to this.”

Jack now upped the tempo, mum responded by raising her legs into the air, she was holding her ankles, this allowed Jack to penetrate deeper. Mum was now adjusting her pussy to let Jack’s cock to go inside her at different angles; mum knew what she was doing. Mum said, “That’s so good, you’re going to make mummy cum, mummy wants to cum, make mummy cum for you.”

Jack was now pounding his mum’s pussy; the harder and deeper he went, the more she liked it. Five minutes later, they both climaxed simultaneously; Jack was happy that this had happened. It felt so good as he shot his load inside his mum’s hungry cunt, the lay in bed kissing and touching, Jack said, “Mum, I feel good, I’m so happy that we have done this, it was so natural, I hope that you enjoyed it too.”

Mum kissed Jack; she was stroking his still erect cock, she said, “Jack, that was the best fuck of my life, we can only get better at it as we get to know the other’s likes. Would you like from now to share my bed?”

“Mum, I would love that. I want to wake up every morning with you lying beside me then we’ll make love, what a wonderful way to start the day.”

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