Be Careful What You Hope For Ch. 04

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I could feel his cock soften a bit, but even then I was still filled to capacity. Certainly at this point, my ass had gotten to that sweet point of comfort where pain was totally out of the question and it just felt natural to have a cock in my ass. He had fucked me so well. I was riding this full body high. I actually even enjoyed holding him there between my legs and rubbing his back. His arms were wrapped under me and his hands were resting under my head with his head next to mine facing down. His breathing was just starting to settle when he took that one deep breath that we take when catching our breath. He gently pushed up and looked at me with a look of appreciation. He grabbed his cock, carefully holding on to the end of the condom, and withdrew his cock from my ass. It felt so good sliding out, making my ass crave it more.

He carefully removed the condom and then showed me the prize. I was amazed at the amount of cum that he was holding. It could have easily filled up a small shot glass. I wondered what that cum would have felt like erupting in my ass but I was happy with my decision to play safe for the time being.

I rolled over onto my belly and wiggled around loving the lasting sensations of having my ass plowed just moments before. I reached over and grabbed the joint that was left unfinished and sparked it up. He just smiled and stretched his body out a little bit. I handed him the joint and got up and went to the bathroom. I found a washcloth and soaked it with warm water and wrung it out. I returned to Bob and knelt before him and slowly wrapped his cock in the warm, moist washcloth. Taking my time, I bathed his penis and balls, carefully sliding back his abundant foreskin to clean him completely. Neither of us had said a word. We were both just soaking in this amazing time we were sharing.

I then returned the washcloth to the bathroom and while I was in there I glanced at myself in the mirror. I was caught off guard by what I saw. I saw a different “me” than I had ever seen before. I had just been fucked. I had just been fuck well. I had just been fuck so well that my face was rosy and I had this glow to my face that I was happy with. I rinsed out the washcloth and then wiped myself down a bit. I wasn’t sure what the rest of the night would hold but was content if that was all. Inside, though, I hoped that we were just getting started.

I walked back into the room where Bob was laid back on the bed, leaning against some pillows canlı bahis on the headboard of his bed. His cock was starting to show some life again. I guess he enjoyed the towel bath. He took another drag off the joint and offered it back to me.

I said. ” Actually, if it’s okay with you, I’d like to put something else in my mouth.”

I then crawled up on the bed, psyched to attempt my second blowjob ever. I really wanted to please my teacher. He had treated me so nicely so far.

Bob spread his legs and slid down the bed a little bit to lay back more. I rubbed his legs up and down lightly as I crawled into position. I was very excited to get a hold of his cock now. Earlier, positioned in a sideways 69, I wasn’t able to really get a good angle on his massive cock. This time, I had free range to move about however I needed to explore cock sucking. As eager as I was, I made myself slow down. I thought back to conversation that I had with a girlfriend of mine that loved to give head. She said she always approached it like it was a performance.

As I worked my hand up to Bob’s upper thighs, I looked into Bob’s eyes. Again, he knew this was a big moment for me. For the first time ever, I was in “control”. But we both knew that at the end of the day, his cock was in control of me.

“Thank you, Bob, for being so great to me.” I said. “This has been a spectacular first experience with a man. I really couldn’t have asked for a nicer person to explore my fantasies with.”

“It’s really my pleasure.” Bob said.

With that said, I moved my hands to his cock. I took a few moments to really just look at it and feel it. It was so warm and perfectly hard and soft at the same time. I lightly grazed my hand up and down his ten-inch shaft. I stopped at the bulbous head to feel of it and give it a light squeeze, sliding his foreskin down. I took one hand and cupped his big balls hanging loosely below, lifting them up and rolling them gently in my fingers. I then lowered my head slowly. I could sense his excitement and anticipation. I stuck out my tongue and dove deep to his special taint under his sack. I lifted up his balls with my tongue. He moaned with appreciation. As his balls hung split to each side of my tongue, I lightly flicked the crease of his body. He raised his knees up more to expose himself. I took one of his balls into my mouth and gently sucked on it all while licking it. Switching to the other, I lightly bumped his asshole with my bahis siteleri tongue. He flinched with encouragement. I sucked on his other ball for a moment while giving my next move some thought.

I really hadn’t ever considered eating out some dude’s ass before, or anyone’s for that matter. I really hadn’t considered that it would happen to me. But here I was. It had happened to me and I had the opportunity to do it.

I went back to licking Bob’s taint, teasing him with some downward strokes. With some more moans, Bob convinced me to dive in. I stuck my tongue out and pushed it against his ass hole and just held it there for a few seconds.

“Oh, God, yeah.” he whispered.

With firm pressure, I started to work circles around his pucker, feeling the complex ring of wrinkles. I started to lick at it as my saliva was running toward the tip of my tongue. I started to make long licking strokes from the back of this hole, over his hole, and then up to his ball sack. This was driving Bob crazy. I finally went in with my tongue to pierce his entry. I pressed my way in to his slobber soaked ass.

“YES! Just like that!”, Bob cried.

I started to fuck his ass with my tongue faster and faster. I was starting to get deeper in and feeling other textures of his opening. The smooth walls beyond his tight pucker were so inviting.

The thought then occurred to me that he may like to get fucked too. Most of what I understood about man sex was that there was typically a giver and a receiver or a top and a bottom. We had talked mainly about what I wanted but, actually, very little about what he desired.

After darting my tongue in and out of his ass to the point of my tongues exhaustion, I licked my way back up to his balls and nuzzled them once again. His cock was throbbing and hard as a rock. I looked at his cock head and it was oozing with pre-cum. I then started at the base of his shaft and slowly licked up to just under the head. I started to just flick my tongue under the edges of his head. I worked my tongue up each side of his cock from the base to the head. This was a lot of ground to cover considering how big his dick was.

I knew how much I loved getting hands free head from girls so I figured that would be a great way to start out with his cock in my mouth. So I finally reached the tip of his dick again and very slowly let him in. I softly closed my mouth around the meaty head and just held it there for a moment. I started bahis şirketleri to slide my tongue around it while it was in my mouth and could taste his pre-cum. My mouth was gushing saliva and it was running down his shaft. I had my hands on his hips, right wear his pockets would be, holding him down just a little.

I slowly lowered my mouth down his shaft, his cock head rubbing along the roof of my mouth toward my throat. I started to move my mouth up and down on his prick, trying my best to not let my teeth get him. He was just so big. Each time I went down I pushed a little further. Because his cock curves a bit back toward his body, I had some trouble getting passed a certain point. I wanted more though. I then moved my body and threw a leg over his chest so my ass was basically in his face. I wasn’t really going for anything but a better angle on his cock.

I took his cock back into my mouth and it was an amazing difference. His cock just curved with my tongue and contours of my mouth and I was able to really get to work. As I sucked on his cock, I found myself able to go further and further down his shaft. I pushed myself and got the head into my throat. My hands found their way under his ass and I was able to then pull my head down, forcing his cock into my mouth and throat further.

“Oh, yes! You’re doing great, baby! Suck that big cock!” Bob moaned.

I closed my eyes and sunk into a rhythm. It was fascinating. I was sucking cock. And from what I could gather from Bob’s response, I was sucking cock well! He was moaning and squirming like crazy. He was reaching up over my back to my neck and was starting to push my head down. I opened my eyes and saw how close my nose was to his balls. I was deep throating this man’s cock. I sucked furiously and I watched as his balls began to tighten up to his body. I knew he was close to cumming.

“Shit! This is amazing! Keep sucking! I’m gonna cum!”

And within moments, as he held my head in place for a moment, streams of Bob’s hot cum were shooting into my mouth and down my throat. I did my best to swallow it all but some leaked out of the side of my mouth and down his shaft. I kept working on his cock until his orgasm subsided. As his cock began to soften in my mouth, I continued to suck up the remaining cum and juices. I let his cock slide out and rested my head on him. As I lay there catching my breath, I was pleased. I had done well. I had sucked that big cock to completion. I closed my eyes as Bob’s hands started to rub my back and shoulders in appreciation.

“That was phenomenal. Are you sure you’ve never done this?” he asked.

“First time.” I said as I felt his tongue slide up my ass crack…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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