Bathhouse Comparisons Ch. 01

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The weather finally being nice on Wednesday, I rode to a nearby city to explore a different bathhouse. Checking the directions a last time, I noticed that Wednesday between 1pm and 2pm had a 15% reduced admission, a possible signal of it being quite empty then.

Leading to the thought that motorcycling to the baths is a bit counter cyclical, as the best weather for one activity is generally the worst for the weather. My local bathhouse offers a noticeable discount in the summer, as the number of visitors distinctly declines then.

This bathhouse was on the 5th floor, with visitors being buzzed in at the ground level. Being a newcomer, it took a bit before I found the button to press, with the door opening promptly. Much more promptly than the amount of time it took me to reach the top floor after climbing the flights of stairs.

I handed over my helmet, getting the accustomed towel and a wrist/ankle band with a key and a locker number.The decor in general was more subdued and more modern – distinctly less sauna and more club like, appealing to ‘gay boys.’ Drinking my accustomed beer, I went through several pamphlets, from the same source as the one I’d perused in a foreign country. Each pamphlet had a large ad for the big city bathhouse that I’d visited last spring. Providing at least a possible explanation for a similar feeling when sitting here for the first time.

The place was quite empty, the attendant busy, though not rushed. Bringing my beer to the Internet terminal, it took a couple of minutes to notice the typed strip of paper on the backlit keyboard, saying no eating or drinking.

I spent a while exploring, but essentially everywhere was empty. Not exactly a bad thing, as my exploration was definitely clumsy in the unfamiliar dimness of the large steam room, or through the cabins area. Where I did my first hit of rush, watching some gay porn on the screen, sitting in a sling, my feet in the stirrups – with no one walking by.

I went down the staircase, finding another dim area, taking a bit to discover the right way to canlı bahis go. There was another sling room, though without any chance to watch porn, and a larger porn area, with four individual chairs in a row and a fairly thin set of padded risers. Several men were already there, getting hard, so I went in, sitting at the far end of the top row.

Getting hard, finally making skin contact with the turned on man next to me, it never developed into a very mutual feel. His hand was nice sliding on my hard shaft, and he certainly enjoyed my stroking to the point of almost cumming, but somehow, there was a strange distance involved. Not exactly a barrier to mutual enjoyment, both of us being hard – just like the other two men watching us.

An almost familiar distance, resembling something of the same feel at a ‘health club’ in the same city, one I had also ridden to at the start of another motorcycling season. Talking with the club’s apparent naked owner, he remained very insistent that this establishment was not a ‘sauna,’ and in a sense, he was right. There are places to cruise, and there are places to indulge more sweaty pleasures with plenty of water flowing. Different bathhouses, or ‘clubs,’ set the standard differently. Perhaps such distance is to be expected in a bigger city, or maybe it is just a regional variation.

He left first, and I made another round of exploration in the deserted downstairs section. Doing a hit of rush in the other leather sling, noting how it was pretty much identical to the one in the other level. Wishing that someone would come by so we could play – again remaining an unmet hope.

Going back up the metal staircase to the middle level, two men were witting in the lounge chairs. I could see how they were both looking at a large flat screen angled at the top of the stairwell, which I hadn’t really noticed previously. I was just holding my towel, with a vague sense of modesty, in front of me, but walking by, it was obvious that the pair was getting deliciously horny, making me pause at the end of the lounge area, starting to bahis siteleri touch myself as I watched how their hands began fondling each other.

They each knew I was there, both having turned their heads as I walked by, then glancing over once or twice as I began to jack off, looking at their sexy cocks. All of us were getting delightfully turned on, the newness of the experience for me adding to a rising wave of pure sluttiness.

I followed their gaze to discover the cocksucking pair on the screen, no longer concerned about how public this area seemed to be. The dark hair man sitting in the lounger next to me was maybe in his late 30s. His cock was nicely aroused when he stood up, turning to the older man underneath him, a hand beginning to tweak a nipple. The view of the sitting man’s cock was unobstructed, but my imagination enjoyed speculating on what was happening that I could not see.

Until the standing man bent down, his mouth covering the other man’s jutting cock, making him sigh in pure bliss. Seeing the blow job start, I put my towel on the top of the cocksucker’s chair, stepping closer, hand reaching for his exposed ass.

Soon, my hand was going between his legs, encountering the wandering hand of the older man. We shared this hard cock for a bit, our fingers entwining, my moaning getting louder as I kept jerking off, looking down at the hot cocksucking. The laying man shifted position, and it appeared as he had begun sucking the standing man off. A belief that fit with how his hot anal ring was clenching rhythmically against my finger.

Having sex in the stairway landing watching porn did not seem particularly bathhouse style, though the sex club aspect was obvious. Including how a couple men walked on by, looking at us, but not interested in our fairly self-sufficient fun. The bending cocksucker suddenly straightened, abruptly moving back from the laying man, quickly bending again to pick up his towel.

With the space free, I spread my towel over the lounger, positioning it to have a better view of the screen – and to bahis şirketleri be closer to the man with the glistening erection next to me. His hand quickly found my cock, replacing mine. Touching his rod, I felt his slippery wetness, and soon, we both grunting in time to our jacking off. The porn showed a man with a hard cock getting rimmed, and while watching it, both of us neared the edge of orgasm, before letting the intensity fade down a bit.

He shifted position, moving the lounger so it was angled against mine, providing perfect access for our hands to rub each other’s cocks and nipples. Several other men walked by while this was going on, again apparently uninterested. Essentially meaningless observations, especially when he bent down to kiss my cock. The first couple of licks were heavenly while grasping his sexy rod. Temptation almost overwhelmed me, making it a struggle to say ‘condom.’

Causing him to pull back a bit, his hand returning to my cock, spreading a delightful mixture of his saliva and my pre-cum over my cockhead. The sensation made me gasp, and he could tell its effect from how my hand slackened along his rigid shaft. A third man joined us at some point, his finger beginning to touch my nipple, making me almost cum again.

Soon, a stranger’s cock in each hand, both of them were stroking mine, their fingers meeting each other. I watched them enjoy themselves, looking down at how they were playing with my cock and each other.

Slowly, I stood, freeing up the lounger for the new man, my right hand guiding the still standing man’s cock downwards. As he sat, then stretched out, I left unsteadily, going back down the stairs, expanding my explorations in what turned out to be a still essentially deserted space.

The discovery of a large number of glory holes downstairs was interesting, though for today, at least, it made no difference, as no one was around. The lack of porn was also a drawback, since cumming and watching hot porn is something I really enjoy, one of the addictive charms of getting off at a gloryhole.

I left in the later afternoon, with a favorable if less than enthusiastic opinion, realizing this bathhouse/sex club combination was not exactly tempting compared to the necessary travel, though interesting enough as a variation.

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