Belinda’s Schooling

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Belinda felt restless. The room was too small and there wasn’t enough air. She looked longingly at the door then down at the open history book on her lap. Her history final was tomorrow; it was her last and toughest final before the summer break. She couldn’t afford to blow it off. But then again, she couldn’t afford to go insane either. She looked towards the lone bed in the room, where her roommate and lover lay sprawled in nothing more than a skimpy pair of panties, flipping through a fashion magazine.

“Tabby, “ Belinda said, getting the other girl’s attention. Where Belinda was petite and well developed, Tabitha was tall and willowy. Both very different and both very beautiful.

“Hmmm,” was Tabitha’s response.

“Tell me exactly why you haven’t opened your book to study for this final and why you don’t seem a bit worried about the stupid thing?” Belinda demanded, pushing her red hair out of her eyes.

Tabitha smiled, her lips full and red even without any lipstick, her eyes mischievous, “Because, my darling Bel, I made Professor Thomas an offer he just couldn’t refuse.”

“Really? And exactly what was this offer?”

“An A not just for the exam, but for his class as well and for the both of us,” at Belinda’s curious glance, Tabitha laughed, “I would have told you earlier but you look so damn cute studying.”

Belinda shook her head, closing her book, turned to look at Tabitha, “And in return for these A’s, what exactly was it that you offered him?”


“Excuse me?”

“You, to do anything he wishes to do for the weekend.” “And yet again, I repeat myself, excuse me?”

“I offered him myself, but it seems the good doctor likes them small and sweet, and knowing how cute you think he is, it’s perfect. You let him fuck you a couple of times, you give him a couple of blow jobs, and we both get A’s, without having to take the stupid final. Ain’t it great?”

“And exactly when were you going to mention this brilliant plan to me?” Belinda asked angrily.

Tabitha shrugged, “Eventually, and canlı bahis definitely before tomorrow’s exam. That’s when the weekend begins. You’re supposed to stay behind after everyone finishes their exams.”

“It’s insane, Tabitha and I’m not doing it. It’s ridiculous and you fucking could have discussed it with me. Before you traded me for a grade.”

Tabitha got up from the bed, walked towards Belinda took her face in her hands, “Of course you’re going to do this, Bel, darling. You have to because we both know that neither one of us has a prayer in hell of passing this class without some help.”

Belinda started shaking her head no. Tabitha moved her grip to Belinda’s hair. Gripping it tight she pulled Belinda up from the chair, lowering her face until her lips brushed softly over Belinda’s mouth, “Besides, you have to do this for me.”

Tabitha tightened her grip on Belinda’s hair until she heard Belinda whimper, her lips gently brushing against the red head’s, “Say you’ll do this for me, Bel,” Tabitha whispered into Belinda’s mouth.

“I’ll do this for you,” Belinda gasped out, her scalp on fire, “I’ll do anything for you.”

Tabitha smiled as she crushed her mouth down on Belinda’s, hard, bruising, biting on Belinda’s lips until she heard the girl sob in pain, then she gentled her grip, her hands caressing Belinda’s hair, her mouth tenderly kissing her, “You’re such a good girl, Bel.”

“Such a good, good, girl,” Tabitha kept murmuring as she gently kissed Belinda’s lips. Her tongue tasting Belinda’s skin while her hands moved over Bel’s body and under her shirt. Tabitha’s hands moved up over Belinda’s body until they cupped Bel’s naked breasts. Her thumbs moving across Belinda’s hardening nipples, catching Bel’s sigh into her mouth.

Belinda moved her hands over Tabitha’s bare back, caressing cool skin as she tried to push herself closer to Tabitha’s body. The two girls slowly removed each other’s clothing, their hands gently, loving as the explored the other’s body. Moans escaped from parted lips as flesh met flesh and lips locked bahis siteleri once more in a tender kiss.

Soon the girls were on the bed with Belinda on top of Tabitha slowly kissing her way down. Belinda’s lips gently biting and licking Tab’s neck and shoulders before moving on to her breasts. Belinda slowly licked Tabitha’s right breast, her tongue moving gently over the hard nipple, before taking the nipple into her mouth and gently suckling on it. Belinda’s hand squeezing and gently caressing Tabitha’s left breast, grazing the nipple lightly with her fingers. Belinda took Tabitha’s nipple between her teeth biting and pulling on it gently. Tabitha grabbed Belinda’s hair, keeping her close as she moaned softly. Belinda slowly moved to Tabitha’s left breast and repeated the process. Licking the hard nipple, suckling on it like a child, then gently biting down and pulling on the nipple until another moaned escaped through Tabitha’s parted lips.

Belinda worked her way down Tabitha’s body; her mouth tasting and caressing until she got right above Tabitha’s pussy. Taking a deep breath, Belinda exhaled right over Tabitha’s shaved pussy, cool air hitting Tabitha’s hot wet pussy.

Tabitha sighed deeply, and on a moan said, “Yeah, Bel, taste me, I want to feel your mouth on my pussy.”

Belinda bent down as if ready to do as Tabitha had requested, but instead moved down to Tabitha’s feet. Tabitha groaned loudly as Belinda’s mouth was removed from the vicinity of her pussy then leaned back on the pillows and sighed as she felt Belinda’s mouth work its way up her legs.

Belinda worked her way up Tabitha’s legs, until she once more reached Tab’s pussy. She placed he open lips on Tabitha’s pussy and kissed it, much like she would Tab’s mouth. Belinda’s tongue pushed its way into Tabitha’s pussy for a quick taste before retreating. Belinda licked Tabitha’s slit much like she would a dripping ice cream cone, one long, slow stroke.

Tabitha’s whole body arched as she felt Bel’s tongue stroke her pussy and briefly flutter over her aching clit. Belinda bahis şirketleri opened Tab’s lips with her fingers before pushing her mouth down on Tab’s pussy. Her nose inhaling the Tabitha’s scent, while her tongue explored and tasted Tab’s opening. Belinda moved her face up until her tongue was over Tabitha’s clit. She began to gently suck on it, biting down slowly while Tabitha thrust her hips up wanting more.

Belinda slowly worked three of her fingers into Tabitha’s pussy, while she continued to lick and suck on her clit. Belinda worked her fingers in and out of Tabitha’s pussy until Tabitha’s moans became louder and her juices covered Belinda’s hand.

“Oh, god, oh, god,” Tabitha began, over and over again, a litany to the rhythm of Belinda’s fingers. With Tabitha getting closer and closer to the edge of her orgasm, Belinda inserted her other two fingers into Tabitha’s pussy. Until her whole hand was enveloped by Tabitha’s wetness. Belinda slowly curled her fingers into a fist, and began to move her fist inside Tabitha’s cunt, while her teeth gently scraped on her clit. Belinda felt Tabitha’s pussy walls contract around her fist just seconds before Tabitha’s final scream of satisfaction. With one final grunt Tabitha lifter her hips up and pushed roughly against Belinda’s hand taking Bel’s fist deeper into her cunt before falling back down, gasping to regain her breath. Belinda gently removed her hand from inside Tabitha’s pussy, listening to her final moan. Belinda sat down leaning against the footboard, facing Tabitha her own pussy wet and aching. She slowly licked her hand clean of Tabitha’s juices savoring the taste. Tabitha with half-closed eyes watched as Belinda started to play with herself. She watched as Belinda stroke and pulled on her own nipples, before moving her hand down toward her pussy. Watching Belinda slowly finger herself, made Tabitha ache her own pussy feeling unbelievably empty. Gathering her strength Tabitha pulled herself up, kneeled in front of Belinda, and slowly kissed her, “I love you, Bel,” she whispered.

“I love you, too, “ Belinda replied her voice thready as her fingers moved along her own clit. Tabitha moved her hand down to join Belinda’s. Fingers intertwined they finger fucked Belinda until her eyes went dreamy and on a low moan she came.

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