Bigrig Ch. 03

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The next morning Greg woke up with a start. “What time is it?” He turned reaching over Bruce grabbing the clock on the nightstand. They had both went to sleep not long after making love. Neither of them had meant to go to sleep. And they had both forgotten Greg had to be up early the next morning. “Shit…” he clamored out of bed running naked into the shower.

Bruce picked up the clock looking at the time. “Greg…” he called out to the man. “It’s only two-thirty.”

“I gotta get ready to go.” Greg called back.

“But it’s only two-thirty.” Bruce called louder.

“No! It’s four-thirty.” the man came curiously out of the bathroom.

“It’s two-thirty, Baby. You’re half asleep.” Bruce laughed lightly.

“No…” he went to the bed snatching the wind up clock from his hand. Looking hard at it he saw the man was right. It was two-thirty. Shoving the thing back at Bruce he laughed. “Set this thing, would you?”

Bruce laughed. “When this thing with Jonathan’s Uncle is over with, move in with me. I’ve been thinking it over and that’s what I want. And I won’t take no for an answer. I want you to move in. Get outta that leased apartment of yours and live here with us.”

“Okay…” Greg stared at him his voice elevated a little more than usual.

“Don’t start that feminine act with me. You know I hate that.” Bruce warned, as he set the alarm then set the clock on the nightstand.

“I know. That’s why I was doing it. To piss you off.” the doctor chuckled as he got back into bed.

Bruce curled his arms around him rolling onto his side to face him. Kissing the man soundly he allowed his hands to travel over Greg’s body greedily. This was the kind of lovemaking he enjoyed more than anything. The soft touches… The gentle kisses… The slow gentle lovemaking that lasts for hours.

Still, he understood Greg’s need. Having been sexually abused as a child Greg now needed to be treated cruelly from time to time.

And Bruce had accidentally been referred to him when he was much younger. The first time they met he had noticed Greg staring him up and down.

“I need to check your prostate.” the sad man stated as he did the DOT exam on him.

“You’re not gonna marry me when you’re done, are ya?” Bruce teased the man lightly.

Greg smiled suddenly.

“That’s nice, Doc.” He boldly reached up cupping the man’s cheek in a gentle hand. “You look so very lonely.”

“I am,” he looked at the name on the chart. “Bruce?”

“M, Hmm.” Bruce gently let the hand travel back into his short dark hair grasping it in his fist. “You should come by my place when you get off. I’ll get you off.” He teased again as he pulled the man closer.

“Call me around five. Tell me how to get to your place.” The doctor returned huskily.

Their lips met. Bruce pushed his tongue into the doctor’s mouth forcefully. Greg moaned softly as Bruce now laid back on the exam table pulling him down with him so very slowly so not to alarm the man. His hands roamed the man’s body inertly afraid he would come to his senses too quickly and stop him.

But to his surprise the doctor grasped one of his hands placing it over his privates. Rubbing himself with it he moaned urgently. Their kiss heated. Bruce circled him in his free arm. He soon fumbled for the man’s zipper easing it down slowly. Reaching in he pulled out the swollen flesh stroking it slowly at first.

The doctor sucked air between his teeth as the initial feel of Bruce’s hand surrounding him. He stared down into his patient’s face with so much need. Having not been touched this way for so very long his need was great.

“You come home to me. I’ll make you feel very loved.” Bruce whispered.

“I have no doubt you will.” The doctor smiled slightly. “Can you draw me a map?” He raised up backing away from the man’s grasp fixing himself before they got caught.

“Of course I will. Give me a pen and paper. I’ll draw you a map in a jiffy.” Bruce smiled at the man so sensually.

Greg turned peeling off a form from a pad giving him his own pen to write with. Very shortly Bruce had the map drawn and explained it to him in full. Greg sat on a clinical rolling chair as the man stood over him telling him the directions.

“I’ll even fix dinner for you.” he ended the explanation.

“Okay…” Greg seemed as though he didn’t expect anything great from him. But when he arrived, Bruce was ready for him. Opening the door, he let the doctor in. Embracing him gently, he pressed his body against him, kissing him fully. The doctor surrounded him in his arms receiving such a warm welcome. When Bruce backed away, he led the man into the kitchen where the lights were off and candles lit the room with a warm romantic glow.

Seating the man, he served him wine and a plate of delicious food. They talked quietly getting to know one another. They then retired into the bedroom. Bruce brought the wine and fresh glasses. Relaxing for more than an hour, Bruce probed Greg for likes and dislikes. But Greg had not been totally honest with the man for bedava bahis fear he would think him strange or demented.

As they began to make love Greg began to beg him for exactly what he had said he didn’t like. Though Bruce was somewhat unsettled about him not being honest with him he gave the man what he needed.

“Why did you lie to me?” he asked as they lay silently cuddling in the aftermath.

“I was afraid you’d think I’m a freak.” Greg answered solemnly.

“I’m not everyone else, Greg. You have nothing to worry about. If that’s what you think you need, I’m more than willing. But I won’t hurt you in a way that is disfiguring or will cause serious damage.”

Greg entered Jonathan’s room early that morning. His smile was bright and he seemed to have an added bounce to his step.

“Hey, Doc. Looks like you relieved some pressure last night.” the youth’s larengytic voice squeaked at him.

Greg chuckled. “That I did, Jonathan. And I want to thank you.” he leaned over the bed railing whispering as he tapped lightly the kid’s nose.

“You’re welcome.” the youth returned with a triumphant smile.

“You’re still not improving as fast as I had hoped you would.” he glanced at the chart at the end of his bed. “You believe in herbal medicine, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.” Jonathan stared into the man’s face watching his reactions as he read the chart.

“If I got you some would you take ’em?” Greg asked then.

“Yes.” Jonathan was tired of being sick now. He wanted to get out of this hospital. The longer he stayed there the more of a danger there was of his Uncle finding him.

“Good. The antibiotic I’m giving you is not killing off the bacteria well enough to help you get better. I’m going to go to a stronger one and supplement that with some herbal stuff.” The doctor looked up at him as he wrote on the chart furiously. “We’ll get you outta here as soon as we can. I know you’re urgent to leave. But relax. We have a guard on your room 24/7. No one goes in or out without it being known.”

Jonathan nodded. Still he didn’t trust that. His Uncle was a very creative man. It would be easy for him to find some way to get to him if he really wanted to. And knowing the man would be anxious to find him and take him back home he would let nothing stand in his way of doing just that.

“Bruce has some friends of his own and they are workin’ on keepin’ you where you want to stay. We have a few things to go over with you once you get home. So, you just keep your guard up and don’t get too comfortable as of yet.” the doctor advised the youth.

“We?” Jonathan grinned wryly.

“Yes, we…” Greg came around to the bedside looking down into the youth’s face. “You did it. In one conversation you made him realize just what we both wanted but never said it to each other.”

Jonathan’s smile widened. “Good. I’m glad I could help.”

“Okay. I have a few other patients I need to look in on. You rest and I’ll put in this order in for you.” he turned leaving the room.

Jonathan looked around the room… alone again. He turned on the television watching a program for a few moments. Restless he put the railing down closest to the window and furthest from the door. Easing out of bed, he looked around the room beginning to plan in his mind what to do if his Uncle were to find him. Crouching down he found a vantagepoint at which he could watch the man enter.

At that moment the door eased open. No one was scheduled to be in the room at the moment. He felt his breath caught in his throat. The person approached the bed.

“Jonathan…” The familiar voice spoke softly to him.

The youth rose slowly.

“What the hell are you doing out of bed?” Bruce fussed.

“I’m scared, Bruce. Every day I’m here is one more day he can find me.” The youth replied the fear in his eyes was evident.

Bruce came around the bed. He hugged him close for a moment then gathered him in his arms. Putting the youth back into bed he pulled the covers over him.

“Would you like me to stay here with you? Would that make you feel better?” Bruce almost whispered.

“Yes. It would make me feel a lot better.” Jonathan stated then.

A nurse entered the room bringing the youth his meal. She put the tray on a roll away table pushing it up to the youth. Then she moved around Bruce injecting something into the I.V.

“What’s that?” Jonathan asked not trusting anyone at the hospital except his doctor and Bruce.

“It’s something Dr. Carroll ordered for you.” She informed him with a sigh.

“Is it the new antibiotic?” Jonathan pressed.

“Yes, Jonathan. It is.” The woman returned a little short.

“Okay, just askin’.” The youth shrugged.

The nurse left the room in a bit of a hurry.

Jonathan looked at the tray not really hungry. “Bruce,”

“Yes, Baby?” The man lifted the tray cover for the teen opening the bowls and cups for him.

“I wanna go home.” His chin quivered as he spoke.

Bruce looked sharply at him. “You mean my house, bedava bonus home?”

“Yes. Please?” A tear slipped down his face as he nodded.

“I’ll talk to Greg. See if we can do something.” Bruce opened the plastic ware package. “Now eat for me. You need your strength if he does come lookin’ for ya.”

Jonathan pushed himself up in the bed as Bruce pushed the table closer. Taking the spoon in hand he began to slowly sip the broth. Bruce stood over him watching the youth eat for the first time since he had eaten with him in the truck stop. Insuring the youth ate every bite he stayed right by his bed until he finished the entire meal. He then moved the chair by the window closer to the bed so he could see the television. There he sat.

About an hour later Greg stepped into the room. He went straight to the bed handing the youth a small portion cup with several pills in it. “Take these, Jonathan.” He said as he looked over seeing Bruce sitting there. “What are you doin’ here? You should be home. You can’t stay in here with him.” The man fussed.

“Doc, I asked him to stay with me! I need him here with me! Either he stays or I go. It’s that simple.” Jonathan was firm straining his voice to be heard.

“Alright, Jonathan… but I understand you’re askin’ my nurse a lot of questions. You don’t trust us, do you?” Greg asked then.

“I trust you… That it… Just you and Bruce.” Jonathan stated.

“But why would one of my nurses do something bad to you?” Greg asked him then.

“There’s no tellin’ what my Uncle could get one of them to do.” the youth stared at him seriously.

“Hmp…” Greg thought about it for a moment.

“And what if I’m asleep and he comes in here?”

“Okay… Bruce can stay. If it’ll make you feel better, that’s fine. I just want you to get better so we can send you home. Now take those pills.”

Jonathan emptied the small cup into his mouth washing it down with the last of the orange juice. Greg took the cup from the youth tossing it into the trash.

Three days later Bruce wheeled the youth out to his car. He lifted the youth putting him into the passenger seat. Closing the door he glanced around to see if anything looked unusual before he got into the driver’s seat. He took the long way around town to be sure they were not followed. When he was sure they were safe he took the youth home.

They drove down a long dirt road that was completely lined with trees. The road seemed to stop and Bruce wheeled them to the left into a very large yard. The two-story house that stood toward the back of the property was a sight to behold. The old style southern home was white with country blue trim and shutters. It had four columns in front supporting a high pitched roof creating a very comely front porch. The steps that led up to the porch, were tile along with the floor of the porch itself.

“Wait here while I check the house, Jonathan.” Bruce stated as he got out of the car. He disappeared around the back of the house and was gone for what seemed a very long time. Then the front door opened. Bruce emerged looking around thoroughly as he moved to the car quickly. Getting back into the car he drove it into the extremely large garage closing the door as soon as he was inside.

“I was wondering where your truck was.” Jonathan looked over at the huge black Pete beside them.

“That’s where I keep ‘er when I’m not drivin’, Baby.” Bruce informed him quietly. “Let’s get you inside. When we get inside stay away from the windows. You hear?”

“Yes, sir.” Jonathan answered quickly knowing the man was being very cautious for his sake.

Bruce got out of the car going to the passenger side. He opened the door helping the youth to his feet. Then lifting him, he carried him into the house. Putting him down he locked the door behind them. He then led him through the house to his living room. He urged him through a long hallway on the way from the garage. They passed several doors until the hall opened to a large room and stairs off to the right, the front door to the left.

The large room was the living room, which seemed to make up the larger part of the downstairs. A huge sectional sofa sat under the big bay window to the left. Two large end tables on each end of the sofa had lamps with hand painted lampshades. A glass top coffee table was set before the sofa. A big screen television set almost directly in front of them on the other side of the room was encased by two bookshelves on both sides with movies and books filling the shelves. There was also a large comfortable recliner right in front of them on the side of the room where they stood.

“You hungry?” Bruce asked as he moved to the television turning it on.

“Yeah.” Jonathan sat up a bit looking at the large screen as a picture came into view.

“Doc said you could start eatin’ some solid foods now. You want a grilled cheese sandwich, or peanut butter and jelly?”

“Grilled cheese.” Jonathan’s mouth watered right away.

“Good.” Bruce smiled as he pushed through deneme bonusu the swinging doors to the kitchen.

It was then that Jonathan noticed the bar in the corner. Every kind of liquor he could think of was in the tall glass case. The case almost appeared to be a curio cabinet. Jonathan wondered if it had been at one time. He noticed the rich mahogany wood that was polished to a glossy shine.

Bruce soon brought out the sandwich for the youth giving it to him on a paper plate with a napkin. He also brought the youth a cola, and his medicines. Jonathan sat up taking the medicines first then the drink and the sandwich. Bruce sat in his recliner eating one of his own. Jonathan ate slowly having not eaten solid food in a long time. When he finished he rested on the pillow there quickly going to sleep.

Jonathan didn’t wake again until he heard voices in the kitchen. Getting up slowly he went through the swinging doors into the kitchen seeing Greg and Bruce making dinner together.

“Bruce…” Jonathan’s still squeaky voice caught their attention.

“Yeah, Babe?” The two men turned seeing him standing in the doorway.

“Where’s your bathroom?”

“Damn. I forgot to show you that.” The man moved quickly toward him.

Jonathan backed away letting the man through the door. He followed him back down the hall to the first door on the right. Bruce opened the door for him. “There you go.” He smiled gently as Jonathan entered the room.

“Thanks…” The youth went in and straight to the toilet.

“You’re welcome, babe.” The man answered then closed the door giving the youth some privacy. He made his way back to the kitchen.

“Is he alright?” Greg asked when he returned.

“Yeah… Nature call.” Bruce jested.

“Oh…” the doctor went back to the vegetables once more.

“What are you guys cookin’ up?” Jonathan asked startling them both. “Damn, Baby! Don’t do that shit!” Bruce fussed.

“What shit. What’d I do?” Jonathan was alarmed now.

“You scared the hell outta us. Sneakin’ up on us like that.” The man returned emphatically.

“Sorry…” Jonathan sat down at the table. “You guys need my help?”

“Naa. You just sit there and relax. We’re almost done here anyway.” Bruce turned back to the stove again while Greg went back to the veggies.

“Good to see you two together.” Jonathan commented.

“Yeah? You think so?” Bruce joked.

“Yeah, I do.” Jonathan replied honestly.

“Okay. This is done.” he turned the fire off placing a lid on the pot to keep it warm. “You ’bout done there?” He asked Greg.

“Yes. Just gotta put the salads together now.” The man piled some lettuce on the three plates on the counter.

“Don’t make me a big one. I can’t eat it.” Jonathan informed him.

“Okay, babe.” Greg returned taking some of the lettuce off one plate.

Greg finished the salads quickly then put them at the three places on the table. Bruce grabbed the dressings out of the refrigerator just behind Jonathan. Putting them on the table the two men sat with Jonathan to eat. Jonathan chose the house dressing pouring it lightly on the salad. Putting it back in its place he picked up his fork beginning to eat slowly.

“Jonathan, there are a few things we want to go over with you. This is for your safety while you’re at home and out on the road.” Bruce began.

Jonathan nodded chewing his food as he listened.

“First, like I told you earlier, stay away from the windows.” He began. “Don’t even go peaking out the curtains for any reason. Don’t go upstairs unless one of us is with you. And stay out of the poolroom without one of us. You really don’t need to be in the poolroom right now. You’d be a sittin’ duck in there anyway.

“On the road, stay in the truck unless I’m with you. If I’m sleeping use the portable toilet in the sleeper. But don’t leave the truck for any reason without me. In the truck stops, do not talk to anyone. Use the restroom before we go into the restaurants. And if you have to go during a meal, I must go with you. You will not go alone. If the truck is parked for any length of time the front curtain must stay closed. Do not open it. And do not peek out of it. Understand?”

“Sure…” Jonathan returned quickly.

“Even if I take you with me to town, stay with me… Or Greg… Don’t go wonderin’ off somewhere.” Bruce shook his finger at the youth as he spoke the last.

“Okay…” Jonathan answered understanding his point completely.

“If I have to go back on the road before you get well enough you’ll have to stay home until Greg gets off from work. While you’re home you stay quiet. Keep the television down and like I said, stay away from the windows. Keep the drapes drawn. And do not go outside for any reason. Greg will collect the mail while I’m not home. Okay?”

“Okay…” Jonathan smiled a little.

“When you get to feeling better I’m gonna show you a couple hiddin’ places in the house if nobody’s home or even if we are here and you’re life is in danger.”

“Okay…” The youth nodded.

“Okay, eat your salad.” Bruce picked up his fork digging in.

Jonathan ate his salad and a small part of the meal. He filled up quickly feeling tired again afterward. Still he sat up with them for more than an hour until he couldn’t stand it any more.

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