Biochem Boys Ch. 02

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“Um…Ryan I’m not sure. I’m thinking about it…I can tell you that much.”

Nate hesitated, his words were coming out faster than he could think.

“Jesus! Ryan, anyone would be a fool to pass up their chance to fuck with you…at least…any girl.”

Nate was confused, he wanted to say no and pretend it never happened. At the same time he wanted to say, his growing erection was begging him to say yes. Physically, sexually he wanted it. Emotionally he both wanted it and wasn’t sure if he should. He decided to give in a little, but still be able to back out if it was too much.

“I don’t know though, maybe if I could see you with your shirt off, maybe that would help me decide.”

Nate watched for Ryan’s reaction and Ryan went for the buttons on his shirt more than willing to do what Nate wanted if it was going to get him what he wanted.


Ryan smiled stopping before he undid any of his shirt buttons. He put his hands back down at his sides.

“You can see me with my shirt off. But, only if you take it off. Then I get to take your shirt off and get a look at you.”

Ryan gave another sly smile.

“Alright, just let me do it at my pace…Don’t try and force me into anything. It may take me some time to work up all my courage. You’re asking me to do something I’m not used to… I’ve never kissed a guy let alone sucked, fucked, and got fucked by a guy.”

Nate was very serious but growing more and more excited.

Ryan gave him a look. Ryan look was a look that made Nate weak in the knees. Ryan’s blue eyes widened slightly, his pleasant smile took on an air of sincerity. Ryan’s face conveyed his understanding of Nate’s feelings.

“Nate I’ll do anything for you. Come on over and see what I’m like without a shirt on.”

Nate moved cautiously forward. He started to unbutton Ryan’s shirt. Each button caused a flash of guilt and confusion to run through his mind. But he was so close to Ryan. He could feel the heat gently emanating from his body. He could feel Ryan’s breath on his neck. But the confusion and guilt of his first remotely gay experience was being overwhelmed by the flood of desire to please a work of art. Nate was becoming intoxicated by the moment. The heat, the sweet smell of Ryan filled his nostrils. His senses were bursting. The situation was tense, but the pleasure just from being this close to Ryan had to be unnatural. Nate thought to himself about all the girl’s he’d been with (a modest list when compared to Ryan) and he couldn’t remember ever dwelling in the pleasure like this.

The shirt began separating as more and more buttons were undone. The flow of heat from both men was increasing. When all of the buttons had been undone Ryan gently whispered to Nate only an inch from his ear. “Put your hands on the shirt but let part of them rub against my skin as you slide my shirt over my shoulders and down my arms.”

Both of the boys were breathing so slowly with passion. Ryan stared into Nate’s eyes, both lost in the gaze of the other. Nate caressed Ryan’s smooth skin with the base of his palms as he slid Ryan’s shirt over his shoulders. Ryan’s skin was so milky smooth, Nate was tingling all over at the sensation of touching Ryan in that way. The shirt would have slid down on its own, but Nate continued following it down over Ryan’s firm biceps and on down the forearm. Palm to palm they touched hands as the shirt flipped down. The shirt hung at Ryan’s back with only the tucked in portion holding it up.

Nate thought for a second. He may not have breathed that entire time. The two boys were so close they were practically cheek to cheek. Each listened to the labored breathing of the other as they enjoyed the closeness. Nate stood back to see Ryan in the light coming through the large office window. Ryan was perfectly tan. His chest was defined, not bulging, he had a softened six pack not rigid like a body builder but smooth and defined like someone who took care of himself. Ryan wore his pants low. His defined and muscular hips framed the v-shape of his abs and there was only the faintest trace of blond hair disappearing beneath his boxers which rode slightly higher than the waste band of his jean. Ryan stretched showing Nate everything he had to offer.

Ryan was relishing in the obvious delight Nate had gotten while sliding his shirt off. He had been hard since Nate asked, and was raging now as Nate stared at his torso. Nate’s mouth was open slightly, he knew this was going to be a good day. A thought came to his mind as he watched Nate’s cloudy blue eyes move back up to meet his own.

“Hey Nate, you still haven’t gotten my shirt off all the way. Why don’t you reach in and pull out the parts that are still tucked in. While you do that I’ll work on taking yours off.

Nate didn’t wait for Ryan to ask again. He got close to Ryan again, thankful to be back, thankful to feel his heat and smell his smell. He slid his hands down Ryan’s smooth abs feeling each curve and moaning slightly. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri His hands gently, slowly worked their way under the waistband of Ryan’s boxers. He found the end of the shirt and also felt Ryan’s trimmed pubic hair against the back of his hand. He pulled the tails out very slowly. He put his hands back in after removing the front of the shirt. He caressed Ryan’s abs again and leaned his head back as he slid his hands around over his muscular hips and the top of Ryan’s ass. He found the rest of the shirt, but didn’t pull it out right away. He felt Ryan’s hands on his arms. Ryan was feeling his way up Nate’s arms. Nate had never felt a touch like Ryan’s before. Ryan unbuttoned the top of Nate’s jeans. He unzipped the fly and grabbed the polo shirt by the base and ran his hand and the shirt lightly across Nate’s erection. Ryan quickly looped the front of Nate’s shirt over his head leaving it on but exposing all of Nate’s chest. Nate pulled out the rest of the Ryan’s shirt and stepped back. Ryan stepped forward again. Starting at Nate’s briefs he slowly ran his hands across Nate’s firm abs, and up his smooth slightly tanned but really white chest. Ryan observed that Nate had a great body but it came more from being thin than working out. He was ripped but not huge. His hands stopped on Nate’s hard chest. Ryan gently caressed Nate’s nipples. Then he moved on and one arm at a time slid the polo shirt off the rest of the way. The two boys stood panting and wide-eyed. They had already done and enjoyed more being with each other than they should have, but it felt so good. So much better than any time with a girl.

“That was incredible.” Ryan said. “I never thought you would take my shirt off like that. I thought you were really against being with me. I am so glad you did though. I love this. You do realize it took us half an hour just to get our shirts off. That is passion my friend. We are gonna be so good together. I have never been this turned on. I want you more than any girl I’ve ever been with. I want to be with you so bad.”

“I never thought taking off another guy’s shirt could be that hot.” Nate was relieved to have a little conversation before they continued. The sexual tension in the room was as thick as the air on a humid day in San Antonio. “I’m still not sure how far I’ll go. I just don’t think guys should be so willing to do this stuff with each other. I can’t believe we’ve been doing this stuff for so long already. I’ve never spent this much time with a girl. Hell most of the time I’ve cum by now.”

Ryan stepped up to Nate. Ryan pressed his chest into Nate’s. Their skin was hot to the touch and their breathing in sync. Ryan’s mouth was nearly on Nate’s left ear when he whispered “I want you so bad. We can take it slow if you want, but I’m gonna keep going until you say stop.”

Ryan ran his lips across Nate’s jaw line and gently began licking and kissing his way down to Nate’s collar bone. While Ryan necked with Nate his skilled hands sent Nate’s pants to the floor. Nate was painfully aware of how erect he was, and now there was nothing hiding it but his briefs. He was at his full length, about seven thick inches and Ryan’s hand paused briefly to explore its firm length. A slight wet spot was forming as he began to leak precum due to Ryan’s intense advances. Ryan gently pushed Nate back into his chair. Ryan ran his hands down Nate’s tense thighs, curved under his knees and down his calves. In one swift motion Ryan peeled off his socks too.

Ryan stood between Nate’s widely spread legs. Nate’s erection created an obvious tent, his hands gripped the arms as he looked up to see Ryan. The perfection of Ryan’s upper body was a sight to behold and with one sly smile Ryan removed his own pants. Ryan’s massive nine inch rod forced his boxers straight out almost reaching Nate’s awestruck face. Ryan looked down and saw Nate staring at his prize. He wanted nothing more that to let Nate touch him, let Nate suck him, let Nate ride him, but he knew he must first prove to Nate how dedicated Ryan himself was to Nate’s pleasure. Ryan dropped to his knees. Ryan put his hands on the inside of Nate’s thighs and then started working Nate’s throbbing cock through his briefs with his mouth. Only the feeling of Nate’s cotton covered cock between his hungry lips lasted for a second, much less than he craved. Nate nearly flipped out of the chair to get away from Ryan.

“I’m so sorry Ry, I just don’t know if I can let a guy do that stuff to me. My family is so against it. I’ve been brought up believing that doing this will be an unforgivable sin. I just don’t know.”

Nate fled to the large window looking out over the campus in only his briefs he felt more exposed than ever, though he knew no one could see him this high up. Nate stood by the window with his arms crossed about his chest. His mind was racing he wanted so much for the pleasure to continue. He knew it would be the best with Ryan, but he just couldn’t shake that it was unnatural to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri get this much pleasure from another man. But, Ryan was so much the perfect man.

“Nate, I don’t want to force you into anything. If you want to call it quits, you can, but if you want to continue you’re gonna have to get used to me touching you, and let yourself touch me. The only thing we can do, without having some kind of sex, is kiss and lick. We’ve taken care of the petting and stripping.”

Ryan carefully came up behind Nate. Ryan uncrossed Nate’s arms and placed his hands on the window sill. Nate felt better again, feeling Ryan’s touch, the way he gently rubbed his arms. Ryan’s hands moved up Nate’s arms and onto his chest. Nate felt Ryan’s heat growing more intense as Ryan moved forward and pulled Nate into him; the heat was replaced by the touch of Ryan’s skin to his back. He could feel Ryan’s nipples and his firm chest against his back. Ryan touched his erection to Nate’s butt, gently, almost unnoticeably gyrating their two bodies together. Nate nearly jumped at the feeling of Ryan’s erection against his ass, but maintained. Feeling the rock hard shaft pressing into him, Nate knew just how much Ryan wanted him and Nate wanted Ryan equally. He gave in.

Nate closed his eyes, lost in the passion of the moment. He was enjoying the close contact with Ryan’s body. He felt Ryan’s breathing get closer to his neck until his warm breath was replaced by his hot moist lips. Alarms were ringing in Nate’s head but his body was captivated by rapture brought on by the way Ryan was kissing the nape of his neck. He felt Ryan’s tongue on his skin. Nate’s breath became slow and labored. There were no more alarms in his head, only anticipation. Ryan worked his hands along Nate’s chest, gently playing with his hard nipples. Ryan’s tongue slid smoothly up Nate’s neck, stopping every once and a while to kiss him or suck on his neck in particularly erogenous areas.

Nate let go of the window sill and placed his hands ever so gently on Ryan’s ass. He pulled Ryan closer. Ryan’s clothed covered erection throbbed against his ass. Ryan was bucking into Nate with a little more force now, dry humping Nate’s virgin crack. Ryan’s hands were now frantically exploring Nate’s torso, eagerly learning every inch of his skin. Ryan’s tongue darted out onto Nate’s face on its way to his left ear. He carefully nibbled on the ear lobe, and then ran his tongue up between his head and the back of his ear. He repeated this over and over. Nate let out a soft moan. Ryan was starting to moan as well. He slid his tongue into Nate’s ear. Nate was thrilled. Ryan had never thought his tongue could get anyone this worked up.

Nate worked his fingers into Ryan’s firm ass. Feeling its firmness and even though it was covered by his boxers he knew Ryan fucked like an animal. Ryan’s hands now moved down to Nate’s thighs without Nate so much as flinching. Ryan had now fully licked every inch of Nate’s neck and began to quickly move his tongue down Nate’s backbone. He would stop to fully enjoy the curves and textures of particularly sensitive spots with kisses and gentle sucking. Nate had a taste that no girl could ever have dreamed of having. Ryan’s tongue danced with the flavor of Nate’s sweat. Both young men were covered in sweat, glistening in the setting sunlight while they explored their new lover’s body.

Ryan timed his hand motions well, the further down he moved his tongue, the more toward the inside of Nate’s thighs he would rub. When Ryan got to the waist band of Nate’s briefs, he knew this would be a defining moment in both his life and Nate’s. With one quick move he pulled Nate’s briefs to the floor. Nate stopped breathing, his body tensed.

“No, dude not yet…”

Ryan didn’t want this to stop now. He slid his tongue down and deep into Nate’s virgin crack. He dove in as deep as he could.

“Oh…ahh…ahh…fuck yes…” Nate couldn’t say to stop. He was losing control.

The noises coming from Ryan as his tongue probed deep into Nate’s ass, the feeling of having a man’s face pressed completely into his ass drove Nate insane. He knew this was going to be the best sex he ever had. For the first time there was no guilt or confusion in Nate. He wanted this and he wanted it bad. When Ryan grabbed onto his rock hard seven inches he only moaned more.

Ryan was in heaven. The smells and flavors from his excavation of Nate’s tight hole were sending waves of desire rushing through him. But the feeling of another man’s cock in his hand was the end all. To feel something so hard and smooth, the pulsing heat of the manhood in his hand, and the firm and spongy cock head leaking a stream of slick but sticky precum drove him deeper and deeper in.

Nate was moaning so loudly and on occasion would spasm with delight clenching his cheeks around Ryan’s nose and mouth. When that happened Ryan only worked Nate’s cock faster and forced his tongue deeper into his insides. Nate had braced güvenilir bahis şirketleri his arms on the window sill now and was slightly bent over. Nate was being loud enough that it might be possible to hear him outside of the office, but neither man was stopping now. With his free hand Ryan pulled down his boxers finally freeing his aching erection and low hanging balls. He started pumping his own cock. He could feel the continuous stream of pre-cum coming from both his and Nate’s cock. Ryan was in more sexual bliss than any time before.

The sounds of moaning, Ryan sucking on Nate’s hole, and Ryan’s hands jerking on both of their cocks was filling the room with the heavenly sounds of sex. The sweet aroma of sex was beginning to permeate every corner of the room. Ryan’s hand slid so smoothly over Nate’s precum lubricated erection. He could each of the blood vessels in Nate’s cock filled to the maximum. Each time his fingers jumped the ridge of the cock head and then came back passed it sent both boys further into the sexual frenzy.

“Oh fuck Ry! I’m gonna shoot!”

Nate screamed this at the top of his lungs. If anyone was in the hall they heard it. But he wanted Nate to feel the joy so he kept on moving his hand faster and faster until all Nate could do was grunt out words out of context.

“Hot…fuck…Ry!…my ass…God…so…I’m Cumming!”

Nate’s ass clenched around Ryan’s face. Ryan tongued him as deeply as it was possible. He felt Nate’s body jerk out seven or eight spasms. Nate’s orgasm was powerful. His scream of ecstasy drove Ryan wild. Pools of Nate’s cum were running down the wall just in front of him. Ryan rubbed Nate’s cum from his covered hand on his own cock as he stood. For the first time Nate realized that Ryan was naked too. He felt Ryan’s naked cock against his right butt cheek as Ryan pushed his cock between his hand and Nate’s ass cheek.

“Oh Fuck!” was all Ryan said as he came after only a few thrusts, penetration would have to wait. Nine shots of cum erupted from his nine inch fuck tool. Ryan’s volleys of cum painted Nate’s firm back in hot white cream, one shot even landed in his hair. Ryan licked his cum off of Nate’s back, all the while continuing to work Nate’s re-hardening cock. When he had cleaned all of his cum from Nate’s back he stepped back.

Ryan pulled his underwear back up. He didn’t want Nate to really see his perfect manhood until they were ready to do more. Both men were gasping for breath. Ryan threw Nate his briefs. Ryan collapsed in his chair and told Nate to put on his briefs and sit down with him on the chair. Ryan’s legs were spread wide, his boxers stained with the cum still periodically leaking from his cock.

Nate pulled on his briefs stuffing his newly hard cock away and with a smile, sat sideways on Ryan’s lap. He leaned back against Ryan’s chest. Ryan’s cock was getting hard again, Nate could feel him growing against his ass. Ryan immediately began to neck on Nate while one hand caressed his chest and the other started massaging Nate’s cock through the cotton.

“I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard in my life.” Nate finally said in between his still staggered breaths. “That was so great. You were awesome, I didn’t think I’d let you do that much. I guess you have a persuasive tongue.”

Ryan stopped kissing Nate’s neck for a second. “Nate, that was the best I ever came too. I really can’t imagine ever feeling that sexually driven again, unless it is with you.”

Ryan put his lips on Nate’s chin and gave him a gentle peck. Nate closed his eyes as Ryan pecked his way up to his lips. He felt Ryan’s warm lips on his and spread them. The two boys kissed with a passion they had never experienced before. Nate could just faintly taste what could only have been Ryan’s own cum while their tongues and bodies merged again. After a few minutes of kissing broken only by gasps for air Ryan pulled his mouth back.

“I don’t want to stop. I could love your body all day long, but we have like five minutes before advanced molecular biology.”

“Shit! We better get going. Ryan this was the best. When are we gonna get together again? I mean I still don’t know if I want to be totally gay with you, but I would do this shit again any day.” Nate paused. “I want to do at least this much with you every day.”

Ryan gave him another kiss on the lips. “How about tomorrow morning? Let’s come in early, maybe 6, that will give us three hours or so. We can do some more then. And there won’t be many people around. You are loud as fuck when I make you cum. I’m so glad you want more.”

“Ryan after this I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to think of sex the same again, especially since this was ten times better than anything I’ve ever done with a girl.”

They were both standing now and pulling on their jeans.

“Dude I better clean up that cum on your wall.” Nate stepped toward the now drying cum on the wall.

“NO!” Ryan pulled Nate close to him. “I want to see it there every time I’m in my office. It will remind me of the first time I made you cum, the first of many I hope.”

Ryan and Nate kissed again. Ryan continued by sliding his tongue down over Nate’s chin and down his neck. Soon Ryan was sucking on one of Nate’s nipples. Nate pushed his head off. “Class Ryan…you have to stop.”

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