Captain Of Her Heart Ch. 10

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Something inside me snapped. Maybe it was the long years of being lonely and trying to cover it up with quick trysts. Maybe it was that she was the same as me, a hollow vessel looking for something to fill me. Or maybe it was the deep, abiding connection that I shared with her, an indescribable bond that made us soul mates. I don’t know but I had cried my emotional demons out last night; it was time to release the sexual ones as well.

I pressed my clothed body against hers, forcing her into the wall and licking the water from her neck. She groaned, reaching a hand back to pull me closer. Our mouths connected, half-filled with tepid water, the other half filled with each other’s tongues. “Too many clothes.” She murmured, sucking my tongue into her mouth and I started yanking my clothes off, letting my soaked shirt, jeans, panties and socks land with wet plops onto the shower floor.

Touching her skin was like touching a recently used oven and knowing that something good had been cooked in it. That was the feeling I got as I pressed my body against her, rubbing my trimmed pussy against her apple-round ass and my tits against her shoulder blades. She moaned again, throwing her head back and trying to press back harder against me. I spun her around, plastering her to the tiles while my hand cupped her mound, pressing the palm against her clit. She shook with an orgasm, clasping me to her and thrusting her tongue deeper into my mouth.

All canlı bahis şirketleri of a sudden, I didn’t want her in the shower. I wanted her in the bed. I was pussy hungry and I didn’t want to wait. I grabbed the shower gel and squirted some onto my hand. “Help me wash.” She grabbed the scrubby, soaped it and we started laughing as we tried to wash every inch of my body as fast as humanly possible. I stepped under the jets and rinsed off but when I opened my eyes, the shower was empty. I turned the water off and jumped out, grabbing a towel as I ran toward the bedroom.

Alisa was already on the bed, her tasty, water-drenched body waiting for my touch. I dropped the towel and started with her feet, licking the beads of water from her soles and sucking her toes. She groaned, writhing against the sheets, jerking with each lick of my tongue. I snaked it in between her long toes, lapping up the water and stroking the tender insides. “Fuck!” She whispered breathily. “No one … uhn …ever did that … ohh … to me … ummm … before.”

“I’m not finished yet.”

I licked down the smooth tops, taking a languorous turn around each ankle and proceeding up her silky shins to her kneecaps. Her entire body vibrated when I nibbled the inside of her knee. “Jesus.” I followed her thighs up, pushing her legs open when I got close to the Promised Land. Her pussy was like I imagined, sparsely coated in a downy layer of platinum blonde pubes, shaved canlı kaçak iddaa into a flat, silky mat. I used my forefinger and thumb to pull the spongy mound back, releasing the clit and nearly swooned at the pearly juice that slowly dripped from her hole like Karo syrup.

I used my tongue to press her pretty dark pink petals apart, catching the pussy cream on the tip of my tongue. She gasped, rocking her hips slightly and I pushed my tongue deeper into her creamy quim. She tasted so good that I shoved my face farther into her cunt, licking and sucking. Her reaction was to cum so hard that I had to hold onto her hips while she bucked against my face. I pulled back, taking a breath and dove in again, this time adding two fingers into the mix. I used my lips and tongue to coax her throbbing clit into my mouth and pushed my fingers past her slick, blood-filled lips, stopping when I felt something touching my fingers.

I stopped and lifted my eyes to hers. “You’re a virgin?” She nodded, her eyes questioning. “I didn’t know.”

“Is that all right?”

I moved up over her, letting my gentle kiss assuage her fears. “It doesn’t matter to me but I’m impressed.”

I didn’t want to let her think about it too long. I slid back down, gave her pussy a thick-tongued lick and straddled her right leg, partially turning her onto her side. Her lust-glazed eyes connected with mine as I lifted her left leg onto my shoulder and brought our pussies canlı kaçak bahis into direct contact. Still gazing into her eyes, I lowered myself above her, my hands on either side of her shoulders. Slowly, deliberately, I flexed my hips, grinding our clits together and shook with the sensations that spiked through my body.

I closed my eyes as I rocked against her, trying to memorize every detail of this perfect fuck. I shivered as our sticky pussy lips rubbed together, our mounds bumping and clits sliding together. Alisa was gasping at each thrust, her hands wrapped around my ass, pressing us closer. I opened my eyes and met hers again, bending down just so that I could feel her breath on my lips, increasing my thrusts and driving our slippery cunts together.

We both knew the moment. Our mouths strained for each others and mutual groans of pleasure rumbled through our bodies as we exploded close together. Her gasp took my breath away and I threw my head back, shouting in pleasure as our pussy creams mingled. We twitched together for several minutes, gasping for breath and I released her leg, pulling her into my arms. After a few minutes, I reached down and pulled the covers over us, settling her against me, returning the favor from last night.

As I snuggled her against me, I looked down into her eyes and saw something that terrified me, something that was on the tip of my tongue that I, too, wanted to say. I pressed a kiss to my finger, touched it to her lips and pulled her closer against me. I couldn’t tell her, not yet. I only hoped that there would be a time and that it would be as perfect as the love we’d just shared. I closed my eyes with my arms around her and lapsed into sleep.

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