Carvella Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 — Masturbating to Dania

Dream I’m naked at the zoo. I’m one of the animals on display. There are lions and elephants in the other exhibits. But in mine there is only me.

And I’m naked.

People stream by outside my exhibit and watch.

They watch me all day as I eat and relieve myself and try to nap.

And everyday at 10 and 1 the zookeeper comes in and compels me to perform for the crowd. I lay down in front of the gathering throng and masturbate for them.


Spreading my pussy lips and frigging my clitoris.


Sticking two and three fingers in my cunt and finger fucking myself. Sometimes with two fingers in my ass too, double fucking myself.


With a moan or scream to finish the whole thing off.

They love it…so do I.

I am the most popular exhibit in the entire zoo.

I wonder what the sign in front of my cage says?


Linda tossed and turned that night. She really didn’t sleep very well. Every time she half woke up it seemed her eyes fell on the masturbating Dania painting. The moon was streaming in and spotlighted it.

What should she do?

Her life was stuck where it was. She could see herself in 15 years still doing the same thing. Still selling houses, still working a lot. Did Miss Carvella offer a way out? A way up?

It would be nice if she could offer her daughter more. Miss Carvella certainly seemed to have her life the way she wanted it. She rolled over again unable to sleep, kicked off the covers and got out of bed. It was 2 am.

She went downstairs and got herself a glass of water and checked her email. Then she decided to Google Tatiana Carvella to get some information on her. The first hit was about her as an artist. She was quite well known and provocative, her female nudes getting critical acclaim along with an extensive backlist of previous works ranging from abstract art to semi-traditional impressionism.

Linda looked over Tatiana’s body of work and couldn’t help but be impressed.

Tatiana even had her own entry in Wikipedia, Linda could hardly believe it.

The Wikipedia entry didn’t say where she was born, it was kind of a mystery, some said Hungary, some Romania or even Georgia. She first appeared in her teens when she was a model in Russia.

A Russian Oil Tycoon fell in love (or at least lust) with her and married her. It appears that it was only a matter of convenience for Tatiana as she divorced him two years later, with a very substantial settlement.

From there she moved to Italy, living in Milan.

That was where she began her painting career. She studied art there under a female master painter named Maria Calabreze. There was some speculation casino şirketleri as to the nature of their relationship. Just apprentice and master or was it more intimate.

Nonetheless she left the tutelage of Maria after four years and parlayed her association with the grand master into a teaching position at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris where she has now been teaching for 5 years.

She appears to be quite wealthy and taught more as a diversion than as a need.

The bio ended before her recent appointment to UCLA.

Linda clicked around a bit more. There were a couple of Italian magazine articles about her and a few pictures of her as a teenager clothing model in Moscow.

Linda closed the browser and left the kitchen to head back up to her bed.


She had never had this feeling about someone else before. It seemed to be a mixture of unbridled curiosity, excitement, arousal, trust and fear.

Linda went to the toilet and then flopped back into bed. She still couldn’t sleep. Then her eyes fell back upon the painting over the foot of her bed. She saw now that Dania was peeking out from under her heavy lidded eyes. It must have been a trick of the light but she seemed to be looking directly at her.

Linda tried to position herself like Dania.

How would it feel to model for Tatiana?

Linda turned her head and bit her finger. She snaked her other hand down until it rested on top of her panties. It wasn’t quite right.

She slipped off her panties.

Then got back into the position, with her hand placed just so over her bare pussy now. Still it wasn’t quite right. Linda sat up and took off her tank top and then once more lay back, this time naked just like Dania in the painting.

She assumed the same position. [Would Miss Carvella want me to pose like this?]

Slowly she turned her middle finger in, [God I’m so wet?!]

It slid in effortlessly. She looked at Dania as she started to masturbate slowly.

She never masturbated, she never had the urge. And if she ever did it would never have been to something like this. But the thought of posing for Tatiana, exposing herself brazenly as Miss Carvella had described, for some reason it really struck a nerve with Linda.

She was surprised how quickly she was building. The slickness of her vagina let her finger slide in and out like silk. She couldn’t remember the last time she had cum. Had it really been since her husband had left her four years ago?

She looked Dania in the eye and bit her finger in the same way, as she fucked herself. Faster now. Moaning as she approached her climax.

She added a second finger into her cunt. She had never cum from finger fucking herself. For her to cum casino firmaları by masturbating she had to play with her clit. But the combination of Dania peering at her from the painting and thoughts of herself posing for Tatiana and the moon and the nakedness, she had never felt quite like this.

She just continued fucking herself. Now so fast she was making a slapping sound with her hand.

It built and sparks started to feed around the edges of her vision. She made a fist with her hand at her mouth and bit harder as her hips bucked into her fingers moving insider her.

“oooh” She tried to stay quiet.

“aaehhee” She didn’t want to wake Sarah down the hall.

“oooo” What would she say if she did?

It hit . She held her to fingers still as the crescendo fell on her.

“ah….ah….ah…ta..tat..TATIANA!” She couldn’t speak. Her body twitched helplessly against her fingers as she tried desperately to embed them deeper inside.

She twitched again as the orgasm continued, her eyes rolled back in her head.

She passed out from the ecstasy with her fingers still in her cunt.


Sarah woke at her usual 7 am and went for a run. She ran hard and came home all sweaty. She walked upstairs; there was still no sign of her mom. Usually her mom was up and moving by the time Sarah got back.

She walked to her mom’s door and listened quietly, no sound. She opened it a crack and peered inside. The light from the hallway illuminated her mom’s bed. Sarah gasped at what she saw.

Her mom was lying on her back, naked. Her legs were spread in such a way that Sarah could see her mom’s vagina. It was pink and the lips were parted ever so slightly.

The room smelled a bit stuffy and musty…it smelled of sex.

She seemed in blissful sleep. Sarah stared for a few moments unable to look away from her mom’s naked form, her eyes repeatedly coming back to her mom’s exposed vagina. Then she shook her head and quietly closed the door.

She stood still outside her mom’s door for a minute absorbing what she had seen. Then she went to take a shower.

As she soaped and washed she kept thinking about her mom, naked in the bed.

[Why was she naked? Did mom sleep naked all the time? It smelled like sex in her room…did she…did she masturbate?]

Sarah shook that thought from her mind.

But as she stood under the water thinking, it kept coming back. [Did mom masturbate?]

The daze she was in broke only when the soap slipped from her hand and hit the floor of the shower. Sarah quickly finished up, turned the water off and got out of the shower.

Her brain kept thinking about it all morning, she couldn’t help it. It had been such a shock to see her mom’s naked body sprawled güvenilir casino on her bed. Sarah seemed to have a perfect image in her head of her mom’s vagina. It kept popping into her head. The more she tried to forget it the clearer it seemed to become.

Somehow she got dressed and made her way down to have breakfast.

[Did mom masturbate? Did she play with herself?]

As Sarah was eating her cereal, her mom came into the kitchen. Sarah noticed that she was dressed very nicely, in her best skirt and blouse, but she seemed nervous.

“Good morning dear.”

“Good morning mom.” Sarah answered. [How often did she masturbate?]

“Ready for school?”

“uh…” [Does she play with herself?] “…yeah.”

“You seem a bit distracted honey, what’s going on?” said her mom as she fixed a cup of instant coffee for herself.

[Does she stick her fingers in her vagina? ] “I’m fine…” [In and out, In and out! ] “…just got a…test today.”

“Well I hope you studied for it.”

[Fingers going in and out. The ones she’s holding the spoon with, right there. In and out, in and out! In and out of her wet vagina. Slippery and moist!]

“I gotta go mom!” Sarah had to get out, she ran out of the house.

As Sarah got on the bus she saw kept imagining her mom masturbating.


Linda wondered what had got into Sarah, she’ll have to talk to her tonight. But right now she had bigger issues to deal with.

It was 9:15am.

What was she going to do?

She didn’t have to go. Her life was good. She had a good job. Her daughter was happy, well she thought Sarah was happy. Everything was going fine.


It was hum drum.

When was the last time she had reached for anything?

Linda sat down at the kitchen table trying to think it through logically. Was it right for a working woman, a mother, to feel this way?

She wanted what Tatiana was offering.

[Tatiana can help me…us, to a better life]. She lied to herself.

Tatiana was offering that, but that wasn’t what Linda wanted. She wanted the rest, but she couldn’t tell herself that, it wasn’t the right thing to want. Not if you were an upstanding working woman and mother.

She wanted an end to the hum drum life. An end to the ordinary, the banal, the boring.

That is what Tatiana was offering. Linda wanted the excitement, the mystery…and yes the sex! But that wasn’t something that her subconscious let her conscious express. To that self she lied. To the upstanding working woman and mother she lied. To the inner Linda only, did she tell the truth.

It was that Linda, the inner Linda that stood up and walked out of her kitchen, out of her house and next door to Tatiana Carvella’s doorstep.

It was that Linda that rang the doorbell.

It was that Linda that said, “I want it.” To the redheaded force of nature that opened her door and smiled a smile of knowing ownership.

“Come in Miss Moore, we have much to discuss.”

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