Black Pirates of the Norfolk Broads

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When Tony Samuels asked me to go on a boating holiday with him, I was delighted; we had been friends, and sometimes lovers, for a long time. We drove from London to Norwich, took over our motor cruiser, and sailed down the River Yare towards Breydon Water. That evening we moored up at Reedham where we intended to spend the night, and went to one of the riverside pubs for a meal and a few drinks before going to bed. As the evening wore on we got more relaxed and horny, and by the time we left the pub we were ready to screw each other silly.

We were moored just astern of a large boat that had a pirate flag tied to it’s mast. As we walked past it a number of large black guys sitting on its deck started calling us little white queers, and I then realized that Tony and I were holding hands. Their insults got louder and cruder and completely ruined the atmosphere so that when we got into bed together we just went to sleep, put off our lovemaking by a group of loudmouthed thugs.

Next morning we set out at the crack of dawn as we intended to sail across Breydon Water, which can only be done an hour each side of low tide. I started the engine and Tony let go the mooring ropes. As we pulled away I felt that our boat’s engine was struggling a bit, when I saw that Tony had also untied the pirate boat and was towing it out into the middle of the river, where it would be at the mercy of casino şirketleri the strong tidal currents. He let go of the rope as we passed underneath the railway swing bridge and we continued on our way.

That day we sailed all the way to Yarmouth and into the River Bure. Late afternoon saw us sailing up the River Ant and into Barton Broad, one of the largest of the Norfolk broads (Lakes). We fancied a quiet night, so after dropping anchor in a quiet corner of the broad, we ate our dinner and turned in for an early night. Directly we got into bed we felt very randy and started to kiss and fondle each other’s cocks. We were so busy with each other that we did not hear the black pirates boat come along side us, until we heard running feet on the deck above us, and our cabin door flew open.

The black guys were very angry, and dragged us both out of bed. They forced us up on deck, pulling us by our still erect cocks. There we were, two slightly built white guys – totally naked, surrounded by six huge black guys who terrified us. Their leader, who they called Captain Morgan gave us the stark choice – We could both get beaten to a pulp – or we could provide them with their evening’s entertainment. When I asked what he meant by entertainment, the pirates all laughed and told us to started jerking our cocks off.

We had no choice at all, and both of us wanked our casino firmaları cocks, while the pirates fell about laughing at our little “white boy cocks”. They stopped us before we had a chance to cum, and Captain Morgan told us to get down on our knees in order to demonstrate how good we were at sucking cocks. Tony said that he had no intention of sucking any of them, but a hard punch to the tummy soon changed his mind. I knelt there while The Captain slapped my face with his gigantic half erect weapon. I thought that have trouble getting the black monster in my mouth – it was so big – but as I didn’t want a punch, I opened my mouth to admit the huge, uncut, black rod, between my lips. Tony was taking two guys at once, sucking one cock for a few minutes then switching to the other. The cock’s owners were making cruel jokes about us, as we set about our task of orally satisfying all six of them.

By the time that they had finished we had cum all over our faces, in our eyes , hair, and when we opened our mouths more pirate cum dribbled out from the corners. I have never felt so frightened and humiliated, but at the same time so turned on.

A discussion then took place as to whether they should let us go, or gang fuck us first. Some of them were saying that straight guys don’t fuck other guys, but the majority did not take this attitude.

Captain Morgan said “You güvenilir casino gotta take pussy where you can, we got no women here, no prospect of any women and these two little white He Ho’s are just begging to be ass fucked.”

Another pirate said, “When I was in prison I fucked loads of white guys, and they all loved it – eventually.”

Our fate was sealed, we got onto our hands and knees, our asses were liberally smeared with vaseline, and the first black cocks were thrust between our little ass cheeks. As the guys started ramming into our asses, our bodies jerked forward, as the guys fucking us got near to cumming we jerked faster, and when they had dropped the loads up our asses we stopped jerking – until impaled by the next huge cock.

I really thought that we would be hurt, but after a time our asses adapted to taking black meat baseball bats and we started to get pleasure mixed in with the pain. I do not know how many times that I was fucked, when they came they made us get them up again by sucking their cocks or rimming their asses – the fucking just went on and on until they were tired out.

Both Tony and I were still hard and were made to finish off wanking our cocks until we shot our loads; to some extent this was the most exciting thing of all. Standing on an open deck of a boat in the twilight, jerking your cock off, while our pirate dominators watched.

Then it was all over; we were allowed to go. We could only take little steps because our poor bottoms were so sore and stretched. When we were at last on our own, I said to Tony, “Next time you feel like setting a boat adrift – please tell me first.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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