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Nicole awoke in her room. She was an undergraduate at University in her second year and, for the past six months, had been house sharing with Carrie, her friend of many years. Nicole had been out late last night, and had come in to what seemed to be a row between Carrie and her boyfriend in the room next door. Nicole had not interfered, but as her mind was drawn to it, she wanted to check that her friend was OK. On the other hand, she just wanted to lie in bed for a bit.

She lay there, listening to the trickle of water down her window – it was raining again. Thoughts ran round her head, and ever so slowly, her hand crept down to her crotch. She had no idea why she wanted to do this, but she knew that it would feel good. Sliding in a finger, she sighed gently, and pushed against the exploring digit. Another finger joined the first, and slid into her slick hole again. Nicole moaned as the fingers brushed her clit, and her free hand massaged one of her firm, round tits. Nicole began rocking gently in time with her pushes, and soon she was lost in her own world. She felt the waves rising inside of her, and her free hand left her tits, and made a cup shape under her cunt. She groaned quietly when she came, the sweet cum seeping out of her pussy into her waiting hand. Scooping up as much as she could, she tipped it down her throat, enjoying the warm, slippy sensation. Much as she wanted to begin again, her conscience forced her to get up, don her dressing gown and headed for the kitchen.

Nicole busied herself in the kitchen for a few minutes. The sound of running water that had been present stopped and about five minutes later, Carrie emerged from her room, towelling her hair dry. She seemed surprised that her friend was up, but said nothing of it. Looking closer at her, Nicole could see that Carrie had red marks under her eyes.

“Are you alright?” she asked. Carrie nodded. “You’ve been crying,” said Nicole. At this simple statement, Carrie’s eyes filled with tears, as she rushed forward to give her friend a hug. Overwhelmed, Nicole asked: “What happened?” Carrie’s reply was barely audible.

“He dumped me.” Nicole shook her head.

“I told you he wasn’t worth you,” she said, “You’re much too good for him.” Carrie sniffed and nodded. Sitting on the sofa, she still held Nicole tightly, and rested her head against the other girl’s chest. Carrie gently took hold of the hem of Nicole’s dressing gown, and slipped her hand inside, to caress Nicole’s right breast. Nicole started, but Carrie held her tighter, looked into her eyes and said one word: “Please.”

Nicole gently nodded, and slipped her hand round Carrie’s waist. Carrie continued to massage Nicole’s casino şirketleri tit, and soon brought her mouth to it, sucking gently. Nicole found her own hand brushing Carrie tit from behind her, and began to sigh in time with Carrie’s sucks. Nicole found her free hand begin to stroke one of Carrie’s thighs, and start to wind it’s way up under her dressing gown. Between sucks, she could make out Carrie’s words:

“Don’t stop.” Nicole’s hand gently touched Carrie’s crotch, the coarse pubic hair creating an odd sensation. Nicole felt one of Carrie’s hands at her own crotch, and tried to mimic her friend’s movements. Carrie gently slipped a finger into Nicole’s sodden cunt, causing her friend to have a sharp intake of breath. Nicole returned the favour, and soon Carrie was slowly gyrating on her friend’s fingers. Nicole pushed in a second finger, and explored deeper. Carrie’s breathing became faster as she approached orgasm, but Nicole did not let her reach it, withdrawing her fingers before her friend could cum. Nicole smiled at Carrie’s disappointed face. “Let’s go.” she said.

Lying back on Carrie’s bed, Nicole let her dressing gown fall open as Carrie’s hand traced it’s way inside. Carrie’s head followed, gently kissing Nicole’s stomach and waist. Peeling off her flatmate’s bikini bottoms, Carrie gasped with delight at the neatly trimmed pussy she was confronted with. The sight of such a wonderful organ made her own cunt begin to moisten. She knelt on the bed next to Nicole, who spread her legs, allowing Carrie to kiss and lick around her crotch. Carrie crawled up so she was lying on top of Nicole upside down, and sighed as Nicole’s lips touched her pussy.

Nicole was the first to go in. Her tongue slipped up into Carrie’s slit, exploring as far as it could go. Carrie pushed her own tongue into Nicole’s cunt, and was awarded with a muffled groan and a spasm in her own pussy. Nicole pushed up against Carrie’s pushes, and was soon tonguing her friend’s muff in time with the sensations in her own. Carrie’s tongue found Nicole’s clit and pushed hard. Nicole groaned and came, allowing Carrie to lap up her cum. Soon, Nicole found her mouth filled with Carrie’s sweet juice. She gulped it down in mouthfuls, loving every second of it.

Carrie broke the position and climbed off Nicole, who was breathing heavily. Carrie flashed a smile at her friend and sat next to her. As both girls were nearly naked, Nicole could compare her body to that of Carrie’s. Both girls had smooth skin and firm, shining tits. Carrie’s nipples pointed out from her body, whereas Nicole’s little buds stared upwards, waiting to be encircled. Carrie’s hand stroked Nicole’s pussy lips, and Nicole found casino firmaları herself engrossed in her friend’s sweet, tight cunt.

Carrie’s bush was shaven into a neat strip about one inch across. Nicole felt Carrie’s hand brush her own, meticulously shaven slit, and a jolt of electricity shot up Nicole’s spine. Carrie’s hand pushed it’s way between Nicole’s legs, and was about to slide in, when Carrie’s face lit up.

“I’ve got something you might like,” she said. She got off the bed, opened the bedside drawer, and withdrew a nine inch, bright blue dildo. Nicole grinned, and lay back on the bed.

“Who’s first?” she asked coyly.

Carrie raised her eyebrows. “I guess that would be you.” she said. Nicole smiled and relaxed as Carrie sucked the dildo for a second, to cover it in saliva, and gently inserted it into her friend’s cunt. Nicole groaned with delight – she’d never been fucked before – so she wanted to make this time stick in her memory. Carrie sat astride her friend, on Nicole’s stomach, facing her feet.

This way, Carrie could pump into Nicole easily without straining. Nicole’s hands strayed up around Carrie’s body and began to massage her tits, squeezing her nipples in time to the thrusts. Soon Nicole was moaning in time with Carrie’s sighs of delight from Nicole’s tit-massage. Both girls began to rub against each other, the heat from the friction sending Nicole over the edge of orgasm. She was lost for a moment, as it felt as if her entire cunt wanted to be outside her body. She literally squirted cum out of her, past the dildo and into Carrie’s waiting hands. Nicole sighed as Carrie fed her her own cum. Nicole loved the sensation of warm cum sliding down her throat – especially her own.

Nicole got up, and knelt down in front of Carrie. Carrie leant back over the bed, as Nicole’s mouth wrapped itself around Carrie’s hot, sweet cunt. Carrie gasped at the sparking sensations inside her, as Nicole’s tongue worked its way round Carrie’s delicate organ. Carrie opened her legs wider, inviting Nicole in, and began pushing on the back of Nicole’s head, forcing her deeper inside. Nicole sucked out Carrie’s pussy like a vacuum, causing her friend to scream with delight.

Nicole pushed her tongue in as far as it would go, and in doing so, encountered Carrie’s clit. Nicole had never tasted another girl’s clit before, but she knew that it was the most sensitive part of the female body, due to her explorations of her own cunt. Nicole took Carrie’s clit in her teeth, and gently pulled at it, before flicking across it with her tongue. This technique drove Carrie wild, and before she knew it Nicole had a faceful of warm and sticky cum. Carrie was jerking güvenilir casino back and forwards, draining herself of every drop.

When she finished writhing around, Carrie looked up from the bed. Nicole was sitting on Carrie’s legs, licking the cum off her hands and face. Carrie sat up, and, saying nothing, sucked some of her cum off Nicole’s cheek. Nicole smiled gently, and collected some cum in her fingers, and dripped it into Carrie’s waiting mouth. Carrie licked every last drop off Nicole’s hands and face, and in return, let Nicole lick the remaining drops of cum from her cunt. Nicole was a superb pussy licker, Carrie had decided, and lay there for nearly five minutes, enjoying the sensation of Nicole eating her out. Nicole sucked out every last drop of available cum, and sat up. Both girls sat facing each other on Carrie’s bed, hands gently cradling each other’s pussies. Nicole was the one to speak: “Well, what’s next?”

Carrie sat up on the edge of the bed. “Well,” she said. “we could… have some fun…” With that, she reached into her bedside cabinet and pulled out a long, brown paper package. Unwrapping it carefully, she smiled at what was inside – a 14-inch long, double-ended, stiff rubber dildo! Nicole stared in amazement.

“How did you get it?” she asked. Carrie grinned.

“Found it on the net. I was looking for someone to try it out on…” She moved closer to Nicole, and brushed the dildo against Nicole cunt. Despite all the orgasms she’d had, Nicole still felt ready for this. She lay back, and let Carrie slid the stiff rod into her depths. Nicole gasped as the sensations inside her nearly caused to cum there and then. But she held on, and the sensation passed. Carrie raised an eyebrow. “Hey, don’t have ALL the fun.”

With that, Carrie lowered herself onto the other end of the fake cock, which was pointing skywards. Carrie groaned as the dildo penetrated her pussy. Soon, she was resting on Nicole’s crotch, breathing hard. Nicole smiled, and pushed up. The dildo pushed into Carrie causing her to moan deeply, and then it pushed back into Nicole, causing her to give a similar, throaty moan. Carrie tossed her loose hair over her shoulder, and began to ride the cock properly. Nicole began panting and groaning as the sensations passed through to her, and soon, she was pushing back against Carrie’s thrusts.

Having their cunts full of cock, albeit a false one, drove the girls to orgasm faster than before, and soon they were squealing with delight, as each thrust made each of them orgasm in turn. Nicole was the first to cum properly – squirting her cum round the sides of the dildo into Carrie’s pubic bush. These sensations on Carrie’s cunt made her want to cum too, and within 10 seconds she had got her wish. Both girls rocked to and fro on top of one another, pumping out gallons of juice between them. After orgasm, they kissed, and fell asleep in each other’s arms…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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