A Weekend with Penny Ch. 02

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Gradually, my senses were returning to me. The flowery-fresh scent of a shampoo that I recognized though could not name, gently filled my nostrils. It smelled girly and clean, and seemed to send a message to my brain, which apparently wasn’t in any rush to bring the other sensory systems on-line.

Eventually, I became aware of the warmth of the sunlight on my skin, and I realized that a new day was upon me. My eyes fluttered, and I squinted against the morning light in an effort to allow my eyes time to adjust to the brightness and the unfamiliar surroundings. My tongue felt thick and pasty, as though someone had knitted little sweaters, and somehow managed to slip them individually on my teeth without waking me from my recent comatose state.

It was then that I became aware of her presence against me; the smoothness of the skin of her leg against mine; the cotton of the t-shirt which separated her firm breast from my naked chest; and the softness of her auburn hair against my cheek and shoulder. Penny was still absorbed in the last minutes of the night’s sleep, so I lay there quietly, taking in the surroundings of Penny’s room; enjoying the feeling of her sleeping so peacefully, lying next to me. I grinned at the reality of my nakedness, in-bed with my sister, basking in the afterglow of an incredible night.

My dick was thick and hard, and it pressed firmly against the thin sheet that covered us. Glimpses of the absurd porn movie that I’d starred in, which was never filmed, were scattered like pieces of an erotic dream.

I made no effort to distinguish why I was hard. Perhaps it was the nearness of Penny, or perhaps it was my dream. It didn’t really matter, because in either case my boner felt good, alive, and virile, like a close friend eager to greet the day and it wanted something to do. I took time to consider my rigid little buddy as he throbbed and pressed outwardly from my body, and I was pleased with how hard it felt, even without touching it. Memories of how wild things had gotten last night replayed in my mind, and for a while, I wondered if the load of cum I’d received from Eric had anything to do with why my mouth tasted like crap.

I needed to brush my teeth but there was no question about it: last night was easily one of the best nights of my life, and I’d jump at the chance to do it all over again.

Suddenly Penny’s leg shifted over mine, and I could feel the soft fabric of her panty-covered crotch as it pressed against my muscular thigh. Her arm around my waist gave a loving squeeze as she snuggled against me, slowly waking from her sleep. The net result, of course, was that it made my cock even more impatient.

Penny looked up at from beneath disheveled hair, through squinting eyes, and purred “Mmmmm, good morning.”

“Morning,” I whispered with a smile, being cautious to not breathe too heavily towards her.

Her squeeze relaxed and her arm eased down my waist just slightly, causing her forearm to bump the tip of my dick, smearing the liquid that had apparently been accumulating. She giggled, and cooed, “What have you been thinking about this morning?”

I replied, “Oh nothing, except for how awesome last night was.”

There was a sparkle in her eye that went along with her grin as her hand found its way to my shaft, and she said “You liked that, did ya? Me too, I can’t wait to see what today brings.”

Penny curled up into me, lowering her eyes to her hand, which was firmly wrapped around my cock, and she began slowly easing the skin back and forth sending surges of pleasure through my body. She matched the rhythm of her fist with the grinding of her soft, warm mound against my thigh. With my hand I caressed her beautiful hair, and I didn’t want this moment to end.

Her eyes returned to mine, and she said, “Would you like to take a shower with me?”

Though I didn’t want to break this moment, the idea of a shower sounded great, and I replied, “Sure, but first, I HAVE GOT to brush my teeth.”

Penny laughed, and said, “Yep, a mouth full of jizz will do that to you!”

My hard on bounced up and down with each step all the way to the bathroom. For a few moments I stood still, admiring my sexy sister as she reached down to grasp the bottom of her t-shirt, and then in one fluid motion she raised it over her head, allowing her beautiful b-cups to come into full view. As she casino şirketleri shook her hair free from the shirt, I was captivated by her beauty. The lacy white thong she wore cupped her mound snuggly and accentuated the firm globes of her ass perfectly. She looked incredible.

Penny readied the shower as I shaved the little sweaters from my teeth as I inspected my face in the mirror, mainly looking for new pimples, but to my surprise I noticed three white crusty streaks on my cheek. “What a night,” I said to myself. I left the streaks, and smiled to myself as I finished brushing. When I was done my mouth felt minty-fresh. “Ahhhh, much better.”

Looking in the mirror, over my shoulder I could see the impression of Penny’s pussy pressing against the thin material of her panties as she bent over to test the water, and my dick was drooling at the sight. As she stood upright, she noticed my gaze in the mirror, and she blushed slightly. She slipped her panties down her hips, lowering them past her knees with both hands, and then deftly stepped out of them. She held the panties by the waist and arranged them so they hung properly in front of her.

With a naughty grin, she walked to me as I turned to face her, my penis waving at her in greeting. Her eyesight never left mine as her hands found my hard dick, and she draped her panties over it, saying, “Well little panty-boy-brother-of-mine, you can either, stay out here and play with these, or you’re welcome to join me in there, and save these for another time. Your call.”

Without breaking our gaze, I wrapped my right hand around my cock with her soft lacy panties creating a sheath. I stroked my hard cock slowly back-and-forth a few times, but then took her lovely panties from my rigid pole, and held them to my mouth and nose. I deeply inhaled her sexy, musky scent and let a wide smile overtake my face, but then set the skimpy undergarment on the bathroom counter.

“Here, let me hold the curtain back for you,” I said with a wink.

The water felt great, not too warm, and not too cool. I stood behind Penny, who faced the showerhead, and I watched intently as the water ran through Penny’s hair, and over her strong back, and down between her smooth ass cheeks. It made her skin glisten. She lathered her hair with shampoo, and I noticed that clean, fresh smell again.

This was the place I’d spent so many years fantasizing about, praying for an opportunity for even the slightest glimpse of her naked, shower-soaked sexiness. Here it was, right before me, and I had been right to dream, for this was a sight to behold. “I’ve gotta start carrying around a camera,” was my only comment, and Penny smiled in acknowledgement.

Exercising some initiative, I picked up a bar of soap and a washcloth, and I gently began lathering her shoulders. Her skin was so soft, and the lather felt so silky, so slippery, so sexy. I caressed and massaged her shoulders and back, taking my time to make sure I didn’t miss a spot. Penny let out a slow moan of appreciation that could just be heard over the sound of the trickling water. Penny turned to face me, so she could rinse the suds from her hair. Her pale breasts stood proudly, her hard brown nipples seemed to beg for attention. Now the water cascaded over them, down her flat tummy, and seemed to disappear between the smoothness of her thighs.

While her hands were still working to rinse the last of the shampoo from her hair I grabbed her and pulled her towards me as I lowered my head to the crinkled flesh of her hard nipple. My tongue flicked over the distended bud, and I alternated between her left and right breasts until the tips were bright pink.

As Penny lowered her arms, her green eyes seemed particularly intense. “Eric was right, you are pretty good at that sucking thing” she said with a grin. “It’s your turn under the water.”

We held onto one another and began our little rotating waddle-dance, each using the other for balance so we could switch positions under the water without either of us slipping and falling. At the mid-point of our rotation the tip of my painfully hard dick poked her in the tummy, causing me to grin and Penny to let out a little giggle, “Hey, watch where you’re poking that thing.”

Looking deeply into her beautiful green eyes, I leaned down as her mouth tilted up to meet mine with the sort of a kiss that casino firmaları brothers and sisters aren’t meant to share. The water rained down on us as our lips met and I took her in my arms. Our wet, naked flesh pressed together, her perky tits to the lower part of my chest, my hairless cock pressing firmly against her belly, and we kissed passionately with an undeniable sense of urgency. The fingers of my left hand combed through her damp hair as my right hand caressed her toned back and shoulder, while her hands freely explored my muscular back and neck. I was so fucking horny I could barely control myself. More accurately, I wanted it all, and I didn’t know where to start. Hungrily, I kissed and nibbled at her ear, and my body pressed more urgently into hers as she responded to my touch.

I shifted my position slightly, so my right leg was positioned between hers. Penny took my cue and raised her left leg and wrapped it around mine. Her labia felt soft and puffy as they came into contact with my thigh, and I used the opportunity to bend my knee slightly to improve the quality of our contact. I wanted to make her cum, and if she chose to cum on my thigh, I would have probably responded with my own spontaneous orgasm on the spot. Her pussy lips parted, causing Penny to begin rocking her hips, grinding her clit on my thigh and her breath was becoming deep and ragged.

While she fucked my thigh I groped her breast, periodically capturing her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, letting the water dance over the stiff bud, providing a slight twist to increase her pleasure while my mouth attacked hers, and our tongues wrestled like two snakes in heat.

My cock was as hard as steel when her hand wrapped around it and began milking it towards her. She humped my thigh with ever increasing speed and desire. The water felt incredible, and as we pressed against one-another she gasped, “I need you inside me. Fuck me. Please fuck me little brother, I need your fat cock in my aching pussy.”

Eager to oblige, I backed away just enough to allow her to turn around, pressing her forward against the cool tile. She placed her right foot on the ledge of the tub, and used her left hand to steady herself. As I closed the gap between us, Penny arched her back, pressing her gorgeous ass toward me, giving me access to her most intimate parts. Her puckered asshole was in plain-view, and for a moment I considered kneeling down so I could get a taste of her. Instead, I grabbed her hip with one hand, and my fat cock with the other, guiding it up and down the valley between her ass cheeks. Her skin was slick, and for an instant I thought I was going to blow my load all over her back.

Instead I grit my teeth and growled, “My big sis wants my cock, huh? You want it in your pretty pussy do you? You want this fat cock up your tight little cunt, do ya sis?”

“Oh god yeah!” she moaned.

I pointed the tip of my cock down and bent my knees to get better access, Penny used her right hand to spread her pussy lips, and I paused as the tip of my cock came in contact with her rosebud. I pushed forward enough to cause her to gasp, but I pulled back and pressed the tip of my dick forward until it made contact with her moist pink pussy. Yeah, I wanted to fuck her ass, but I decided that would have to wait until we were on dry ground where I could get better leverage. Right now I wanted to fuck her pretty pussy. I wanted to feel her wetness, softness, and warmness. I wanted to feel her cunt stretch around my aching dick, forming a perfect sheath for my tool.

Playfully I held the tip of my dick to her slit, and did not move. Penny humped backwards, trying to capture my dick in her hole, but I just held my position, teasing, taunting.

Finally I pressed just slightly forward, allowing the flared head to split her tight lips. Penny frantically tried to engulf more of my cock by rocking her hips, but again I held back, just drinking in the sensations that were surging through my groin.

“Oh please, give it to me!” she begged.

Now I was only happy to oblige. I planted my feet, and pressed forward, sinking my throbbing cock into her warm canal.

“Yesss! Oh yesss!” she cried while I grunted as inch by inch I fed my cock into her hungry hole.

When I bottomed out, I held still, again savoring the feeling of my dick being held so tightly güvenilir casino deep within her cunt. The cheeks of her ass felt soft and wet against my pelvis, and I held her waist tightly as though to keep her from making any movement to break this perfect sensation. Penny’s pussy gripped my stiff cock tightly as I steadied myself, preparing to give her the fucking we both craved.

I pressed my chest to her back and growled in her ear, “Oh yeah, how’s that feel Penny? How does it feel to have your little brother’s cock stuffing your little cunt?”

“Nguhhhh! It feels fucking wonderful! You’re stretching me out sooo goooood! I love how your cock feels inside of me! Please, fuck me, give me your cum!”

I eased back until just the tip of my dick remained between her lips, and I could feel her hand was strumming her clit. I leaned forward, again sinking my pole into her depths, and it felt so right, so good. Again and again, I repeated this process, enjoying the sensations her body was giving mine, hoping that I was giving her the same pleasure in return.

“Faster, harder. fuck me,” she panted was the cue I’d been waiting for, so I began to pick up the pace, determined to resist my urge to cum until she had reached her climax.

As instructed, I thrust harder and faster, using long strokes, pressing her brutally into the smooth tile as the shower continued to rain upon us. Soon the water was making a distinct slapping sound, and Penny’s cries of “Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, yes,” echoed throughout the bathroom. I watched as the taught flesh of her ass rippled with each slap of my pelvis as my cock worked her pussy like a well lubricated piston.

The familiar electrical storm of pleasure was increasing in my body when suddenly I could feel Penny’s pussy begin to spasm around my shaft. Her legs clenched and she began to cry out “Oh godddddd, I’m cumming!” I pumped her with short, hard strokes, and suddenly my toes curled and my calves clenched as my orgasm ripped through every fiber of my body. My balls erupted, and my cock swelled and I let loose a load of spunk that surged deep into her quivering cunt while I fought to continue driving my cock in and out.

As the last of my cum filled her pussy, I slowed my efforts, just allowing my erection to glide in the slickness of the combination of her pussy juice and my cum, as we both panted to catch our breath.

“You are incredible,” I said as I planted little kisses on her wet shoulders.

“Oh my god,” she said “that was unbelievable! Your cock hits all the right places. My legs feel so weak and shaky that it’s probably a good thing you’re holding me up.”

The water was beginning to cool, so I eased back, and let my cock slip from her pussy. We both steadied ourselves, and patiently waited for our strength to return. As it did, we took turns beneath the water, finishing the actual work of getting ourselves clean and ready for the day.

Back in Penny’s bedroom, playfully she asked, “So, which panties would you like me to see me in, and strip off of me later?”

I went over and browsed her panty drawer and thought for a moment as I browsed through the incredible array of sexy pairs that lay bunched and twisted, waiting to be chosen. There seemed to be every color of the rainbow, materials ranging from cotton to silk, and all styles from bikini to thong. How was I going to choose?

Then a wickedly naughty idea popped into my head.

Picking up the khaki shorts I’d worn the night before, I reached into the pocked, and pulled out the skimpy yellow bikini panties that Brittany had been kind enough to give me as we left her and Eric the night before. I held them to my nose and inhaled her womanly scent. They smelled wonderfully perfumed and sensual, and I shot Penny a devilish grin.

Holding them toward her I said, “I believe these are your size.”

“You perv, you want me to wear Brittany’s panties?”

As she took them from my hand I felt my cock twitch, and I said, “Oh yeah, that’d be totally hot. Mmmm the thought of your pussy being held by the same material that held Brittany’s soaked pussy just last night, oh god that’d be too much! It’s making me hard again just thinking about it.”

Penny pulled the pretty little panties into place over her freshly fucked pussy and looked at herself in the mirror. Deciding that this naughty little idea was a pretty good one she offered “Maybe we’ll both cum in them today, and we can give them back to her?”

“Now who’s the perv?” I asked as she caressed her clit with her middle finger through the thin material.

“Hmmm, I guess it takes one to know one.”

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