A Whole New Life

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*This is a true story between a young boy and his very young and lovely mother*

My name is Jake, and I lived in a small town in Michigan with my mother who is now 38 and I am 22. Mom had me when she was 13 and my father left the country when he found out she was pregnant with me. He was 22 when he had sex with my mom and he wanted just a quick hoop up with my mom and got scared when he realized it was more then that.

Anyways this story begins 3 years ago when I turned 19 my mother was now 32 and our birthdays were about 3 weeks apart. My mother had just wanted to have dinner the 2 of us on the night of my birthday and I could have a big party if I wanted the next day. Mom had gotten all dresses up and looked really sexy. I have had many fantasies about my mom and stole her panties when I had the chance and jacked off in them.

She has an amazing rack and her cup size was 38DD her full bust was 38-24-38 I know because she later told me. But the dress she was wearing was a black silk strapless dress that came to about her mid-thigh.

She had turned out all the lights and lite candles all over the dinning room and living room. Now my mom hasn’t dated anyone since before I was born and when she conceived me she was a virgin so you must imagine the sexual tension when she sees me walking around in the mornings with my boxers on and a morning erection.

So we sat down to eat and my mother had made a great big plate of chicken parm with pasta which was my favorite meal so I scarfed it down and then asked her what else she had planned for the night.

She responded “Well, we could cuddle up on the sofa and watch some movies and TV or something”

and she started to stand up and stretch when I saw a glimpse of heaven! Her dress had gone up above her crotch to reveal she casino şirketleri was wearing no panties! I nearly came in my pants! She released her stretch and took the dishes to wash them.

I said to myself “I just saw my mothers pussy I nearly came everywhere imagine if I was fucking it!”

As she finished the dishes she said “Lets go find something to watch on TV.”

I was thankful for the dark because it concealed my monster hard on. I sat on the sofa and she came over and laid on my side. I had and idea. I said to her “How about we get more comfortable I mean we are Mother and Son why the need to dress so formal?” and with that I stood up and removed everything but my boxers ans then sat back down.

She said “Okay I’ll be right back.”

She went upstairs and came back in a bra and g-string thong.

As she got closer I said. “Wow! Who are you and what have you done with my mother?”

As a joke and she tried to lean forward and her hand fell right on my ragging boner. She didn’t hesitate to say.

“Well is that a baseball bat in your pants or am I really sexy?”

I stared in awe no knowing what to say. Her hand was still on my ragging 11 and a half inch cock and she was rubbing a little. She gave me a quick little kiss and sat down next to me cuddling into me and I couldn’t move or speak.

As I came to my senses I realized what had happened and wanted more! I put my arm around her and pulled her closer and kissed her forehead, she looked up at me and had a twinkle in her eye and she planted a french kiss on me and then moved so she was sitting on top of me and was straddling my cock.

We kissed for few minutes and then my big guy sneaked out of my boxer fly when it touched her she yelped in surprise. She broke the kiss and asked me casino firmaları if I was certain I wanted this and my response was

“Mom, I love you more then anything in the world and will do anything for you!”

Then what she asked me was. “Do you want children and a wife someday?”

This caught me completely off guard and I said “Yes!”

She then told me “Happy Birthday!”

Then she stood up and removed her panties and bra. Meaning she wanted to be my wife and the mother of my children! I was in heaven! She slid off my boxers and started to suck on my cock she said

“Sorry if it isn’t good you will be the first guy I gave head to…. and have fucked since I conceived you!”

I almost came right then and there I will be the first guy she ever gave head to and the second she has ever fucked and I was her son!

She was amazing at giving head and I told her “That feels so great mom don’t stop!”

So she started to deep throat and amazingly fit my whole cock in! She had no gag reflex and it opened so many doors for us!

I told her to stop and let me eat her out she said.

“No, I want you now I have had fantasies like this since you were 13 and you have been teasing me almost every morning with that monster!”

I then explained I felt the same way and we made out again. Then she demanded.

“Fuck my pussy baby! Fill mommy with your rich white baby juice and make her pregnant!”

I got her to lay on her back and started to inch into her pussy slowly because she said me dad was only 5 inches and he was proud of it.

Being that I’m more then twice his size I took it easy and she screamed in pain and ecstasy and she must have came 3 times as I was first starting to thrust into her. She begged

“Harder baby! Fuck güvenilir casino mommy faster and harder! Fuck me so hard I won’t be able to walk for a week!”

So I started fucking the shit out of my mom as hard and fast I could!

She kept cumming and cumming she must have came 10 times then I came


I came for literally 10 minutes straight before the last stream of cum left my balls and into her womb.

We looked each other in the eye for a brief moment then made out and the passed out from all the pleasure that had just happened. When we woke up it was 3 in the afternoon the next day I was still inside her pussy we passed out in the same position we fucked in.

She asked me. “You know this means we have to move to a different area as a couple about to get married?”

I said “I don’t care I will have you and the baby and that’s all I need!”

She fired back. “I hope you want more kids because I want to have 4 more after this one”

I said “I love you so much!” and we lip locked.

I was still inside her becoming hard again and she said “Well look who else is awake!”

Then we fucked in every room of the house and I came inside her each time! We started walking around the house naked and if either of us wanted sex we would just attack the other.

We now live in Texas as Husband and Wife with 3 kids and another on the way! We still fuck like bunnies and it is even kinkier when she is pregnant I find it to be an amazing turn on! We plan to keep having kids until we have 8 and we will get her tubes tide and we will always fuck we love each other so much! Nobody even knows we are mother and son and I still call her mom in-front of people and they think its just a pet name.

So this was my first story please tell me how I did and what I can improve on!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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