Abducting Mom Ch. 05

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In the past few weeks, my mom has been the “victim” of a kidnapping (by me), been a “victim” of a home break-in where she was sexually assaulted (by me), and tricked into having sex (with me). Most recently she and I fucked on the back patio while our pastor neighbor watched, then later sucked the same pastor off when he came to our house and tried to council us. We’ve been fucking every day – sometimes several times a day – for a couple of weeks now. She won’t admit it, but the longer it goes on, the more she’s accepting it, actually looking forward to it.

My God! Mark and I have been fucking each other every day for weeks now! I let him do whatever he wants to me and with me! And I’m loving it! I can’t get enough of his fat cock! What kind of mother does that make me? Maybe I am the cock loving slut he says I am? But I can’t let him know that I love every minute of it! I’m still his mother! But I don’t know how much longer I can hide it from him, before I start asking him to fuck me and not waiting for him to ask? Oh my God, what am I going to do when he heads back to college in a few weeks?! She thought to herself.

It was a beautiful day. As usual, on days like today, Mom was out back next to the pool sunning herself in one of her skimpy little bikinis. The ones that always get me hard as a rock. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. From my upstairs bedroom, where I had been known to watch Mom sunbath and jerk off on occasion, I could see Mr. Wilson next door acting like he was doing yard work. He was constantly peering over the fence trying to get a good look at Mom. I’m sure he was imagining her lips wrapped around his cock again. If he continued like he was, he was going to rake that one spot of grass down to nothing.

I threw my swim trunks on and headed outside. I casually walked over to Mom. She sensed my presence before I got to her. She immediately noticed the bulge that a 9″ snake created in my swim trunks. I’m sure she thought I was going to ask for a blowjob at the very least. Maybe later.

When I got close enough, I whispered, “Mr. Wilson is watching.”

She gasped and perked up. “Really? How do you know?” she whispered back.

I nodded my head. “I saw him upstairs. Fuckin’ pervert. I’m gonna take a couple laps in the pool. Why don’t you, you know, put on a show for him?”

“Put on a…oh! Oh, Mark! I…I…I don’t think so.”

“Who are you kidding? We’ve fucked in front of him. You sucked his dick and swallowed his load for Christ’s sake.” I knelt beside her. The touch of my fingers to her crotch startled her. I rubbed her pussy through the thin bikini material, which stained quickly with her juices. “Look at you, you’re fucking soaked already. You’re such a slut,” I grinned.

“Don’t say such things. I’m still you’re mother.” Her groin pushed harder into my hand.

“Whatever.” She almost seemed disappointed when I stood up. “C’mon, get naked and give Mr. Wilson a show.” I turned my head just enough to see that he was watching intently as best as he could. “Do a good job and I’ll give you a load of my own later.”

“Mark Allen!” she said as I walked away chuckling.

I dove into the crystal clear water of the pool and swam to the other end. By the time I’d gotten to the other end, Mom had removed her top and her bottoms were coming off her feet. I paused for a moment and watched her lay her sexy body back on the lounge chair.

Whether she wanted to admit it or not, she was beginning to realize the fact that she found the thought of someone catching her having sex or getting off made her hot. If Mark found out he’d take advantage of it. We’d be having sex in the middle of the mall if he knew! Soon she was slowly, gently massaging her 38D rack and lightly petting her pussy. I went back into the water and swam back to the end closest to her. She had already gotten more aggressive with her groping. I could see the top of Mr. Wilson’s head. He was enjoying the show, I’m sure. I swam back to the far end of the pool and rested my arms on the edge. Mom was already beginning to squirm on the chair. I could see two fingers pumping in and out of her slit. Her other hand was pinching and twisting her erect, gum-drop sized nipples when it wasn’t squeezing her melons. I could hear her light moans.

A few minutes later she was about to bring herself to a crescendo. One hand was thumping on her excited clit while the other roughly mauled her fantastic tits. I wondered if Mr. Wilson was jerking off.

“Oh God! Yes, right there,” she moaned. “Mmmmmm, yes, that feels good, right there! Oh God! Oh God! Oh gaaaaaaaa!”

Her hips bucked of the chair and her back arched. I’m quite sure she wasn’t aware of just how loudly she was moaning and groaning.

She slowly massaged her cunt even after her body slumped back into the chair. I could still see the top Mr. Wilson’s head. He hadn’t moved. I swam back to Mom’s end of the pool and climbed out. As I walked towards her I let my trunks fall to the ground and kicked them to the side.

Mom was still basking in the afterglow of her own self pleasure. casino oyna She didn’t realize I was standing next to her naked until I spoke.

“Fuck, Mom! That was quite a performance!”

The words startled her. Her eyes grew wide. “Mark! You’re…you’re…no! We we can’t!” She lowered her voice. “You said he’s watching!”

I laughed. “Oh, he’s watching alright. Probably jerking off. Ha!” I waved my thick wand at her. “C’mon, you know you want to.”

She gave me a look trying to look like she disapproved but was failing. She sat up and spun around to face me. I made sure I was standing at an angle where Mr. Wilson could get a good view of her smoking my pole. She gently wrapped her hand around the thick shaft. Her long fingers were warm and still slick with her juices. She slowly began to stroke it, subconsciously licking her lips. She moved her face closer. I lightly groaned at the first swat of her tongue to my tip.

She pointed my pole skyward and ran her tongue along the underside from balls to tip twice. When she reached the end she rolled her tongue around the swollen head, teasing me with her lips. Her hot breath rushed across it. She looked up at me with those bedroom eyes. I watched her lips curl into a sexy grin. After she felt like she had teased both of us long enough, she opened her mouth and took me in. She kept her eyes on me. She loves watching my face contort the first time my purple head slips past her lips.

Soon my tool was sliding in and out of her throat. She had become quite the expert at giving head and actually enjoyed it. Unlike fucking, where I was in complete control, she felt like she was in control when she was sucking cock. I glanced over to see if Mr. Wilson was still watching while she cupped my balls. Of course he was.

“Hey! Mr. Wilson! How about a blowjob?” I hollered across the fence.

The words and the loudness of them made both Mom and Mr. Wilson jump.

Mom pulled back and removed me from her face. She peered over to see if she could see Mr. Wilson, then she looked up at me. “Mark! What’re you doing?!”

I looked down at her. “Tell me you don’t want to suck his dick.” Silence. “I thought so. Nobody told you to stop,” I said and pulled her back into my groin.

Mr. Wilson’s panicked face popped over the face. “For the love of God, son, keep your voice down!” His eyes fixated on my mother’s face being impaled.

“Ha!” I laughed. I nodded my head. “Come on over. She’ll suck your dick just like she did the other day.”

“That…that…that was a mistake. I gave in to the Devil’s temptation.”

“And you loved every minute of it! The Devil blew a helluva load all over these sweet tits!” Mom squealed when I grabbed a handful of her fleshy mounds. “Tell me you don’t have a hard on right now,” I said with a grin. His teeth clenched. “That’s what I thought. Come on over here. You know you want to. She wants to suck your dick, don’t you, Mom?” She nodded her head while it bobbed on my pole.

“Shit!” Mr. Wilson looked skyward. “God forgive me.”

A few moments later he walked through our gate. I could see the tiny bulge in his pants. He timidly walked up beside me, then looked down at Mom.

Mom removed me from her mouth. She looked into Mr. Wilson’s nervous eyes and gave him a wicked smile. “Mmmmmm, I was hoping you’d come over,” she purred while she unzipped his pants.

“I…I…the Devil resides in this house. God forgive me, I can’t resist it! Ugh!” He moaned at the touch of her warm fingers when she reached into his pants. She pulled out his rigid 5″ penis and gently stroked it.

“Mmmmm, look at you, Dan, all rock hard already. You’ve been thinking naughty thoughts about me, haven’t you?” she said.

“I…I…oh God!” he cried out when she took him into her mouth.

Her lips clamped down on his pole. Her hand wrapped around my throbbing meat and began to give it long, hard strokes. In a flash, Mr. Wilson’s hands were on the back of her head pulling her into his thrusting hips. The Devil in him appeared.

“Yesssss, yes, that’s it. Suck me, grrrrrr, like the little whore that you are, you teasing little biiiiiiitch!” he hissed.

I cheered him on. “Fuck yeah, Mr. Wilson! Fuck her face like a whore’s cunt!” Watching this holy man give into his lust had my veins pumping.

“Mmmmmhmmmm! Mmmmmhmmmm!” Mom moaned.

“That’s right, you little sluuuuut! I…I…oh God! I…Oh God!”

“Hell yeah, Mr. Wilson! Fill her face with cum!”

“Oh God! Oh gaaaaaaaaaa!” His body stuttered. His head flew back and he pulled her head into his groin.

Mom felt his hot, thick load empty into her mouth. She gulped and gulped trying to keep up with the volume. But there was too much. He really needs to jerk off once and awhile! Or fuck his wife occasionally! she thought as the excess spunk slipped out her lips and ran down her chin.

“Oh fuuuuuck!” Without warning, a rope of white shot out of my hose and crashed into her cheek. The shock would have normally made her head snap in shock, but the force of Mr. Wilson’s slot oyna grip keep it steady.

She continued to stroke me and suck him, draining both of our ball sacks of all protein. Mr. Wilson finally released his grip on her head and she released her grip on my still throbbing muscle.

Mr. Wilson and I both looked down. White cum was dripping off her chin, down her chest, and onto her fabulous globes. The side of her face was coated with the sticky substance. I was looking at her with lust. Mr. Wilson was looking at her in horror.

“Oh my God! Not again!” he said.

Mom ran her finger up her chin and tucked the runaway cum between her lips. “Oh, you definitely did it again,” she said in a devilish tone.

“When was the last time Mrs. Wilson swallowed your load?” I asked, choking back a chuckle.

“Oh my God! Delores! What have I done?!” He tucked his withered willie back into his pants and quickly began to walk away. “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned again!”

Just then Mrs. Wilson’s shrill voice cut through the air like a knife. “Dan! Dan! Lunch is ready!”

Mr. Wilson visibly jumped. I think I saw his heart stop for a moment. “Coming, my love! Coming!”

“What in the devil are you doin’ over there?!”

I could see his head bouncing on the other side of the fence. “I…I…Mrs. Allen needed some help with, uh, some heavy things…”

“With your back?!” Mrs. Wilson barked before their back door closed.

Mom looked at me while I chuckled. She tried to look troubled. I could see right through her. “Why do you do that to me? And poor Mr. Wilson…”

“Ha! Don’t give me that shit! You love sucking dick! You’re such a cock loving slut!”

“Don’t say that! I’m your mother!”

“Ha ha ha! A cock loving mother who just sucked off her son and her pastor neighbor and took their loads! Ha ha ha! You love my fat, fucking cock, don’t lie, you fuckin’ slut!” I turned and walked away laughing.

He’s right! I do love his fat cock! I do love sucking cock! My God, I am a cock loving slut!


That weekend I thought we’d try something different. Sunday morning, after my morning wake up blowjob, I told Mom in a sarcastic tone, “You know, maybe Mr. Wilson is right. Maybe we could use some salvation. What do ya say? Feel like getting some religion today?”

Her face scrunched up. “Seriously?”

“Yeah, sure! It’ll be fun. I know just the place. Why don’t you put something sexy-but-not-too-sexy on and we’ll go get our religion on.” She gave me a sideways look and headed for the closet.

We arrived at the church just as the service was starting. I was dressed in slacks and dress shirt. Mom was wearing a flowery sun dress that I loved. It had spaghetti straps and a low front that showed off plenty of her tan orbs. The backless curve stopped just above the crack of her heart shaped ass and the hem didn’t reach mid-thigh. Her red high heels only accentuated her long toned legs. We grabbed a seat in the back and sat quietly as the choir finished their introduction. Mom gasped when Pastor Dan Wilson, the neighbor she had performed fellatio on twice in the last few days, took the podium.

At the end of the incredibly boring service, Pastor Wilson announced that the Forgiveness Booth would have an attendant after the service for anyone who felt moved to confess their sins and ask God for his forgiveness.

“Can we go now?” Mom asked.

“Hang on, hang on. I wanna see this.”

Several parishioners felt as if they had sinned to the point where they needed to beg for forgiveness. As fate would have it, we were seated at an angle that we could catch a glimpse of the booth attendant as they slipped into the booth. Just as I had hoped, Pastor Wilson would be the attendant today.

We watched several people slip into the booth and, a few minutes later, slip out. I leaned into Mom.

“Don’t you feel the need to ask for forgiveness?”


“You know. I mean, Mr. Wilson says we’re full of the Devil. And you’ve sucked the cock of a holy man a couple of times.”

“Shhhhhhh! Keep your voice down!”

I grabbed her hand and dropped it in my lap. She felt my stiff trouser snake. She wrapped her hand around it and began to squeeze it through my pants.

“Look at that,” I mocked. “You can’t wait to get at my cock. You’re nothing but a cock loving slut.”

Her head went on a swivel. “Shhhhhh! Good grief, keep your voice down!”

She jumped at the touch of my hand inside her thigh. She didn’t try to stop me as it slid up. Her skin grew hotter and hotter the further I went. She gasped when I finally reached the “V” and slipped my hand inside her tiny g-string. She was wet already. She gasped again when I flicked at her newly excited clit.

“See? You’re soaking wet already. You want some cock so bad you can’t stand it.”

“My God, Mark, please! I…I…I’m your mother!” Another gasp when I slipped a finger into her slit.

“Using the Lord’s name in vane in a church? Tsk tsk tsk,” I said while I slid two fingers canlı casino siteleri in and out. “Take your panties off.”


“You heard me. C’mon, just do it.”

She looked around at the nearly empty church. She reached under her short skirt and proceeded to slide the slinky, moist material down her silky legs. She pulled it over her high heels and handed it to me.

My lips curled into a wicked grin. “Wanna have some fun?” Now that her engine was revved I knew she’d be up for just about anything.

She smiled back at me. “What’d you have in mind?” Her eyes sparkled and her grip on the muscle in my pants grew tighter. Her exhibitionist streak was showing.

“Go into that booth and confess everything. Everything. See if we can make Mr. Wilson’s head explode.”

That’s not what she was expecting to hear. “Really?”

I nodded my head. “Really. Lay it on thick. I’ll make it worth your while later.”

A nasty grin crossed her face. The thought of me “making it worth her while” made her cunt quiver. “Okay.”

The last person in the church left the booth. Mom went into action and quickly slid in. Oh how I wanted to be a fly on the wall!

The booth was small and dark. A bench seat big enough for one ran across the back. As soon as she took a seat, a tiny door in the wall to her right slid open. There was a dark piece of mesh material exposed. The person on one side could only make out a shadow of the person on the other side of the wall.

“Good afternoon, my child,” came the soothing voice of Pastor Wilson. He sounded different from the nervous Mr. Wilson next door, much calmer and more confident. “What burden would you like to free yourself of?”

Her mind raced. Lay it on thick. “Well, I need to ask for forgiveness for something quite…shocking. Immoral. Several things, actually.” She wondered if he recognized her voice.

“There is no judgement made in these walls, only forgiveness. God loves you no matter what your sin is, so long as you accept him into your heart. Please continue. Unburden yourself.”

“Well…” She paused. “I’ve been fucking my son.” Silence from the other side of the wall. “A lot. Several times a day. For several weeks. I…I…I can’t get enough of his fat cock. I mean, it’s so big! It just makes me crazy!”

There was an audible gulp on the other side of the wall. “Go on.”

She smiled. “The feeling of it inside my cunt…it…it…I’ve never felt anything like it! It makes me cum so hard. Over and over again. He fucks my ass every day. He says both of my holes are so tight that it feels like I’m squeezing that fat cock of his. I actually have orgasms when he fucks my ass! I didn’t even know that was possible! Did you?”

“I…I…I, um, I’m not sure I’m, uh, the right person you should be asking that question.” Nervous Mr. Wilson was back.

“Of course! Look who I’m talking to. I’m sorry.”

“No no, you’re fine. No, uh, judging here. Please…please continue.”

She fought back a laugh. She imagined him on the other side of the wall jerking off. “I love giving him blowjobs. I give him a blowjob every morning just to get the day off on the right foot, you know? I’ve become quite good at it if I do say so myself. I can take him all the way down my throat, which is quite an accomplishment, believe you me! I mean, he’s fucking huge! And thick! Oh my God! Ooooo…sorry…geez…”

Another gulp. “Uh, you’re fine. Please…continue.”

“I let him fuck me anytime. I let him cover me in his cum. It makes me hot just thinking about it! I’m wet just thinking about it. It’s gotten to the point where I let him fuck me where we might get caught. And I love it! I’m so hot right now we might just fuck in the parking lot after you’ve forgiven me. You’re going to forgive me, right?”

“I…I…well, uh, it’s not up to me to forgive you. Do you forgive yourself?”

“I’m trying to. I’m getting used to the idea. I mean, he calls me a cock loving slut. Maybe I am. If I accept that as truth, is that giving myself forgiveness.”

“Um, no, I…I…um, that’s not really how it works.”

“Oh! Well, I’ll work on that I guess. But it’s gotten worse.”

“Worse?!” The voice on the other side showed more shock than I’m sure it intended. He cleared his throat. “(ahem) Worse? How so?”

“Well, I sunbath in my backyard a lot. My son and I have started fucking out there, too. I just can’t say no to him. I can’t get enough of his fat fucking cock!” She paused and grinned. “But just recently I found out my neighbor’s been watching me all these years.” There was a gasp on the other side of the wall. “And he caught my son and I fucking. He tried to stop us. But we didn’t. I couldn’t. My neighbor stood there and watched my son cum on my face.”

“And (ahem) how did this neighbor, um, react? How did you and your son feel about getting caught?”

“Oh, well, my neighbor acted like he was disgusted by the whole thing. My son thought it was hot as fuck. At first, I was embarrassed. But, now that I look back on it, I thought it was hot as fuck, too.” She paused. “The next day the neighbor came over to my house and tried to explain how wrong it was for my son and I to act that way. I wound up giving both the neighbor and my son blowjobs!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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