Accidental Fuck with Mum Ch. 01

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This story has been written for a while, I had intended writing a lot more of it but having read another story along similar lines on this site recently I’ve decided to publish as is and wait for the comments to see how the play progresses.

Please no comments about editing unless you are offering.


I’ll remember the date forever, August thirtieth two thousand and sixteen. Or to put it another way my twenty-second birthday and I went out for a drink with friends, the plan was Phillip, the nominated driver, was going to drive Harry and me back home after the club closed.

Well the best made plans often change at the last minute and first Harry pulled a girl and fucked off with her. Then one of the two girls Phil and I were chatting up stumbled on her high heels, in the process she dropped her drink straight down the front of Phil’s shirt. He reached out to catch her and managed to grab a handful of her dress which ripped as she fell against him. It was a halter topped dress and the skirt part flared out immediately under the bust, effectively the damage meant one of the ‘cups’ was almost detached at the join with the skirt and of course she was not wearing a bra.

Being the perfect gentleman… not! Phil offered to take her home and after speaking with me to make sure I was OK to use the flat he left with her.

I, well we really, have this first floor ‘bolt hole’ studio flat in town. It is a bit basic and dated but has all the essential requirements for an overnight stay as both Mum and myself live some forty miles from town and a night out means a bloody long way for a taxi ride at silly o’clock in the morning after a skin full. This way I can drive into town, park in a private parking space, have a night out, walk back to the flat and drive home after I’ve sobered up in the morning. Mum and occasionally my cousin do the same and we usually have a chat on the phone beforehand so we don’t clash… Simples.

On this particular evening I hadn’t spoken with Mum as I knew I had a lift home and didn’t give it any thought.

The club closed at 2am and on the walk casino şirketleri to the flat I purchased a kebab as usual, let myself in and sat on the sofa-bed to eat it along with another bottle of beer, dumped the empties in the sink and briefly splashed water on hands and face after having a piss then stripped off to my Chelsea boxers before pulling out the sofa-bed and settled down to watch some porn on the smart TV, making sure I set the TV timer for sixty minutes and the alarm for 9am, I pushed my boxers down far enough to completely expose my cock so I could have a wank then fell asleep in seconds.

I’m not quite sure what I was thinking or dreaming but someone was talking about the porn and how she loved to be eaten like that and then I had this sort of suffocating feeling as I snuggled under the duvet, well that’s what I thought I was doing or possibly dreaming. That was until I really woke up to find my mouth and chin were being ridden hard by a girl and the musty smell and taste of pussy juice filled my senses. She was well into it and I think she took two or three orgasms before bending forwards and I felt my erection being enveloped by a hot mouth.

At that time I was unaware of the brewers droop but it didn’t stop me enjoying the blow job at both my cock and my mouth. I did cum, I know I did, then the grinding on my face stopped and sleep took over again.

I woke busting for a piss and drunkenly stumbled my way to the toilet in the light from the porn still playing on the TV, but halfway back the room was suddenly plunged into darkness as the TV’s timer turned it off. As I fumbled my way back into the bed this strange thought ran through my head that I didn’t remember bringing a girl back with me. My thought process continued with ‘never mind I’ll sort it out in the morning’ as I spooned her and held on to a nice heavy, bra clad breast…

There was movement then the toilet flushed then more movement as the girl climbed on me to get back in bed, except she stopped halfway and there was fumbling in my groin area followed by the unmistakeable sensation of being ridden cowgirl style. casino firmaları In the total darkness my hands went up to find her breasts and finding a bra I instinctively reached around the back to try my perfected single handed bra release technique. Unusually there was about five hooks to deal with so it took a bit longer than usual but I released it while still holding my other hand on a breast, the bra slipped away very easily as it had no straps and I was soon massaging those lovely breasts which were heavier than I was accustomed to having the privilege to play with and some lovely big rubbery nipples to tweak and twist.

I had no idea of the time as the curtains are very thick at the windows to keep out the bright city lights, but my head was still hurting so guessed it was still early.

The portal containing my cock was hot and wet and very active, this girl was good as she humped on me and judging by the ‘ooh’s’ and ‘ah’s’ she was enjoying the way I played with her nipples. Suddenly the humping changed tempo to be very rapid strokes with lots of pressure against my pubic area and she fell forwards, planting one of her nipples in my mouth.

I sucked and was encouraged to suck harder and harder to the point I felt I was biting her quite hard but she seemed good with it then even put her hand behind my head to lift it firmly against her heavy breast. All this time she was still humping on my cock and like before she sped up again and after some squeals she slowed and stopped.

The next bit was new to me, she had stopped humping but now I felt the insides of her pussy pulsating, almost sucking me and I could feel the steady rise of tension in me. I think she could feel something too as the pull of my head seemed to coincide with my own pulsations leading up to me cumming, oh boy did I cum, it seemed to go on forever and pulse after pulse pushed my sticky white juice deep into her pussy.

Strangely my erection didn’t fade and we settled into a spoons position with me holding onto a breast and my erection in her pussy.

I woke to the sounds of humping on the TV and quickly güvenilir casino realised I was in bed with a large breasted girl, in fact I was still holding her breast and my soft cock was still in her pussy. In fact as I realised the situation my soft cock swiftly became a hard cock and instinctively I started moving it into a nice rhythm, we both came at the same time and as I dashed off to the toilet before I pissed myself I heard some husky comment about ‘a nice way to wake a woman’.

I returned and asked “Tea?” as I filled the kettle.

“I’ll do that Jerry.”


“Ha huh Terry? that’s my sons name I was calling you Jerry all last night.”

I pulled the curtain open and in a particularly rude way the morning sun flooded in, bathing the room in a blinding whiteness which hurt our eyes.

“MUM.” I shrieked.

“TERRY.” Retorted Mum, “What are you doing here?”

“Well I h…” I was interrupted with

“Where the fuck is Jerry?”

“Who’s Jerry?”

“The guy I met in the club, he came back here and slept here with me, where’s he gone?”

“I slept here Mum.”

“I thought he got the bed out and telly on quickly.”

“What the hell is that horrible smell? It smells like something has died.” Stark naked I went to the door and opened it to see a pile of soaking wet clothes in a puddle of vomit at the bottom of the stairs by the front door.

“Eeeuuwww that doesn’t look very comfortable for him.” An equally naked mother walked past me and down the stairs, from the bottom step she gave the pile of clothes a big prod with her foot. It moved and made a grunting sound.

“He seems OK.” She opened the window beside the front door and returned upstairs, “I’m not ready to sort that yet. Hopefully the smell will go out of the window.” Mum closed the top door and headed for the kettle made tea with powdered milk and the two of us sat on the bed. “So… we fucked. Fortunately I finished my monthly yesterday so I’ll not get pregnant.”

We finished our tea and put the mugs on the floor, “Fancy another fuck Terry?” It was a big French kiss with loads of lip biting and tongue wrestling that followed. Shame about the stale alcohol and tobacco taste but I guess my mouth isn’t much different…


Please no comments about editing unless you are offering.

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