Born to Suck Ch. 19

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“OH FUCK…..WHAT TIME IS IT?” Sven’s anxious voice quickly roused me out of a deep sleep. I let my eyes open partway and through the soft light drifting in around the drapes, I saw him leaning over to look at the alarm clock beside the bed.

“SHIT!” he exclaimed as he hurriedly threw back the sheets and hopped out of bed.

“Wh……what’s wrong?” Kurt asked in a groggy voice from the other bed.

“I forgot to set the alarm. I’m scheduled to take Rogue for a walk-through first thing this morning,” he said as he hurried into the bathroom. He left the door open and we heard the thunderous sound of his morning piss pounding into the toilet. To my ears, it sounded ominously powerful and inviting; I wished I was beneath him right now as he let loose with that torrential offering.

Through dreamy eyes, I looked around. At some point, Sven must have turned off the light. The only light now was the early morning sun gently filtering into the room around the sides of the closed drapes. I was curled up near the bottom of Sven’s bed and I felt nice and cozy. There was a pillow under my head and there were blankets on top of me, keeping me nice and toasty from the cool chill of the air conditioning. The last thing I remembered was feeling my mind drift off after taking that last mouthful of cum from Sven’s beautiful cock. He must have covered me up and put the pillow under my head as I slept. Knowing what he had done gave me a nice warm feeling inside as I pulled the blanket up to my neck and closed my eyes again.

“You guys just sit tight and take it easy,” Sven said as he came out of the bathroom and started to pull on his jeans. I looked up as he pulled a clean shirt out of his bag and drew it over his rugged torso. “I’ll probably be back in a couple of hours and then we can go out for breakfast.” As I watched him through half-closed eyes, he pulled on his socks and boots, grabbed his keys, then stepped over and kneeled down at the edge of the bed beside me.

“Take good care of our friend here,” he said in a whisper as he nodded towards Kurt. “I’ll give you some of my own cum when I get back.” He gave me a playful smile as he reached forward and tousled my hair affectionately before getting to his feet and quickly leaving.

After the door closed and we heard the truck starting up outside, I heard Kurt moving in his bed across from me and looked over. Through the dim light, I saw that he was on his side facing away and then slowly he rolled back towards me until he was flat on his back. I could see the crisp material of the white sheet tented up invitingly over his rigid erection, the early morning light casting deep lines of shadow as the fabric seemed to flow down from his pronounced knob.

“Come over here, Joey,” he said softly as he looked at me intently. I could see the wanton desire in his eyes and knew that we both wanted the same thing; his cock in my mouth. I pushed the sheet off and started to raise myself up on Sven’s bed. My whole body ached from the delicious ordeal they’d put me through last night; but it was such a good ache, I knew I wanted more. I was still wearing the riding pants, the cum from my multiple orgasms now dried in a crusty patch on the front. I slid my legs off the edge of the bed and felt shaky as I took the couple of steps over to Kurt’s.

“Gimme some head, Joey,” he said as I crawled onto the bed. He reached down and drew the sheet off his body until his rugged hairy form was totally exposed; his magnificent cock standing bold upright. “Put that sweet mouth of yours on it and just keep sucking ’til I fill it.”

“Yes sir,” I said excitedly as I eagerly moved between his spread thighs. His big hairy balls looked swollen and heavy and I knew he’d been recharging while he slept; getting ready to feed me some more of my favorite treat. I leaned in close and wrapped my hand around that velvety hot shaft as I started by licking and sucking his big round nuts.

“Oh yeah, get it nice and wet,” he said as I slowly licked my way up his rigid erection, coating his throbbing dick with plenty of hot spit as I went. As I licked at the pronounced inverted ‘V’ on the underside of his cock-head, I flicked my eyes up and saw that he was lying there with his arm thrown over his eyes. I’m sure he was fantasizing about something or someone as I slavishly worshipped his beautiful hard cock. I slipped my lips over the big flared head and let them sink down the shaft as I wrapped both of my little hands around the thick shaft.

“Oh yeah, suck it,” he moaned softly as I started to bob my head at the same time as I pumped my hands up and down in a stimulating corkscrew motion. I pushed more saliva to the front of my mouth and let if flow down his gorgeous cock as I continued to suck at the mouth-filling knob as my hands moved the slick outer sheath of his shaft up and down. I took my time and sucked him nice and slow for the next fifteen minutes or so. I had him on the verge of orgasm a couple of times and then would just stop casino oyna and hold still, until I felt the urge within him subside. Each time, he’d feed me a nice warm mouthful of his silky pre-cum; a beautiful appetizer for the load I knew was coming. The next time he started to approach his climax, he knew he’d had enough teasing and needed release.

“Oh fuck…..just keep sucking this time…..just keep sucking.” I could see him squirming as I sucked and sucked at the rigid pillar of flesh pulsing between my stretched lips. I saw his balls drawing up in their protective sack again and knew he was about to flood my welcoming mouth.

“OH YEAH………OH FUUUUUUUCCCKKKK,” he let out a long deep groan as his cock twitched and then started to shoot. The first thick wad shot forcefully against the roof of my mouth and then it just seemed to start gushing. My sucking mouth quickly filled with the warm succulent cream that I knew I was already addicted to. I felt my cheeks filling and then some started to leak from the corners of my mouth and run down the velvety-hard shaft as I continued to worship his beautiful erection. I swallowed; the delicious silky seed wonderfully coating my throat as it slid luxuriously into my waiting stomach.

“Oh yeah, suck it all out Sherry,” Kurt moaned softly as I worked my mouth on the top part of his cock as my jacking hands pumped away at his throbbing shaft. The cum that had leaked from the corners of my mouth quickly turned into a frothy white foam as my hands continued to slide up and down his thick turgid shaft. Finally, his cock stopped shooting and I slowed the movement of my coaxing hands on his sensitive member.

“Mmmmmmm,” I purred softly as I swallowed the rest of his cum. I held my hands still and nursed softly at the drooling tip of his slowly deflating cock, anxious to get every last drop out of him that I could. I flicked my eyes up as Kurt lifted his arm from covering his eyes and propped himself up on his elbows.

“Oh man, that was so fucking good,” he said as he looked at with me with a satisfied smile on his face. “You really know how to suck cock, Joey.” I felt my heart swell under his kind words of praise and I was so happy that Sven had asked his friend to come with us.

“Th…..thanks Kurt,” I replied as I slipped my lips off the spongy head of his cock. “Who’s Sherry?”

“Sherry’s my wife’s little sister,” he said with a perplexed look on his face. “Why?”

“You called me Sherry when you were cumming.”

“I DID?” he asked in surprise. I could see him turning red as if he’d been caught in something he shouldn’t have been thinking or doing.

“Yeah, you did. I don’t mind though,” I said as I took a long slow lick down the side of his cock, picking up the frothy white of his cum with the flat of my tongue, “if you were thinking about her while I was sucking you…..well…..I….I kind of like it actually.”

“You do?” he asked, the red slowly fading from his face.

“Yeah.” I slowly dragged my tongue up the other side of his cock, gathering in the final stray ribbons of his precious seed. “How old is she?”

“She’s 18.”

“And were you thinking what it would feel like to have her mouth on your cock while I was sucking it?” I asked as I took a slow loving swipe around the broad head of his cock.

“Of fuck, yeah,” he said with bated breath and I could see the lust in his eyes as he thought about her.

“Anytime you want to think of her, and whatever you want to do to her, that’s okay with me.” I slipped my lips right back over the head of his spent cock and closed my eyes in bliss as I sucked on the warm spongy cockhead.

“Well that sounds pretty fuckin’ good to me, Joey.” I slowly opened my eyes and saw him looking at me with pure desire in his eyes as I pursed my lips and slid then further down his spent cock. “Why don’t you go in the bathroom there and get your pussy all nice and cleaned out for me. Then start the shower and I’ll join you.” The look in his eye told me I was going to get thoroughly fucked again; what a beautiful way to start the day.

I slid out of the bed, but not before giving his cock one last soft soulful suck on the warm tip. My legs still felt shaky beneath me as I made my way into the bathroom. I peeled off the tight stretchy pants and looked at them as I sat on the toilet and took a crap. The front was stained from where I’d cum inside them while they’d been fucking me; and the back was a mess also. The whole back around the slit they’d cut was stained and matted with remnants of their cum and the greasy lube; basically, pure evidence of a wonderful night.

I dropped the pants and after I was done on the toilet, I ran the water until it was nice and warm. With the water running, I looked at myself in the mirror. My mouth gaped open in surprise as I saw the dried gobs and ribbons of cum clinging to my face, sticking in my hair, my eyebrows……man…it was everywhere! They’d each cum on my face a few times and I was covered slot oyna in the stuff, not that I was complaining or anything!

As a contented smile came over my face, I filled the enema bag with the soapy mixture as Sven had taught me. I used it twice in a row as I knew he liked; just to make sure I was as clean as I could be. I rinsed off the kit and put it away before turning on both shower heads. I stepped into the shower; anxiously awaiting Kurt’s arrival. I turned into the hot pelting spray and let the soothing pellets of water cascade down on my upturned face.

I heard the shower door open and turned to see Kurt step into the big glass stall. My eyes were immediately drawn to his long heavy cock dangling majestically between his legs. Man, after being naked around both he and Sven, I definitely knew what they meant when they used the term ‘hung’. Even in their totally flaccid state, their cocks were incredibly impressive as they hung long and heavy between their strong masculine thighs, hanging almost halfway down to their knees! Even soft, with their massive knobs, their cocks looked like little kid’s arms with a fist on the end. I looked at the incredible size of Kurt’s dick and shuddered as I realized that the whole length of his gorgeous cock had been inside me last night, and was about to be deep inside me again today. I found myself licking my lips in anticipation as I watched it swing freely between his legs as he stepped towards me.

“Oh yeah, that hot water feels good,” he said as he stepped into the driving spray from the shower head beside me, “makes me wanna piss though. You wanna hold it for me, Joey?”

“C….could I, please?” I asked excitedly.

“Sure, go ahead.” He adjusted his feet slightly to each side as I reached forward and wrapped my little hand around the warm girth of his shaft. It felt wonderful as I held it, and then I felt the initial pulse as his piss started to flow through. I watched the red eye at the tip gape open and then his powerful blast spewed forth. His thick yellow stream arced far out across the shower before falling to the floor. I watched as the hot liquid flowed like a slowly moving snake before disappearing down the drain. I lifted his cock and moved the streaming torrent around in a slow circle as I hypnotically watched. He’d had a lot to drink the night before and he pissed for a long time before his stream slowly diminished. I shook off the last drops for him before reluctantly releasing his warm thick cock.

“Aaaaaahh, that’s better,” he sighed as he turned back into the pelting shower.

“Can I…..can I wash you, sir?” I asked anxiously, my eyes glued to the shimmering water running down his hairy body.

“Sure Joey, help yourself,” he said, grinning at me as he turned and put his head beneath the spraying nozzle. I eagerly soaped up my hands and then started to work on his back. His muscular shoulders and broad back felt amazing under my hands as I spread the frothy lather all over him. I worked on his back and then down his strong hairy legs for quite awhile before getting my hands good and soapy and then washing that big round bum of his. The cheeks were deliciously firm and I let my hands run is slow soothing circles all over them before slipping my fingers into his crack. The moist heat was tremendously inviting and I let my hand slide deep into the warm crevice before sliding my slippery fingers over the taut skin at the bottom of his crack and over his tight puckered hole.

“Mmmmm, nice,” he moaned before turning around and letting me do his front. His strong defined pecs drew my hands instantly and those perfect muscles looked sensually beautiful with the glistening white foam clinging to his matted chest hair. I worked my way slowly down his brawny rugged form, loving every sweet second as my soapy hands roamed over his fantastic body. As my hands slid over the defined muscles of his stomach and abdomen, I bypassed his inviting cock as I washed his strong muscular thighs and the lower part of his legs. As I came back up and re-lathered my hands, I saw that his cock had already started to swell and thicken. I subconsciously licked my lips and flicked my eyes up to see Kurt leering down at me; a look of pure lust on his face.

“Now, let me feel those beautiful hands of yours on my cock,” he said as he spread his legs a little further apart and leaned back against the wall behind him. With my delicate little hands dripping with lather, I eagerly slid my hands down through his nest of pubic hair and onto his long thick cock.

“Mmmmmm,” I let out a soft little purr as I slipped my soapy fingers around the velvety-smooth shaft. I could feel it start to swell immediately and as it continued the fill and stiffen, the latent power lurking inside it almost took my breath away. Kurt sat back and let me have my way with him as I ran my hands up and down his growing cock, the incredible force coming alive in my hands. It took only a couple of minutes before it was standing up, stiff as canlı casino siteleri a board; his enormous erection causing my gripping hands to spread further open. As my slippery soapy hands worked up and down religiously, I watched the huge knob get darker and darker in color as it got more and more engorged with his pulsing blood.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good. C’mere,” he said as he pushed himself away from the wall and grabbed me by the shoulders. He turned me so my back was against the wall in the position he’d been in. With his big hairy body looming over me, he reached down and slid his hands around my hips and under my bum. With almost no effort, he quickly picked me up and stepped forward slightly to pin my back against the shower wall. As he did, my hands automatically came up to slip around his neck.

“Bring your knees up, Joey,” he said with bated breath, his arousal apparent in his breathy whisper. I brought my right leg up first, and as I did, he slipped his hand out from beneath my bum for a second and then brought it back beneath me. We did the same with my left leg, so that now he was still supporting me with his big meaty hands under my bum, but my legs were now draped over his strong muscular arms. He hefted me like a sack of potatoes, his bulging biceps pushing against the insides of my thighs to spread my little bum-cheeks even further apart.

“Oh yeah, this is gonna be so good,” he said as he lowered my slightly until I felt the burgeoning head of his cock pressing up against my tight little pucker. A flicker of panic went through me as I knew we had no Vaseline this time; only the slippery coating of the soapy lather I’d been spreading over his stiff cock.

“Just relax that hole for me, Joey,” he said in a soft comforting voice as he started to press inwards. I took a deep breath and as I let it out slowly, I concentrated on relaxing my tight sphincter.

“Uuuunnggghhh,” I groaned loudly as the broad flared head started to spread and stretch the lips of my yielding boy-pussy. He pulled down a little on my hips and I felt my hole stretching and stretching until the whole plum-sized head popped inside, my pussy-lips quickly gripping down on the firm shaft, just beyond the thick ridge.

“Oh yeah, thataboy,” he said in an encouraging voice, “you’ve got the thickest part. Now let’s just get the rest of it inside you.” He adjusted his feet slightly and then I felt him ease up on the tight grip he had on my bum. As he did, gravity took over and he let the weight of my own body propel me down the thick upright shaft of his rigid cock.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHH,” I gasped as the massive cock rose higher and higher into my yielding channel. My own weight had me dropping all the way down on his stiff erection until I felt my wrinkled pucker press up against his hairy groin.

“Oh God, it’s so deep,” I moaned as I closed my eyes in bliss and leaned my head back against the shower wall. With my legs well up and draped over his upper arms, it felt exquisite as his powerful thick cock absolutely filled me. As his cock slid far up into me, it was like it was transferring its own power to my body by osmosis; I could feel my own cock hardening and lifting up away from my body.

“Oh fuck, that pussy of yours is so hot and tight,” Kurt said in a husky whisper as he adjusted he feet slightly and pulled my bum-cheeks even further apart. I felt him flex his hips backward slightly as he held me in place against the wall, his cock pulling back from inside me. He kept up a smooth backward motion until I felt the thick ridge tugging deliciously against the inside of my clutching hole….then he slowly and mercilessly plowed it back into me.

“OH GODDDDDDDD,” I moaned as my head rolled from side to side against the shower wall. Kurt started to work up a steady rhythm as he fucked me nice and slow and deep. He drove it balls deep into me each time, the massive knob rubbing luxuriously over my enflamed prostate. Within just a minute or so, my cock was hard as rock and sticking up between our joined bodies; pre-cum oozing continuously from the engorged tip. Kurt was fucking me slowly and torturously, the thin film of soap helping to ease the way for his cunt-splitting erection.

“Oh Kurt, it’s so hard and deep,” I hissed as I felt the luscious tingling feeling starting to spread through my midsection. My arms had gone back over his shoulders, my fingers interlaced behind his neck as I held on. He started to go a little faster now, my body bumping rhythmically against the shower wall as he thrust it into me….over and over…..his long thick cock completely filling me……the fronts of my folded-up thighs pressing against my chest with each of his powerful thrusts.

“OMYGOD……OHMYGOD….OHMYGOD….,” I moaned as I started to lose control over my body. The delicious sensations seemed centered on my throbbing prostate as his massive hard cockhead tore across it sensually. The feeling started as a dull throb and then quickly escalated to mind-numbing proportions as it rapidly spread throughout my entire midsection. He drew back and then gripped me tightly as he slammed me fiercely against the shower wall; driving his long thick pussy-splitting cock deep into me.

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