Ah, Oops! Pt. 06 – More Adventures for Mark

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Well, as far as Mark was concerned Friday Movie Night had been a great success!

After slipping some sleeping pills into his wife’s drink, he had waited till she blanked out then proceeded to fuck his busty stepdaughter as she lay back over her unconscious mother, and finished by shooting his load down the throat of his sleeping wife.

And those fun and games had been video’d by his other stepdaughter, so he had a memento to reflect back on that experience, before she too was taken to her room and fucked by Mark’s massive cock!

Mark wasn’t entirely sure if his life could get any better but, like most of us, he was greedy and he resolved that he wanted more. The whole chain of events had come about as he had accidentally exposed himself to his stepdaughter Jenny, and he had discovered a powerful exhibitionist kink in his nature. This was where he wanted to explore further.

Over the course of the weekend, Mark plotted and pondered, whilst continuing to walk around the house in only his boxers or briefs, allowing his girls ample opportunity to admire his dick. They in turn wore skimpy t-shirts and mini briefs, so he could feast his eyes, and his hands, on their busty teenage figures.

Needless to say, Mark’s cock saw plenty of action, as he seemed permanently to be either fucking, or getting blown by one or both of the girls.

Mark’s wife Janice must casino şirketleri surely have realised something was going on, but so far she had said nothing, other than to frown once as Mark’s cock popped out of his boxers and flopped around in front of her and her daughters, before he eventually tucked himself away.

The next time it ‘accidentally’ happened, Janice grumbled to Mark: “For goodness sake, Mark! Can’t you keep yourself under control?”

Mark looked at his wife as she sat on the sofa in the lounge, then across at his stepdaughters who ‘just happened’ to be sitting on the other sofa, across from their mother.

“Ach, don’t worry” he said, “It’s just a dick, I’m sure the girls have seen one of those before!”

“We have!” cried Jenny, “but not one like that! It’s huge!”

Mark smiled at the girls as they played their innocent teen roles to perfection.

“Well, I’m sure the girls don’t want you wandering around the house flashing yourself at them all day, so try to restrain yourself” said Janice.

“Oh, but we do!” shouted Jenny and Millie.

“Mark has a great body, and we love seeing it!”

“Oh well then,” said Mark as he slipped his hands under the waistband of his boxers and in one slick motion, dropped them to the ground.

His cock was rock hard as he turned from side to side, swinging his huge cock from left to right, casino firmaları in front of the two playacting sluts he had created.

They gasped and giggled as he put on a show for them, commenting on how big and beautiful his dick was, and look at his balls too! Massive!

Janice simply looked on in stunned amazement, as Mark walked towards his girl’s. He stood before them, his cock right in their faces.

“Ok, from now on, clothes are optional around here, and I for one am going to let this little toy get plenty of air!”

“It’s not little, Mark! It’s incredible,” cried Jenny, “can I touch it?”

Mark turned to look at his wife. She sat, utterly stunned by what was happening.

“Of course you can Jenny, my girls can touch my horse cock any time they like,” he said, looking his wife in the eye.

Jenny watched in horror as first Jenny and then Millie leaned forward and wrapped a hand around Mark’s meat. There was plenty room for two hands, as both girls knew well.

In perfect timing, helped by lots of practice, they worked together to massage his cock and balls, as their mother stared in shock.

Mark leaned in and placed his hand on Jenny’s head.

A gentle pressure and she leaned in, opened her mouth and accepted his cock.

“Oh, that’s so good!” said Mark as she got to work on him.

After a moment, he nodded to Millie, güvenilir casino and she too opened her mouth for him. Pulling his cock from Jenny’s skilled mouth, he slipped it into her younger sisters equally willing mouth.

For the next few minutes, he alternated from girl to girl, complimenting them on their skills and providing updates to their mother.

“Fuck!” he cried, “your daughters sure know how to suck cock Janice!”

“I’m not sure who is best though? Millie has a great tongue action, but Jenny seems to be able to get more of my cock into her mouth. They are fantastic, but different!”

Janice was frozen to the spot as she watched her husband face fuck her daughters. She desperately wanted to shout out, to intervene and to make it stop, but she couldn’t move, couldn’t speak and couldn’t look away.

“Here it comes girls!” shouted Mark, as he felt his balls tighten and his load started on its journey.

He groaned and shouted out out in pleasure as he pumped hot cum down Jenny’s throat as her mother looked on. Surely this was the ultimate thrill?

After an eternity, Mark was spent. With a slurp, he pulled his gradually deflating cock from Jenny’s mouth.

Thank you ladies!” he said, as he turned to leave the room. “Think we might do that again some time?”

He looked at Jenny and Millie who agreed enthusiastically, then he turned to their mother. As Mark left the room, she regained the ability to move as the shock wore off slightly.

All she could manage though, was a barely perceptible nod. Mark smiled as he left the room. “What next I wonder?” he said to himself.

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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