Alexa’s Dad

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Author’s disclaimer;

In the following story there are scenes of incest, and if you are against such acts, or do not approve of such, please stop reading now. Also, all persons involved in sexual acts are above the age of 18, and this story is completely fictional. Please enjoy this story!”


I’ve had quite the rocky relationship with my wife the last couple of years. I’m not sure why, but it is what it is.

We were the most beautiful couple on our wedding day. A big black teddy bear and his cinnamon swirl, freckled covered red head, and the wedding was the most amazing day of either of our lives. We both got drunk as skunks, and went back to our bridal suite and fucked like jack rabbits! AND if you thought the night couldn’t get and better than that, we’ve always had a pretty open relationship. So when the best man and the maid of honor knocked on the door and my beautiful wife answered the door naked, and they asked to join in, she let them! And we fucked until the four of us couldn’t move, clear into the next morning!

The honeymoon was fantastic! We took a cruise and visited the Bahamas, and we fucked everywhere and anywhere we could! In the hallway of the ship, on the island behind a merchant’s stand, in the water on the beach, on the beach in the sand, in the pool; late night on the ship… You name it, we fucked there! AND it wasn’t me who initiated 95% of it! It was my insatiable ginger wife that couldn’t keep her hands to herself!

The years passed, and things seemed to be doing well! Our jobs kept the bills paid, our frequent fucking kept things happy in the relationship, and even when we did fight, we had incredible make up sex. You know the kind that I’m talking about! The “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” make up sex when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt FINISHED breaking up everything in the house after they shot the shit out of everything; sex!

…And she was fantastic at what she did! Let me tell you! EVEN regular missionary sex was a fuck fest with her! Biting, scratching, clawing, stabbing, poking, punching, and prodding are just a few words to describe sex with her!

I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to work with bruises and cuts and bite marks on me, and my coworkers thought I had gotten my ass beat! Over and over my boss would call me into her office and scold me, complaining that I was in the public eye, and I couldn’t greet customers with these types of marks on me. It just wasn’t professional… she’d gripe.

So with all of that said, I couldn’t tell you what happened with her and I! Things started changing with the birth of our first born. You see, my wife is very vain! She knows and I know that there are ONLY TWO types of Red Headed Women! They are either KNOCK YOU DEAD GORGEOUS or HIDEOUSLY UGLY! And I have yet to meet one to prove me wrong, and she knows this too! She’s 5’11” with long legs, a tight ass, firm tits and the fattest, juiciest, pouty lips that I have ever seen on anyone! She has the bluest eyes that I have seen on anyone and when she is mad, the meanest eyes that I have ever seen!

Freckles line her body from her scalp to her toes, and are even covering her pouty pussy and ass! And her button nose has to be the highlight of her face, because her tiny ears are something that you wouldn’t know she had unless she pulls her hair back into a ponytail.

SO back to things changing, you can see why she is vain… She has always loved and worshiped her body! I met her in a gym, and the rest was history! We stopped going to the gym when we got married because our philosophy was, neither one of us had anyone to impress anymore! A little weight was gained by the both of us, but when she got pregnant, and fat as she often referred to her baby weight, she started changing. The sex went off by the way side because she didn’t like the way she looked naked anymore. And my sex drive was raging out of control, so to satisfy my needs, she permitted me to go and sleep with others, but after doing it once, and feeling horrible about it, I didn’t keep doing it. So I ended up just using my hand.

Things didn’t get much better after the baby was born. She found that her body accepted the weight, and even after reenlisting in the gym we had been at, she still couldn’t get back to her original shape and weight, to which she was very disappointed.

Our first born daughter became my priority because my wife became very bitter.

She decided to herself that she was going to have another kid, so she did start having sex with me again, but it was short lived, because she became pregnant with twins. In the nine months that she was pregnant with our next two children, she nearly doubled in size compared to the first child, who I was still the sole provider for, seeing that she really didn’t pay much attention to her. So you can probably tell how mad I was when she tricked me into having two more. (This turned into a huge argument, in where she gave me a black eye, and then we fucked until bahis firmaları we broke our glass coffee table, and she had mini lacerations all over her and was bleeding from everywhere!)

Alexa was three by the time her mother started paying attention to her, because she realized that she was turning out to look just like she did as a baby! (only with darker skin) My twins were also more resembling of their mother… McKenzie had her eyes and mouth with my nose and… a penis, but his twin sister looked more like his mom than even Alexa did! Genevieve was stunning! (she’s my daughter! Of course she was!) To the naked eye, Jenny and Genny’s baby pictures were identical!

In essence, the only reason that my wife came around was the fact that she realized that her time to shine was over, and it was time to start raising beautiful children! THAT IS until about Alexa’s 18th birthday!

I decided to throw Lexi a surprise 18th birthday party with all of her friends, and I had also bought her a car. She was my first born, and I had practically raised her due to the fact that the twins were for some reason, Jennifer’s pride and joy! (which is fine, Daddy’s little girl will still be the apple of my eye!)

Alexa’s birthday went off without a hitch! She cried on my chest for hours when she got her new car, and her first order of business was to take Daddy for a drive in it! It was when we came back that all hell broke loose!

Jennifer had sent the twins to bed, and then she sent Alex to her room. Thinking nothing of it, I hit the living room and turned on the TV.

“Kevin, we have to talk.” She said standing directly in front of the television.

“About what Jen, and must you stand in front of the TV?

“I want a divorce!” she said turning around to turn off the TV.

The words hit me like a freight train. Looking back now, I can’t say I was surprised. More than anything I was disappointed that she would do this on our daughter’s birthday.

“I don’t want anything from you, and I don’t want to keep the kids from you, especially Alex. I know how much you love her since you practically raised her, and I took over the raising of the twins. I know you love them too, but I know how you have a special bond with her. I don’t want this to end badly between us, but I don’t want to hinder your life any further. Maybe you can go out and find another wife, one who is going to show you what we had when we first got together. I just can’t anymore and I don’t think it’s fair. I haven’t met anyone, and I don’t plan on it either. I just don’t want you to keep on living life in the shadows because you have a wife that has fallen out of love with you.” She said with tears bigger than rain drops flowing out of her eyes.

“What the hell Jennifer?” I screamed. “Twenty Years Down the Drain?”

“You’re still young, baby… you’re thirty eight! You have a lot of life to live. I just want it to be happy. And I think it’ll be happier with out me to hold you back. I am sorry baby. I can’t take this back. It’s been playing on my mind for the last year and a half. I’ve cried myself to sleep many nights, and been miserable about it! I just can’t give you what you need! The sex isn’t even worth keeping any more… Because we don’t have it! I don’t know what you feel about this, but I can’t do this anymore! I just can’t!”

I sat there shaking. I wanted to put the love of my life that I had been married through for the last twenty years of my life, through the wall. Tunnel vision was making my vision blurry and I wanted to murder her on the spot, but something kept me from it.

I was more than mad, I was hurt. But I didn’t want to argue anymore, and more than anything else, I didn’t want to see her face for the rest of the night or possibly for the rest of the week… or maybe for the rest of eternity!

I got up and decided that the best thing for me to do was to leave. I didn’t want to hurt her, and if I stayed there, I know with out a doubt that I was going to jail that night! I walked to the bathroom, and started grabbing things that I would need for the next couple of days. Cologne, shaving cream, deodorant, and personal items were on the list, and I also grabbed my clothes that were in the hamper and my work uniform off of the vanity.

I grabbed a garbage bag out from under the sink and stuffed all of the things that I had in my hands into it, and threw it at the front door when I walked back past it.

Jen was still standing in the doorway of the living room, which was all the farther she had followed me. I pushed past her to grab the few belongings that I had in the living room, and as I was pushing back past her again to head up stairs is when I noticed the tears on her face.

“Don’t Cry Now Bitch! You should have thought about your actions before now! And DON’T EVER think about trying to fix things later on in life! You wanted this, You pay to get the Divorce papers, and I’ll sign them! BUT If you think You are getting kaçak iddaa my Kids, You can think Twice!

“I couldn’t do that to you! I know you love them too much, and I don’t even want child support. I promise you! The twins are fifteen, and Alex is eighteen. I don’t need help raising them anymore. You helped do that already.”

As I started up the stairs to my bedroom, my heart dropped out of my chest. Lexi was standing at the top of the steps with a tear stained face. She had heard everything. Her vibrant red hair was sticking to her face in places from the wetness of her tears and from her wiping her face with her shirt, and her hands. Her freckles seemed magnified through the tears, and her eyes were puffy and red.

“You can’t leave,” she whispered, “you just can’t.”

“Lex, it’s not my choice. I don’t want to, but your mom doesn’t want me around anymore. And it’s probably the best for both of us.”

She slowly walked down the steps towards me. I reached out for her and she hugged me and buried her face into my shirt and cried as if I were walking out of her life forever.

** *

The days and weeks following were spent at a Motel 8 and at my cousin’s house because he and his wife had sympathy on me for my situation. I kept in constant contact with my angels, with phone calls and text messages all day, every day. I got an apartment with in a month and was able to stop living out of my truck. Alex, Mac, and Gen were the first to see the place, and before long, they were spending the night, and so on.

A year later, I moved out of state, now that the twins were sophomores in high school, and could take care of themselves for the most part, at 16, and Alex was looking for colleges to start the fall of her 19th year. Jennifer still stayed in contact with me, even though she had met and started to date another man.

One day I got a phone call on my cell at work. I had been offered a job as a restaurant manager a state away, so the job was the reason for my move. The phone call was from Alexa.


“Yes princess? How are you?”

“I’m good daddy, but I actually called to ask you a question and then I’ll let you get back to work. I got a phone call from Johnson and Whales Culinary Institute, and they would like to offer me a partial scholarship, but they would like me to come and tour the school before I make up my mind. I have the plane ticket in hand, I was just wondering if I could stay at your place for a couple of days and I’ll take you to tour the school with me.”

“Baby, you know I don’t care when you come up here, and I don’t care how long you stay. You can stay the whole summer if you’d like.” I said excited to see my first born daughter.

“Great! I love you daddy. I’ll be up next week. My plane lands on Wednesday at 12:45 in the afternoon if you could come get me at the airport.” She said, and we finished the conversation and I hung up.

The next Wednesday I picked Alex up at the airport, and I took her out to dinner. We went home, and ordered a few movies off of my DirectTV™, and she laid with her head in my lap and we watched TV until she fell asleep in my lap with me petting her hair.

The next day I took her to Johnson and Whales to check out the college, and we spent the day together. It was actually a beautiful day and we went for a walk in the park together, and then went to dinner again and went home. I had taken the rest of the weekend off to spend with Alexa, and had I known what was about to transpire, I might have taken the entire next week off.

I left Alex in the office as she checked her email, and Facebook™ page to see if anyone had left her any messages, and I went to take a shower for bed. I was exceptionally tired from the day’s activities, and I just wanted some rest and relaxation.

After my shower, I walked out of the bathroom with my towel wrapped around my waste and into the office where Alex was still typing away.

“I think I’m going to head to bed Aly. Don’t stay up too late;” I said bending down to kiss her cheek.

As I went to plant the kiss, she turned her head and the kiss that was meant for her cheek landed square on her mouth. What’s more, when I went to draw my head from hers, I felt tiny fingers wrap themselves around my head, as she reached up and held my head.

“I love you daddy.” She said once she finally let my head go.

Now the erection under my towel was saying other things, but my head was just trying to pass this off for just extra affection being shown from my daughter. So I didn’t say anything, and immediately brought the clothes I was carrying with my left hand down to my crotch to try to hide my growing display of affection that my body was showing.

“Love you too baby.” I said as I went to bed.

All that night, all I could think about was Alexa’s kiss. What did it mean? Did it mean anything? Why did she do it? And so on and so on… sleep didn’t come easy that night. And the next couple of kaçak bahis days weren’t any better.

Alex was strutting around the house in beautiful low cut V neck shirts with no bra on, and tiny little skirts with skimpier and tinier panties on. At first, I tried not to pay her any attention, but soon enough, I couldn’t take it any more and decided that it was time to chastise her.

“Aly, can I talk to you?” I said one day as we sat opposite of each other in the living room watching “Who’s line is it anyway?” on TV.

“Yes daddy? Anything…”

“Al, I’ve noticed that the clothing that you are wearing around the house is getting skimpy and if I didn’t know better, I would think you were doing it purposely. You look very classy and tasteful in the clothes, but I just don’t think there’s enough fabric at times.” I chastised… or so I thought.

“Awe, Daddy, I’m sorry. I thought you liked it when I was showing my body off for you. I mean you did help make it as beautiful as it is, didn’t you?” she said uncrossing her legs to reveal a hairless, shaved, wet, pink hotbox.

That was it! I couldn’t take it any more, and she wasn’t going to disrespect me in my house!

“Alex! Go put on some panties.” I scolded.

She reluctantly got up, but instead of going to the guest room to put on panties, she walked over to me, and hiked up the denim skirt that she had on and straddled both of my legs and sat in my lap.

I could feel the heat from her hot pussy radiating into my lap, and my erection was forming into a steel beam under her, and as I opened my mouth to say something, she leaned into me and planted a wet kiss on my lips, and a warm eager tongue snaked around my mouth like an eel.

Part of me wanted to push her off of my lap and scold her, maybe even slap her, but my throbbing hard on was saying otherwise. The other part of me, the part being controlled by my cock wanted to rip into her; wanted to have this kiss last forever, and also wanted to show her who she was really dealing with. I mean, for God’s sake, she looked just like the woman that I had been fucking for all of these years, so what was stopping me from fucking her again, presented in the wrapping of Alexa’s body.

When she broke the kiss, I had already decided that I was going to end this charade. I had it in my mind that I was going to scream at her, ground her, and possibly even slap her to show her how upset I was with her behavior. …Well I planned it that way.

When she actually did break the kiss, she leaned back onto my knees and the twinkle in her beautiful light brown eyes made my heart melt. My mouth was opened alright, but I couldn’t spit anything out. And what’s worse is she leaned back onto me, and whispered into my ear,

“I want to feel you inside of me daddy.”

All hopes of discipline were out of the window at that very moment. I felt as if a carnal beast embodied me, and I grabbed the beautiful milk chocolate morsel that was sitting in my lap by her ass, and stood up as she wrapped her legs around my waist and I walked her into the master bedroom of my flat.

I gently laid her fragile body down on the end of the bed and knelt between her legs as she laid sprawled out waiting for my next move. I drug my hands down the length of her frame and when they got to her legs, I spread them for all it was worth and placed my nose on her clit, and stabbed my tongue as deep inside of her as I could possibly get it.

As I did, the breath caught in the back of her throat, and she gasped for air.

“SHIT” she exclaimed once sound was able to escape her.

Back and forth I shook my head, as I worked her clit with my nose as I sucked on her puffy pussy lips and stuck my tongue into her. The covers on my bed didn’t have a chance as Alex grabbed handfuls of them as if she were going to tear them apart. Moans echoed through the house and probably out into the street as she belted for all it was worth, and I sucked, slobbered, and ravaged her pussy with my mouth. And just as I thought she couldn’t possibly take any more,

“Fuck DADDY I’m Gonna Cum!” she said as rivers of pearly white cum ran out of her soaking wet pussy and into my mouth as I struggled to swallow it all.

I tried not to fully let her come down from her high as I now ripped my pants from my body, and my cock sprang out of my pants. I pulled her ass to the edge of my bed and shoved my cock into her for all it was worth.

A blood curdling squeal jumped from Alexa as I had claimed her cherry. Blood trickled out of her pretty pink pussy and mixed with the cum river that still was seeping from her.

“Oh my God Alexa, I didn’t know.” I whispered as embarrassment fell upon me, and a pang of guilt knotted up in my stomach.

“It’s ok daddy, I wanted you to be my first. Just be easy on me please.”

What was I to do? I was already inside her, and now I claimed unmarked territory, so I figured I should probably go ahead and finish.

Slowly I rocked my cock in and out of her pink gash and slopped blood and cum all over her ass and my heavy ball sack.

“Mmmmm daddy, Harder and a little faster, it feels so good.” She said.

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