Alex’s Gifts Ch. 16

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Faithful readers,

Apologies for the delay. This has been the most difficult chapter I have written to date and I feel the need to uncharacteristically defend my work up front, largely because I’m convinced it will also be the most controversial. Some of you will undoubtedly feel I’ve jumped the shark, or that I am making up for past transgressions and plot holes; please know that this is not the case. The foundation of this chapter was laid before I made my first submission to this site. If you find yourself in doubt of that fact, please refer to the title of this series after you’ve given it a read. It was not until this piece of the puzzle was drafted that I had a fitting name to give our protagonist’s twisting adventure.

Rest assured, things will more or less return to normal in the stories that follow and I promise that there are many chapters of non-stop action to come. Until then, please entertain me by having a look. This is, as many other chapters in the past were, simply intended to introduce new possibilities.

Special thanks to Samuraisan for help editing and my penpal for the extra nudge I needed to get ‘er done.

Thanks & Enjoy.


The Sex Sense

For the third time that night, Alex had less than five minutes to himself before he heard a knock at his door.

“What is it?” he asked briskly, frustrated that he constantly lacked the time to gather his thoughts.

Carrie strolled into his room and shut the door. She was wearing sleeping clothes, a pair of loose cotton pants and a tight tank top that showed off her ample breasts.

“Smells like sex in here,” she said with a straight face.

Alex wasn’t in the mood for his mentor’s shenanigans. It had been a long week and he needed answers, not games. To indicate his mood, he stood and walked up to the curvy redhead. He rudely reached out a hand and grabbed the front of her pants, cupping her bulbous mound and planting his lips on her mouth. He kissed her forcefully for several moments. Once he found the flavor he was expecting, he said, “Yeah, well, it tastes like sex in there.”

Carrie looked stunned but her voice held steady. “It appears both of your sisters got what they needed tonight.” Her expression changed to worry as the source of his frustration became evident. She may be forced to hasten her plans for the boy.

Alex nodded sharply. “We need to talk.”

“I’ll say. You’ve obviously changed. And it’s only been a few days.” Carrie took a seat and folded her hands in her lap. Alex sat opposite and sighed. “Busy weekend?” she asked.

“What did you do to me?” he pleaded, ignoring her rhetorical question. “Ever since our night on the couch everything has been out of control and I don’t understand why.” Carrie sat motionless, contemplating her next steps while Alex stood and walked to his dresser and then to the foot of his bed. He unlocked his chest and pulled out his trophies.

“Look at this,” he said, scattering his collection across the floor between their two chairs. “All from the past week. I’ve barely gone half a day without having sex in some form or another. Four, five, eight times a day. And I can always do it. With practically any girl I meet.”

“And you chose your little sister?” Carrie asked, intentionally pushing his buttons to provoke a response. She needed to know if he was ready for what she had to tell him.

“She chose me!” Alex shouted. “They all do,” he added, calming slightly. “I barely ever have to make the first move. I almost always know what they want, sometimes before they do. It doesn’t seem right. I may have been stupid around girls before you started with me, but I’ve never been stupid!” He paused and looked fiercely at Carrie. “This. Is. Not. Normal.” he growled, punctuating each word.

“Calm down, Alex. And sit, please,” Carrie begged, trying her hardest to maintain a peaceful demeanor despite her inner turmoil.

Alex sat and put his head in his hands, staring at the floor in frustration. He had to have answers. He had to know that this sudden shift could be explained.

Alex’s outbursts had given Carrie what she needed. She knew what she had to do now and hoped above all else that it wasn’t a mistake. So much had gone into bringing this moment about and for better or worse, it was finally time to see whether he was worthy of taking the red pill.

“Have you enjoyed it?” Carrie began. Alex nodded. “All of it?” He nodded again. “Did you hurt anyone?” He shook his head vigorously. “Did anyone hurt you?”

“No,” Alex blurted, looking up and giving Carrie a flash of angry confusion.

“Would you rather be as you were?”

“Absolutely not,” he replied without hesitation.

Carrie felt a huge weight lift from her shoulders and continued drilling the young man. “Do all the women you’ve been with want to be with you again?”

“I don’t know,” he admitted, exasperated at her constant questioning.

“Think, Alex! You said it, you aren’t stupid!” Carrie retorted, raising her voice for the first time, hoping to coax bahis firmaları his true feelings to the surface. “Do they seek your attention more or less after you’ve been together? Do they want you more or less after you’ve made love? Do they do things for you, or to you, that they wouldn’t normally do? Are they sad to see you leave? Do they fall for you, long for you, cry for you, love you?”

“Alright! Yes!” he shouted. “Yes, I could have any of them again. And yes, they all want more of me. That’s part of the problem. I’m stretching thin. Every time means more expectations, more secrets, more potential to hurt someone. It will overwhelm me. I feel like I’m out of control.” He slumped forward and put his head back in his hands. “The scales are not balanced, they’ve tipped too far the other way,” he mumbled at the carpet.

Satisfied with his response, Carrie continued. “I have the answers you need, but first I have to know what has happened since the last time we were together.”

He looked up at her in doubt. “Why? Haven’t I proven I can pass your tests?”

“That was a means to an end, Alex. And we’ve come to that end rather quickly. As I said when we started this, I simply want to help you reach your potential.”

“You seem to understand me a lot better than I do,” he said pointedly.

“I didn’t know how this would go. I had my suspicions, which you’ve validated far faster than I expected. I had no idea how strongly you would take to this or what effect it would have on you.”

“I don’t understand, Carrie. Please, I need to know what’s happening to me.”

“First I have to know what you’ve been doing,” she said, resolute in her intentions. Alex sighed and slumped his shoulders, reluctantly resigning himself to jump through another of her hoops.

“What do you want me to say?” Alex muttered.

“The night I became your mentor, you showed me this,” she said, sweeping her hand across the floor at his collection of panties and swimsuits. “And I asked you about each one.” Alex nodded and smiled weakly, fresh memories of his first time with Carrie helping to ease his stress.

Carrie slid out of her chair and sat on the floor with her legs crossed. She picked up a matching set of black and white cotton panties. “Fiona and Becky I already know about. And these, of course,” she added, grabbing Lily’s pink g-string and her own pair of red satin briefs. She set them aside and returned to the pile. “There were two more, right?”

Alex pointed down at a pair of tan seamless panties. “Megan’s.” The other pair was gone, traded to Sam.

“Ah, that’s right. Tell me about Megan,” Carrie said from the floor while looking up at Alex.

“I told you about her brother and how he was spying on her?” Carrie nodded. “It got worse. He set up a video camera and it wasn’t safe. I didn’t like that. I don’t like any of it, to be honest. So I did what I could without pissing off my best friend and wrecking his sister.”

“You were concerned about videos of Megan showing up on the internet?”

“Exactly. And now that I know her better I have to find a way to get Ben to stop. What he’s doing isn’t fair, at least not without her knowledge.” Carrie nodded in agreement as Alex continued, “I went over to their house to set up equipment to secure everything. Megan was the only one home. When I was testing it I saw her looking at pictures of guys on her laptop. I knew she was thinking about me and Casey’s party.”

“How did you know?”

“I just did. What she was looking at, the way she looked at me, how excited she was about the party; it was obvious. I think she’s had a crush on me for a long time and I’d never seen it until then. So I knocked on her door. I don’t know why I just thought it would be fun. She tried on a new swimsuit she bought for the party. Bought for me, I guess. That one,” Alex said, pointing at Megan’s see-through pink one-piece. “We fooled around and I did what you wanted…to pass your test.”

“Were you on camera?”

“Yes, but I made some changes to Ben’s setup. It makes a backup only I can see, and I can delete the originals, which I’ve been doing.”

“Smart,” Carrie said with a curt nod.

“She cried, Carrie. When I left her room, she collapsed. I thought I’d hurt her but it wasn’t that. I made her so happy she broke down. It seemed out of character, Megan is usually so bubbly and fearless.”

Carrie nodded and said, “I’m not surprised. She’s young and probably did have a crush on you. Then all of a sudden she got what she’s always wanted. It can be very emotional, especially first times.”

Carrie reached back into the pile and pulled out a red swimsuit, holding it up towards Alex with a questioning look. “That’s Emily’s,” he said. “My new boss. From earlier today.”

“Ah, tell me about lifeguard tryouts.”

Alex talked through the two-part tryouts and how he dominated the swimming evaluation and ultimately got the job along with Natalie. “I asked Emily if I could stay and swim afterward. I needed to unwind, tryouts were a little stressful. Emily kaçak iddaa said she’d join and took me into the staff locker rooms. She started flirting in the shower, that’s when I knew she liked me. I had my suspicions before then but she wasn’t nearly as obvious.”

“So you had a hunch about her and she proved you right?” These details were important to Carrie, this was the sort of new-found awareness she hoped Alex capable of now that she’d pushed him.

“As I said, it was just a feeling. It’s clearer now if that makes sense,” Alex offered

Carrie nodded and smiled, pleased with his answer. “I imagine she wasn’t done with you yet.”

“No, she certainly was not.” Alex described how Emily wished him to step into Max’s shoes and then detailed the wet and wild adventure that followed.

Carries eyes went wide and she shook her head. “Watersports. Not exactly my cup of tea. How about you, did you like it?”

“It was strange but how she responded turned me on. She showed me some things…” he said, trailing off.

“How old is Emily?”

“Thirty-eight, old enough to be my mother according to her,” Alex said and chuckled.

“She obviously has a lot of experience. That’s good, she can help teach you.” Carrie said.

Alex didn’t know what to make of that but stayed quiet once he saw Carrie reach back into the pile. She picked up Sam’s blue g-string and Alex offered an immediate explanation. “You were right, Sam wanted those red lace panties back. She said they were special, a gift from you. So I traded with her.” Carrie smiled and her pale freckled cheeks turned a mottled shade of pink.

“That was the night you made up with Lily?” she asked.

Alex nodded. “She was being flirty, so I had some fun with her. Then she returned the favor.” He left it at that and Carrie seemed satisfied. She held up a small nondescript pair of white cotton panties and guessed, “Casey?”

“Yes,” he said, not offering more.

“You’re going to have to do better than that,” Carrie said in a stern voice.

Alex sighed. He pointed down at the note, the only part of his collection not meant to be worn. Carrie had seen it before, but he refused to explain. She clearly wouldn’t give him a second pass. “That’s from Casey.” He said and then recounted their first tryst by the pool, pointing out her white thong leotard and then described the evening they spent on the floor of the living room when she’d left him her panties.

“I see what you mean. She was the one who wanted it. But you obviously did too, once you knew what she was after.”

Alex nodded. “There’s more,” he said and then told Carrie about Casey catching him watching the recording of him with Megan and his completion of the second step of his assignment. “She slept in my bed that night. I thought we might have sex, but it didn’t go that far. I knew she wanted it, though, so did I.”

“Does that make you uncomfortable? Being with your sister?”

“No, not really. I love her. I just don’t like having to hide it, especially from Lily,” Alex explained.

Carrie declined to respond and said, “Tell me about her party.”

“It was…amazing. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around everything that happened.” He pointed out four pairs of panties, Megan’s white butterfly, Sonya’s green thong, Brittany’s red pearls, and Casey’s black crotchless pair. He recited their owner’s names as Carrie gathered them up. “I don’t even know where to start. I remember missing you a couple times and needing advice.”

“Why don’t you begin there, then?” Carrie suggested.

“Alright,” Alex agreed, taking a deep breath. “I’d never met Brittany or Sonya but I could tell right away that their personalities couldn’t be more different. Brittany was very shy and Sonya was hitting on me from the moment she walked through the door. I was alone in the kitchen soon after the party started and Sonya tried to jump me. She grabbed my crotch and rubbed up against me and said she wanted to have some fun. I think normally I’d have been into it, but I didn’t like what she was doing. I would never do that to a girl I’d just met without any obvious signals. She was playing games, trying to manipulate me, and she was obviously used to getting her way.”

“So, what did you do?” Carrie asked.

Alex recounted his forceful treatment of Sonya in the kitchen, including the ruinous finale that left her looks destroyed and ego in tatters.

“Did that make you feel good?”

“No, not really. I liked it, but mostly because I wanted to teach her a lesson, to make her stop using sex to manipulate people. I didn’t really think about how she felt after it happened.”

“Did it work?” she asked.

“Not a first. I went upstairs to collect my thoughts and heard my shower turn on. I knew it was her again, trying to get to me. She could have used a different shower, there wasn’t any reason for her to be upstairs.”

“That made you angry?”

“Yes. She left the bathroom door open like she wanted me to catch her. I surprised her and then yelled at her for being kaçak bahis rude.” Alex stopped for a few moments of self-reflection before admitting what may be his only regret since his life so abruptly changed. “I said mean things to her, called her a slut. Again, she could have gone, I gave her an out. But she didn’t. I forced myself on her again and I know I hurt her. I…I…I fucked her in the ass and then left her balled up on the shower floor,” he confessed, cringing at his actions.

“You dominated her,” Carrie said, eyes wide.

“Yes, that’s what it felt like and what I wanted. I’m not proud of it, but it worked. For the rest of the party, she was perfectly polite and did exactly as I wished. She’s not a bad person, but I didn’t know that at first. I came to appreciate her later, she is a good friend to the other girls.”

“What about Brittany?” Carrie asked.

Alex smiled, remembering the sweet girl fondly. He was glad Carrie chose to switch topics and quickly launched into a retelling of their game of pool volleyball, focusing on Brittany’s initial hesitancy and ending with his explosive finale at her hands. He explained Sonya’s offer to help the girl open up, leading to her hairy embarrassment, and his gentle treatment of her in the guest bathroom.

“So Sonya was trying to help Brittany as much as you were?” Carrie asked.

“Yes, that’s right, probably even more. She was very polite and supportive, but I think she would have been that way regardless of what I did to her. I ended up shaving Brittany in the bathtub. She had her first orgasm ever after I finished. Poor girl didn’t know anything about sex. She had a lot of pent up energy and needed to let go, so I helped her do that. Then she wanted to make me happy, so I taught her how to give a blow job.”

“And thus passed the test. Nicely done. I like how you treated Brittany. And Sonya, for that matter. They were two opposites and you helped move them closer into balance.” Carrie knew then that she’d made the right choice. He’d come far enough to hear what she had to tell him, the rest would simply be icing on the cake.

“Megan and Casey, are they together?” Carrie asked, quickly shifting focus.

“Yes, that’s another new development. Megan is certainly…spirited. It’s refreshing, and I think it helps Casey be a little more like her, which I also like. They balance each other out and really seem to like each other.”

“I had the same feeling when I saw them together,” Carrie said. “So how did it all end?”

“We played a game of truth or dare,” Alex said, and then recounted the highlights: Megan covered in dessert, Brittany’s lap dance, and Casey’s one-minute challenge. Then he launched into the epic finale with him massaging Sonya per Casey’s instructions while everyone looked on.

“Damn, that sounds like quite the show, I’m sorry I missed it,” Carrie said, shaking her head. “I like that dare you made up for Megan. I’m going to borrow that one,” she added, smiling in approval of his creativity. “So then what happened?”

“We went for a swim in the dark and the girls fooled around with each other. Then they all had their way with me again; they were very grateful for the party,” he said smiling. “After that, we went back inside and fell asleep in the living room together.”

“The end?”

Alex shook his head and smiled. “Not by a long shot.” Alex described his first time with Casey and Megan, then his tender coupling with Brittany in Sonya’s company.

“It sounds like you changed Brittany even more than Sonya,” Carrie observed.

“That’s likely. She was damaged, or maybe stunted is a better word. Sonya just needed an attitude adjustment. After Brittany and I finished she started crying. She said she was living a lie and Sonya and I had fixed her. She was happy we were good to her and realized how naive she was and how dangerous that could have been.”

“Incredible,” Carrie said, shaking her head at his story. “Then it was Sonya’s turn?” Alex nodded and recounted Sonya’s slippery massage and the intense pairing that followed.

“A nuru massage, I’ve heard of it. Impressive, I want to meet this Sonya,” Carrie remarked.

“I think you two would get along,” Alex said with a smirk.

“So that was the end?”

“Yeah, I went to sleep and didn’t get up until the next afternoon.”

“How many times did you orgasm?”

Alex blinked at the abrupt question but mentally started doing the math. Jenny before the party, Sonya being a bad girl twice, everybody in the pool, Brittany in the bathtub, Brittany and Sonya during truth or dare. Then everyone outside again and all four at the end. “Twelve. Twelve times in about eighteen hours. You see what I mean, right? That can’t be normal.”

“It’s not, but that’s ok. Tell me the rest and I will explain,” Carrie said, dismissing his astonishment. There were only a few pairs of panties left in the pile. Carrie selected a cheeky-cut grey pair and held them up.

“Jenny,” Alex said softly.

“Ah, I hoped we’d find her in here,” she remarked.

Alex continued his long tale, explaining how he and Jenny met and how they’d spent the day at his house setting up for the party. He ended with a graphic description of the conclusion of their first erotic encounter.

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