Courtship Ch. 1

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Forward: this semi-autobiographical story is a continuation of Education, also on .

* * * * *

Upon my return to St. Martin after university, I easily found work in the primary school teaching English and French. Although I enjoyed the work and my little pupils were mostly obedient, I occupied my free time with my first love, boats and sailing. My father had always loved small boats, and as a girl I had learned in sailing dinghies. Later I raced Sunfish. This I continued up until the time I left for Paris. On the continent I had no access to the sea, and until my return I hadn’t realized how much I had missed it.

I did not have a boat of my own, but St. Martin is a destination for cruisers: people who live on boats. Many of these boaters needed crew to help sail to other islands or to bring their boats to St. Martin from Florida or Bermuda. So I managed to get experience on lots of different boats, both on weekends and also during the school holidays and summer vacations. Since I knew how to cook and do most of the other tasks needed on sailing boats, I was popular and soon could earn money as paid crew.

The sailing life did not offer much opportunity for sex because most of my customers were older couples. Over those five years after college, I had only a few sporadic love affairs, or occasional flings when an old friend from Paris would arrive on vacation. The only extended excitement I had was a two-handed delivery from Bermuda with a captain whom I knew and liked. Over the ten days at sea, we fucked like rabbits in all manner of ways and positions. But since he was fifteen years older than I, and an American, we didn’t have any future ashore and we were never on another voyage together.

My life took one of the strange turns one day in early 1998. It was Sunday afternoon at the end of a weekend cruise helping a couple to bring their yacht from St. Barts into the Oyster Pond marina. I had taken a shower at the marina, and as was my custom, I walked around the docks looking at the boats tied there and planning how, in my dreams, I would be able to afford one of my own. A fairly new Dynamic 62 was there that weekend, and as I admired it from dockside a woman about my age came up on deck.

“Bonjour,” she said.

“Hello! I was admiring your boat. She is a beauty.”

“Would you like to come aboard?” The woman was my height, five feet-seven and slender, with chestnut hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a cotton blouse and shorts, showing off tan legs and arms. I was wearing the same outfit, which is practically a uniform for boat people.

“I would like that very much.” Taking off my boat shoes, I climbed over the lifelines and into the cockpit. “I’m Sonia,’ I said as we exchanged pecks on the cheeks.

“And I am Sylvie. You are also interested in sailing?”

“Oh yes. I just came in on that Beneteau 50 over there, but I live here in St. Martin. I was just helping them out.”

“Marvelous. We don’t meet many locals at the marinas here. Everyone is either cruising or chartering. Would you like something to drink? We were just making something.”

The question as to who we might be was answered when a man’s head appeared in the companionway. After he was in the cockpit, carrying a bottle of pastis, Sylvie introduced him as Marc. He too seemed about my age, twenty-seven, with short black hair and white teeth showing against a dark tanned face. He was dressed in swim trunks and an armless t-shirt, which showed off well-muscled arms and a nice chest. Having been sexless for several prior weeks, I thought that Marc looked particularly appetizing at that moment. Since he and Sylvie were obviously a couple, I shrugged internally and set about being sociable.

After pouring the drinks, Marc settled down next to Sylvie on one side of the cockpit while I sat opposite. As we sipped our milky pastis, we exchanged pleasantries. Marc was a Parisian who had come to St. Martin in some executive capacity with the tourist agency. Sylvie, originally from Lyon, was a notaire in Marigot. They were a handsome couple, and I was unsure of which of the two I was the most jealous.

In return I gave a short synopsis of my history and current situation. Marc and I chatted about Paris and places we both knew. Then they took me below for a tour of their boat, which was named Mouette, French for seagull. From our conversation I knew that they lived aboard. Everything was very neat and shipshape below, which is something that I like in a boat and impressive for fulltime residents.

At the end of the visit, Sylvie asked, “Perhaps you might like to sail with us someday? We often go for a cruise or snorkeling on weekends.”

“That would be a pleasure,” I replied enthusiastically. Of course I would love to sail with them on such a boat, bahis firmaları but I had had similar vague invitations before and they rarely resulted in an actual sail. I left them my card with my mobile number, exchanged ritual kisses on the cheeks with both, and headed home.


A pleasant surprise arrived in the form of a call from Sylvie two days later. They were planning a weekend sail, and would I care to come along? Naturally I was happy to accept, and we scheduled a rendezvous for Friday afternoon. I would sleep aboard and we would pull out early Saturday morning. I packed a small bag: my standard shorts and shirts, snorkeling gear, and my skimpiest swimsuit. I wasn’t really expecting any sex, but the eagerness with which Sylvie seemed to be seeking my friendship was not really customary for a Frenchwoman.

Friday brought a pleasant evening at the dock. Sylvie admitted that she was not adept in the kitchen, and it was Marc who prepared dinner. We ate on deck and then sat up late with drinks. At last we reluctantly decided that we should go below if we wanted to get away at an early hour.

I was installed in the forward stateroom, which was quite large compared to those found in the smaller boats I was familiar with. I sleep nude at home and saw no reason not to do so there. The drinks we had consumed plus my lack of sex had made me horny. I lay on top of the sheets with my legs spread and my fingers working my pussy and clit, imagining one minute that Marc was on top pumping me, and the next that Sylvie’s head was between my legs. I tried to be quiet, but an exceptionally strong orgasm caused some moans to escape me that were louder than I would have preferred.

I lay there semi-conscious for some time. Then needing to pee, I opened the cabin door a crack to see if it was “safe” to make it to the head in my unclothed condition. All seemed clear so I glided to the head and did my business. Once again I slipped out of the door and made to return to my cabin. I saw that the rear stateroom door was open and unmistakable noises were coming from inside. To this day I don’t know why I did so, but I crept to the doorway and looked in. Sylvie was naked on all fours on the bed, eyes closed and moaning, while Marc was behind her holding her hips and stroking steadily into her. I was about to turn to go when Marc looked up to see me standing in the doorway, as naked as they. He gave me a slight smile and turned back to his fucking, while I, mortified at being discovered, fled back to my cabin.


You can imagine my embarrassment the next morning when I emerged to meet the objects of my voyeurism. However, neither of my hosts evidenced the slightest sign that they were aware of anything untoward. We had a quick breakfast of coffee and croissants and pulled away from the dock intending to make the quick motor sail to Isle Pinel, where we were to anchor and snorkel. I had put on my bikini under a shirt, and Marc was wearing only some baggy swim trunks. While Sylvie remained below, I steered the boat out of the marina and headed up into the wind, allowing Marc to hoist the mainsail. On a boat this size, that sail is quite heavy, but Marc was able to manage it single-handed, muscles rippling in his arms and chest as he cranked on the winch.

Once the sail was up, we headed north towards the island on a beam reach, and Marc rejoined me in the cockpit. He leaned over close to me and said in a low voice, “I saw you watching us last night. Did we excite you?” I must have turned a deep red, and was unable to say anything. Marc went on, “Don’t be sorry. I’m not at all. You know sounds travel well below, and well, we heard you too. Sylvie got so excited from it that she practically raped me, so I owe you for a nice night. Then when I saw you watching I was even more turned on.”

I couldn’t think of anything to say other than, “I’m not usually a voyeur. I can’t think of why I came in. Did you tell Sylvie?”

“Of course. We don’t keep such delicious happenings like that secret. Sylvie was quite angry with me for not inviting you to join us.”

“You’re joking.”

“Ask her yourself. I assure you she is not so shy or modest as she appears at first. Here she is now.”

Sure enough, Sylvie was coming on deck wearing a bikini as brief as mine. I was certain that Marc was going to torture me further with this line of conversation, but he desisted with a quiet chuckle and went forward to sun on the foredeck. Sylvie must have noticed my red cheeks so she came over to stand beside me in turn. “I see Marc has been teasing you about last night. Please don’t be concerned.”

“That’s sweet of you to say so. I am so embarrassed.”

“I’m not. I like to be watched you know. I wish I had known you were there. Did it turn you on to kaçak iddaa see us?”

“It might have, except that when Marc saw me I was so flustered I didn’t have time to be excited.”

“Of course, you had already had your fun. Tell me; do you like being watched yourself? Fucking I mean.”

Her friendly frankness made be feel much better, and I decided to be bold myself. “I never think of sex as a spectator sport. Doing is better than watching.”

The two of us laughed loudly at that, causing Marc to sit up and look back at us. “We are going to be good friends I think,” Sylvie told me. And the next time don’t hesitate to join in.”

Next time? Join in? Did she mean what she was saying, or just teasing me? But Sylvie said no more but went forward to join Marc as I steered Mouette towards Isle Pinel, now visible before the bow.

We anchored in clear water off a deserted cove. The only other boat in sight was several hundred yards away. All of us donned our snorkel gear and spent the next hour enjoying the water as we glided over schools of reef fish. We ended up going onto the sandy shore of the cove. As it was nearly lunchtime, Marc volunteered to swim back to the boat and bring a picnic ashore, while Sylvie and I waited on the beach.

After he had gone Sylvie and I took off our tops in order to take advantage of the bronzage integrale provided by the sun. She had beautiful breasts, larger than mine with pink nipples and big aureoles. I had previously seen them dimly, bouncing in the heat of passion, and now I was happy to get a better look in the light of day. For her part, Sylvie gave me a frank gaze and then said, “Your figure is very nice Sonia. I’m glad to see it since you previously had the advantage of me there.” She laughed at her own joke. “Of course, you still have something of an advantage in that department.”

“What do you mean?”

“You saw me totally bare, and here you are still wearing your bottom.”

“I didn’t get a very good look, but I wouldn’t want that to stand in the way of our being friends,” I replied, pulling my remaining garment down to my ankles and stepping out of it completely naked.

“You are so refreshing Sonia.” She peeled her bottom off as well, leaving the two of us bare as the day of our births. A surreptitious inspection showed a neatly trimmed mound above her slit, with prominent pussy lips. “Let’s lay out for a while until Marc gets back. It’s a shame he’s missed our little show, but then he’s already seen you like this.”

“You don’t seem very concerned about it, Sylvie. If I had a lover like Marc I’m not sure I’d want him seeing you naked.”

“I don’t worry about Marc. If you want to steal him you are welcome to try.” We lay silently for a while, a residue of sexual tension hovering over us. Since we had no blankets, we were covered with fine sand that adhered to where it touched our damp bodies. She looked over at me and said, “I see your nipples are hard. I wonder what you’re thinking.”

“So are yours. Maybe you should tell me what you are thinking first.”

“I was wondering what would happen if I kissed you.”

I felt an electric thrill run through me. “You won’t find out until you try.”

She rolled over to lie next to me on her side, and placing one hand on my breast, brought her lips to mine. We kissed tentatively at first, very gently, and as I opened my lips her tongue found mine. As our tongues started a slow ballet, the touch of her hand squeezing my breast caused my pussy to grow moist. However, before we could proceed further, the sound of the approaching dinghy’s outboard broke the spell.

Sylvie rolled back away from me as Marc brought the dinghy up to the beach. It was clear that he had seen our embrace, and the fact that we were both totally naked did little to conceal our intentions. As Marc walked over to us, I could see how his cock was pushing out against his swim trunks. He stood looking down at us with obvious enjoyment. I was surprised to find that I was not at all discomfited by his gaze. “Am I interrupting anything?” he asked with a grin.

“Nothing that you need worry about mon cher,” said Sylvie. “Come on Sonia, let’s rinse this sand off and have lunch, now that Marc has brought us some towels. We raced to the water and swam around lazily for several minutes. “I was certain you and I would be friends, intimate friends, from the other afternoon. I’m glad my instincts were correct.”

“How did you know I like women? Is it so obvious?”

“Oh no, not obvious. But I saw that you were inspecting me pretty closely. And also you were paying more attention to me than to Marc, who is a very sexy man. Tell me, do you like men as well?”

“Very much, perhaps as much or more than you. Did you think I was a lesbian?”

“Naturally kaçak bahis I couldn’t tell that either. I was hoping that you were not. Otherwise Marc would be very jealous.”

“What does he have to do with me? Are you planning to share me?” I laughed at this as if it sounded incredible, whereas the possibility was just what I would like.

“I had no plans until today, but I’m thinking you wouldn’t object to that too much. Marc is a very impetuous man. If you don’t play hard to get at first, he gets bored with a too-easy conquest. And besides, we haven’t had our fun yet.” We waded back to the beach where we found the picnic and towels waiting. “We had better put out bottoms back on,” Sylvie suggested. “Otherwise we might distract Marc from his lunch, or he might take his trunks off and distract us.”

Nothing sexual happened the rest of the afternoon, although Sylvie and I remained topless as we alternately swam and sunned. Since twilight comes early in winter, we returned to the boat in the late afternoon to move to a less exposed anchorage for the evening. Then an early dinner, some drinks, and casual conversation were followed by an early bedtime.

It was not very surprising that, after a sexually charged day, I again masturbated in my dark cabin, but this time I managed to restrain myself from yelling when I came after a good half hour of working my pussy and clit. Once my orgasm was past, I felt my limbs and body relax as if all tension and strength had deserted me. Some time later, perhaps after another thirty minutes, I heard a knock on the cabin door. “Yes, what is it?”

“It’s me, Sylvie. Can I come in?”

I covered myself with a sheet in a reflex of modesty and lit the small overhead reading light. “Come in.”

Sylvie opened the door and slid into the cabin, completely naked. No modesty reflex for her. “I thought you might like to continue where we broke off earlier.”

I smiled wordlessly as I pulled the sheet aside and motioned her to climb up onto the berth. She did do and embraced me, kissing me fiercely as our hands roamed over each other’s bodies. “You’re so wet,” she whispered between kisses.

“I came a few minutes ago,” I whispered back.

“Super. I want to taste you.”

“And I you.”

“Marc and I just fucked. Do you want to eat his cum too?”

“Oh yes, let’s get into a sixty-nine.”

I rolled onto my back, spreading my legs and bending my knees so that she could position herself over me. As we are the same height it was very easy to see her pussy and asshole above me in the light case by the cabin spot. I spread her lips to see the pink inside of her cunt glistening wetly. It looked so delicious that I immediately thrust my tongue deep into her, sipping the musky mixture of pussy juice and semen. Any taste of Marc’s cum was perhaps more imaginary than real, but the idea of eating a freshly fucked pussy was tremendously exciting. For her part, she applied her tongue and lips to me so vigorously that I soon felt a second orgasm start to build. This in turn spurred on my own efforts. Concentrating my mouth on her engorged clit, I thrust two fingers into her tunnel, fucking her hard with motions of my hand.

Feeling my hips start to buck against her face, Sylvie pushed her thumb into me while a finger penetrated deeply into my ass. As she rolled my button with her lips and worked finger and thumb into my holes, I came hard. She followed my lead a few moments later, giving down a fresh flow of her juice onto my lips and open mouth.

I don’t normally prefer sixty-nine with women partners, as one of us two generally orgasms well before the other. This time though it worked to perfection. Sylvie climbed off to reverse her position so that we kissed gently, sharing the taste of each other’s pussies from our lips and fingers. We lay comfortably together, cuddling and kissing, until Sylvie’s whisper broke the silence.

“That was marvelous, just what I like. I haven’t been with another woman in so very long, over a year. I’d almost forgotten how nice it is.”

“It’s been a long time for me too, with a woman or a man.”

“That’s incredible, a beautiful girl like you. But now you can have me any time you want. I do hope you will want to, and often.”

“I do want to, of course. What about Marc?”

“What about him? He won’t be jealous if that’s what you mean. And I told you before I won’t be if you fancy a fling with him too.”

“Does he know that?”

Sylvie laughed. “I’m not sure he’d have asked permission, but yes! We have an agreement about flings, although tonight is the first time I’ve taken advantage of that agreement. I guarantee he’s going to make a move on you too, so remember not to make it too easy on him. Since he knows I’m with you right now and have been gone for a while, he’s probably thinking about it right now.”

We giggled as if hatching a schoolgirls’ plot. Then she kissed gave me a hard kiss on the mouth, climbed down, and left the cabin closing the door behind her.

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