An Extended Family

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When Mike Cooper married his wife Janis, he got a ready-made family. He’d only been in town a few months, taking over the “Times Past” Bookstore his grandfather had left him, when Janis walked in the store.

She was stunning. Not stunning-for-the-average-guy stunning, but stunning-you-should-be-on-Cosmo-covers stunning. Normally, Mike would have stammered, made precious little sense and been unable to talk to her. Figuring he didn’t have a chance in hell with anyone this gorgeous, he didn’t use any clever come-ons or try to pick her up, he just engaged the beautiful blonde in conversation. She was looking for a particular author, one of which he was very fond, so the conversation flowed easily, naturally.

Her sea-green eyes practically hypnotized him, but she was smart. Very, very smart. She read a lot, she ran the gamut from Neil Gaiman to Rene Descartes. Literature impressed her and he found out quickly that she had an inquisitive mind. Mike was lost in the conversation and in those beautiful green eyes, when she said something he didn’t catch.

“I beg your pardon?”

“I asked if you’d like to have dinner with me?”

This was not happening. Demi-goddesses did not descend from the heavens and ask mere mortals out for a meal. He blinked a bit and she seemed embarrassed.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’ve put you on the spot. Just forget I’ve said anything.” She was actually blushing!

“I’d love to.” She smiled that perfect smile, those perfect white teeth and handed him her number. “Please, call anytime. Do you like Italian?”

He did like Italian and was smitten by Janis. That evening and every evening she deigned to see him. Mike still couldn’t understand what this tall, blonde-haired, slim & stunning creature saw in his round, stocky self, but she seemed to hang on every word. She brought him lunch a few times a week. She asked him about his day and took an interest in his life. If this was a dream, Mike didn’t want to wake up.

He took her home to meet his mother and Virginia and Janis got along like a house on fire. On the ride home, she cuddled in close and he felt all warm and cozy.

“So darling, when are you going to make an honest woman out of me?” she asked him.

Mike smiled back at her. “Janis, I haven’t made a dishonest woman out of you yet.” It was true. They’d been dating for about 3 months and hadn’t slept together yet.

“That can be arranged. There’s a motel over there, pull in.”

He did as he was told, totally in her spell. He recalled checking in only vaguely, like some dream, in a haze. Was he actually going to share a bed with her, to feel her naked and pressed close, to feel her flesh move in response to his caresses?

In the motel, it was all so clear though, a memory he would never forget. She undressed and stood before him, a vision in black lace. She walked towards him, sexual, elegant, a predatory look in her eyes. Janis pushed Mike down on the bed and kissed him, hard. Her teeth bit his bottom lip, her nails raked across his chest as she unbuttoned his shirt.

“I’ve been waiting two months for you to fuck me, you bastard!” Janis hissed through clenched teeth. “I am not waiting any longer! You are going to fuck me, you are going to fuck the shit out of me, and you are going to do it NOW!”

Mike summoned up all his strength and didn’t disappoint her. Janis straddled his face and lowered her exquisite cunt over his face. He pulled at her pussy lips, sucked her for all he was worth. She squashed her snatch in his face and he ate her with skill and precision, making sure he got every spot, every fold, every crevasse. Mike tugged at her clit and was rewarded with a flow of her sweet juices. His tongue stabbed in and out of her like a miniature cock and Janis’ sounds of passion let him know he was doing a good job.

She swung her leggy body around and lowered her mouth to his engorged shaft. Janis took him in her mouth and sucked his cock eagerly, lovingly. She deep-throated him like he’d never had before, all the way down, cupping his balls as she did so. Her oral skills practically guaranteed he’d cum and when he felt himself about to cum, he pulled away, not wanting to cum in her mouth. Janis pushed him back, he lost control and shot off in her soft mouth. Janis swallowed it all and grinned at him.

“You taste wonderful darling. You can always cum in my mouth – I love the taste!”

They fucked all through the night, his woman proving to be an insatiable sexpot. This night cemented their relationship in Mike’s mind, there was no doubt she was HIS woman from that night on. Janis took the first maneuver, taking Mike doggie-style and letting him pound her savagely from behind. He slammed into Janis’ pussy from that position, swatting her ass as he did so. She seemed to love that and bucked against him as she clenched her tight pussy around his thick shaft.

Mike wanted to play with her next, so she rode him Cowgirl-style, his firm hands playing with her tits as she bounced up and down on her lover’s big cock. He rubbed her clit as casino şirketleri she fucked him, her juices flowing all over their joined bodies and wetting the bed. The scent of sex was in the air, heady and intoxicating.

When they fucked in the Missionary position, Janis wrapped her legs around him and dug her nails deep into his heated flesh. He came like never before, huffing and panting and sure he was going to die. But if so, what a way to go!

They got home the next day and Mike went right out and bought the ring. She accepted his proposal, bawling like a baby. Mike knew he’d be happy for the rest of his life. He had his bookstore, Janis had her little Art Gallery, they had each other, it was all joy from here on in.

Lying in bed a few weeks before her wedding, Janis turned to him and said “Mike, I have a confession to make.”

“What? That you’re really a Cosmo Supermodel and I’m the victim of a cruel practical joke?”

She pinched his nose as she often did when he made a bad joke. “No — I have a child Mike.”

He looked at her, unblinking. “Her name is Jessica. I got pregnant with her when I was just 18 and for the last 10 years, she’s lived with my sister Monica in San Diego. But I’d like to have her come and live with us, if that’s possible.”

He ran his fingers along her arms. “If she’s half as sweet as her mom, I’ll love her to death. Sure, she can come and live here. We have plenty of room in the new house.”

She kissed Mike excitedly, telling him how much she loved him and fell asleep, happy.

The wedding was lovely. The bride was beautiful, the groom looked – well, happy and the Flower Girl was adorable, everyone agreed. When they got back from the honeymoon, Jessica moved in with her Mom and new Dad and settled in.

It was very easy to love Jessica, Mike found that out from the start. She was a loving child, always free with hugs and kisses. Within a year, he became “Daddy” – he legally adopted Jessica, after 9 years, he couldn’t imagine his life without his wife and 19-year old daughter. Nearing 40, Mike was happier than he could ever recall being.

He came home early from the bookstore one day, the Air Conditioner had broken down and it was stifling. He knew Janis was home from the Gallery today, it was her day off. Jessica was off with some school friends, he thought he and his still-beautiful wife might have an afternoon of passion. He walked up the stairs to their bedroom and heard some whispers and sighs. When he looked in his bedroom, he stopped dead in his tracks.

His beautiful, stunning, Janis was lying in their bed, in a lacy white negligee. Beside her, wearing the black teddy Janis had bought her for her birthday, was their daughter, Jessica. But this was not the Jessica he knew at all.

This Jessica wasn’t the willowy tomboy in jeans and sweats. This Jessica had long, curly, ash-blonde hair down to her butt. She was wearing blue eye-shadow and her lips were a soft pink. Her breasts were soft, ripe, round and beautiful. She was so obviously her mother’s daughter.

He saw Jessica lean in and kiss her mother, their lips met and Janis’ tongue touched Jessie’s, entwined and they parted. Jessica sighed.

“Oh, mommy. Why can’t we let daddy join us? We love each other so much, I hate keeping secrets from him.”

His wife smiled. “Jessie honey, your daddy still thinks of you as his little girl. I think knowing we are lovers would shock the hell out of him. I don’t think he even knows that I am bi-sexual and that your aunt Monica and I used to be lovers.”

It did shock Mike, but it made his heart race with excitement as well. His wife and daughter, sharing a bed? This was kinky, but it was as hot as hell!

Jessica pouted. “But I’m not a little girl anymore Mother. Why can’t daddy see that?”

“I can see it now Jessie.”

Both women turned to the door, shocked looks on both their beautiful faces. Mike walked to the bed, took his wife’s face between his hands and kissed her, passionately, on the lips. He reached for his daughter and did the same. She smiled and melted in his arms.

He looked at both of his beautiful women. “You should have told me.”

Both women looked downward, then both of them looked up at him, beautiful green eyes full of love. “You know the truth now, Mike darling.” Janis said.

“Mmm, yesss, Daddy, you know the truth.” Jessie purred in his ear, licking it gently. “What are you going to do about it?”

He leaned in towards his daughter and kissed her again, his tongue sliding across her soft lips. “I am going to make love to my beautiful women and watch them make love to each other. I am going to fuck my daughter, I am going to fuck my wife, I am going to make both of them cum. How does that sound?”

Jessica clapped her hands with glee. “Oh yes Daddy, I can’t wait for you to fuck me!” She began undressing her father, pulling off his shirt while Janis got his pants off. His boxers followed swiftly until he was totally naked, sandwiched between the two blondes.

The casino firmaları differences and similarities between the two women made this interesting. Both of his women were blonde, both of them were tanned and sexy. Yet Jessie was more model-thin than her mother, her breasts were more delicate. Her mother’s breasts were round and full, Jessie’s were tiny, adorable little buds. His desire for both of them was growing by the moment.

He turned to his daughter and said “You first honey. Suck daddy’s cock.”

She smiled at him and said “Yummy. My first cock. It’s my Daddy’s big cock, the cock he’s going to use to fuck me, his yummy big cock!”

The fact that his was the first cock to enter his daughter’s mouth, and soon, her pussy, thrilled him to the core. He directed Janis to show their daughter her techniques, how he liked to have his cock sucked and played with. Janis leaned over and began to suck on his balls, while she told their daughter to “stroke daddy’s cock lightly with your fingernails and then take it in your mouth. Good, baby. Lick it slowly, swirl your tongue around. Hear daddy moaning? He likes that. Slide your tongue up and down daddy’s shaft, very gently. How does it feel dear?” Hearing his wife encouraging their daughter in incestuous play made Mike’s cock stiffen even more.

Jessica took her mouth of Mike’s cock and said “Oh Mommy, I love sucking Daddy’s big cock. He has such a nice cock, doesn’t he Mommy?”

Janis smiled. “Your daddy has a wonderful cock. Why don’t you let him show you how wonderful it is? How do you want it? How do you want Daddy to FUCK you?” Janis purred, knowing the extra emphasis on the word “Fuck” would arouse both her naughty little girl and her husband.

Mike re-stated his wife’s question. “How do you want it baby?”

Jessie wiggled her ass at him. “Bow-Wow baby. Doggie for me daddy. Give me that big cock of yours from behind daddy. Fuck me with your big daddy-cock!”

Janis lubed Mike up and let him slide, hard and deep, within their daughter’s tight pussy. Her face clenched and her eyes were shut, but within a minute, little whimpers of pleasure were escaping her lips. “Ohh, Momma….” Jessica purred. Her entire body was coming alive with newfound sensations.

Janis moved in and began kissing her daughter’s cute rosebud as her husband fucked her pussy. Janis’ hands played with Jessie’s cute, delicate breasts and her daughter groaned at the illicit pleasure, begging for more.

“Oh Goddd, daddy, fuck me, fuck your daughter, your little slut of a daughter, fuck me!” His adopted daughter’s lewd cries were music to Mike’s ears.

Mike pumped harder and harder, sweat pouring down from his body, seeing the depraved look of lust in his wife’s eyes. They’d never go back to the way things were before, yet Mike knew he wouldn’t want to. His baby and his wife were a wonderful combination, wanton, sexual and all his. His mind raced through all the possible permutations of the new lifestyle and it thrilled him to the core.

Mike held back from cumming, but hearing Jessie yelp out her first cock-induced orgasm nearly sent him over the edge. Janis ran from the bedroom, returning with a damp cloth to help clean their no-longer virgin daughter. As she rubbed the cloth over Jessica’s body, her strokes became passionate.

“Ohh, Momma….” Jessica purred again. He watched as Janis lowered her mouth to Jessie’s and their lips met for a passionate kiss. Jessica’s hands reached out and pulled her mother on top of her. “You know just what I like, don’t you Momma?” Mike wondered how long this had been going on, but knew in his heart, he really didn’t care – it was so damned sexy.

Janis rubbed her beautiful leggy body over her daughter’s and they moaned and cooed as they began lesbian love-play. Within minutes, the two women had moved into a `69′ and were engrossed in eating each other’s pussies heatedly. Mike watched and felt his body aflame at the beauty of his sexy wife and equally-stunning daughter devouring each other’s flesh.

As he stared at the tableau in front of him, Mike realized how fortunate he was. He had no idea his Jessie was so beautiful, not in a sexual way. After tonight, he’d never forget it! Her long, pink tongue was stroking at her mother’s blonde pussy, eating her with relish. On top of her mom, Jessica’s belly ring dangled and Janis pulled at it playfully from time-to-time, Jessie giggling every time she did.

The two of them continued for quite some time, until Mike’s cock began to show signs of life. Janis looked over at her husband, shared a lewd grin with her cuntlapping daughter and pounced on him. Janis got on top of her husband and began to ride his cock, while Jessica mounted her daddy’s mouth and let him eat her pussy. He was almost as good as her Mommy, Jessie thought to herself.

Jessica’s juices began to trickle down her thighs as she leaned forward and shared a kiss with her mother, riding hard on her husband’s hard cock. The two incestuous lovers played and fondled, while Mike fucked güvenilir casino holy hell out of his wife.

“This is wonderful Mike, better than I could ever have dreamed. Fuck me darling, fuck me and don’t stop fucking me!”

Finally, no one could stand any more and they came in waves of pleasure. It was a wonderful moment, kisses were placed on every body, no inch of flesh was untouched.

The trio played well into the night and early into the next day. Two days later, Jessica moved her lingerie into a drawer into her parent’s bedroom.

A few months later, Jessica was teasing her father with her newest bikini while he played with his hard cock. Jessie was waiting for her mother to join them, when she heard the phone ring. Janis ran to answer it and came back into the living room with a slight scowl.

“What’s wrong Mom?” Jesssica wanted to know, seeing the angry look that crossed her mother’s face.

Janis sighed. “That was your Aunt Monica. She and your uncle Duncan are calling it quits and she wants to come and stay with us for a while. Oh, pooh!”

Mike smiled, he thought it was funny his wife couldn’t swear – only during sex. “What’s wrong with that hun? I like Monica.”

Jessica turned to her father. “Daddy, don’t you see? With Aunt Mon here, we all have to behave. No threeways for a while.”

Mike scowled now. He hadn’t thought of that, but Monica was family and he liked her. “She’s welcome and we’ll all survive.”

Janis frowned again. “Says you, bub.”

His pretty sister-in-law flew in a few days later and she was a breath of fresh air. Unlike his wife and daughter, she was a sexy redhead, a cute little doll. He wondered what kind of ass would ever leave someone so cheery and pleasant, but he always thought Duncan was kind of a doofus.

Monica was a joy to have around. She did all the cooking, she helped with the gardening and she doted on Jessica, whom she’d helped raise. Other than their calmed-down love life, there was no trouble having her with them. He made no mention to any of the women that he’d overheard the secret of Janis and Monica’s earlier affair.

One night, Mike felt the covers in their bed rustle. He looked over at his still-dozing wife and then looked over to see Jessie’s green eyes looking up at him.

“I had to chance it, daddy-lover, I just had to. I missed you so much, you and Mommy both!”

Janis rolled over, wide-awake now. She giggled. “It’s your fault Mike, for being such a good lover. Hi baby!” She leaned over and kissed her daughter softly on the lips. “We’re going to have to be quiet.”

Janis moved over so their daughter could get in between her father’s legs. She’d barely started giving him a blowjob when the light clicked on. There, in the doorway, stood Monica. She didn’t look at all surprised.

“Naughty, naughty people.” Monica said with a giggle. She walked over to the bed and kissed Janis on the lips. “Up to your old tricks, Sis?”

Janis laughed and looked over to her daughter and husband. “You know that I learned pussy eating before I started on this little cutie?” she said to Mike, pointing towards Jessica. She and Monica kissed one more time, then Janis turned towards her husband. “I’m sorry for keeping this secret from you darling, although to be honest, it never came up!”

Mike leaned in and kissed Janis. “I have known for a while hon. I overheard ALL of your conversation with Jessie that night. I’m fine with it, really.”

“I was going to come in here and ask to borrow your husband, but this looks a lot more fun. Can I join in?” Monica asked, giggling.

The trio made room for the sexy redhead on the bed and she moved towards her brother-in-law, her lips hot on his. Mother and daughter cuddled close and caressed each other’s tits while the newcomer played with Mike’s cock and ran her hands all over his body.

“I have wanted to fuck you for days!” Monica whispered into Mike’s ear. “Actually, if I were being honest – I have wanted to fuck you for YEARS!”

“Okay, we’ll make up for lost time.” Mike said as the sexy vixen slipped his hard dick deep inside her pussy. She began to roll her ass and body back and forth, taking him deep within her body, while her sister and niece pleasured each other beside her.

Mike’s hands played with her tits, which had a light sprinkling of freckles. Her nearly-bare cunt engulfed his mammoth prick and his body arched upward, driving more dick into her hungry pussy. She groaned with delight, Duncan hadn’t fucked her in months and Mike was good, damned good!

Janis’ hands found her sister’s tits and played with them while Jessica’s soft lips played over Monica’s own and shared flirty, gentle kisses. She was packed with cock meat and still enjoying the sensations of pleasure the two women teasing and pleasing her. If it were possible to overdose on sex, Monica was sure she would do so.

Her body was quivering, little ripples of pleasure moved over her flesh. Her kinky little niece was kissing the goosebumps on her flesh and her sister was rubbing her clit while Mike’s cock moved in and out of her horny pussy. Monica was being sexually overwhelmed, but she wasn’t complaining about it. She tightened the muscles of her cunt around her brother-in-law’s invading prick, his groans growing louder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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