Ass Chronicles Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: As always all characters in this story are eighteen years in older.

About: This is the second chapter of Joel’s new world. I recommend that if you haven’t read the first story, then please do so. For this and the next chapter, there will not be much in the way of naughtiness. Rather, the groundwork will be laid down for the rest of the series.

As always I hope you enjoy the story, and please feel free to leave comments.


The sun was oppressively bright, so much so that it felt like it was an eclipse happening right through his bedroom window. Combined with the fact that his bedroom was on the third floor of his boyhood home, there was no going back to sleep. Even in the early morning hours, the summer heat as only Texas could provide the feel was that even the coolest of people would be sweating nonstop.

“I guess I’m getting up now.” Joel said through gritted teeth. You see Joel was a person who hated mornings, and valued sleep. So much so in fact that he couldn’t wait to start college, when he could schedule his own classes and not be required to get up when the roosters crowing.

Rolling his body out of bed, he looked at his image reflecting off the full length mirror at the foot of his bed. He wasn’t the tallest, but years of exercise had obviously done well on him. His chest wasn’t a full ripped six pack, yet there was decent muscle to be seen, and hopefully is his cards were played right his mother’s hands, lips, and tongue just for starters would be all over it.

But he was taking nothing for granted. He knew that the night before was not only the greatest moment of his life, but also that it was no guarantee that anything more would ever happen. He knew that his cumming all over his mother’s ass the night before could have simply been just a onetime thing. All of these thoughts running through his head, Joel knew that he couldn’t push anything But rather all he could do was simply wish, and hope that through his patience and good graces would allow the delicious eroticism that occurred the night before, to happen once again.

His eyes looked down, and there between his legs was his still hard cock. He couldn’t help but smile. There on full display was his hard cock. It always seemed to be in a hard and waiting position, to shoot out cum everywhere. Yet, this wasn’t the time for that. As much as he wanted too, he knew that there casino şirketleri was something else that needed to be done, and was a more pressing need than his sexual urges.

The previous night was all about fantasy, and raunchiness. One in which that not only did his mother confess to him, than she not only knew about his lust for her. But also that she unveiled her ass for him and allowed him in part, to not just view her full rounded ass, but stroke his cock to an eruption of cum, that would make any porn star receiving a money shot proud.

This morning on the other hand, he needed answers to two questions. The first was how exactly did she know that he had sexual desires involving her? The second question was just why exactly did she allow herself to have her ass on display for him, and to allow himself to jack off and cum all over it? These were questions that he knew had no easy answer to them, yet all that he knew for sure was that he himself had to go and simply ask.

Knowing that there was no time better than now in which to find out the truth, he reached into his drawer and pulled out his clothes for the day. A plain apple red tee shirt, blue cotton boxers, and a pair of forest green shorts that went to the knee. Looking as professional as he felt he could be in the sweltering Texas heat, he closed the door behind his room and walked down the twenty seven stairs separating the third floor to the kitchen.

Reaching the last step, and placing his feet on the coolness of the shiny oak wood floor a sudden jolt of cool relief raged throughout his body. Even though it was a brief coolness, his life deep in the heart of the Texas hill country was one that any brief coolness was a welcoming relief.

There at the stove was his mother. He couldn’t help but smile in front of him. He had always loved his mother, probably more than a son should. Yet in light of his feelings being unearthed on the anniversary of his birth, and now with having unleashed his hot spunk on his mother’s butt the levels of devotion he was now feeling on her was now only becoming more and more deep.

“Good morning mom.” Joel said with his always chipper tone of voice.

“Good morning sugar.” Tanya beamed with pride and joy as she was now turned around, and smiling at him while holding her always needed large cup of coffee.

“Come join me baby.” Tanya said with her arm extended, and hand casino firmaları opened towards the chair that was always his usual dinner spot.

Nodding with his smile never fading, he walked to his chair and as he and his mother both pulled out their respective chairs. As they both sat down, there was a calming feeling in the air. Tanya took a deep sip of her coffee, and as she placed the cup on the table she reached out and with her hands wrapped them around her darling son’s own hands. It was as if at this very moment the two hands had become one.

“So dear, I assume you want to talk about last night don’t you?” Tanya asked with her smile never leaving but with a little nervousness in her voice.

“Yes Mom I do. In fact I have two questions that I think will put all of this into perspective.” Joel responded with a respectful confidence.

“Go ahead baby I’m listening.”

“Well Mom the first question is how did you know about my fantasies about you?”

Tanya looked at him, her face flushed with embarrassment. She was normally very good at hiding her truest feelings away. After all being a lawyer, meant to put on her face of truth, justice, and order. It was easy for her to put aside, what she really was thinking. Yet she knew that she couldn’t do that to Joel. She was now and would always be her baby boy. With that being true forever in her mind, and heart she knew now that she had to totally let out this most closest guarded secret.

“Son please doesn’t hate me. But I always knew. You never knew how many times I walked by your room, and could hear how much you love me. Also while you were growing up I could tell the way you looked at me, your eyes would be looking at every inch of me the way that lovers do. At first I thought it was just a phase you were going through, because your father was never in your life. But as the days and months turned into years, the feelings never went away. In fact they only got deeper. But I was still able to notice that when you hugged me that they were tight, close, and gentle grazes over my ass. I don’t say any of this to embarrass or punish you; rather this is how I knew. You were in your own way subtle, but a mother truly always knows and I in turn kept my ears and eyes open to you just like I always have, and always will.”

Joel’s face was ash stricken. He wanted so much to cry, and bear all the sorrow for what thoughts and güvenilir casino feelings that he had. But he knew he had to be strong for his mother. So all he could do was weakly nod and look up at his mother. For the first time he truly didn’t know what was going to happen next. However, he knew that with the first question already having been asked, that he had to go on and ask the second and final question.

“Okay Mom I appreciate your honesty. The second question is why did you let me do that to you?” Joel whispered almost out of fear that someone would hear, and in some way he didn’t want his own mother to ever hear. But they were too far gone now for modesty. Tanya looked at him once more, and with a heavy sigh exiting her lips she looked at him not of seriousness, or confidence but now one of fear.

“I know honey that you don’t have much knowledge or experience with women. In fact the only two you talk too on a regular basis, is Danielle and I. Plus I knew you had always stolen my red thong, and couldn’t help but stroke your big fat cock with it around your shaft, all the while wishing it was me and my pussy that your prick was being buried into, and not the silky material that covers my pussy. Plus with the way you’ve looked at me, I knew this was crossing a line, and I was worried about how you would respond to it. But I must say that I loved the results of it. Basically, I did it because a fantasy like that, the one you have for me could only be fulfilled by me. I hope that makes sense?” Tanya stopped, and with a nervous breath reached up and took a huge gulp of her coffee.

Joel nodded and was now crying rivers of tears. The guilt and sorrow was now becoming too much for him. It was almost as if Joel was blaming himself, and was about ready to apologize to his mother for having forced her to do this thing, for no other reason than because his heart and body wanted her to do it.

“Baby please don’t cry. You did nothing wrong, you just wanted this because of your heart. There is nothing wrong with that. I will never stop loving, and caring for you ever.” Tanya said with tears of her own, as she stood beside her son, with her arms wrapped around him. She wanted not just her words, but her actions to show that she was okay with what had happened.

Joel’s entire body relaxed, as if he was being given the most welcoming of reprieves. As he kissed his mother’s cheek, a knocking of the door broke the silence and tranquility of this moment.

“Mom who’s here?” Joel asked with a curious bewilderment in his voice.

“Well that’s part of the surprise baby.” Tanya said with a chuckle.

To Be Continued

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