Corey and Noah Pt. 02 Ch. 07

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It was at school on Friday when I put my plan for losing my virginity into action. Lunch had just stated when Nathan mentioned that his parents were letting him borrow his four-wheel drive the following weekend.

‘We should go to Foster for the weekend boys!’ he exclaimed, almost loosing grip on the pie he had just bought at the canteen, ‘We’ll take a couple of tents and get on the drinks. It’ll be fucking awesome.’

Everyone agreed, myself included. A weekend away from my mums annoying pressure to study for the university entry tests sounded more than welcoming.

‘It can’t be a sausage fest but lads.’ Nathan said, smirking seedily, ‘We need some chicks.’

‘I’ll ask Lilly and Jana if they wanna come.’ Nick said, ‘If there’s free booze then they’ll be there for sure.’

‘Who’s providing the free booze then?’ I asked, thinking of my empty money box sitting next to the lube in my bedroom.

‘Jarrod and Nick are the working men.’ Ben said, ‘They’ll shout us for sure.’

‘I might have to start offering drinks for blowies.’ Nick laughed, shoving the rest of the sagging pie into his mouth.

‘I know one person who’d be keen for that.’ Ben said, glaring at me rather darkly.

I grimaced and looked around at the rest of the group. No one seemed to have heard Ben and were instead talking about which type of drinks they wanted for the weekend and who should ask their parents for tents. I didn’t mind what drinks I had, just as long as Ben and I didn’t share a tent.


Cameron Park was cool and breezy. The tops of the gum trees swayed lazily in the wind and the grass smelt freshly mown. Reece, Kane, Blake, Blake’s girlfriend; Jackie, and I scared the last few kids off of the playground. It was late in the evening and as a result, the park was deserted. Blake, Jackie and Kane moved over to the flying-fox whilst Reece and I settled into the swings.

‘How do you feel now?’ Reece said.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked, swinging slowly back and forth.

‘After fucking you today.’ Reece whispered, smirking.

I smiled back, ‘I feel good, refreshed even.’

Reece laughed and we sat for a while, watching my housemates show off for Jackie. Blake kept touching her in a way that would be inappropriate if the park was full of people. I also noticed that Kane was getting his fill too.

For some reaason, I was having trouble taking my eyes off of Kane. He was dressed in his typical footy shorts and work shirt. His legs were long and tanned by exposure to the sun all day at work. My groin stirred as I remembered sitting in his lap in the bath.

‘What are you thinking about?’ Reece asked, rubbing my hand for a second.

I jumped and realised that he must have been looking at me the whole time and then filled with guilt. ‘I don’t know, just about the footy game today. What about you?’ I had a feeling that I knew what he was going to say however.

‘About you.’ Reece said intimately, confirming my suspicions, ‘And a question I’ve wanted to ask you for ages.’

My mind jumped immediately to an image of Reece getting down on one knee and proposing which was obviously ludicrous.

Instead, Reece leaned in and said smoothly, ‘Will you be my boyfriend?’

My heart fluttered but my stomach simultaneously had an unpleasant crushing sensation. A million thoughts crossed my mind in the five seconds it took me to answer the question.

I knew that this was coming, how could it not have been. Reece had been crazy about me for ages, ever since I found him outside the change rooms after footy practice crying and admitting that he couldn’t get me out of his head. His trust in admitting that he was gay and the time we shared afterwards. Our days at the beach, the footy games we played, the sleepovers, the first time he entered me a couple of weeks ago and earlier when he bent me over the change bench and fucked me hard. He was always there to protect me and reassure me and he almost succeeds in making me forget about the blonde haired boy I met in the hallway in school in February.

Noah was still always in my thoughts but he casino şirketleri had well and truly missed his chance. His name which had so often filled me with euphoria, now caused crushing anguish. I knew that there was only one logical answer after everything that had happened in the past few months.

‘Yes, of course I will.’


The road trip up to Foster wasn’t very eventful but it was dull. We took the day off school on Friday and loaded into Nathan’s Landcruiser. The four guys, Lilly, Britney, Jana, Beth and myself were squished like sardines amongst the tents, tarps and most importantly of all, the alcohol. Everyone around me talked joyfully but I was feeling rather down. I wanted to go on this trip true, but for some reason, I didn’t want to spend too much time with people like Jarrod and Ben. We were all once so close but lately, I’ve really felt distanced from all of them, even Nathan who hadn’t really done anything to offend me annoyed me just by looking at him. I knew I was being irrational but I couldn’t figure out why.

Nick tried to cheer me up however. While everyone else sat at the front, he, Jarrod and I sat in the back with all of the camping supplies.

‘What do you wanna do most this weekend?’ Nick asked, handing Jarrod his third beer of the morning.

After a few moments thought I muttered, ‘Fucking Lilly,’ so that only those two could hear.

They burst out laughing and even I smirked a little.

‘Okay Jarrod?’

Jarrod took a long sip and said, ‘strip poker with you blokes.’ We chuckled at this too.

‘Do you really think we’ll play that?’ I asked.

‘I’ll fucking make sure of it my man.’ Jarrod said, ‘Do you think I’d miss a chance to show of this little thing?’ He slipped his dick out of his shorts and Nick choked on his beer.

Rolling around with laughter now, Nick said, ‘You and Nath’ should have a tiny dick comp.’

When we recovered from fits of laughter five minutes later, I had to admit that I admired Jarrod’s body confidence.

A couple of hours later, we were setting up the tents at the caravan park surrounded by bushland. There were four tents and everyone just threw their bags in randomly without deciding which one we were to sleep in. Then, we changed into swimmers, grabbed some beers and made the thirty minute trek to the beach. Ben and Nathan were in front donning wetsuits and carrying surfboards under their arms and Jarrod carried the esky.

It was surprisingly hot by the time we reached the beach and the girls stripped down to their bikinis while the guys took shirts and (in the case of Nick and Jarrod who were wearing speedos) shorts off. We all dipped our toes in the water but the water was too cold to swim in. Instead, we sat and drank the afternoon away. Nick was chatting up Brittney and Beth while Jarrod and I sat with Lilly and Jana. Jarrod was into Jana and she seemed keen on him too. it didn’t take long before the two of them went for a walk along the beach. I wish I could say the same for Lilly and I. Her eyes seemed to dark towards Nick frequently and she didn’t respond well to my pick-up lines. maybe she had heard about my incident with Brittney. We talked freely however, particularly as she drank more and more with the progression of the afternoon. By the time Ben and Nathan returned from the water, hours later, we were all quite tipsy.

I was surprised that I was having a really good time considering how depressed I felt that morning. Even Nathan and Jarrod were making me laugh as we sat and drank until the sun was low in the sky and we decided it best to head back to camp. Jarrod, Nathan and I were at the back of the group as we followed the bush track back to the tents. The two were good friends and had a back-and-forth going regarding some TV show or another before Nathan turned his attention to me.

‘Your mate Corey works at a car yard doesn’t he?’ Nathan asked pulling his wetsuit up. The suit was residing around his waist with his top-half exposed. It was however, too big and kept slipping down to the top of his orange pubes.

‘I think so, why’s that man?’ casino firmaları I was surprised. I didn’t know that anyone thought about Corey except me.

‘Sweet, I want my own fourbie soon. My parents are getting pissed at me using their all the time so I’ll go to him if you guys are friends.’

I didn’t know if I had the heart to tell Nathan that there was little to no chance that I could get a discount for his new 4×4 so I said, ‘Sounds good,’ and spent the rest of the walk trying to catch glimpses of his dick before he caught his suit. By the time we got back to the campsite however, I still only managed to see his ginger bush.

We all continued drinking into the evening and I became increasingly aware of the promise to myself. I needed to loose my virginity this weekend however, mathematics was against me. There were five guys and only four girls. By eight o’clock, Jarrod had wandered back to the beach with Jana and was surely fucking her. The odds got even worse when Nathan went for another beer run with Beth and Brittney. There was only Lilly with, although thankfully she was the one I’d had my mind on the entire time. Accepting a cigarette off of Nick, I looked Lilly up and down for the millionth time that day. She was thinner than the others and actually had bigger boobs than Brittney (the only girl I had had a reference point for, having been seen her naked prior). I tried to get hard, thinking about bursting my nut inside someone for the first time and after a while, succeeded somewhat. The problem was, while I was pleasantly tipsy, Lilly was absolutely wasted. After she threw up too, I knew that I just couldn’t do it with her tonight. I sighed as Nick took her back to the tent, leaving Ben and I alone by the fire. Shit.

Ben still had his wetsuit on as well which hung around his waist. His slim body looked good with the firelight glowing off of it.

‘How drunk are you?’ he asked, finishing the rest of his beer.

‘Pretty far gone aye.’ I said giddily.

We sat for a few moments in silence before Ben said, ‘Grab a couple of towels. We’ll go take a shower before bed.’

Being alone with Ben wasn’t something I was overly keen on. Although, as I rummaged through my bag and pulled some towels out, I realised that my dick was almost fully erect. Cursing and hating myself, I followed Ben up to the block of showers.

Steam was emitting from three of the eight shower cubicles in the old brick building. The air was damp and cold, due to the grates high along the walls not fully enclosing the room. I moved towards one of the cubicles and turned to close the door before finding Ben right behind me.

‘Help me take my wetsuit off, slut.’ He muttered, pushing his was into the cubicle and closing the door us.

Again, I was annoyed. I should tell him to “fuck off and suck his own dick if that’s what he wanted”. I came here to loose my virginity to a chick, not suck a dick for the second time in my life. So why was I so quick to get on my knees and help pull his suit down without protest?

The material clung to Ben’s skin and it was an ordeal to even pull the suit down past his hips. After a few minutes work however, the wetsuit was down around his ankles and Ben’s hard, thin dick flung up and slapped me in the cheek on the way out. Without a word, Ben grabbed my head and pulled it forward and I reluctantly opened by mouth.

It was moist and salty as he pushed it in and out roughly. I gagged for the first minute or as Ben face fucked me. It wasn’t long until the gagging stopped however and I found my tongue exploring his member more and more as time went on. Eventually, I tentatively grabbed his hairy balls which were shrivelled in the cold of the brick building.

After a few minutes I removed my clothes as well and began to relax as we moved into the warm running water. I liked the way Ben’s foreskin moved up and down smoothly and rolled it across my tongue. Further, my tongue soon began to explore his knob which sent Ben shivering with delight. He only lasted around three minutes after this before he gasped softly and spurted his load down my throat. güvenilir casino

‘Fuck, you’re good at sucking dick you little slut.’


The rest of the night went without incident. I watched Jarrod and Nathan do a nuddie run, their small sexy but sexy dicks flying around in the night air, exhuming masculinity. There was also talk of returning to the beach and skinny dipping but we were all pretty tired and fucked up. Around 12:30, I was pissing behind the tents and deciding to call it a night.

My head was spinning as I unzipped the tent and crawled inside. One of my mates was there but I didn’t really know who it was. We hadn’t decided who was sleeping where and I didn’t really watch where the other guys retired to. Instead, I just stripped down to my birthday suit and jumped under the blanket. it took me about a minute to drifted off easily.

I dreamed about Corey and I skating around town, as we did at the start of the year. He was happy and laughing often; so handsome and carefree. We went back to my house and showered together, playfully touching each other and hugging before we materialised in my room, kissing and wanking each other’s dicks. Corey put my cock in his mouth and I moaned loudly. Then, he laid on the bed and I joined him, rubbing myself against his smooth arse. I was pretty close to cumming too when I woke up and found myself rubbing my cock against someone in real life.

I froze instantly and stared at the back of Ben’s head. He seemed to be sleeping soundly. I lay for a minute, wondering what on earth to do before temptation took over and I slowly lifted the blanket to peer underneath.

Both of us were naked and Ben’s tight little arse, lined with dark hairs was protruding backwards a little. My dick was millimetres from his war skin and it was as solid as it had ever been in my life. Very, very slowly, I took a deep breath and pressed it against Ben’s arse.

Ben didn’t move at all so I gambled and slowly began to hump his crack. It felt so good that my balls tingled painfully and precum emitted from my slit which was rare indeed. I froze again after a few moments, thinking about the repercussions if this all went wrong. Before I could decide whether what I was doing was right or not however, Ben’s arse moved slightly and pressed itself against my dick.

All the wind was knocked out of me as my dick jumped violently. Carefully, I began to hump Ben more quickly. I couldn’t tell if he was awake or not but after a while, I decided that he must be. His hips started to move in motion with my thrusting which became faster and more daring as time passed. Daringly, I pulled my arm around Ben and pulled him closer to me, feeling his small and smooth body against mine.

A few minutes past in which we silently humped before I finally threw caution to the winds. I needed to fuck Ben, I needed to be inside his tight hole. He was surely up for it and I would finally lose my virginity. Not to a girl sure, but who cares?

A hole’s a hole right?

Shaking with a powerful combination of nerves and pure desire, I reached down and took my cock in my hand and directed it towards Ben’s hole. My dick was still producing precum and I hoped that it would be enough to act as lube for my first fuck. My knob had just grazed his slightly hairy arse crack before Ben turned suddenly and pinned me against the floor.

‘What the fuck are you doing?’ he said, genuinely surprised.

I was confused, my mind still foggy from the pleasurable feeling in my groin as I looked into his face which turned so ugly when he sneered.

After a good five seconds of shocked silence, Ben said in a dangerous whisper, ‘I’m not gay! How dare you try and rape me you poofter cunt!’

I still didn’t know what to say but it didn’t matter, after a second Ben seemed to decide what move was appropriate and punched me squarely in the face. I recoiled immediately and tried to wrestle myself from underneath him.

‘Fuck you!’ Ben said in barely more that dark whisper and punched me again, ‘Fuck you, you fucking gay cunt!’

After a final punch, he got off of me. My dick was still hard as he shuffled around the tent grabbing a pair of jeans and unzipping the entrance. Morning air flooded the tent and the last thing I saw before Ben disappeared was his cock; long, thin and as hard as a rock.

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