Finding Love Pt. 09

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Author’s note: This is the ninth and last part of a very long story.

The characters (Jade and Terry) from my other story, ‘Hidden Desires,’ will appear here but reading their story is not necessary to understand their role in this one.

It has truly been a joy writing this story and having all the support, comments and votes of all the readers out there. This is why I love writing; to be able to bring a little bit of entertainment and enjoyment to all who read my work.

I hope Finding Love will continue be enjoyed. Comments and votes will be appreciated.

Chapter 50

“It was so wonderful seeing Kate and Meg together wasn’t it Vivie,” Ari said happily. Vivian looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“Vivie?” Vivian questioned which caused Ari to blush. They were in their bedroom an hour or so after meeting with Kate and Meg.

“I have to agree though, they are beautiful together,” Vivian said as she watched Ari moving about.

“I hope it all goes well for them and that they’re as happy as we are,” Ari continued as she unzipped her dress and began wiggling out of it. Her simple movements lit a fire in the pit of Vivian’s stomach. Ari had gotten the dress to her waist when she felt arms encircle her from behind.

“I do believe I owe you a little something from earlier tonight my naughty little pet,” Vivian said as she ran her hands up to Ari’s breasts. She cupped the small mounds and pinched the nipples while sucking on Ari’s neck.

Ari moaned, becoming a puddle of jelly in Vivian’s arms as the delicious sensations of light pain and pleasure assaulted her.

Holding on to Ari with one arm, Vivian’s right hand descended past the dress to Ari’s pussy. She growled when she found no panties to hinder her enjoyment. Her fingers slipped between Ari’s folds that were already slick with Ari’s excitement.

“Spread your legs for me ,pet and push your pelvis forward,” Vivian instructed. Ari complied and groaned as two of Vivian’s fingers slid into her depths.

“Lift your dress up and look over there, pet,” Vivian ordered. Ari did as she was told. They were facing the full length mirror and Ari could see Vivian’s fingers as they slid in and out of her.

“You look so provocative my pet; you’re making me wet watching you like this,” Vivian continued as she picked up the pace of her thrusts. She began rubbing her thumb on Ari’s clit, causing Ari’s hips to buck.

“Oh god, Viv, oh my god yes,” Ari managed to say as the bliss built and her hips began to rock in time with Vivian’s motions.

“Don’t hold back lover. Cum for me and scream my name,” Vivian said.

Ari’s body shook as the waves broke. Her vision blurred and her ears rang. She did scream Vivian’s name and bucked hard as the orgasm consumed her. Ari’s knees gave way and she collapsed to the floor, taking Vivian with her.

Ari was breathing hard, her legs trembling as she tried to recover from the blinding beauty of her experience. Vivian’s arms were around her, holding her, helping her lover calm down.

“Oh Vivie, that was so wonderful.”

“Yes angel. Sometimes the unexpected can be most rewarding. I certainly didn’t expect you to be naked under this dress.”

“I wanted to surprise you. Did you like it?”

“Of course, angel, I loved it.”

“So can I take you to bed and have a taste of you?”

“Oh we’ll be going to bed, but I’m not through with you yet, my pretty pet,” Vivian said with a smile. Ari knew it was going to be a long night. She was looking forward to it.

* * * *

Lunch with Margaret was turning out to be a wonderful thing. This time she wasn’t at all intolerant of Kate. She was warm and very welcoming. They had gone to a small outdoor café. Margaret had been eating there for years and insisted that she treat them.

Margaret had recommended the steak and Cobb salad. Kate and Meg were having a wonderful time chatting with Margaret as they ate and sipped their lemonade.

“I have to confide in you both that accepting your relationship has been a challenge for me. Fortunately my new friend Nikki introduced me to a group of ladies who have helped me.”

“Do you mean a support group Margaret?” Kate asked.

“Yes. All the women there have children who are gay or lesbian. I’ve been to three meetings so far and it’s really helped. The woman who runs it is really nice. There is an event coming up where we can bring our children to meet everyone and I was hoping you both would come with me.”

“Sure Mom. I think that would be great,” Meg said and Kate agreed.

Things continued along as their conversation flowed easily. They laughed and had fun. As lunch was winding down there came a moment of truth. One of Margaret’s friends saw them and came over to say hello.

“Margaret, I haven’t seen you in quite some time.”

“Hello Sandra. Yes, I’ve been busy these days. You remember my daughter Megan,” Margaret said.

“Yes of course, but it’s been a while as well. How are you, Megan,” Sandra asked.

“I’m fine thank you, Mrs. casino şirketleri Palmer,” Meg answered.

Margaret swallowed and continued, “Sandra this is Kate, Megan’s girlfriend.”

“It’s nice to meet you Kate,” Sandra said.

“Same here,” Kate answered.

Sandra continued talking to Margaret, not really realizing what Margaret had meant by girlfriend. To people like Sandra, girlfriend, when relating to two girls, still meant female friend.

Kate had an appointment she had to get to. Meg was going to stay a while longer with her mother before she headed home.

“I’m sorry to have to cut this short, but I have to get going. Until next time Margaret. Nice meeting you, Mrs. Palmer,” Kate said and stood. She signed something to Meg then kissed her. She waved and walked away.

Sandra Palmer stood stock still, her mind processing what had just occurred. “I take it when you said girlfriend, you meant a romantic type of girlfriend,” she asked Margaret.

“Yes Sandra, my daughter is a lesbian. Do you have a problem with that?” Margaret said, her voice and tone implying that she would cut down Sandra if she said anything bad.

“No problem, Margaret. Gay is the new normal. I have a niece who is very butch. Anyway, let’s have lunch sometime next week. The other girls miss you and so do I,” Sandra ended.

“Oh … sure,” Margaret answered, shocked at Sandra’s reaction.

“Enjoy the rest of your lunch. Great seeing you, Megan. Bye.”

“Mom, you okay?” Megan asked once Sandra was gone.

“I never expected that,” Margaret said.

“I know Mom. People can surprise you.”

“They certainly can.”

* * * *

“Comfortable my sweet?” Vivian asked.

“Yes Vivie,” Ari replied. She was currently secured to the headboard of their bed, her wrists locked together with Velcro restraints that were lined with satin. It was very comfortable yet left no doubt that you were indeed bound.

Ari was on her back, her legs free, her eyes covered by a scarf and her body completely naked. Vivian was standing to one side admiring Ari’s petite yet exquisite form. She loved Ari’s body, her soft curves and smooth, unblemished skin. Seeing her lover like this, so vulnerable and trusting, filled Vivian’s heart with a mixture of love and lust. She couldn’t help running her fingertips over Ari’s body, caressing her silken skin.

“Time for a little fun,” Vivian said as she picked up the glass of ice cold water and climbed on the bed. She dipped her finger in the liquid, swirled the digit around and then touch it to Ari’s left nipple.

Ari let out a sharp hiss as Vivian circled her puckered areola. The sudden cold on her heated skin produced goose bumps everywhere. Vivian gave her lover’s right nipple the same treatment, making her nubs stand at attention. Vivian dipped a few more fingers into the cold water and allowed several droplets to fall along Ari’s chest and stomach and along her legs.

“How does that feel, pet?” Vivian asked.

“It’s strange but it’s also very erotic. I like it.”

“Good, very good. Now for a little more,” Vivian said as she chilled her middle and index fingers. When they were cold enough, Vivian touched Ari’s outer pussy lips lightly.

Ari lifted her hips and groaned at the touch. The cold on her heated sex caused shivers to run up her body. It also had the additional effect of heightening her arousal.

“You liked that huh?” Vivian teased as she dipped her fingers in the water and touched Ari’s pussy again. Ari squealed and moaned as her arousal spiked.

“Please Viv, please,” Ari begged as her hips bucked, searching for more contact.

“No angel, not yet, but soon,” Vivian cooed. She left the bed, much to Ari’s disappointment, but quickly returned. Vivian remained still on the bed and Ari wondered what would happen next.

Ari felt something cool on both her nipples and recognized it as lube then without warning Ari felt a sudden vibration on her left nipple. It wasn’t very strong but the suddenness of it shocked Ari. Soon it was followed by a similar vibration on her right nipple.

“I have a theory pet. Your nipples are so very sensitive that I’ve often wondered if I could make you cum from just stimulating them. So let’s see if it’s possible,” Vivian cooed as she pressed the two small vibes she was using a little harder to Ari’s nipples.

The new sensations were mind blowing to Ari. She had come to love her nipples being pinched during sex, and it heightened her orgasmic experience when Vivian bit them lightly, but she had never felt anything like this before.

As the vibrations continued, Ari’s pulse quickened as the pleasurable sensations flooded her body. She could feel herself getting wetter; her juices started to flow at a rapid pace which Vivian didn’t miss.

“I see it’s having a wonderful effect on you. You’re dripping, pet,” Vivian commented. She couldn’t help licking her lips at the thought of drinking up all that precious liquid.

Ari felt as though there was a direct casino firmaları line connecting her nipples to her clit as she felt her nub begin to throb. She squeezed her legs shut hoping to alleviate the ache that was building.

“No my pretty, open your legs, let me see your treasure,” Vivian told her. She shifted position, placing herself between Ari’s open legs. Ari couldn’t help the need for some contact on her sex and tried to close her legs again but found Vivian’s body in the way.

She wrapped her legs around Vivian, hoping that she could rub herself against Vivian’s body but Vivian remained out of reach. Soon the ache in her core was almost unbearable.

“Please Vivie, please, touch me,” Ari begged.

“I am touching you, pet,” Vivian replied with a smile.

“No, my pussy, please Viv, touch me there. I’m going crazy. I need you to touch my pussy,” Ari pleaded.

“Relax pet, just relax and enjoy the feelings. Let your body surrender to the pleasure, lose yourself in it,” Vivian coached.

Ari was breathing hard, her heart was pounding in her chest and her core was throbbing like crazy. Vivian was relentless, pressing the vibes firmly to Ari’s swollen nipples.

Suddenly Ari felt something like a knot in the pit of her stomach. Her legs tightened around Vivian as she forced her body to rise from the bed. A loud groan escaped her lips from deep inside her chest.

Vivian knew these were signals that Ari’s orgasm was near. “Yes pet, don’t run away from it; let it happen.”

Ari let out a loud wail as her body went rigid. Her mouth stayed open but she was silent. Her eyes were wide open and saw nothing. She turned bright red, both from the effort and from not breathing. Viv was startled when Ari dropped to the bed with a thud, panting hard. Her arms were sore, her body was covered with perspiration, and her head was spinning from the experience, but the orgasm was sublime.

Vivian quickly dropped the vibes and undid the wrist restraints. She pulled the scarf from Ari’s eyes and cupped her cheek.

“Angel, talk to me, are you alright?” Vivian asked concerned. Ari threw her arms around Vivian, who was still between her legs, her upper body hovering over her young lover. She pulled Vivian down for a crushing kiss to show that she was okay.

“That was just amazing. I loved it and I love you,” Ari said.

“I love you too my darling.”

“Now will you touch my pussy? Please Vivie?” Ari asked with puppy dog eyes.

“I will my beauty but what shall I use? My fingers? My lips? My tongue? My strap-on?” Vivian teased.

“How about all of the above?” Ari suggested which made Vivian laugh.

“I think I’ve created an insatiable little monster,” Vivian commented.

“Yes, but you love me,” Ari said with a smile.

“That I do. Now let’s get down to business. How about we start things off with our favorite double ended friend?”

“Sounds perfect,” Ari agreed. It was going to be a wonderful night.

Chapter 51

The wine was a full bodied, elegant red, with a hint of brown spice and cloves and what Meg thought might be cherry. She had expected Vivian to have a good selection and fine quality ? but this was heavenly.

“I can see you’re enjoying the wine immensely, Meg. I’ve been saving that bottle for a special occasion and this was just perfect,” Vivian said. The four of them, Vivian, Ari, Meg and Kate were enjoying a nice glass before dinner in Vivian’s apartment.

The chef that Vivian used at times was busy laying out their meal as the foursome chatted easily about this and that.

“So Meg how was your first night at the club?” Ari asked with a smile as she remembered what her first night was like.

“It was certainly a unique experience,” Meg answered.

“I remember mine; god it was such a turn on,” Ari signed and looked at Kate.

“I remember,” Kate answered.

“I bet you do,” Vivian interjected with a wide grin.

“Yes, and it had the same effect on me too all those years ago,” Kate continued.

“Oh it wasn’t that long ago Kate. Your first night here was something I’ll never forget.”

“I haven’t heard this story yet,” Meg signed.

“Me neither,” Ari added and both looked at Kate.

“Not much to tell really,” Kate said and shrugged.

“That’s not how I remember it,” Vivian told them and eyed Kate.

“Alright, it was a few months after I had moved here. Meg had just started working with me and I decided to check out the clubs and found Serafina’s.

“When I arrived, the line was longer than the bank on payday and I thought no way am I waiting so long. So I turned to walk away and bumped into this stunningly beautiful woman. I mean she literally took my breath away. I was standing there slack jawed and unable to move.

“Her lips were moving but I was in such a daze that I couldn’t read them. She touched my arm and I snapped out of the fog and read her ‘Are you okay?’ question. I nodded dumbly and she smiled at me. That smile made my knees weak.

“She güvenilir casino asked if I was going into the club and I shook my head no and motioned with my eyes about the line. She smiled and asked if I wanted to go in with her. All this time I hadn’t spoken and she didn’t know I was deaf and reading her lips.

“I agreed and we walked to the bouncer who just lifted the rope and let us in. I was about to thank her when she touched two of her fingers to her lips and pressed them to my lips. She looked so sexy doing that and before I could respond, she was gone, having disappeared in the club amidst the sea of bodies.

“So I ordered a drink and watched the ladies dance. It was hot and I was awestruck by it all but I couldn’t get that woman off my mind. Then, out of nowhere I spotted her, and it was like she knew I was there watching her cause she just turned, our eyes met and then she came towards me.

“The next thing I knew, she was in front of me and then we were kissing. It was hot and delicious and before long she was leading me to what turned out to be one of the private rooms. She locked the door and we made out on the small sofa like teenagers.

“She looked into my eyes and told me I was beautiful and she asked what my name was. I realized that I didn’t know her name either. I told her it was Kate Price and asked hers. She said Vivian Chase and offered her hand to shake mine which was funny since we had our tongues in each other’s mouths just a minute before.

“Then she smiled and asked if I’d like to continue what we started or have dinner with her tomorrow night. It was shocking; usually I was one pursuing a woman. It was strange to hear someone else taking the lead. I was intrigued, but I also knew that some women were put off when they found out I was deaf, so I told her and waited for her reaction.

“She thought about it for a moment then asked if it would be a problem for me to communicate with her and when I said no, she asked again what I would like to do, continue or have dinner. I chose the dinner,” Kate ended. Vivian was smiling throughout the story, remembering that first meeting.

“That’s amazing,” Ari said.

“Yes, quite a first meeting,” Meg agreed.

“Yes, I was very enamored with Kate. We dated and spent many months together but we just weren’t meant to be. I now know why; my soul mate was out there waiting for me,” Vivian said and took Ari’s hand in hers.

“I concur,” Kate said and looked at Meg.

The chef announced that dinner was served and they moved to the table. There was a rich potato soup, a salad and a main dish of grilled chicken breast and vegetables. Dessert, which was on a side table, would be classic chocolate mousse.

During the meal Vivian brought the conversation back to an earlier topic.

“So Meg, you didn’t tell us about your time in the private room with Priscilla. Did you have a good time?”

Meg blushed as she remembered what had transpired in that little room, when the sultry redhead had danced for them and what happened after she left.

“Hmm, I think you had a really good time with Priscilla if that blush is any indication,” Vivian teased, which only made Meg blush more.

“Priscilla is a hottie, she could turn anyone on, man or woman,” Ari commented.

“That she could. We’re fortunate that she’s chosen to stay with us. She pulls in a lot of business.”

“Has she been working here a long time?” Meg asked.

“Yes, she’s been with me since the first night I opened Serafina’s,” Vivian said proudly. “She’s broken many hearts in that time. All the ladies want to date her but she’s straight.”

“Yeah, she mentioned that when she danced for us,” Meg said.

“She makes sure everyone knows that fact so they won’t get their hopes up.”

“As if that will stop them,” Ari said and giggled. The others laughed in agreement.

“Oh Kate, I have some wonderful news about Ari; I’m so proud of her,” Vivian gushed.

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“Not too long ago we saw that little bitch Zoe here in the club,” Vivian said with a scowl.

“What?” Kate signed, shocked. She looked at Ari, her face conveying worry about the effect it had on Ari to see the woman who had hurt her.

“Don’t worry darling, I told you it was wonderful news. Our Ari has come into her own so well. She stood up to Zoe and gave her a verbal beat down. It was actually beautiful to watch,” Vivian said and beamed with pride.

“Way to go Ari. I’m so proud of you. I always knew you had it in you,” Kate said. Ari blushed at the words of praise from Vivian and Kate.

“Who’s Zoe?” Meg asked, being out of the loop in this conversation.

“She’s this girl I roomed with in the dorm at school. She did some things that hurt me and I was afraid of her for a long time but not anymore,” Ari said firmly.

“What, you saw her at the club and told her to go screw herself?” Kate asked.

“Yeah, kinda,” Ari answered.

“You really have grown. You’re not the same young woman I met, I’m so happy I can see the change,” Kate said. She was also filled with pride about how Ari was growing up.

* * * *

They lounged in Vivian’s living room after dessert and coffee. Ari had disappeared into the small corner office and returned with a huge smile on her face.

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