Aunt Jill Cums to Visit Ch. 02

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“Well was there any plan for the evening other then us fucking each other’s brains out until we are all too tired to continue,” Dad asked as he unbuckled his pants, letting them fall to the floor. I could already see the expanding outline of his manhood as he stepped out of his pants and pulled off his shirt. The boxers were quick to follow, and soon my father was standing naked before us. He took his tool in his hand and stroked its growing length. “I have to say that looking at all those firm tits and wet pussies is getting me very aroused.”

Dad had been the last one into the living room and he now stood before the rest of us, seated on the two legs of the sectional sofa idly caressing each other. Once dinner had been finished and the table was cleared we had all gathered in the living room. There was a wide range in everyone’s state of undress. Jim and Eric had pulled on boxer shorts before dinner, and Mom had also added her bikini bottoms, though her firm breasts still swung free. Jill, Jenna and I were completely naked, not having had time to find cloths before dinner. This was just fine with me as I preferred the freedom, as well as the view that the other’s nakedness afforded me.

Aunt Jill was the first to speak up, “Well before I told you that I wanted another go at that massive cock of yours, and I meant what I said.”

With that she slid off the couch and ended on her knees in front of Dad. Jill took his thick shaft from his hand and continued to pump it as he had, all the while looking up into his eyes. I could see that Dad was very much looking forward to the rewards that his sister-in-laws talented mouth would deliver. He reached down and took one of Jill’s full breasts in his hand. He began to squeeze it roughly.

Beside me on the couch, Mom’s hand slid into Jim’s lap, taking his rigid member from his own hands. “Let me help you with that, baby,” she cooed.

Jim’s hands moved away as Mom wrapped her fingers around his shaft, and started to pump his thick cock. Jim moaned quietly, and reached over for Mom, his hands exploring her body.

I looked over at Jenna who was engaged in a passionate kiss with Eric, his hands sliding between her legs as she reached into his shorts to take hold of his throbbing erection. My own hand slipped to my pussy, gliding over my already slick folds.

I suddenly had a wicked thought. “I bet that Mom can make Jim cum before you can make Dad shoot his wad, Aunt Jill,” I challenged.

“There is no way you’ll get Greg to cum before I finish off Jim,” Mom responded to her sister immediately. As I expected, the idea of competition took hold quickly between the two sisters.

Jenna too was intrigued by the idea of a blowjob competition. She chimed in, “Well to make this fair, they will both have to start at the same time.”

“Dad, why don’t you come over here, and sit next to Jim,” I suggested getting off the couch.

Jim quickly slid out of his boxes as Dad took a seat on the couch. Soon they both were in position on the sofa, legs spread open and cocks pointing at the ceiling.

“Ok, so what are the rules?” Jill asked as she crawled over to sit between Dad’s legs. Mom took up a similar position in front of her son.

“The first one to display a mouth full of cum is the winner,” I declared.

“And you can only use your mouths and hands,” Jenna added.

“What about tits?” I asked. “I think that titty fucking should be allowed.”

“Is this a blowjob competition or just a make-your-man-cum competition?”

“I thought it was about making your man cum. By any means. I don’t think that we should limit the means.”

“I’m going say that this is a blowjob competition,” Jill added. “I say that I can suck off a cock faster then my sister.”

“Ok, you’re on,” Mom said. “I’m going to have a mouth full of cum, before you even get Greg close to orgasm,” she said taking hold of Jim’s cock once more.

“Fine with me,” I agreed, ready to get things started. “Jenna, are you ready to keep time?”

Jenna adjusted her watch, and said, “Set. Are you ready ladies?”

Both sisters took their respective cocks in hand, “Ready,” they said in unison.

“On the count of three then. One. Two. Three. Suck!” Jenna exclaimed.

Both women jammed their cock into their mouth, and started to suck on the thick members with lust filled enthusiasm. The room filled immediately with the slurping sounds of wet blowjobs as the two sisters raced against each other.

“Oh, that is so hot,” Jenna exclaimed as she watch her mother and aunt sucking my father’s and brother’s full cocks. “Fuck yeah, Mom, suck Uncle Greg’s big fat fucking cock. Make him cum all over that hot fucking tongue of yours.”

Jill’s hands caressed Dad’s thighs as her head bobbed in his lap. While Mom was using her hands pumping Jim’s shaft into her mouth and squeezing his balls. I had to agree with Jenna that it was very arousing to watch the two sisters trying to make their chosen cock cum first. My casino şirketleri fingers found there way back to my moist center, now wetter then ever. I pushed a finger into my pussy as I watched the two women bob on the saliva slick shafts. Their opposing rhythms made them look like a couple of oil rigs.

“God damn, Jill, I forgot what a great cock sucker you are,” Dad grunted. “You may actually win this thing, I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be able to last.” Both Jim and Dad’s breathing was becoming labored. It was hard to tell whp would be able to hold out longer. I knew from experience that both had quite a lot of stamina.

Jill’s moaned reply was muffled by Dad’s rigid cock. His admission to getting close to his climax gave my aunt an enhanced vigor. Her head bobbed on his shaft with increase frequency as her hand fed his length into her mouth. Dad grunted again. I could also tell that he was getting close from the familiar noises that warned of his impending explosion. His hips began to rise, thrusting his full member further into Jill’s mouth every time she lowered her head onto him.

“Oh, fuck Mom, I can’t fucking hold it. I’m fucking cumming,” Jim cried.

Jim’s exclamation had taken me completely by surprise. I had been so focused on Dad’s impending orgasm that I had completely lost track of Mom’s progress on Jim. My brother’s hips thrust up, pushing his cock deep into Mom’s mouth as he groaned unleashing torrents of his cum.

“Shit, you have a hot mouth,” Dad groaned again. I could tell he was right on the edge now. “Fuck, Jill.” With a final grunt Dad’s body started to convulse as his cum was pumped into his sister-in-law’s mouth.

As Dad continued to grunt his cum between Jill’s wet lips, Mom slowly slid her mouth from Jim’s cock, making sure that she lost as little of his precious treasure as possible. She turned and triumphantly opened her mouth displaying her son’s sperm, cradled on her tongue.

“We have a winner,” Jenna exclaimed. “With an impressive time of 8 minutes and 35 seconds.” Jenna held Mom’s hand over her head, like a boxing champion. Mom quickly swallowed her mouth full of cum, and licked her lips with a satisfied expression.

Jill’s head came off of Dad’s lap, her tongue circling her cum slick lips. “Well I guess I have to admit you are the better cum sucker, Sis.” she conceded. “At least I still got to enjoy your husbands cock. Now let me congratulate the winner,” she said leaning in towards Mom. The two sisters shared a slow and probing kiss; each tongue exploring the other’s mouth, and savoring the flavor of their competition.

“So what did I win, other then this delicious load of cum, of course,” Mom asked. She turned and gave Jim’s leg an appreciative rub. His cock had already wilted to a meager representation of its former strength.

“You get the chance to suck my cock,” Eric offered quickly.

“That is a nice reward,” Mom cooed.

“But this time you have to share,” Jenna declared. “You are moving up to a higher level of competition now.”

“Oh, really?” Mom sounded intrigued. “And how is it that you got a first round bye?”

“Sorry, it just worked out that way, we seem to have a bit of a cock shortage,” Jenna replied. “And, I’m making up the rules,” she added with a grin.

“Well, I guess I can’t argue against the person making up the rules, you’ll just end up stacking the deck against me,” Mom said good naturedly. “So what is this next challenge of yours?”

“Blowjob roulette,” Jenna announced. “The rules are simple. Several women suck on the same cock, one after the other for one minute each. Whoever ends up with the mouth full of cum at the end wins.”

“Ok, that sounds easy enough,” Mom said, positioning herself between Eric’s legs, and sliding her fingers around his fully erect staff. “And you are my competition this time?”

“And me,” I declared, not wanting to be left out of another round of cock sucking.

“Oh, two competitors, that does make things more challenging. Well let’s get it started. I do really want to taste this lovely cock. Who’s keeping time?”

“I’ll do it,” offered Jill. “It’s my punishment for loosing.”

Jenna handed her mother her watch, and then got in line beside me. Mom was going to start things off, and then I would be next and Jenna last. As far as I could tell there was no advantage to any of the positions, as it was unlikely that Eric would cum before we had all gotten several turns to suck him.

“Go,” Jill cried, and Mom was off. She shoved Eric’s rigid shaft into her mouth, wrapping her lips around it. She sucked his rigid pole for all she was worth. I could see her tongue occasionally slip from between her lips as she worked it up and down his shaft.

“Ten seconds,” Jill warned.

Mom slowed her efforts. Her head came up from Eric’s lap, and her hand slid over his shaft several times before Jill called time. When she did, Mom released the cock before her and shifted aside, making room casino firmaları for me. I slide between Eric’s legs, taking his member in my hand. His shaft glistened with Mom’s spit. I pumped him several times with my hand, marveling at his thickness and hardness, before taking him into my mouth. It was still early, and I did not think that there was much chance for success, so I gave him a slow and sensual blowjob to start. My lips slid the length of his shaft, his thick head pushing into the top of my throat. Jenna’s man had a truly wonderful tool, and he had proved earlier that he knew how to use it. My pussy tingled with the memory of his presence.

Jill gave me her ten second warning. I pulled Eric’s cock from my mouth, and gave his shaft a full lick from balls to head. I then took just his head back into my mouth and gave it a couple of good hard sucks, while caressing it with my tongue. Eric moaned, just as my Aunt called time and I relinquished him to my cousin.

Jenna eagerly took hold of her boyfriend’s rod and took him into her mouth. Like Mom, she took him fast, her head bobbing quickly in his lap. She cupped his balls in one hand while pumping his shaft into her mouth with the other, her tongue swirling around the head of his cock. She did this for her full allotted time, before relinquishing his powerful member back to Mom.

Mom again went in fast. She took hold of Eric’s shaft and fed his length into her wanting mouth. Her head bobbed quickly in his lap as she slurped on his massive tool. Mom’s hair fell over her face as continued to suck Eric insistently. I reached forward and pulled her strands back behind her ear, making sure that we all had a good view of her technique. Jill called warning, and after several additional full sucks of his cock she called time and Mom reluctantly handed over Eric’s cock to me.

This time I was more aggressive. I first took his full length into my mouth, feeling his head pass several inches into my throat. I tickled his balls with my tongue, before I fished his length back out of my mouth. I took several large gulps of air, but did not want to waste my precious time breathing when I had cock to suck. I took him back into my mouth and sucked his cock for all I was worth. I worked his length with my tongue as I took in his shaft. My hands caressing his nuts like Jenna had done. I assume that she knew what he liked and that if I mimicked her I increased my chances of getting his creamy reward.

“Switch,” Jill called.

It was Jenna’s turn again but I gave the thick shaft one last long suck before I turned it over to my cousin. She continued to suck much in the manner that she had previously, with one hand on his balls, massaging as she pumped him into her mouth with the other. Eric was getting more excited. He took Jenna’s head in his hands and held her as his hips started to thrust forward. Jenna squealed with delight as Eric fucked her face.

“I think it’s time that this game became a little more interesting,” a voice said behind me. I turned to see Dad behind Mom, massaging her tits with his big hands.

Mom leaned back against his broad chest, her hips grinding her ass into his crotch slowly. “What do you have in mind?” she asked. “Or are you just going to feel us all up after we have taken our turn sucking on Eric’s big cock?”

“I had something a little more provocative in mind,” Dad replied, as he pushed Mom over at the waist, her ass thrust out towards him. I now could see how stiff his member was; it looked like he had been pretty turned on by our escapades. Dad slapped his rigid cock on Mom’s ass, and then pushed it into her visibly wet pussy.

“Oh, fuck that feels so good Greg.” Mom cried as Dad entered her. “Give me the one minute fuck of a lifetime.” Dad tried his best, hammering into Mom’s sodden cunt. But the time was already almost up, and he only got a dozen or so pumps into her before Jill called time.

As Jenna pulled herself away from Eric’s cock, it was all Mom could do to give up the cock in her pussy so that she could take one in her mouth. “You can come with me,” she pleaded, “I can take you both.”

“I’m afraid that’s against the rules,” Dad said in mock reprimand. “This cock is for Lisa now. Come on honey,” Dad beckoned me. “I’m sure you want a ride on daddy’s joy stick.”

“You know I’m your little slut,” I said with a smile as I moved over toward my father. I pulled him to me and gave him a full kiss, our tongues mingling and probing, before I bent over in front of him to let him fill me with his powerful cock. “Oh, God, Dad, I just love the feel of your cock in my tight, wet, little pussy.”

“I think I can help you out Mom,” Jim offered. He lay on his back and slid between her legs as she knelt in front of Eric. Mom spread a little further lowering herself onto her son’s tongue and allowing him a little more room underneath her.

From where I was I had a great view of Mom as she sucked on Eric’s rigid staff, her head bobbing vigorously in his güvenilir casino lap. Not to mention Jim as he lay there and licked at Mom’s steaming cunt, his own cock standing straight up in his lap. I realized quickly that I was not the only one who noticed the situation as Jenna moved in toward Jim’s lonely member.

She took it between her lips and gave him two good long sucks before releasing his shaft. Jim grunted at the unexpected contact with his cock, but never broke rhythm on Mom’s pussy. Jenna then spat a large wad of saliva into her hand, and rubbed it into her pussy as she positioned herself over Jim’s upright cock. Jenna lowered herself onto Jim, who slid insider her with ease. If her pussy felt anything like mine, the saliva was completely unnecessary.

“Ten seconds,” Jill called.

Dad thrust forward with great force, burying his cock fully in my pussy several more times as our time together waned. We were all moaning with pleasure as Jill called time requiring us to switch positions. I was pretty sure that none of us wanted to move, although at the same time the next spot had similar perks. So, we all disengaged from our current lover and shifted forward one position like some sort of musical orgy; luckily here when the music stopped none of the cocks disappeared.

Mom gave Eric’s pole one last long lick as Jim did the same to her dripping cunt. I felt Dad’s thick shaft slip out of me, and suffered a momentary empty feeling. I quickly straddled Jim’s face as I repositioned myself between Eric’s legs. I ran my hands up his strong thighs and took hold of the massive tool before me. Taking it between my lips I sucked on it with quick motions, taking only half his length into my mouth, while using my hand to pump his shaft at the same time. I could feel him twitching slightly in my mouth and wondered if he was almost there.

Behind me I could hear the moans form the women and grunts of the men, knowing that Mom and Jenna were now being well serviced by their respective cocks. Jim’s tongue was doing a wonderful job on my pussy, and it was causing me to whimper over Eric’s shaft.

“Alright, I need some attention too,” I heard Jill mutter. Then she was climbing up on top of the chair that Eric was sitting in. She straddled his head and pushed her bare pussy into his face.

Eric’s hands moved up her legs to her steaming center. “Oh god, your pussy is so fucking wet,” he breathed.

“I know how you love to eat my cunt when it is so fucking wet,” Jill prodded.

“I do.” With that Eric started to lap at his girlfriend’s mother’s dripping pussy. Jill moaned with ecstasy.

I tried to watch Eric eat Jill, but realized that I could not get much of his cock in my mouth while maintaining a good view. I returned my full attention to the shaft in front of me, sucking on it with all my skill. I ran my tongue over his length, and swirled it around his head. His hips bucked up into my mouth, and I could taste a hint of his salty, tangy solution. With the pre-cum now oozing it would not take long to finish him off, but I wasn’t sure if I had the time.

“Ten seconds,” Jill warned.

Shit, I thought. I wasn’t going to be able to make Eric cum in only ten seconds. Jim started to suck on my clit, causing me to cry out loud. “Oh Fuck,” I shouted. Now I was getting close to my own climax. I needed a cock in my pussy.


Oh thank goodness, I thought, I really need that fucking cock inside me. I gave Eric’s shaft a quick final suck, and kiss on the end of his cock, and shifted back. Jim likewise was reluctant to give up my pussy on his tongue, but knew that he was about to gain it on his cock. I took hold of his tool, and shoved up inside my saturated pussy.

“Oh, fuck, Jim,” I cried as I sat on his shaft, feeling him push up inside me until he was filling me completely. “I need that fucking cock so fucking bad little brother. Fuck me good and hard, I fucking need it. Oh, Fuck Me. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me fuckme.”

My concentration was so focused on Jim’s cock in my pussy that I paid little attention to the other women around me. Jim thrust up into me in, matching my rhythm as I bounced on his gloriously rigid cock. I wished that I could have been fucking Dad just then, not because Jim wasn’t doing a good job, or was any less capable, but I wanted to get it from behind and with Jim on his back to lick Jenna’s cunt he could not service me the way that I would really like. But I also knew that Mom would complain bitterly if I tried to rob her of her turn with Dad as she also liked to get it doggy style. In the end it made little difference. I had been so close to cumming from Jim’s tongue work, that I soon found myself right on the edge.

“Damn it Jim, fucking, Fuck Me,” I called out. My breathing was becoming labored, and I could feel my body tightening. “Harder Jim. Fuck me as hard as you fucking can and don’t fucking stop. I don’t care what Jill’s watch says. Oh God yes, just like that. Oh, Fuck. Oh Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh, Fuck. Oh, Yes. Oh, Fuck. Fuck me. Fuck. I’m Fucking cumming. Oh Fuck Yes. Oh Fuck. Ohhhh, Fuuuuuuck. Fuck. Oh, God Jim that was so fucking good.”

“Switch,” Jill called her own breathing noticeably rougher.

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