Aunt Julie Submits Ch. 01

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Julie was glad her nephew Ben would be spending the weekend with them. Her husband, Jeff, was out of town for work and while she certainly didn’t need any help with the girls — Emily (19) and Ryan (15) were old enough to watch themselves — or around the house — Jeff kept the place immaculate — she appreciated the company and his presence all the same.

She especially was glad to have him around for Emily. Emily had always been Julie’s favorite. She was smart and creative and quirky. Julie could remember her writing (actually good) children’s books for her mother from as early as 6 year’s old. Through high school she had maintained a vlog for anime reviews and built up a considerable audience. But she was also painfully shy and not the most ambitious girl in the world. Jeff had been a good stepfather, but he was also a skeptic on the value of a *liberal* college education and his ranting was all the rationalization Emily needed to forego applying to college and keep working at the YMCA down the street. Julie never let on, but it broke her heart.

Ben was a worldly 25 years old. He had gone away to college and studied abroad in Italy and Poland. He lived in NYC now, working in advertising and playing in a band on the weekends. He worked out. He was driven. And Julie hoped a full weekend with her cousin would be a good influence on her and maybe inspire her to work towards moving out of the house. Ben and Emily had always been really close when they were little, but it had been a long time since they had spent real quality time together.

But there was also the fact that Julie was just excited to have Ben around.

Over the past few years she had developed a sort of…crush on her nephew. It wasn’t that she explicitly fantasized about him — that would be wrong. But she had always had a thing for younger men. At the hospital where she worked, flirting with the young doctors and residents made her feel sexy at 49, even in her scrubs. She was a natural flirt. And Ben was a hot, interesting young man after all. He had hot friends. She just enjoyed his energy.

She knew it was silly that she saw having him around as some kind of release, but truth be told, she was pent up. Jeff was a good man and he loved her and even romanced her, quick to plan a date night or dote on her for a special occasion. He always made her feel so special and she fell in love with him for it. But he was also not the world’s most in shape man, he dressed like a bit of a goober, and, there was no way around it, he was lousy in bed. Julie was grateful (and happy!) after all she and the girls had been through over the years to have Jeff in her life, but she missed feeling a certain type of sexy. A little…naughty. But she also knew any flirtation with Ben was all in her head. And that was ok!

In any case she was looking forward to the weekend. She had just wrapped up her Friday night late shift at the hospital and picked up some snacks and beer from the drug store. The girls would be asleep by now, but Eric had told her he expected to be awake still, watching Sportscenter or Late Night TV. Jeff didn’t drink and thus Julie herself did rarely. It had been a few months since she last had a beer and she was glad for the excuse.

Julie pulled up to the house instantly annoyed to find the girls had left the garage door open. She made a mental note to nag them the next morning as she carried the beer into the house. She stepped in the door, set the beer down in the hallway and turned to hit the garage door button when she suddenly heard a noise from down the hall in the living room.. A strange…slurping sound?

She dialed into the noise and now heard an alarming…gagging. Her maternal instincts kicking in, she momentarily made a move to urgently find out who was choking before she heard what sounded like Ben’s voice and stopped cold. “That’s it, Emily. All the way.” Was he…moaning?

Julie quietly shut the door into the house from the garage but didn’t hit the button to shut the garage door, which would have made a big racket. She didn’t stop to think about why. She just tiptoed down the hall till she came to the kitchen, where around the corner was the connected, open living room and the source of the moaning. “Ohhhh yes, Emily.”

Julie discretely peered around the corner and confirmed what she somehow already knew she would find. There was her 19-year old daughter, naked save for her boy shorts, on her knees in front of Ben, dutifully sucking her cousin’s impressively large cock while he sat on the couch and ran his fingers through her hair.

Julie was shocked and horrified. Too stunned and speechless to move any further into room and say something. She wanted to scream. It was all so, so wrong. But she just kept on watching, She watched her nephew’s hand guiding her daughter’s head , she watched Emily’s lips clinging to Ben’s shaft as her mouth slid up and down, she watched her daughter expertly fondling his balls. She started to think about how big exactly Ben’s cock might casino şirketleri be. It looked like at least 7 or 8 inches from the hallway. Bigger than Jeff’s that’s for sure.

Julie kept watching as Ben reached forward, pasted Emily’s blonde curls, and started to rub Emily’s asshole through her boy shorts while she deep throated him. This was too much for Julie to take. She recoiled back into the hallway, only just then realizing that what she watching might go much, much further if she didn’t stop it. She knew she should stop it. She knew she should say something. But she didn’t. She quietly tip toed upstairs to her bedroom.

She reached her closet in a full on panic. What should she do? Should she call Jeff? First she needed to change. She was a sweaty, uncomfortable mess. She peeled her clothes off, only realizing when she got down to her panties just how soaking wet her pussy had gotten. A wave of guilt hit her. Why had she gotten wet watching her daughter give a blow job…to her nephew? She was a horrible person.

She found herself getting angry. It was disrespectful of them to be doing that in her house. They were cousins. It was all wrong. She was going to go down there and humiliate them for what they did…were doing? Were they still doing it? Julie put her ear to her bedroom door. She heard a toilet flush from downstairs.

“I guess they’re done,” she thought, sitting down on her bed. Should she even bother now? Should she just wait for tomorrow to confront them?

Now a different emotion hit her, one that made her feel even more ashamed — jealousy. Emily was so shy and rarely talked about boys since her longtime high school boyfriend broke up her at the end of their senior year. Julie had doubted if she was even sexually active or was still a virgin. Now she was sucking her cousin’s cock? Julie was the one who always flirted with Ben at holiday parties. She was the one coming home with the beer. If anyone should have been sucking Ben’s cock it should have been her.

She was ashamed of the thought. And barely even realized her hand had found its way down her pajama pants to her clit. She paused, but ultimately gave herself permission to make herself cum. She just saw her daughter with her cousin’s dick in her mouth, Emily was the one in the wrong…the least Julie could do was have an orgasm. There was no harm in just fantasy.

It didn’t take her long to cum imagining how hard Ben’s cock had looked in Emily’s mouth. She was being so submissive to him. Julie wanted to be used like that. Jeff had never fucked Julie. They had sex of course. And more than some couples she thought. But he never truly *fucked* her. She needed it. Her pussy felt so achingly empty. And she thought about how Ben had touched Emily and how it had been more than a decade since anyone had given her asshole any attention.

A couple minutes later, coming down from her orgasm, Julie remembered the beer. And the garage door. She looked over at the clock. 12:44am. She figured they must have headed to bed by now. It was probably safe to go downstairs.

Julie creeped down the stairs and turned down the hallway when she heard more sounds, the unmistakeable thigh slapping sound of sex. She stopped in her tracks. Ben and Emily were fucking. She couldn’t see it, but the more her ears adjusted she could hear it all — the heavy breathing, the distinct sounds of a cock slipping in and out of a wet cunt, the moans, the occasional light spank.

Julie was shocked at the audacity of it. She was even more shocked at how dripping wet her pussy was again. It was all a bit hard to process, but the one thing she knew was she wanted to see it, she needed to see it. Then she would stop it.

Julie snuck down the hall, stopping short of the kitchen, too afraid of getting caught to peek around the corner.

Why was she afraid? They were the ones who should be ashamed. But it didn’t matter. Julie stayed pin to the wall in the hallway listening to the now louder sounds of Ben and Emily fucking.

“Oh yeah, take it you dirty slut, take your cousin’s cock,” Ben grunted.

Julie should have been horrified. Instead, it took everything in her not to start rubbing her clit again. Then she suddenly noticed the oven in the kitchen gave a reflection of the living room in the low light. It was blurry, but without question she could see that Ben had Emily on all fours, fucking her doggy style on the couch. One hand was gripping her hips while the other pulled her head back by her ponytail.

Julie wished it was her. She thought about her daughter’s body. Like her mother she had big boobs, big hips and big butt, though she didn’t have the cellulite and stretch marks Julie had picked up over the years. Also Julie was a brunette (and of course had been dying her hair for years). Emily did have a little pot belly though. She did not eat healthy at all. But her ass was always on display through her leggings — all she wore was leggings — no wonder she caught Ben’s eye.

“I’m going casino firmaları to cum! Please let me cum,” Emily begged in an urgent, but hushed moan.

Julie snapped back into focus. Her right hand had indeed found her aching pussy.

“Cum for me, slut,” Ben allowed.

Julie stood there in shame, masturbating while listening to her daughter’s orgasm. She couldn’t control herself. Then, she saw the beer.

Just above the oven to the left on the counter was the beer Julie had bought earlier, far from the spot in the hallway where she had left it. Julie started to panic. They knew she was here. One of them did anyway. She was frozen and confused. Why would they keep fucking if they knew she was here?

“I brought your beer into the kitchen for you, Aunt Julie,” Ben said from the living room.

Julie’s eyes widened. He knew she was watching. Fuck. Then, fueled my adrenaline, she charged into the room.

“What the fuck do you guys think you’re doing!” Julie screamed.

Emily, clearly confused and now mortified, leapt under a throw blanket on the couch with a yelp.

“I think that’s pretty obvious,” Ben said with a dry smile.

“Don’t be cute with me, Ben. This is so wrong. This is fucked. You guys are in so much trouble. You’re just lucky you didn’t wake up your sister.”

“I’m so so sorry Mom! It’s not what it looks like,” Emily pled.

“Oh really, honey?” Julie shot back. “It sure looks like you were bent over taking your cousin’s dick. Do I have that wrong?”

Ben, who had yet to take the opportunity to cover himself, just nodded, as if to say, “Nope, all correct.”

“Mom, you don’t understand–“

“Wait till I tell Jeff about this,” Julie interrupted. “Do you really think we’re going to let you live in this house if this is how you act? You need help! Professional help!”

“Mom, you know I can’t afford to live on my own! I know you’re angry but –“

“You know I’m angry? You have no idea!”

Suddenly Ben chimed in. “Well it seemed to really turn you on.”

“Excuse me?” Julie asked sharply. “And can you please cover yourself!”

“I haven’t cum yet,” Ben said, matter-of-factly.


“I haven’t cum yet. Emily came, but I didn’t.” Ben stroked his glistening cock, watching as Julie’s eyes became glued to his throbbing bulge. “I’m not going to cover myself until I cum. Do you want to make me cum?”

“You arrogant, little prick! Are you crazy?”

Ben stood up, growing more and more confident. “I think what’s crazy is you’re going to punish your daughter for something you were just masturbating to.”

“Mom? What?” Emily asked, confused.

“Um, I was NOT masturbating,” Julie insisted.

“I could see you in the reflection in the oven,” said a smug Ben. “And there’s a wet spot on the crotch of your pajamas.”

Julie could feel both their eyes on her pussy now. It was dripping wet and throbbing. She knew it. And she knew Ben knew it too. Now even Emily knew it. Julie was speechless for what seemed like forever.

“That doesn’t matter,” Julie eventually stammered, unconvincingly. “That doesn’t change what you did.”

Ben was unfazed. “I know you think you need to be all angry about this, but we’re clearly not going to be doing any judging. I think you’d be much happier if you came over and took me in your mouth.”

Julie did not know how to counter such irrational confidence. She knew this was all as wrong as wrong could get, but with each passing second it was beginning to feel, not acceptable, but like just a small transgression. A mistake that maybe could be made and then forgotten.

“I am not going to suck your dick,” Julie protested weakly. “I can’t wait to hear what your father is going to think about this.”

“I don’t think you’re going to tell him,” said Ben.

“Oh no?”

“No, because I know you really want to feel my cock in your mouth.”

Julie was running out of moves. He was right.

“I won’t be mad,” Emily added, desperate to avoid any consequences. “I won’t tell anyone.”

Julie remembered how excited she was to flirt with Ben earlier and how silly she had felt about wanting it. Now she couldn’t take her eyes off his cock. She didn’t say anything more and neither did Ben. He knew he had won.

“It’s ok, Mom. His cock is so nice.”

Julie slowly got down on her knees and crawled between Ben’s legs. His hand came to the back of her head as she lowered her mouth to his cock, trying to avoid eye contact with her daughter, who she could feel watching her.

“That’s it,” Ben moaned. “That’s much better. Taste Emily’s cum.”

Julie hadn’t thought about that. Her daughter had just cum all over this dick and now it was in her mouth. The truth is, she didn’t care. Being such a dirty slut was turning her on. She responded by taking more and more of her nephew’s cock into her throat and she could tell by the way he started to pull her hair and guide her head up and down that he knew she was his now, at güvenilir casino least for tonight.

“Wow, Mom.”

Emily couldn’t believe what she was seeing either.

“Let’s make your mom more comfortable, Emily,” Ben instructed, reaching down and pulling Julie’s shirt up over her head. Julie paused her blow job just long enough to take the shirt off before swallowing up her nephew’s cock again.

Emily meanwhile guided her mom onto all fours and pulled her mom’s pajamas down over her ass and helped them off.

“Don’t forget her panties.”

Emily quickly complied and Julie tried to process the strange sensation of her daughter sliding her g string down her legs while she choked on her nephew’s cock. Ben was beginning to gently thrust into her mouth now, fucking her face.

“Your mom’s being such a good girl and tasting your pussy, don’t you think you should return the favor, Emily?”

Julie tried to take her mouth off of Ben to protest, but he held the back of her head and forbid it. The control made Julie’s pussy quiver, which only intensified when her daughter’s soft, young tongue reached her clit. Julie couldn’t believe how obedient a slut Emily was for Ben, happily lapping away at her mother’s pussy. How long had they been doing this? Did they plan this?

Julie only half cared to know. It felt great and she was struggling not to cum on her daughter’s face.

Ben reached down and spread Julie’s large ass cheeks.

“Both her holes deserve some attention, Emily,” Ben instructed.

Without skipping a beat, Emily moved her mouth to Julie’s tight, puckered, slightly hairy asshole and started tracing circles with the tip of her tongue.

Julie let out a deep moan from around Ben’s dick as Emily started fucking her tight ass with her tongue.

“That’s good, Emily. She likes it.”

“I love it baby, don’t stop,” escaped Julie’s lips, surprising everyone in the room.

Emily moved back to Julie’s pussy as Ben slid a finger into her asshole. The combination of Ben’s finger fucking and Emily’s pussy licking was pure heaven for Julie as moan after moan escaped her mouth as she drooled all over her nephews balls.

“Ok, I’m gonna cum from too much more of this. Let’s switch places, Emily.”

Ben and Emily swapped positions with Julie still up on all fours between them. Julie avoided her daughter’s eyes as she sat down in front of her while Ben lined up his cock at the entrance of her soaking wet pussy.

“I’m going to fill your pussy up with my cum, Aunt Julie.”

Julie heard Ben’s words and briefly thought about how she wasn’t on birth control. It was probably fine at her age right? Not that it mattered. A second later her nephew’s 8-inch cock filled her completely and in that moment she would have let him cum in or on any place he wanted. It felt so good to have him throbbing inside of her, his hands on her hips. She could feel his eyes glued to her ass, cellulite and stretch marks and all. She felt wanted. His moans with every thrust made her feel more desired than she had in years.

She was already close to cumming when she finally thought to look up in front of her at Emily, who herself was now up on all fours spreading her ass cheeks for Julie, at Ben’s instruction.

“I’m going to fuck Emily’s asshole next, Aunt Julie. I want you to get it ready for me.”

She didn’t have time to be shocked, not that anything would have shocked her at this point. His hand was already guiding her head forward and in that moment she would have done anything to keep his cock happily thrusting into her.

Without protest, Julie stuck her tongue out and into her daughter’s naughtiest hole.

“Mmmm yes, Mom. Your tongue feels so good in my ass”

Julie felt dirty. How would she face her daughter tomorrow? How would she face her husband? These questions were already in her head, but it was impossible to care about anything more than Ben’s cock in her pussy. She noticed the more enthusiastically she seemed to eat her daughter’s ass the harder he would fuck her and the louder he would moan. So, she set to trying her best to rim Emily to an orgasm and enjoyed how delirious it made her nephew pumping inside of her.

Ben started spanking his aunt and Julie could feel her knees getting weak. She was about to cum and thought it appropriate to ask for permission.

“Ben, I need to cum,” she panted. “Can I cum? Please?”

“Yes, Aunt Julie. Cum on your nephews cock like a good whore.”

The degradation was enough to put her over the edge and she lifted her face from Emily’s ass to moan loudly while her pussy clenched around Ben’s cock. Ben’s hand clamped over her mouth.

“Wouldn’t want to wake Ryan would we?”

His calm control of her only made her cum harder. He was fucking her hard and mercilessly and she could feel him tensing up. He let out one more moan before blowing his load deep into his aunt’s cunt.

Ben pulled out and gave Julie one more good, hard spank before sitting back in the couch out of breath. Emily hurried to her knees in front of him and took his cock, covered in Julie’s juices, into her mouth.

“Good girl, Emily. Clean that cock and get it hard again for your ass.”

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