Aunt Lori

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I was spending some time with my Aunt Lori, she is only 14 years older than I am and I’ve always had a crush on her since I was a child. I can even remember her giving me baths when I was 5 or so. Aunt Lori is 5’4″s, 110 pounds on a small frame. She never had children, choosing to become a career woman instead of a mother, her small breasts had the right amount of hang in them from what I had seen when she was in a tight T-Shirt. Married twice and divorced once, now widowed.

We were painting her the inside of her house so I had been there 3 days and looking at about another 4 or 5. She is always fun to be around, we flirt harmlessly and joke, some of her jokes have even shocked me at hearing them coming from her. We had been painting all afternoon and she gave me a hug, telling me how much she appreciated all my help. I hugged her back and felt the hard nipples in her shirt pressed against my chest.

We went out in the backyard to wash the paint brushes, cleaning the brushes I was on one knee washing mine out and Aunt Lori was squatting on her feet, sitting on her heels, her knees wide open as she washed her brush. Her loose shorts left nothing to the imagination, the leg on one side open enough that I could plainly see the curly brown hair showing on the side of her panties. Half of the panties crotch in my eye sight, naturally I was staring at the thick hair running to her thighs.

She saw me staring and did nothing to change her position, it looked like a small smile crossed her face as she continued to clean the brush. I felt my dick start to get erect, and knowing it would show in my own shorts, I made quick work of cleaning my brush. I stood up to stretch my legs when I was done, my stiff dick right at Aunt Lori’s eye level.

Aunt Lori had just bought the house a year ago and been remodeling it every since she got it. A nice but small 2 bedroom 1 bath home, just the right size for a single woman, or a couple with no children if they needed a guest room. We went inside and washed our hands clean in the kitchen sink, I noticed lately that Aunt Lori had been touching me a lot, not improperly, but more so than before. We come from a hugging and kissing family so I thought nothing of it.

I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

“What was that for?” she asked me.

“Oh, just because your so sweet!”

She smiled at me, her pale blue eyes sparkled from receiving the attention. I decided to take her out and get a Hamburger and fries, rather than have her cook after painting all day. We ate and talked about her life, all the places she had been, and mine, why my marriage failed after 8 years. When we went to the car to leave I played the gentleman and held her door open for her, she leaned up to me and kissed me on the cheek.

We arrived back at the house and it was sundown, the sun setting was a beautiful orange color so we sat in the porch swing to watch it finish it’s beautiful color show. I put my arm around her and she leaned to me putting her head on my shoulder.

“Ronnie and I dreamed of doing this in the evenings before he passed away! Just sitting and watching the sunsets, holding each other.”

“Well, I’m sorry he is not hee to enjoy this with you Aunt Lori. I know he would have loved the time spent with you, Hell, I sure do.”

She turned and looked in my eyes, a sad look in hers and kissed me on the lips. I felt casino şirketleri her lips part a bit then close. She pulled away,

“I shouldn’t have done that, I’m sorry. It’s wrong to think what I just did!”

“What were you thinking?” I asked.

“No, I shouldn’t even say it.” and she got up then went into the house.

I followed her, went to my room and got my clean clothes to go take a shower. After I got out, she went in and took hers. I was in the guest room, laying on top of the bed in just my underwear, and had been rubbing my dick thinking about the sight of her hairy bush pushing past the edge of her panties. My dick was hard and the thin underwear left nothing to hide. Aunt Lori walked in and I had nothing to cover myself with so I lay there embarrassed at me being caught with my dick out so to speak. Her eyes went to it and she stopped at the door.

“I’m sorry, I should have let you know I was coming in..”

“Well, it’s not the first time you’ve seen it hard I guess.” I said as I blushed, “I seem to remember you giving me baths years ago!” She smiled and agreed.

“I just wanted to talk some before going to sleep, I miss that at night!”

“Well then Aunt Lori, climb on in here and lets talk.”

She got on the bed and sat by my waist, and we talked awhile, her eyes going to my underwear as she did, and her light silky robe was not tightly tied. I could see the edges of her breasts as we talked. She got off her hips and sat cross legged and her legs opened enough for me to see her panties, and the hair was again pushing it’s way past the panties. My dick started getting hard again.

When she noticed it she said, “I guess I should go to bed now!”

I agreed and before she got up she leaned over to kiss me goodnight, I couldn’t help myself as I pulled her to me and stuck my tongue in her hot mouth. She kissed me back passionately, her tongue snaking into my mouth tenderly. I had one hand on the back of her head and the other went to her soft ass. I squeezed it lightly and felt her melt in my arms. She broke the kiss.

“We shouldn’t do this, we know it’s wrong, you’re my Nephew.”

“So?” I said, “Who cares? I don’t!”

I guess she didn’t really either because she kissed me again with even more passion and I opened her robe. I pulled it off her shoulders and down her back, exposing her white breasts. Her small breasts covered with freckles and the nipples standing hard and proud. I pulled her closer to me and put my mouth on one, gently sucking it into my hot eager mouth.

She took a deep breath as I sucked the hard sensitive nipple in my hot and eager mouth. I slid my hand down under her panties and felt her warm soft ass in my hand. I felt her push against it and her tongue fought mine in a lusty battle. She crawled on top of me, her legs one on each side of my hips, and she began to rub her hot pussy against my dick in my underwear. I felt wonderful and she felt even better as we kissed and dry humped each other. Her hand holding my head trying to get my face as close to hers as possible and my hand squeezing her ass cheek.

“Take my underwear off Aunt Lori.” she moved her small body down and her hands reached in the band of my underwear, slowly pulling them over my hips, my hard dick right in her face when it shot free from the tight underwear. She stopped and looked at it, then put her hot mouth around casino firmaları it. Her mouth was as soft and tender as any I had ever had before, and she made love to it gently.

I lay back and watched as she licked it all over and under, her hand gently working it as she kissed the hot shaft with her soft lips. Then she finished taking my underwear off me. Aunt Lori crawled back up my chest and lay on me her small breasts pressing into my chest and her pussy working the silky panties on my dick. I could feel her moisture as she rubbed it on me, I kissed her soft lips again and felt a sigh come from her as my hands grabbed her ass tightly.

I stuck my hands in the band her panties and started pulling them down over her hips, dragging my thumb along the sides of her hips as I pulled them down. I felt the hair of her pussy on my dick as they slid past her pussy, and she helped me get them the rest of the way off. Then Aunt Lori start rubbing her hairy pussy on my hard dick again. I could feel her wet pussy lips open and slide on the underside of my dick.

She lowered her hips then slid back about 10 times then suddenly I was inside her hot tight pussy. No hands helped my dick enter her, it was as if it was meant to be, my hard throbbing cock in her hot hairy tight pussy. My hands held her ass wide and her hands went to my shoulders as she lay on top of me, slowly working her hips on me. Moving only an inch or so at a time. She was so tight could actually feels the ridges inside her pussy lips, she moved so slowly on me.

And wet, Aunt Lori was so fucking wet, I could feel it’s wet heat as it oozed down my dick onto my balls. Her hips never going faster or deeper, only an inch or so was in her, I could feel the head of my dick as it came out and went back in her. I wanted so badly to jam it all the way in her, to take her and make her mine, but I think she needed it slow, and I wanted her to get it how she wanted it.

“Oh my God you feel so good in me. It’s been so long since I’ve done this.”

I could only agree this was soooo good as she worked herself on me deeper finally. When I was halfway in Her eyes closed and I saw her lips part and a “Ahhhhh!” came from her as she settled on my hard cock. The warm wet slit surrounded my thick shaft as she worked her tight pussy on it.

My hands went to her hips and held her trying to force her deeper on me and she resisted my efforts, slowly sliding back to the tip on the head of my cock and back down halfway. I moved my hands to her hard nipples and pinched them her hips jerked in instinctive response to it. Aunt Lori made me pay for this incestuous sex with her slow moving hips.

She rose and put her hands on my shoulders in a sitting position, then she lowered herself fully onto my needy cock, the tight wet pussy gripping my throbbing cock as she sat on me. My fingers on her tiny hard nipples, pulling them forward as her body went rigid letting her pussy grow use to having me fully inside her. She sat still just breathing for a moment, I swear I could feel her heartbeat as her pussy grasped my cock.

I moved my hips and she returned the movement in tiny circles, grinding her pulsing clit on my hair. Her creamy juice oozing out on my body as she began to fuck me. Her mouth open and eyes closed as her hips worked, the blood engorged pussy lips clinging to the edges of my thick cock as she pulled up. Aunt güvenilir casino Lori knew how to enjoy sex, nice and slow when it was called for.

After about 5 minutes of this torture she began to fuck me faster, her pussy was now jamming down on me harshly, trying to get even more of me in her as her excitement grew. Mine was at it’s peak already, the slowness of her love making that she had made me endure was most extreme. But well worth it as I felt her begin to shiver as her approaching orgasm built up.

I was doing everything I could not to explode in her now! I could wait no longer and grabbed her by the shoulders, rolled her on her back with my dick still inside her, her legs pressed against her chest, my arms outstretched holding me up to where I could see my hard cock as it slid into the hairy pussy of my sexy Aunt.

I watched my cock as it pulled her outer pussy lips until they let go like a rubber band stretched to its limits before rebounding back to its original shape, then slamming my thick cock in her hard and deep. Her breathing had become a labored ordeal as I pounded her with all my lust at the end of its patience.

“Oh Yes, fuck me hard!” She cried out as I did my best not to disappoint her. “Yes baby, use it all in me. Cum with me, fill me up with your hot cum!”

She was cumming fast and hard, and I felt my spunk as it built up to make its escape. I had not had sex in over 3 weeks and the sex I had was with my hand. Aunt Lori was sweating and huffing and puffing trying to get her breath, her face red from the exertion, we were both now trying to make the other have their orgasm and make it a good one for the other. She did not have to worry, mine was the best I believe I ever had as I shot my thick hot load into her.

I fell on her chest crushing her legs against her and the breath flew out as my weight landed on her body. My hips thrusting against her as I pumped my load in her gripping pussy. Her voice crying out in the night as she came with me, her hips thrashed on the bed and I felt her fingernails rake down my back.

When my orgasm was over I lay on her chest the sweat covering both of us, and we were enjoying the after effects of the sex we both had wanted and deserved so badly. I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep in her in just a few moments, I felt my cock softening and started to pull out of her.

“No, not yet, Please not yet. Let me have this minute for myself. I want to remember this feeling forever!”

“OK Aunt Lori, what ever you want.”

I lay back on her and kissed her neck, licking the sweat off it and down the nape of it, her body shivered from the feeling. I felt my dick plop out of her cum filled pussy and her giving a disappointed sigh when it did. We both lay in the after glow of our orgasmic bliss holding each other, kissing one another. I rolled over off her and held her on my arm, her head resting on my shoulder. A couple of minutes later as I lay staring at her breast rise and fall with her breathing, I heard her lightly snoring. It was cute knowing that she did that, I put my face in her hair and fell asleep with her.

Author’s Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened. It was only written for, You the Reader and my own enjoyment only!

I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not!

If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about.

Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! 😉

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