D.O.M: Jordan

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Dylan O Meets Jordan and Matt

*** Dylan O appears in my Mason series. This is part of a planned series of spin offs featuring characters from the “In’DaMan’d” Universe.***

Dylan turned around and clicked the key fob, the lights shone on his Sky blue, Porsche 718 Cayman, it still brought a huge grin to his face that he was the proud owner of that beast. His previous client Prince Nadal had showered him with expensive gifts, the car had been the icing on the cake. He slung his gym bag over his shoulder and pressed the button for the elevator to his apartment. He felt his phone buzzing in the pocket of his loose fitting grey sweat pants.

He looked at the screen, it was his agent Baxter, the two of them were still not over their argument last month. Prior to this, Baxter would have video called him once a day and they easily had at least four face to face work meetings a week and even socialised on weekends. Now he was lucky to get a quick voice mail or a one sentence email. Dylan knew that it must be important if Baxter had called him instead of just texting.

“Yes,” Dylan replied gruffly pulling his sweaty fringe off of his forehead, “What is it?”

“Just ringing to reconfirm that you will be attending your next session.” Baxter still refused to call it business when Dylan was hired to dominate a man. He hated the route Dylan had taken with his career and had not been shy in sharing his opinion with his number one client.

“Yes I will be ready as usual what time are you calling here.”

“Actually that is why I am calling, I am out of town on a business trip so won’t be able to attend, I have forwarded you all the details and directions, it’s in the central business district in the city. I am sure you know the area well it’s on the night club strip.”

“What sort of business trip, I thought I was clear that I wanted you to focus on this avenue for the time being.”

“It is something to do with a gym opportunity nothing to do with your career, I should be back within a week, you will do just fine. Good luck.” Baxter said fake cheerily as he hung up.

Dylan stared at the phone in disbelief, next time he and Baxter had a face to face meeting he was going to have to have a serious discussion with his agent and he was reluctant to even admit it but Baxter was also the closest thing to a best friend he had. It was one thing with Baxter being unsupportive, Dylan could almost see where he was coming from (but the pleasure and money he got out of being a dominate was too good to over look,) but leaving him to pursue other avenues that didn’t involve his career was another thing.

As he unlocked his front door and set down his heavy gym bag, he quickly scrolled through the emails on his phone, he had recently been inundated with offers as his first client Kelvin had reached out to the rest of the Dylan O fan club to see if there would be any potential fans who wanted to be fucked by Dylan. The response had staggered everyone. People wanted to fly him to destinations all over the world, put him up in the top hotels. It seemed that he was on a lot of guys “Hall Pass” list. Kelvin and Baxter

where looking through all the guys inquiring to weed out the flakes and guys who simply couldn’t afford his demands. The rest of the men got the standard reply that it was just a rumour that Dylan was escorting and sorry to disappoint them. Some websites had gotten a hold of Kelvin’s original email, rather than hurt his career it had bolstered his following and reputation online and even brought in some offers of its own. Curtis had rang him and offered him his own movie for “In’DaMan’d”.

As he soaked in the bath after his gym session he focused on the session that would take place the following day, it was not going to be his biggest pay check yet, he understood that not everyone could afford the Prince’s payment but he had agreed to it against Baxter’s judgement. Tomorrows client had promised him something that he had been craving for since he had begun to fuck guys.

Total control and no limits.


Dylan showered early the next morning and packed his bag, he decided to wear a grey tight fitting tee and snug black shorts and high tops, the email from the client was vague as usual. He was going to meet before the session to discuss how it was going to play out and for the funds to be transferred. Once again Dylan was determined to make this venture successful with or without Baxter’s input. He had been up watching more dominating porn and had even downloaded a book on the subject. He felt more confident this time than he had the other two times. He did some power squats and went to the building’s garage. As his car roared to life and he felt the vibrations of the engine, he exhaled slowly and tore off down the street.

He arrived twenty minutes late, he always intended to take the long way but he hadn’t planned for the traffic leading into the CBD or the difficulty in which he had in casino şirketleri finding a park. The client ended up phoning him and giving him the code to their apartment building parking. Dylan wasn’t happy with himself after the phone call, he felt like he was starting off on the back foot. He parked the car and rifled through his bag as he waited for Matt to phone and then come and meet him. He was scanning a hook up app when he heard footsteps and a light cough. Dylan locked his phone and opened the car.

He placed Matt to be in his early forties, he was tall with dark brown hair slicked back off his face. He was attractive and had a slight tan.

“Dylan I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that you agreed to come and meet, is that yours?” He said, indicating the car, he spoke with a commanding voice as if he was used to giving speeches or leading a team. He had a strong accent that Dylan found arousing. The words rolled off his tongue with ease.

Dylan just grunted his reply, determined to take some of the control that he was promised in the email.

“Lead the way.” He was forced to reply as Matt just stared at him in wonder. It unnerved him a little and he couldn’t wait to fuck the awe right out of him.

“If it isn’t too much bother I would prefer to discuss the details somewhere other than the apartment, you will see my reasoning once we begin. I know a lovely steak house just a couple of blocks from here.”

Dylan hesitated and scuffed his black high top sneakers.

“Sure, but if I get recognized I am going to tell people that you’re my new agent.”


They found a table quickly, it was situated in the back. Dylan couldn’t help noticing the flat fifty dollar bill that Matt palmed to the greeter when they entered the restaurant. Once they were seated Matt poured them two large glasses of iced water.

“If you want food, please feel free to order anything, it’s on me.” Matt said as he handing Dylan the glass.

“I assumed so,” Dylan replied taking a sip, “I already ate and don’t really enjoy fucking on a full stomach. So that fifty was a waste.”

Matt’s face lit up with carnal glee.

“As you wish. I have been looking forward to meeting you for so long, I couldn’t believe it when Kelvin hinted at it being a possibility. We have known each other for years, he was my first boss when I came to this country. He said it jokingly but the look in his eyes told the true story.”

Dylan tried to look uninterested but he was fascinated.

“As soon as your agent replied to my email asking what I had in mind I never once thought you would go ahead with it.”

“Why would you think that, your email was kind of vague but I thought I got the gist of it. I can do whatever I want to you right?”

Matt moved uneasily in his seat, Dylan’s back was up, he would be fucking livid if the first meeting he took on without Baxter was a bust.

“Well!” He asked through gritted teeth.

“You are correct when you say you can do whatever you want, that is exactly what I want.”

“What’s the issue then?” Dylan replied feeling slightly less anxious.

“It’s just that I want you to dominate my boyfriend instead of me.” He rushed out the last part of the sentence as quickly as he could.

“Excuse me! You might have mentioned that in the email.”

“I didn’t think it would be a concern but once I met you today I felt uneasy. My partner knows that there was a slight chance you would agree to join us but he doesn’t know that you have confirmed. I want him to know what it is like to be ruled by a cast iron grip. I am not dominant in the slightest, it’s Jordan’s fantasy, I just can’t quite get there. He has told me time and time again that all he wants is to relinquish control totally. I see the disappointment in his eyes when I fail to reach the level he needs me to be at. I have told him to go and sleep with others but he won’t. I only half meant it anyways, I am sure he knows that.”

Dylan felt his anger slowly subside, the angst with which Matt spoke of his predicament, the look that was etched across his face and the deep sadness that emanated from his eyes, quelled the heat that was flooding through Dylan’s veins.

He could appreciate what Matt was going through, in some weird fucked up parallel way it was similar to what he was going through with Baxter. He ran his finger along the condensation of the glass and took a deep breath. Matt seemed like he was slowly deflating into the chair.

“Ok,’ Dylan replied quietly. ” I will continue the meet like we planned but I have a few changes to make to the contract.”

“Whatever you like Dylan.” Matt smiled, relieved, his whole body seemed to swell.

“I wish everyone said that to me.”


They walked quickly to Matt’s apartment, the heat was reflecting off the pavement making Dylan sweat. He ran threw all kinds of scenarios about how this meeting casino firmaları would play out. He could feel his cock bulge against his black shorts. He had ordered Matt to show him pictures of his partner Jordan, before they left the restaurant. He was 32, round face and full lips, his body was lean and tall, his skin like milk with pink nipples, he swam competitively so he was completely hairless. Dylan put him at around six foot.

Matt swiftly typed in the code to the basement and they walked to the elevator, the shade bringing instant relief.

“So what are you going to say to Jordan when I walk through the front door?” Dylan asked as Matt entered another code for the elevator. “Don’t you want it to be a surprise?”

The doors opened and they both got in, Matt looked at the floor with a massive grin on his face. Dylan thought to himself that he looked a lot younger when he smiled.

“I was going over it in my head for hours and hours how I would tell him that you had agreed. So in the spirit of your joining us I decided that I would ask Jordan if he wanted me to try dominating him again. I made him undress then told him to lie on the bed. I got the handcuffs out of his drawer of toys and told him to put them on. The look on his face was priceless. He attached one wrist to the bed and I did the other. I then told him I had an errand to run and I would be back shortly. I left and met you.”

“Matt you are quiet the dark horse aren’t you.” Dylan smiled inwardly, impressed. “So he is naked and tied to the bed waiting for you to come home. I think you could be better at this dom thing than you think.”

Matt fumbled in his pocket for his keys as the elevator pinged and the doors opened.

“Maybe.” He replied with a chuckle as he walked down the carpeted hallway. “This is going to be so much fun.” He said as he pushed open the door.


Dylan sat his gym back down on the wooden floor in the living room, the room was decorated very tastefully.

Matt slipped off his shoes and put a finger to his lips and tiptoed into the small kitchen. He grabbed a bottle of expensive vodka from the fridge. He filled a big tumbler and placed two cubes of ice before handing it to Dylan. He accepted it eagerly, his mouth was dry with horniness. A voice called out as Matt poured himself a glass.

“Matt is that you?”

“Yes Jordan I am home and will be into you shortly.” Matt replied with a big grin on his face.

Dylan leaned against the refrigerator and looked down the narrow dark hallway. He could see a door at the end that was slightly ajar. He raised his eyebrow and Matt who walked quietly towards him and whispered in his ear.

“I cannot wait to see the look on his face when you walk in.”

Matt’s hot breath on Dylan’s neck caused a shudder to run up his back. The urge to take control started to burn in Dylan’s loins.

“The deal is that I can do whatever I want, correct?” He replied quietly.

“Yes, you and I will walk to the bedroom now and you two can meet. Then you can take some time to get ready if you need. Then the room is all yours.”

Dylan drained his drink and handed Matt the glass.

“Pour me another and bring the ice bucket.” He said as he went to retrieve his gym bag.

Matt quickly complied and walked towards the hallway, pausing until Dylan was behind him. He pointed to a white door on the left, he pushed it open and showed Dylan the bathroom.

“You can get prepared in there.” Matt mouthed to him before once again slinking towards the bedroom.

Dylan followed slowly, he had to rearrange his shorts to hide his dick which was throbbing with anticipation. He could feel his face flush and his mouth go dry, his toes began to tingle in his sneakers. Matt held out a hand and indicated for Dylan to wait. Matt smiled and took a deep breath and pushed open the door, Dylan tried to peer around him but all he say was a bare foot handcuffed to a black wrought iron bed frame.

“Where were you?” He heard a timid voice ask as Matt walked in and half closed the door.

“I have been out getting you a gift.” Matt replied.

“Come on Matt that’s not how it works, you said you would try and be dominating, guys don’t buy their subs gifts.”

“You are special to me so I had to get you the best gift money could buy.” Matt answered weakly. Dylan could now see that in no world would Matt ever develop enough back bone to dominate anyone.

Jordan asked, his voice raised slightly. “Is it a sex toy?, Why are you carrying that ice bucket?”

“In a sense.”

“A uniform?”

“No not a uniform. I can safely say that it is beyond anything you could conceive.”

“Well where is it then?” Jordan asked, sounding spoilt. Dylan could only imagine the frustration Jordan went through, wanting a real man to take him by the horn and pound him silly but he ended up falling in love with Matt.

“You can come in now.” He heard Matt announce.

Dylan güvenilir casino ran a hand through his hair quickly and pulled at his shirt. He took a deep breath. It was show time. He was going to teach Matt a few lessons all the while giving Jordan what he was so desperately missing. With his face a blank scowl he pushed the door open and set his bag down.

Jordan’s mouth fell open.

“YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME.” He squealed looking from Matt to Dylan and back to Matt.

“No need to look at him, all your attention should be on me right now.”


“Yes sir or yes boss, I won’t remind you again. I am going to shower and will return in few minutes, I will let your boyfriend fill you in while I am gone. Then I will control the room, that is when you both earn me.” He turned on his heel, grabbed his bag and walked to the bathroom. He closed the door and rested his head against it exhaling deeply. This pure adulation was still a novelty to him and it gave him a rush that was incomparable. Jordan’s initial reaction to seeing him, coupled with the plans that he had in store for them both, left no doubt in Dylan’s mind that he was in for a fun night.


As he toweled off after his brisk, cold shower, Dylan ran threw all the things he had in mind, after his first meeting with Kelvin and his more adventurous liaison with Prince Nadal, he quickly began to get more confidence as a dominator. This new found belief coupled with his desire to be successful with or without Baxter’s help ignited his body with carnal fire. As he flexed his muscles in the mirror he pounded one of his pecks with his fist. He was hot and raring to go.

He pulled on a black vest and tight black satin shorts, he slowly opened the bathroom door, the heat of the hallway hit him as he slowly walked barefoot towards the bedroom. He could hear Jordan and Matt talking in rushed whispers. He leaned against the crack on the door and tried to eavesdrop.

“I still cannot believe that you got “THE” Dylan O to come here. It must have cost you an arm and a leg.”

Dylan couldn’t help but crack a grin.

“If it makes you happy then I am happy.” Matt replied meekly. Dylan heard them kissing and thought this was the perfect time to take his control.

He pushed open the door and quickly surveyed the room once again. The bed took up most of the cramped space but he could see a full length door to the right led out on to a narrow balcony. He could see a new sport bike leaning against the railing, nearly covered with the overgrown potted plants that were clustered on a tall table. Unlike Dylan’s own bedroom there were no clothes, plates or shoes strewn on the floor. The wood on the floor was a light brown and the bed was situated on a giant white rug. Pictures of the couple were placed on the two white drawers on either side.

“Move away Matt” Dylan commanded. The couple stopped kissing instantly and Matt flew to the seat by the window as if he had been electrocuted. “I will take it from here.”

He looked at Jordan more closely now, he was more attractive than in the picture he had been shown. His long tall frame took up all of the bed, his giant feet were handcuffed to edges of the black wrought iron bed frame. He was completely hairless and had a boyish face. Since Dylan went to the shower Matt must have dressed him in white boxer briefs, his skin was nearly the same color, he had extremely defined chest and pectoral muscles but on his tall frame they didn’t pop as much as Dylan’s. His hands were also tied to both bed posts.

He looked over to Matt who was glancing at Jordan with a glance that was almost a mix of pride and relieve.

“You want to stay and observe, isn’t that what you said” Dylan asked as he poured himself a drink, ignoring Jordan for the time being.

“Yes, if that is ok with you.” He said looking at Jordan.

“Don’t look at him, you both answer to me now.”

“If that is ok with you Dylan, I would like to stay.”

“Yes I will allow it, but if I ask something of you, you are to do it instantly and without question. You too must call me sir or boss. Now strip to your underwear and sit back on the chair. ” He commanded as he took a big gulp of the ice cold spirit.

Matt quickly took off his shirt and pants, he had on a pair tight grey briefs, Dylan could see the outline of his hard cock pressing against the material, it was big and thick ,a pea sized dark stain formed near the waistband.

“Leaking a bit I see.” Dylan said with a taunting hint to his voice, Matt looked down sheepishly and didn’t reply. Dylan was surprised at how quickly Matt’s demeanour changed once they hit the bedroom.

Dylan got onto the bed, finally looking at Jordan, who looked weak with anticipation. He shuffled over to him and grabbed his hair, pulling his face forcefully onto the crotch of his shorts. Jordan instantly began to kiss Dylan’s bulge, his lips caressing up and down his shaft through the material. Dylan growled. The surge of power that he now craved came back tenfold. He had two willing participants in the room with him and he could do whatever he wanted to them and they were paying him for the privilege.

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