An Unusual Family Ch. 05

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Note: As I’ve submitted each chapter of my story, I have wrestled with the decision whether to submit it under the Lesbian Sex category or the Incest/Taboo category. Some chapters contain little or no sex between Mary-Jane and her mom and Lisa and her mom haven’t even had sex yet, so, for those chapters, I used the Lesbian Sex category. Literotica gives you only one choice. That’s not a complaint, just a fact.

However, I received some feedback recently, where someone was offended that I used the wrong category. And, I mean, really offended. Not really sure what the big deal is. Incest or no, the story contains only sex between women. I could understand it more, I think, if a story in the Lesbian Sex category contained all kinds of sex with men. But maybe, being as dumb as I am, I am missing something.

So, in the hopes of not offending anyone else, starting with this one, all future chapters of ‘An Unusual Family’ will all be posted under the Incest/Taboo category. Some future chapters contain no or little incest at all, so, perhaps, I’ll be taken to task by those incest lovers who think I’ve sullied their category by not providing enough incest.

However, now that we are well into the story, about these 4 women and their lives together, and incest is definitely practiced in their home, probably all future chapters belong in Incest/Taboo anyway, even if no actual incest takes place in any individual chapter.

I hope, perhaps, you can understand, though maybe not, why I had trouble picking a category for any particular chapter.

A sincere apology to those those of whom I’ve offended/annoyed/out-right pissed off, by maybe selecting the wrong category.

And, another note: Chapter 4, which as I type this, just got posted in the category Lesbian Sex, was submitted before I received the feedback alerting me to my goof.

All that said, I do hope some of you, at least, enjoy Chapter 5.

As some of you may recall, the women have just received the news that Jackie’s husband Pete is dead.


Even though she had never met Jackie’s husband, Pete, Bobbie was a little taken aback by the news he was dead. It took her a moment to wrap her mind around the fact. A million questions were swirling in her mind, but she realized, at this point, Jackie couldn’t answer them.

Faintly, the sound of clinking dishes reached Bobbie’s ear. She knew the girls were on their way out to the pool, pushing the little cart, covered with their breakfast. She shook her head and called out to them.

“Mary-Jane! You and Lisa stay in the house for a while. We need some privacy out here. I’ll call you when it’s OK to come out. Go ahead and have your breakfast.”

Lisa and Mary-Jane stopped in their tracks. ‘What do you suppose that is all about?’ they asked each other.

Mary-Jane laughed. “If ours was a regular household, I’d say that our moms want to have some sex out there. But in our special family that doesn’t matter because we all have sex together! So it must be something else. They’ll tell us soon, I’m sure. Let’s take this back to the kitchen and eat. I’m starving, Lisa. You and your pussy really gave me a work-out this morning.”

The girls did not take offense to not being wanted, at this particular moment in time. They simply shrugged and kissed and took the breakfast cart back to the kitchen. Mary-Jane never questioned her mother and she realized that if she didn’t want them outside, that she had a good reason. And she knew that they would be told everything, when her mom was ready to tell them.

Outside, Bobbie wasn’t having much luck getting any more words out of Jackie. She put her hand over her new lover’s chest and could feel her heart beating furiously. She was worried. But, even though she was very pale, Jackie seemed in no immediate danger of passing out or anything so she looked at Jackie’s phone that she had taken from her, took a long breath and pushed the right button to re-dial the last number that had been called.

She finally got Detective Hopkins and when he came on the phone, to simplify matters, she identified herself as Jackie Warren’s sister. She said her sister was in shock, she couldn’t get anything out of her and could Detective Hopkins please tell her what the hell was going on.

“There’s been an accident.” he told her. “At least, right now, it looks like an accident. Pete Warren drove his truck last night right into a metal light pole. We think he’d been drinking. There is a lot to investigate, but as a result, Mrs. Warren’s husband was thrown right through the windshield, out onto the pavement. He must have been going very fast and I guess he figured the seat-belt law didn’t apply to him. Then, would you believe it? As his body lay there, he was run over by a semi, a Kenworth. The driver is very shook up. As a result of all this, Pete Warren is very, very dead. I’m really sorry to have to tell you this. My condolences to your sister and tell her I hope she’s OK.”

Bobbie was a little numb at this news amsterdam shemale herself, despite never having met Pete. And she certainly did not like anything she had heard about him. But she was still Bobbie. Her voice got very cold.

“Detective, don’t you think such news should have been delivered to my sister in a more sympathetic manner than over the phone? Is it official police policy in this town to just phone women up and tell them their husband is dead? I’ll tend to my sister, you needn’t concern yourself. Your concern has been so wonderful up ’til now that I’m not sure she can handle any more of your concern.

“But, just for the record, detective, my sister and Pete were going to get a divorce. She had a restraining order against him that should be on file with you people. Yes, of course, she is still upset. But I think she’ll be fine. I’ll give you my home number here and my cell number also because, of course, she will stay here with me for a while. I’m sure you’ll need her for things and there’ll be formalities she’ll have to do. Call anytime, when you need us. But, ask for me detective, Roberta, no matter who answers the phone. Understand? Remember, do not call my sister’s number again. Only mine. And only ask for me if I’m not the one to answer. Are you listening to me, detective?”

“There’s a little matter of identifying the body, ma’am,” detective Hopkins said. “When do you think your sister will feel up to that? You could bring her down and be with her.”

“I’m sure that’s possible, detective. Perhaps tomorrow morning? I’m sure when I get some warm tea into my sister or maybe a drink and talk with her she’ll be OK. I’ll get back to you about a time.”

With that, Bobbie disconnected the call. She saw that Jackie had recovered, somewhat.

“Is it true, Bobbie? I can’t believe it. Is it true? Is Pete dead? Or am I dreaming?”

Bobbie hugged her. “No, sweetheart, you are not dreaming. Pete is gone. He crashed his truck, was lying on the road and if he was alive then, which, I take it, the cops are still debating, he wasn’t much longer because he then was run over by a trucker. I feel sorry for the Kenworth driver and I’d like to buy him a drink. I hope he can get the slime off his tires. I’ll pay to clean them for him. Maybe I’ll go to hell for saying it, and I sure hope you don’t hate me for saying it, but Pete, along with the light pole and the Kenworth, have done us a huge favor.” She hugged Jackie tighter.

Jackie buried her head on Bobbie’s breasts. She thought she should cry for Pete but, after all the tears Pete had caused her to spill over the years, now, the tears just wouldn’t come. She was ashamed of it, but all she felt was relief.

She knew Bobbie was exactly right about Pete’s death really being a favor to the women. Over the course of the morning, she and Bobbie had been planning their new life together. Despite Bobbie’s reassurances, Jackie knew Pete would always have been a problem, an obstacle to their happiness. He would have contested any divorce, made it as long and dirty as he could. Leaving her with nothing if he could arrange it. Despite the fact that their daughter was 18, legally an adult, just for spite, Pete probably would have tried to prove to the court that Jackie was an unfit mother. Glumly, Jackie realized that her current life-style, only one day old, but she certainly planned for it to continue, living with a woman and her daughter that practiced incest, would probably would be frowned on by the court and she certainly wouldn’t have wanted it to become public.

Not that anyone knew, of course. But Pete could have hired a PI or something, she supposed, and there were always ways of finding things out. Gossip in a small town always spread like wild-fire.

With great effort, she almost, but not quite, managed a smile. She knew she had a tough few days ahead, for sure and she certainly wasn’t looking forward to telling Lisa about this, but Pete had finally done something nice for her. He’d conveniently been killed and that cleared the decks for Jackie’s new life with the incredible woman that was currently holding her, comforting her, snuggling her close to her breasts. Jackie was ashamed of her thoughts along these lines but she buried her head deeper in Bobbie’s bosom.

Then, she raised her head to look at Bobbie. “Kiss me, please, Bobbie. Hold me tight. Promise me you’ll never let me go!”

Bobbie didn’t have to say a word.

The two women’s eyes locked with love and then their lips met. The kiss they shared at that moment, while not sexual, was maybe the sweetest, most intimate kiss they’d had yet.


It was now a month later. In a lot of ways it had been a very tough 30 days.

But the women had faced it together, leaning on each other, depending on one another. Lisa was probably the most affected. Pete was her dad, even if he had never given his daughter much attention or love. He just wasn’t that type of guy. Jackie, not able to cry for Pete, still felt guilty rotterdam shemale somewhat, although, when questioned by Bobbie, she had a hard time explaining what she felt guilty about.

Bobbie had hated Pete with a white-hot hate, despite the fact she had never met him, simply because he had mistreated Jackie. The outline of her life with Pete, that Jackie had related to her, through a veil of tears, on the first night of their togetherness, had been enough for Bobbie.

Her very logical argument, which she pointed out to Jackie as sympathetically as she could, was that it wouldn’t have possibly mattered whether she had been having cums in Bobbie’s bed, which is where she had been, or sitting at home, alone, waiting for Pete to come home from some other woman’s bed. Pete would have ended up just as dead.

Probably the worst moment, except for possibly the identifying of Pete’s body, was the first morning the women had learned of Pete’s accident, when, instead of having a loving family-type breakfast as planned, Jackie, with Bobbie by her side, had to go in the house and tell her daughter that her daddy was dead.

It certainly wasn’t the most pleasant moment in the history of the world but with Bobbie holding Jackie closely and Mary-Jane’s arms tight around Lisa, the four women had gotten through it, together. The key word, of course, being, together. Lisa had shed some tears, lovingly kissed away by Mary-Jane. MJ loved her own father, but she knew Lisa’s sperm donor of a dad had never really been a father to her. Mary-Jane loved Lisa and she knew when the love of her young life was hurting.

Jackie kept trying to feel something but had no tears for Pete. Bobbie, who would have gladly driven the Kenworth over Pete herself, if only she knew how to shift a 13-speed, just kept silent for the most part and let everyone digest the information.

Her main thought was that, Pete, could never, ever bother Jackie or Lisa or this newly-formed, loving, little family. The one cloud on the horizon of their happiness had been removed. So, they’d made it through a few bad days, what with all that comes with a death. Such as, the quick, inexpensive funeral and cremation. When the funeral home director asked Bobbie and Jackie when they were picking up Pete’s ashes, Bobbie answered first.

“To hell with that. Flush them down the toilet!”

Jackie had spoken up and given the number of Pete’s sister and suggested that she be called and see if she wanted the ashes. Jackie did not want them, that was for sure, and she rarely disagreed with any of Bobbie’s decisions, but, this time, something inside her told her they should go somewhere besides down the toilet. Despite all Pete’s cruelty to her, she couldn’t bring herself to hate Pete as much as Bobbie did. It just wasn’t in her nature.

To observe protocol, Bobbie had refrained from throwing a party to celebrate Pete’s, to her, very-much-welcomed exit from the world. She stood by Jackie’s side all through all the, in her opinion, crap that Jackie had to do to satisfy society and Pete’s sister. After the last day of this shit, they thought at least, concerning Pete, Bobbie and Jackie had lain in bed, hugging each other and Bobbie tenderly kissed the woman she loved more than anything in the world, except Mary-Jane.

“Sweetheart, now that all that shit is over, I hope the news I have will sound wonderful to you. I’ve got a justice of the peace coming over here tomorrow. We are going to stand by the pool, where we had our first kiss, our first sex, and get married. You are going to be my wife and I am going to be yours. And I talked to this woman. She says Lisa and Mary-Jane can stand beside us and get married also. The girls and I and my lawyer, Jeanette, have done all the work and got the licenses and such. What do you think of that, my love?”

Jackie had never been so happy in all her 34 years. She’d always known they had loved her, but she’d had religious, stern and unforgiving parents who were devoted to some Bible-spouting preacher’s dogma that had over-ridden their good sense and love for their daughter. That is what had resulted in almost 19 years of Jackie’s nightmare marriage to the now dead Pete. Jackie was determined that would never happen to Lisa. If Lisa wanted to marry Mary-Jane, Jackie’s attitude was, ‘let the kids go for it.’ Let the young girls have their happiness. If, Jackie thought, as the years went by, they grew apart and maybe, as they grew up a little older, they met other girls they loved, or even, who knew, a guy, well, with her help and Bobbie’s, their girls could deal with anything. Hadn’t they already?

So, one beautiful Saturday afternoon, Bobbie and Jackie along with their daughters, Lisa and Mary-Jane, stood holding hands by the pool. Josephine Smith, justice-of-the-peace for the county, who just happened to be a lesbian herself, read off some legal mumbo-jumbo. The happy women, one at a time, recited some sentimental words they had written to the one they loved. They exchanged some blog shemale rings they had purchased and then Ms. Smith pronounced the two couples, wife and wife.

The Montgomery/Warren part of the ceremony, – no one knew really, what to call themselves after this – were wearing only bikinis and when justice Smith pronounced them all married they all dived in the pool and had group hugs and kisses. They invited Ms. Smith to join them and with all the sexy girlie flesh on display, she felt her panties creaming and she really wanted to, but Ms. Smith reluctantly declined. She had some other stuffy function to preside over and as lovely as the thought of joining this happy group for fun and games was, she properly thought that their first love session after their weddings should be a private affair.

So, the newly married couples told Josephine that she was welcome anytime, no matter which combination of members of this family were home and watched her leave. That was the signal for all the bikinis to be removed. Once again the surface of the pool was dotted with floating bikini pieces and I have to tell you all, I’m willing to bet that none of you have been to a wedding reception like the one that took place around the pool that afternoon.

For a time, the four women just frolicked naked in the pool, talking, laughing and just generally goofing around. Bobbie had placed an ice-bucket with a bottle of champagne and some glasses beside the pool so, periodically, the women all took a sip and toasted to their happiness and future. There were lots of hugs and kisses and when they were all so horny they were about to burst, they emerged from the pool and right there on chaise lounge chair cushions tossed on the pool-side, they had a sexual free-for-all.

The newly married couples consummated their love first. Bobbie went down on Jackie and used her lips and tongue on her new wife’s pussy exactly the way she knew drove Jackie up Pleasure Mountain, to that sweet spot on the peak, over-looking paradise, where her love was flowing copiously from her pussy and filling Bobbie’s greedy, sucking mouth.

Beside them, Mary-Jane pleasured her new wife also. Lisa, always a loud cummer, filled the air around the pool with her squeals, shrieks and whines. Lisa came so hard, jerked around so furiously, that she rolled both her and Mary-Jane off the soft mattress onto the hard patio stones surrounding the pool.

Then it was time to switch everything up and Lisa’s head bee-lined for MJ’s hot box.

Bobbie stretched her gorgeous form out on the cushions and her new wife proceeded to go down on her for the very first time. She’d been saving it for a loving wedding gift to her beloved Bobbie. They’d been together for a while now but, since the first, being new to all this, Jackie had been very tentative and shy about trying to go down on her. Embarrassed, because she really wasn’t sure what to do or whether she could make her girlfriend feel the pleasure Bobbie made her feel. Terrified, because she had no idea if she would even enjoy it.

Bobbie loved Jackie so much that she hadn’t pushed her. Wisely, she knew Jackie would get around to her pussy in good time and she could wait. It wasn’t as if she was doing without. Jackie masturbated her to cums often and usually when she was giving her girlfriend a good pussy-licking, her hands were busy at her own twat, giving herself thrills. And sometimes Mary-Jane, or Lisa, or the two girls together, kept Bobbie’s hot pussy plenty happy.

So Bobbie had felt she could wait for Jackie and, today, to her heartfelt joy, the waiting was over. Let me tell you all, the love that she felt at this special moment when her new wife went down on her for the first time, was indescribable. Bobbie realized that her new wife must have planned this specially for their special day. She hugged Jackie’s head to her cunt and cried her name, over and over, telling her how much she loved her.

Far from needing to be embarrassed, Jackie did a wonderful, bang-up job with her first pussy-licking and gave her new wife one incredible cum. And she didn’t stop there. Once Bobbie had exploded in one massive, spine-tingling climax, she kept right on licking and sucking some more and sailed Bobbie straight into another massive orgasm even sweeter than the first. Jackie had been really nervous, never having gone down on a woman before, that she might not even like licking pussy, and she was right. She didn’t like it. She damn well loved it.

There was another wonderful moment that afternoon. That happened when Bobbie and Mary-Jane were locked in a beautiful 69, mother and daughter, loving and licking the super hot, wet pussy of the other. Jackie and Lisa, kissing and observing, could clearly hear the slurping, sucking noises as thrills ripped through the bodies of their eager wives as they loved each other. Generous amounts of sticky pussy-cream being sucked into thirsty, busy mouths.

Jackie and Lisa had kissed before, sexual-type kisses and they did so now, but their mother-daughter love had never gone any further. That is, ’til now. Watching their new wives fucking each other had both of them so hot that the blistering heat of the afternoon sun shining down on their naked bodies seemed cool by comparison.

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