Angie’s Bed

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Roger’s wife Beth was at his sister’s Sandy for their Thursday night card game. His daughter, Angie, went to her room an hour earlier to do some reading before she went to sleep. Roger watch TV but all he could remember were the commercials, the shows were so bad. The sodas he had urged him to head for the bathroom.

The bathroom was the next room down the hall from Angie’s bedroom. He relieved himself and headed back to catch some cowboy movie coming on starring The Duke. The door was open to Angie’s room, so he did what any father would do with an open door. He looked in on his little girl.

His little girl was not so little anymore. At nineteen, she was in the final stages of becoming a woman. A woman who, apparently, liked to sleep nude. Angie’s quilt covered her legs and lap but not her breasts as she sat up in the bed, reading. Roger stopped to study his daughter. He thought she had her mother’s long red hair, freckles that outnumbered the night’s stars, and green eyes. And large tits. Tits that were at least thirty eights and needing a C-cup.

Angie used one of those e-book readers. She needed only one hand to operate the device. The other hand was under the quilt. And it was busy. Roger shook his head. He had to move, it was his daughter he watched. He watched her as beads of sweat formed on her forehead. She chewed her lower lip in an effort not to make noise. She did not want her daddy to hear her.

Daddy did not hear his baby. Worse. Daddy stood there, imagining what that hand was doing under the quilt. Daddy was rubbing the growing problem in his pants. That was when it happened. Daddy sneezed. Busted!

Angie looked at the door. Her eyes eventually focused on her father. She smiled at Roger but did not stop. The movement under the quilt got faster. Angie let her sounds out.

“Hi, Daddy.”

Daddy’s hand fell as did his cock. But, not his gaze. He will his feet to walk away from his baby’s room but they took him to Angie’s bedside. He told his hand to take the quilt and cover Angie’s breasts but they uncover Angie’s body. He stared down at Angie’s hand. She was not fingering herself.

No, she was using a huge latex cock that had him by at least three inches when fully aroused. It looked as big around as a twelve-ounce beer bottle. How could any woman use such a monster without permanent injury?

Roger noticed one difference between mother and daughter. Mother kept herself trimmed so that a small patch of curly red pubic hair tickled Roger’s nose. Roger liked that bit of tease. Angie kept her mound smooth and bare. Roger’s hand reached out to feel the smoothness of his daughter. That touch, what Angie compared to a butterfly landing on a flower, triggered her orgasm.

Angie lift her spine off the bed. “Oh God!” echoed in the room. Her hand fell from the dildo. She convulsed around the lump of latex that no longer moved inside her.

“Daddy? Please help me.”

Roger took hold of the dong. He hesitated to finish the pleasuring casino şirketleri of his daughter.

“Daddy?” she begged.

She took hold of Daddy’s hand holding the dildo. She moved his hand which moved the dildo. The smile came back, but it was as weak as Roger’s efforts.

Angie rubbed her clitoris. She rubbed her hand in her own juices. She held that hand under her father’s nose. Instinct made him lean over and smell her fingers. Angie held the fingers on his lips. Instinct again reacted. Roger first licked, then suck his baby’s love lotion. Now, he was back to full erection. As if touching his daughter’s bare pussy did not put the fire back in his loins.

Roger’s hand increased the speed of the rubber piston in his daughter’s cunt. He bent over to smell the fresh wetness flowing from Angie. Angie exposed her clit. Roger touch it with the tip of his tongue. This triggered another orgasm in his daughter.

The best part of having someone else masturbate you was that that party does not stop when the cumming starts. Roger continued driving the dildo into Angie and licking her hot button. Angie kept cumming. Her sex water dripped from around the latex that tried to seal her hole. Roger went from licking to sucking. Roger removed the dildo and covered the sex fountain with his mouth, using his tongue to funnel Angie’s juices into his mouth. He used his right thumb to keep her clitoris stimulated. He kept up his licking long after Angie stopped moving.

“Okay, Dad. Let me breath.”

Roger collapsed fully prone and fully dressed on his naked but happy daughter.

“Dad, if you’re going to be on top of me, please, undress.”

Angie demonstrated her desire for her father to stay like that by unbuttoning his shirt and unbuckling his belt. Dad finished her job. He soon lay naked next to Angie with his pre-cum dripping on her sheets.

The sight of a hard cock made of flesh instead of rubber fascinated Angie. She touched her father with the nail of her middle finger. It was not her first cock, just, she knew , the most experienced. Most of her date couldn’t find her pussy with a GPS device on their cocks. She just settled for sucking them off and going home to Junior. This time, she had a well used cock in the comfort of her own bed. That it belonged to her father, well, that was just a bonus. She was satisfied, now she had the time to satisfy the man on the bed with her. She had until midnight. Mom promised her that long. She and Aunt Sandy will be finished with their own “fun” by then.

“Just have your dad out of your bed by the time I get home. We don’t want him to know.”

“Daddy, want to feel what I can do with my tongue?”

Angie did not wait for an answer. She lay on her tummy between Roger’s thighs. She licked the man-oil that seeped out of the tip of Daddy’s cock. She ran her tongue from the base of his cock to the tip and back down to his sac. Angie licked her father’s balls and sucked on them while smearing the pre-cum on casino firmaları her middle finger. She did not feel it was slick enough for what she planned. She dipped her finger into her own soggy pussy.

Angie took her father’s manhood into her mouth. It went past her tongue, back behind her pallet. The bulbous tip went down her throat until Angie thought it would catch in her vocal cords. Slowly at first, the with increasing speed, Angie moved that cock in and out of her throat, stopping when her teeth rubbed the crease between the head and the shaft, then taking it all the way back down.

That was only part of what Angie did to her father. She violated his anus with her middle finger. She probed him until she found the bulge that was the back side of his prostate gland. This found, Angie stopped the head movements. She held the tip of Daddy’s cock between her teeth and sucked. And sucked. And rubbed the gland on the other side of Daddy’s colon. It got the desired results.

Dad rammed his cock down Angie’s throat, shooting his cum. It quickly fill the little space left in her mouth by the fleshy sex toy that Angie sucked. She swallowed what she could, the rest leaked out of her lips. When Dad collapsed, she pulled back to breathe again. She tried to swallow the remaining cum in her mouth. She fell back on her bed next to Roger. Roger surprised her by kissing her, exploring her cum lined mouth with his tongue, licking out a few globs of his semen that remained.

“Wow, Dad. None of my dates would even kiss my lips after I sucked them off.”

“Then, you’ve been going out with the wrong guys.”

Roger gave Angie another deep kiss. His right hand went to her left breast. The nipple grew instantly to his touch. His lips replaced his hand and his hand went between Angie’s thighs. Angie felt her father regain interest in her sexually. She felt him grow and touched him again.

“Think we can cum together if we ’69’?” she asked.

“As long as you do that finger thing when you’re ready.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

“You want top or bottom?” Roger replied.

Angie wished it was Daddy’s cock and not his tongue as she lowered her dripping pussy onto his face. But, she promised Mom no fucking. At least on their first night. With luck, there will be plenty of Thursdays ahead.

Angie managed to keep her father from cumming too early. Having drained him earlier made it easier. This time, she had personal lubricant on her finger and Dad expected the anal invasion. It still did not take long for Angie to drink her father’s jism dry and drain her own sex water into her father’s waiting lips.

Exhausted, and covered with male and female sex smells and liquids, father and daughter held tight to each other and fell asleep. As Angie’s eyes closed she saw the clock on her table read 12:08. Damn! Mom will be pissed. She missed the deadline. Mom arrived five minutes later. She found her naked husband and daughter sleeping in a bed that had the sheets on the floor güvenilir casino and reeked of sex. Beth shook her head and smiled.

“She broke curfew,” mused Beth.

A hand, a woman’s hand, came around Beth’s waist. The hand went down Beth’s pants, under her panties and played with the small patch patch of curly red hair. Another hand went up under Beth’s blouse and played with a very enlarged nipple. Lipstick coated lips smeared red on Beth’s neck. Beth had trouble breathing. Beth turned and her tongue found her sister-in-law’s tongue.

“That leaves an empty bed in your room, Beth.”

Roger woke the next morning confused about being in a strange bed. He turned to look at the body that shared the bed with him. He looked into green eyes that were not his wife’s.


“Oh, God!”

Angie put he fingers on Roger’s lips.

“Calm down, Dad. It’s not like we had sex, according to Mr. Clinton.”

The comment brought a small chuckle to a worried man.

“Dad, it’s not like you raped me or I’m eight. I wanted you and I enjoyed last night. Didn’t you?”

Roger thought about the previous night. His penis answered for him. Angie looked into her father’s eyes and smiled as she slowly used her hand to release his morning desire. It took only two minutes to have him spray his seed into her hand and onto her belly.

“Yeah, I enjoyed it. Where did you learn about blowjobs?”

“Mom told me that it was the most effective from of oral birth control. Once a guy cums in my mouth, he’s done for the night.”

Roger laughed.

“Your Aunt Sandy said the same thing.”

“But, that usually leaves me hanging.”

“Same for Sandy. I’ll tell you a secret. A few times, Sandy would sneak into my room after a date and asked me to get her off. That was too good to turn down. I could do what ever I wanted as long as we did not fuck.”

“Aunt Sandy said that it was a few times a week. And Aunt Jill got serviced too. Grandma said if you could keep the girls happy, they would not get pregnant.”

Roger gave a hearty laugh as a light came on his foggy brain.

“Is that what happened last night? I was set up to keep you from getting pregnant? I have a new job as the Finisher?”

“That’s part of it,” came from the doorway. Naked, Beth and Sandy stood in the door, holding each other.

The two naked women came into the room. Beth pulled back the quilt, exposing father and daughter. Roger’s fresh cum still dripped down Angie’s tummy.

“Hi, Mom. Aunt Sandy. Sorry I didn’t get Dad back into his own bed in time.”

“That’s okay. I didn’t think you could. I wasn’t alone.”

Beth tongue-kissed Sandy, as her hand found its way into Sandy’s cunt. The other three in the room reacted to Beth’s actions. Beth stopped.

“I thought since I was making it with your sister, maybe you would want my sister. After she slapped me and ordered me never to talk to her again, I needed a Plan B. Then, one night when I heard Angie calling her dildo ‘Daddy’, I talked to her. I don’t have to tell you her answer.”

“Is this a one time thing, or what?”

“It’s up to you,Daddy.”

It was not a one time thing. It was just a once a week thing. Every Thursday.

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