Auntie Grace Pt. 01

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“That was very good of you. Getting a gift for Auntie Grace.” My mother said.

I nodded not really sure what to say.

“She rang earlier, to say thanks.” my mother continued.

At first i didn’t understand. Then, it dawned on me. She was fishing for information. Obviously, Grace hadn’t explained the context and mum was wondering why I was taking gifts to her sister. I’m twenty. It’s not like I’m a kid anymore. There was nothing mum hated more than not knowing what was going on.

“It was just a box of chocolates.” I explained. “No big deal. Just a thank you really.”

It obviously was a big deal to my mum, and there was no way she was going to let this drop so quickly. It was clear she could not understand what I was up to.

My Aunt Grace is my mothers older sister. My mum is in her late forties and the youngest of three. Grace is the oldest . She’s in her late fifties. She’s married to uncle Andrew and lives about ten minutes walk from us. Daniel, a friend i’ve known for over ten years, since we went to school together, lives in the same road as they do, about six houses down.

I had been to see Dan last week, after i finished work and, for reasons unknown, he wasn’t in. It turned out he was delayed at his work , but I only found that out later.

At a loose end I thought i’d pop round to see Grace and Andrew. I knew Andrew would probably be at work. It was Auntie Grace I really wanted to see.

She was always my favourite when I was younger. Andrew had a good job, so they always had better stuff than us. A better house, better holidays and better gadgets. She had a soda-stream, a VHS player that kind of thing. When you’re a kid in the very early eighties, that was so cool. Auntie Grace was always cool.

I realised as I knocked, that I didn’t have much of a reason to call. Hell though, if you can’t call on family, who can you call on?

She was surprised to see me and I could tell she was uncomfortable but she let me in when I explained my predicament of Dan being out and me needing the toilet badly.

The response I was half expecting. Something along the lines of

“You live a few streets away. Go home.” never came.

I popped upstairs quickly, finding that I did need a pee after all.

She was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs when I had finished.

“Thanks Auntie Gee, you’re a lifesaver.” i said, giving her a dry peck on the cheek.

It was only then, when up close, that I got the aroma of her scent. I found it quite intoxicating.

She gave me a little smile and I had the distinct impression she couldn’t get me out of the house quick enough.

I didn’t think anything of it until I met up with Dan a week later. He was profuse in his apologies and took me to the pub to buy a few beers by way of an added apology.

We stayed there for a couple and on the way back home I remembered Auntie Grace. As I thought about the last time we met I convinced myself that she seemed sad, you could even say melancholic.

I popped into a newsagents on the way and picked up a very overpriced box of chocolates. Before I headed home, I did a detour to Grace.

Once again she opened the door with a look of surprise on her face. She took a deep breath when she saw it was me.

“I thought you were Andrew, back early.” she said, as if that explained anything.

“Just me.” i said awkwardly.

“Do you want to come in?” she asked.

“No…thank you.” I said. “I just wanted to give you these.” I held the chocolates out to her.

“A thank you for saving me from public embarrassment the other day.” I said, sheepishly.

“So sweet of you. You shouldn’t have.” She replied, taking them from me.

“I just casino şirketleri got the sense that you needed a little cheering up” I said.

She stepped up, and this time, she pecked me on the cheek. She gave me a faint smile. Although, for a minute i thought she was going to say something, she remained silent on the matter.

That was two days ago. I turned down an invite to come in. I had no reason to go inside. I has accomplished what I set out to do, but part of me regretted it.

There I was doing what I thought was a good thing and now I was getting the third degree for it.

“I had Grace on the phone for an hour.” mum was saying, rolling her eyes at the recollection.

“She was whining about Andrew, he seems to be in the pub all of the time.” She was now in full flow.

I nodded and didn’t say a word. Just keep quiet and mum will tell me everything.

“I knew he liked a drink, they both do. From the sounds of it he’s pissed all of the time. He got sent home from work a few weeks ago. Now he just goes down the boozer after work and most of the weekends too.” Mum continued.

Once she was in full flow it was difficult to stop her. But, that explained it.

“Anyway, she got all teary and said you were a lovely boy and that was the nicest thing thats happened in weeks…silly cow.”

“Mum!” i said “thats a bit harsh!”

“Andrew was a boozer before she married him. What did she expect? That’s why your cousin Phil won’t go round there. He had a big falling out with Uncle Andrew.”

Over the next ten minutes she recounted the whole phone conversation and told me the ins and outs of their lives, as much as she knew. The thing was, mum seemed to know quite a lot. I wouldn’t say I was shocked, that would be too extreme. I was saddened. I liked Grace. She was nice, she was funny and I always enjoyed visits to her house when I was younger. I was finding myself getting upset about it and I didn’t know why.

To this end, I found myself knocking on her door the following Saturday. What would I do if Uncle Andrew answered? From what mum had said, the chances of that were slim.

As the door opened I felt a pang of fear. This was ridiculous I told myself. Grace was standing there in a dressing gown. Her hair, usually so precisely coiffured, was piled up in an untidy brown bundle on her head. She was also wearing no make up. I dont think i’d ever seen her without it. Even though she looked as though I had got her out of bed, she still looked good to me.

“I thought i’d pop by.” I said “but, if its not convenient.”

She took a step back, which I took as an invite. So I entered the darkened hallway. She closed the door behind me then walked into the living room. I took this as my cue to follow her. She sat on the large sofa that dominated the tiny room. The television was on, with the sound down.

“I was just watching the television.” she said.

I couldn’t fail to spot the bottle of gin that sat on the table next to her, within arms reach. It was three-quarters empty. I was hoping that she hadn’t drunk all of that this morning.

We sat there for a minute in silence. It was clear that whatever might have been on the box was merely background noise, as she didn’t even appear to know what she was watching.

“Uncle Andy about?” I asked, trying to get some conversation going.

It was obviously the wrong thing to say.

“Went out for a paper about an hour ago. He might come back for supper this evening.” was her angry response.

She said it with such vitriol i couldn’t think of anything to say as a comeback.

“That’ll be another fucking dinner ruined.” she snarled. Then for the first time she looked at me.

“Sorry.” casino firmaları she said. Her expression softened, and I could see she meant it.

“No offence taken.” I said.

“I can hardly talk.” she said, as she lifted up her glass.

“You haven’t drunk all of that bottle have you?” I asked, not sure if I was concerned or impressed with her ability to knock it back.

“No, no, no.” she repeated, a little to insistent. “I’m not as bad as him, just yet. Although he is driving me to it.”

She was quiet again for a few moments. Jittery. She probably wanted to pour another large one, but not in my presence. I had to let my parents know. They could intervene somehow. Get her help.

“You shouldn’t coop yourself up in here maybe you’d like to go for a walk?” I said, as gently as I could.

“Look at the state of me, I can’t go out like this can I?” She said, miserably.

True, she was still in her dressing gown and wasn’t made up but even then she wasn’t bad looking. The dressing gown was barely covering her long thin legs, that i’d seen when she was dressed up to the nines in skirts. She also had a nice chest that her gown couldn’t hide, regardless of how baggy it was.If, she was fishing for a compliment she was going to get one.

“You always look good Auntie.” I said

She smiled. For the first time she seemed like the Grace of old, and I liked it.

“I know you’re trying to help, but let me wallow in my misery for a little while, o.k.?” She pleaded.

I wavered. When someone asks you something directly, it’s hard to refuse.

“I was going to speak to mum…” I began.

“Don’t!” she interjected.

Then, as if she was marshaling her thoughts. She spoke more calmly.

“Let’s keep this our secret.” She nodded her head slightly with each word. She was desperate for my silence.

“Our secret.” I said. I was just repeating it. Mulling it over, out loud. She took this as my acceptance.

“Yes, our little secret… sometimes it’s good to have secrets.”

I nodded. Besides, i could always go back on my word in a few days.

“At least i can rely on you not like those other fuckers.” She seemed pleased

“Yes you can, Auntie Grace.” I said. Forcing a conspiratorial smile onto my lips.

I didn’t know who she was referring to. Uncle Andrew for starters, I guess. I didn’t know she had such a flowery vocabulary either. I found I really liked it. For the first time in my life I was feeling uncomfortable in this house and I knew why. I stood up, suddenly. I was confused, eager to get out and rid my brain of these weird, mixed up feelings. She stood up too. She must have misread the signs. Thinking I was leaving to betray her confidence.

“Just like the rest.” she snarled in my face with such aggression that I felt several flecks of spittle hit me

“No, I promised. Its our secret.” I said.

“You don’t seem to be able to keep secrets.” she taunted.

I leaned forward and kissed her. Not a friendly familial peck on the cheek this time. A full blooded kiss on the lips.

“That’s something i can keep secret.” I said as I savored what i had just done.

“Can you say the same?” I asked.

I had shocked her into silence, so i did it again. Pressing firmer against her and this time not breaking contact. I pulled her to me, her chest pressing to mine. As I held her head in my hands i was shocked that she didn’t resist. . I moved my hands down her back until i was clasping her buttocks and pulling her toward my groin.

Only then did she break off the kiss.

“I like these type of secrets.” I whispered.

I clumsily tugged on the belt of the dressing gown. It opened just enough for me to see that she was naked güvenilir casino underneath. She had over thirty years on me and her body was starting to show it. Her breasts weren’t as proud, and the thick triangle of pubic hair had flecks of grey in it. She had always been thin and her arms and hands were starting to show the veins more prominently. Regardless, she was still foxy, as far as i was concerned, and I was so turned on.

“Take it off!” I commanded.

Grace shook her head.

“I said take it off!” More forcefully than I meant.

I was surprised when Grace did as I ordered. Dropping back onto the sofa in a strangely submissive fashion.

I knelt in front of her, placing my hands on both her knees. I eased them open. At first i thought she would resist, but it never happened. It never crossed my mind not to continue. My nostrils were full of her intoxicating musk as I lowered my head towards her groin. Her lips were pink and beginning to glisten with her moisture and I was eager to taste her juices. She squirmed as my fingers moved up her thighs and probed her pubic hair, gently brushing her lips, spreading them with ease. As my tongue touched her flesh. She let out a little groan and swore.

“Shit…you mustn’t.” She pleaded.

There was no way I was stopping now, as with each flick of my tongue she gave a guttural animal growl that drove me onward. She bucked so violently it was hard to keep contact but I persevered. She was squeezing me between her thighs, muscles tightening and then, with a spectacular outpouring of abuse towards me her back arched and she flopped back down on the sofa. She lay there, catching her breath. From her chin to her chest the flesh was flushed a vivid red. Her nipples distended.

“You fucking bastard.” she began to mutter over and over.

Once she had exhausted this abuse she changed to

“What have you done?”

At no point had she really looked at me. When I did not reply, she deigned to turned her head in my direction.

“Oh Jesus.” she whispered when she saw me.

I had tried to fully disrobe as I ate her out. Now I was looming over her, half naked and my cock throbbing and stiffer than I could ever remember it being before.

She offered a meager protest as I positioned myself between her legs.

“This is wrong, we mustn’t.” She begged.

The protests began quite stridently but tailed off into silence, as my cock, guided by my steady hand rubbed against her bush.

She closed her eyes and turned her head as I nudged my cock against her snatch. Then i entered her juicy cunt. A few hip thrusts and I was balls deep in my Aunt.

She gasped with each thrust as I pumped her urgently. The first time her muscles contracted around my shaft I spurted into her. I collapsed on her, burying my head into her neck. Kissing it passionately as each subsequent thrust produced a further squirt of semen. Grace was like a mannequin after her orgasm. Probably ashamed that I had made her cum.

“Tell me you didn’t like that.” I said, turning her face to mine.

“Do you realise what we’ve done?” She said vehemently. I felt flecks of spittle again on my face.

I did not care. I smiled at her. Her words bouncing around in my brain. Not what i had done …What “we” had done.

“You had better get dressed and go.” Grace said as she pushed me away.

“Hurry up before your uncle comes in and catches us like this.”

There was little chance of that. The old sot was down the boozer for the duration but I decided to do as she asked.

I dressed and left without a word. Grace had taken herself off upstairs and I went out the front door in a slightly disheveled but elated state. My mood as I got home fluctuating from pure joy at reliving the events to stark terror at being found out. For the next few days I was on edge, waiting for the inevitable phone call or worse, Grace turning up on my door step. But, for the time being, no call came.

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