College Men’s Room

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I was 24 years old when I got out of the military and enrolled in college back in the mid 1970s. As a married man with one child, I felt I needed to get my education to get ahead in the world. After a couple of weeks on the campus of a large southwestern university, I discovered something that would change my behavior for the next four years . . . glory holes in the men’s restrooms.

I was exploring the second floor of the student union one morning about 10 o’clock. The entire floor was virtually deserted and since I had to take a leak, I found a men’s room tucked away in a far corner of the building. It was a large restroom, with about ten stalls on one side of the room opposite a row of sinks and mirrors. Right next to the first stall was four urinals attached to the wall, side by side. I stepped up to the urinal closest to the first stall, under which I was able to see someone’s lower legs and shoes with their pants and underwear pulled down around his ankles. As I unzipped and pulled my penis out to take aim into the urinal, I noticed that a small dime-sized hole had been drilled through the marble petition of the toilet stall directly to my right, about 18 inches away, and level with my groin area. As I started to urinate, I kept my eye on that hole and noticed that the light, that had been reflecting through, suddenly was blocked off. Whoever was on the other side of the partition was peeking through that hole and watching me urinate.

Well, I have to admit, I found the thought of another man watching me pee rather erotic, and my penis began to swell in response to my imagination as I finished urinating. As I squeezed the last few drops from my bladder, I gave my lengthening shaft a shake, as if to knock off any remaining drops of urine. I did this about a half dozen times, until I was almost completely erect. Finally, I was done, but I stood there mesmerized by the situation. My penis continued to swell toward a full erection as I realized I was very much sexually aroused by the thought that a complete stranger, another man, was interested in my most private parts.

I don’t know what hidden feelings took over in me, but when I realized that we were alone in the restroom, I decided to start masturbating myself, right there in front of this stranger. I was so excited about the whole situation, and it felt so good, it didn’t take long. Within about thirty seconds, I could feel my orgasm beginning to build deep within my loins, as I rapidly approached the point of no return. As I continued to stroke my stiff erection, fully exposed to the hidden view of a strange man, I fantasized that he was stroking his own stiff penis and feeling the same good feeling as I was. Just then I felt my orgasm take over, so I gave in to the pleasure and began to ejaculate uncontrollably, three or four thick ropes of sperm, into the urinal. Once the thrill of my orgasm subsided, I quickly shook off the remaining drops of semen and zipped up and headed out the door.

The rest of the day I couldn’t help but continue to fantasize about those exciting few minutes I had experienced in the men’s room. And the thought that the other man casino şirketleri was probably masturbating as he watched me, made it all the more exciting. I was a happily married and very much enjoyed sex with my wife, but this was a pleasant new experience that seemed innocent enough, and I wanted to try it again.

The next morning, I headed back to that same men’s room in anticipation of another masturbation session. When I entered the restroom, I realized it was empty. Slightly disappointed, I decided to enter the first stall and sit down to see if I could peek at someone peeing into the urinals. As I dropped my pants to the floor and sat down on the commode, I noticed there was another hole, about the size of a nickel, drilled through the partition to my left. I leaned over and peeked through and saw that I had a perfect view of the toilet seat in the next stall, as well as the urinals to my right.

For the next ten minutes I sat fondling my flaccid penis, and was about to give up and leave, when I heard the outer door to the restroom open. I peeked through the hole and soon saw a man step up to the urinal and began to unzip. Sure enough, I had a perfect view as he pulled his plump penis and full scrotal sac into view and began to urinate. His member was not very long, but it was quite chubby, and I could detect quite a pubic bush surrounding his private parts. He began urinating with his hands on his hips, which gave me an unobstructed view of his uncircumcised penis. After a few seconds, he grasp his penis with his left hand and pulled the skin back, seeming to take special pleasure in aiming his flow of urine into each quadrant of the urinal. This gave me an even clearer view of his nice penis as he stretched it this way and that. I also noticed that as he did so, his shaft began to elongate slightly, as mine had done the day before. The thought that he too was becoming aroused as I peeked at him caused me to develop a full erection, which I continued to fondle. Just as he was finishing up, I heard the outer door open again. The stranger at the urinal quickly stuffed his half erect penis back into is pants, zipped up, and left.

As I peeked through the hole, expecting someone else to step up to the urinal, I was surprised that a man entered the stall to my left. I sat back up, and peered under the stall to see him set his briefcase on the floor, then drop his pants down around his ankles. I figured that was a sign that he was interested in fooling around. I began to fondle my erection as I leaned over to my left and peeked through the glory hole as my strange neighbor sat down on the toilet seat. He must have been a rather large man, because he had some very thick thighs, covered with a light wisp of reddish brown hair. He also appeared to have a large stomach. He was wearing a light blue shirt with a tie.

He sat there quietly for a few moments, his hand between his thighs, slowly moving it back and forth, as if he was playing with himself. I sat back, pulled up my own shirt and adjusted myself so that my erection stood tall and straight as I slowly stroked it with my right hand. With anticipation I watched casino firmaları the hole, which soon darkened, as the stranger bent over and peered through into my stall. I was very excited that this stranger wanted to peek into my stall to spy out my nakedness. I gently fondled my throbbing erection, making sure he could see all six inches of its fullness and swollen glory. Pre-seminal fluid began to leak profusely from the deep urinal slit on the perfectly circumcised plumb-sized head of my penis. After a few minutes of displaying my erection to this stranger, I saw the light reappear in the peephole, so I leaned over to look.

I was greeted by the sight of his massive erection, standing tall between his thighs. This stranger clearly had the largest penis I had ever seen in person. It was a good seven or eight inches long, similar to the shape of a cucumber, and as thick as my wrist. He was stroking it slowly, up and down, and rubbing his pre-seminal fluid all over the widely flared glans with his thumb. Just then, I glanced down and saw him handing me a piece of paper under the stall. I reached down and took it from him and leaned back as I opened it up and read the words, “Hi. You have a very attractive cock. May I touch it?” I took out my pen and, with my hands shaking with excitement, I scribbled the word, “Yes!” and handed it back to him. I could hardly believe how fast things were progressing, but I lusted after this magnificent sausage-length member I had just discovered. I was not sure what was going to happen next, but my friend soon showed me what to do. With his pants and underwear around his ankles, he got down on his knees and slid both thighs under the partition, exposing his rigid erection and low hanging scrotal sac to my view. His thighs were gapped open as my lust took over. I quickly got down on my own knees and slid my right thigh between his, placing my own balls and stiff penis as close to his own as possible. The feeling of his soft hairy thigh rubbing against my own thighs, balls and erection, as I slid forward, was heavenly. We then began to fondle each other.

It was so exciting, as I grasp his thick, fully erect shaft with my right hand and cupped his egg-sized balls with my left. He was so large. I was thrilled with the size and weight of his throbbing rod and egg-sized balls in my hands, and pleased that he was so sexually aroused by my own stiff erection. I rubbed the copious amounts of pre seminal fluid, that oozed from the head of his penis, all over his widely flared glans with my thumb. It glistened under the overhead lights of the restroom and slipped easily between my fingers as I continued to rub him. I guess the thought that we were doing this in a public restroom added even more to the thrill. Soon we began to mutually masturbate each other and I could hear him begin to gasp and breath very deep and rhythmically. He whispered, “Do you want to suck my penis?” I suddenly realized that yes I did, very much, want to suck his magnificent piece of flesh.

I quickly adjusted myself onto my hands and knees and bent over to get a very close look at what I was about to suck into my mouth. güvenilir casino The red swollen glans of his penis was slightly wider than his thick shaft. The skin of his shaft was smooth and unblemished, and revealed several bulging veins running up and down its length. The head of his penis was very clean looking and perfectly circumcised, just like my own. His penis suddenly became very attractive to my lust filled gaze as I lowered my mouth and slid the shiny head of his member past my pursed lips.

His skin had a slightly salty taste, but otherwise I found it a very pleasant experience. I breathed deeply through my nostrils as his penis completely filled my mouth, and his musky sex-scent, emanating from his thick tangled pubic bush, filled the air as I started to masturbate him into my mouth. I could hear him begin to groan and his heavy balls began to retract and bunch up in my hand, in anticipation of his approaching orgasm. I suddenly realized that I must decide what to do about his sperm, when he started to ejaculate. I decided I wanted to swallow it, but I wanted him to tell me when he was going to cum so I could prepare myself, mentally. This was something I had never done before. I pulled him from my mouth with a plopping sound and hoarsely whispered to him that I wanted him to cum in my mouth, but to tell me when he was ready to have his orgasm. He whispered back, “OK.”

I sucked him hungrily back into my mouth and continued to masturbate him as I gently tugged on his heavy balls, which were continuing to tighten up. Soon he whispered, “I’m cumming.” I readied myself and continued to stroke his shaft into my mouth. Suddenly I felt his warm sperm begin to fill my mouth, so I started to swallow, quickly, to keep it from spilling out onto the floor.

He grunted and thrust his hips upward slightly, three or four times, as he ejaculated each thick load of semen into my mouth. I found the taste of his sperm to be pleasant enough, and I was very pleased with myself that I was able to bring such pleasure to a strange man. When his ejaculations subsided, I continued to nurse on his thick penis for the next few minutes, making sure I licked up every drop of his salty semen. The feeling of his soft erection in my mouth, as he started to deflate slightly, was almost intoxicating. Finally, he gently pulled his swollen shaft from my lips with a sucking plopping sound, and I readjusted myself to a kneeling position. He motioned with his hands for me to slide my stiff erection back between his legs. I obliged him in hopes that he would still be interested enough to masturbate me to orgasm. I was not to be disappointed.

He reached out and began to gently masturbate me. His warm soft hands felt so good on my shaft as I sat back and enjoyed the moment. He fondled my tight scrotal sac as he rhythmically flicked his wrist up and down bringing me toward a satisfying climax. Soon I groaned that I was ready to cum. “Go ahead,” he urged me as he continued his quick, steady manipulations of my penis until my orgasm took over and I could hold back no longer. I allowed myself to relax and released my load into his hand, shooting several long ropes of semen across his thighs and fingers. Soon I was completely spent, and we both took handfuls of tissue to clean ourselves. I also was careful to wipe up several thick globs of my sperm which had fallen to the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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